Friday, February 11, 2011

CBO Director: Obama Health Law Will Cost 800,000 Jobs

Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000. Is there any wonder why no one believes the Democratic Party other then the ignorant and ideologues? With all the smoke these Democrats blow up our asses about saving and creating jobs is just that,smoke and mirrors. All you have to do is look at all the unemployed to see the truth of lost jobs. Thank God the Republicans are doing everything they can to stop this horrendous bill from killing our economy and recovery any more then it already has. Thank those 28 GOP governors as well. It's time Obama does what the GOP governors asked and fast track this bill to the Supreme Court before even more damage is done to our economy. It doesn't take a genius to see what the effect of Obama's policies have been. But you do have to open your eyes to see it.


  1. I beleive Socialized Insurance Bill is doing exactly what Regime wanted. The less Working Citizens the MORE Citizens are Dependent on Government. Private Sector is Not going to Hire not knowing COST just aint going to happen. Not fast tracking this to Supreme Court favors who?

    I beleive with Job Creation and Dealing with this regime that Private Sector might be learning to DO more in area of PRODUCTION with LESS employees. Whom would that BENIFIT?

    For such a Brilliant Bunch they sure have acted STUPID on Job Creation and one thing for sure they AINT that STUPID! Just my opinion.

  2. One thing still sticks out was Pelosi saying we need to “pass the bill to see what is in the bill.” Or along these lines, it may have been to find out what is in the bill.

    This struck me at the time as a ‘canned bill’ or one already written and just waiting for the right set of time and ability to ramrod it all the way through.

    Now the progressives and their news spin machineery are always set on the same play of the book, and follow a ‘canned newscast’ set up for different situations, all that is needed is a targets name and a situation to blame them for.

    In the ministry there are services already made up called ‘canned sermons’ in some denominations; and the format used now by the CBO and the administration is along the same lines.

  3. This is another lie you are taking out of context, Chris.

    This is not a "loss" of jobs. This is people who are working only to receive health care coverage from their employer. Due to the fact that Health Care Reform makes it easier for people to receive health insurance in the private market, some people will choose to retire since health care reform makes it possible for people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage.

    STOP FUC*KING LYING CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fealk,

    Your losing your mind here,,,, if you had one to begin with?

    Please explain how a person who is forced to BUY health insurance makes it easier for them to retire?

    You sir are the one lying when you use the term/phrase; "easier for people to receive health insurance"

    Now since companies costs i.e., taxes for this Obamacare monstrosity will necessarily skyrocket those 800,000 jobs now vacant will stay that way as the companies will not be able to afford filling them hence the LOSS OF 800,000 JOBS.

    Now this in turn will create more unemployment be it "official" or real numbers due to more and more job-seekers be they recent grads or laid-off people with no place to go except jail as they have no means to meet THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE OF INDIVIDUALS BUYING HEALTH INSURANCE.

    Take your head out of your ass.

  5. "This is people who are working only to receive health care coverage from their employer"
    And those (employers) who don't offer insurance, will now have to or pay a fine. If they don't now, but will have too, and do so, the money will have to come from some where. And where do you get the money to fund it? By reducing your workforce to pay for it.

    "fact that Health Care Reform makes it easier for people to receive health insurance in the private market"
    Again, read the grandfather clause, there will not be a "private" market, eventually.

  6. No, Chris, I AM NOT lying. By eliminating insurance companies being able to turn down applicants because someone applying for insurance in the private market has a pre-existing condition, people who had to continue working specifically to receive health care coverage due to a pre-existing condition, those people will now be able to retire and purchase insurance in the private market instead of in the group market through their employer.

    Many employers were not able to afford to offer health care to their employees, and now because of the tax credits available to them, they will be able to offer health care benefits. A good thing, no?

    I suppose the Constitutionality of the mandate will be decided in the Supreme Court. Justice Thomas should recuse himself due to his wife's involvement in the Tea Party and her lobbying efforts. Be that as it may, I doubt that the Supreme Court, even this conservative court will strike down the mandate, which I was never a big fan of either, however, it is necessary in order to make premiums affordable and so that the insurance companies aren't stuck with a large number of people with pre-existing conditions and not enough health people in the pool to make policies affordable.

