Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is the President Clueless About How the Economy Works?

It sure does seem like he doesn't have a clue. Just look at all the trillions of dollars he has pumped into his "ventures" and look at the outcome. If anything, putting us deeper into debt and mortgaging our future and children's future has harmed the economy. Obamanomics is a bigger failer then his hero Jimmy Carter. What do you expect from a lawyer and community organizer? He's doing the best he can and it ain't good enough. His ineptness is pushing this country into economic chaos. What will happen when the states,cities...start needing to go bankrupt in the next couple of years?


  1. All I ask is "where are those jobs you were lasering in on" and hows the economy doing. If as much effort had been put into Economy and Jobs when regime was spending all their time on Socialized Insurance who knows how the Economy would be now? Oh we wont cause they Ignored Citizens Concerns and went on with their Social agenda that unless we have STRONG Economy does not matter. SPENDING what we dont have has not helped unless you think bringing down OUR economy to the World Community level is Success.

    We are a great Nation and we will survive this Regime. Citizens have been awakened and will now hold ALL politicans accountable and if not 2012 could be a real readjustment Election.

  2. So if your so much brighter than him at the economy then what has he done wrong in your mind and words, not someone's video.

    but I'll say this...Just for you and Al. He hasn't done enough on jobs. But the economy is moving.

    GDP in billions
    1st 2007 13,789.5
    1st 2008 14,328.4 (good)
    4th 2008 14,191.2
    1st 2010 14,446.4
    4th 2010 14,870.4

    Last 2 years of Bush +401.5 increase
    first 2 years of Obama +679.2

    Real GDP, Chained Dollars (2005)
    1st 2007 13,089.3
    2nd 2007 13,363.5 (highest rate in Bush terms)
    4th 2008 12,993.7
    1st 2010 13,138.8
    4th 2010 13,382.6

    Last 2 years of Bush -95.6
    first 2 years of Obama +388.9

    Gross National Product is up 600 billion since inaug.

    We've had five positive quarters of GDP growth.

    Personal consumption expenditures have risen every quarter since the 2nd of 2009.

    The dow jones has risen 6000 points since its recession low in 2009.


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