    I'm not the biggest of fans of the HCRA as it turned out, but it does lots of good things for Americans.

    I'm for a Medicare for All system, since it is cheaper and covers everyone, period.

    All insurance companies are is middlemen that make profits off sick people, which should be against the law as it is in other industrialized countries.

  7. "will strike down the mandate, which I was never a big fan of either, however, it is necessary in order to make premiums affordable"

    If the SC rules this constitutional there is NO stopping the federal government from forcing you to buy ANYTHING it feels you should be buying.
    Are you prepared to be forced to buy something you don't want to buy?
    The Government can tell you to buy a box of pencils. OR it can tell you to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, or a $500K home, or the hope diamond. You name it, if they say you have to participate in commence, you will have too.
    WAKE the F*CK up.
    Again, are you prepared to have the government intrude in to your life like that?

    "All insurance companies are is middlemen that make profits off sick people, which should be against the law as it is in other industrialized countries."

    This is America, Bruce. Profits get people hired.

    ANd guess what, the Feds just added another 8% to the insurance companies list of clients.
    This statue does nothing to stop them from make as much money as they want.

  8. Thank, Mark, for making my point.

    MEDICARE FOR ALL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS. I don't want my premiums to go to pay multimillion salaries and bonuses of health insurance executives. I want my money to be used to treat people and pay doctors and nurses.

    If you want to repeal the Health Care Reform Act and replace it with Medicare for all, I'm right there with you.

    Otherwise, STFU.

  9. Why is health insurance going up? I thought that health care cost would go down, not up. I know my employer isn't happy with his taxes and insurance hikes. All you have to do is look at the unempoyment numbers to see the failure in policy.

  10. But what happened to ” If you like your job… errr insurance ….errr insurance job… you can keep it”?
    Or Pelosi saying that “This bill will immediatley create 400,000 jobs”???




    If the history of these type of CBO cost projections, particularly when concerning these types of entitlement/social programs, is any indicator, that 800,000 is more like 8,000,000 or more. Likely much more.

    I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t LAST night!

    I don’t think anybody else with the ability to out-think a tree stump buys it, either.

  11. Can this administration do anything right — particularly on foreign policy? At the beginning of the administration, a situation in Honduras occurred where the socialist president decided to cling to power. The president was ousted on orders from the Honduran Supreme Court. The Obama Administration joined Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to demand that president be reinstated.

    Eventually, Mr. Obama backed down. The Honduran people kept their country dictator free.

    Now, Mr. Obama and his administration seem to be handling Egypt in the most incompetent way. They appointed a special envoy who they promptly started disagreeing with. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were all three giving different statements. Now CIA Director Leon Panetta admits he got his intelligence from watching TV. Worse, the head of National Intelligence claims the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization.

    Can these people do anything right? This Health Care Bill is impotent just like Joe B.

  12. Bruce Medicare for all. WHOM will PAY the "For All" Part?

    Where are all those JOBS this regime was Lasering in on?

    Bruce we"ve been down this road before. You have through shear Ignorance Bought the Regimes smoke and mirrors. If Regime told you SHIT was Chocolate all you'd do is ask for a CHERRY on top!

  13. Can i join in this Raindeer game??

    You guys are full of shit!!!

    this is what the report says...

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
    (Public Law 111-148) and the Health Care Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-152) will affect some individuals’ decisions about whether and how much to work and employers’ decisions about hiring workers.1

    The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by a small amount—roughly half a percent—primarily by
    reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply.

    So the 800,000 will be voluntary reductions because people won't have to work as much to cover medical costs.

    You little sneeaky bastards...

  14. Joe, that's what I said in my first post on this topic, but thanks for the quote from the report.

  15. Bruce, you can't say it. You must show them the actual language in the report.

    Amazing to think that we were talking about 2020 and 2021.

    Chris, i think i hear the strains of a Who song coming from your ipod....."Won't get fooled again!!"

  16. You can make up all the excuses you want. The fact is that instead of creating 400,000 jobs imediatly like they said it would. The fact is it will not only not creat jobs but as the CBO said it will lose jobs and lots of them. Why is it you believed the CBO when they were given incompleat data from Congress, but now that they have all the factors and can read the full bill you don't believe them? Lost jobs are lost jobs. You can try and candy coat it all you want. You can add in all your anicdotal BS and call it what you want. The facts stil;l remain. This bill didn't cut health care costs and it isn't creating 400,000 jobs imediatly either. Joe I can hear your IPod playing "Let's Get Retarded" by the Black Eyed Peas. PS if those people don't have to work as much to pay for health insurance then wouldn't that job still need to be done by someone else, thus not really losing that job?

  17. "my premiums to go to pay multimillion salaries and bonuses of health insurance"
    Bruce you're not paying attention.
    There is nothing that is going to stop that from happening. They'll keep on getting richer on you dollar, either direct payer or tax dollars.

    You do realize that with Medicare there will be far less things covered then with an employer or individual free market policy.
    You want Medicare, take it.
    But don't ram it down my throat.

  18. "Otherwise, STFU."
    By the way, you dodged my question about whether you are prepared to have the Government force you to buy commodity, just like you dodge my question about the grandfather clause on how it will take private industry away and operate it with in a federal bureaucracy.

  19. Medicare projected in 1965 to Cost 9 Billion dollars by 1990 but actual figures came in at about 67 Billion so Government projecting ANY cost in this or any other Entitlement should NOT be taken as Fact! Now Medicare approx. 10 to 12 Trillionb dollars in DEBT so if were going by Government Track record Hold onto your wallets cause Governments hands will be wanting MORE!

    How has this Regime through its Trillions in SPENDING assisted Small Businesses the Main Job Creator in this Country to Expand? I beleive that Socialized Insurance is main reason for lack of hiring plus I thin Companies have learned that by hiring less and employees they have working more Profits can be made. Lets be HONEST with out Profits all other parts of OUR Nations Economy goes Poof! Without out nasty profits Hell even Entitlements go Poof and that will make us GREECE.

    Wall street and Auto companies seem to have done quite well. Hell there giving out Bonuses both in Wall street and Auto Companies that have forgot one little thingy. Tax dollars SPENT should be paid back FIRST! We are going into the same direction that got us where were at. Make NO mistake we are in a VERY dangerous place ECONOMICLLY.

    January 2010 SOUA We shall LAZER in on Jobs. Question Where? How? and When? This Regime is NOT about Private Sector Jobs but Redistributing Wealth and that has NEVER worked and will NOT work here!

  20. "You guys are full of shit!!!"
    Joe,so are you.

    It also says
    The law's penalties (up to $250,000) on employers who don't provide health insurance (1 or more employees) will cause some companies to hire fewer low-wage workers, or to hire more part-timers instead of full-time employees.

  21. Chris, please go back and change your original post to reflect your point on the Statement by Pelosi, because the original video discussed the loss of 800,000 jobs and the testimony of the CBO to that effect.

    When i stay on topic and debate the point you make and prove it wrong, why do you deflect? Just accept that what you posted wasn't what you claimed and do another post about Pelosi's claims. I'll see if i can refute them.

    The only FACT in the debate over 800,000 jobs is that it doesn't kill those jobs, but the CBO projects that they won't be worked.

    My work here is done. I won you lost. Simple enough. This isn't feelings and emotions, this is the simple literal fact of what the projections were and and what they meant. I posted the report. There's not an argument.

  22. Mark, i'd have to look again to see if your right. If it is true that still doesn't make this post true does it? You can be honest no one will call you a Rino for admitting that the the video and Chris's take on it were flawed.

    Thats why they print the reports so you can see what they actually say.

    You know the difference between your blog and his is at least you normally double check your theories. Chris has gotten caught posting internet hoaxes and all sorts of false things.

  23. look i realise its not fun to be proven wrong about the one fact that you based your whole post on, but I think you'll can admit in light of the actual words of the report that the 800,000 was not what you claimed it to be.

    We can argue if the CBO estimate is right or how they can even come to that number another time. Right now its about the evidence you offered up and believed that didn't say what the video lead you to believe.

  24. Meet the Tea Party, Same as the Republican party...


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