Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lets Look At The Poorest Cities And What Party Is To Blame


  1. Are we only looking at the large cities with large minority populations and vote democrat or are we looking at depressed areas including rural with little racial diversity and vote mostly republican?

    just want to understand what the debate was.

  2. Title says cities, not to many "rural cities" out there....

  3. Smart move blamming minorities for the state of the cities instead of blaming liberal governance.

  4. The war on Poverty a Demoncratic war has accomplished what?

    It has taken Citizens Pride and Replaced it with Government Dependancy and that has helped MINORITIES how?

    I do not pretend to know the Harm that has been done to a segment of OUR popuation that through Entitlements have been made beholding to a POLITICAL Ideaology that does not care about their welfare just their VOTES. How could the Demoncrats stand up and Say HONESTLY we CARE about your Plight.

    If that was the Case in 45 years they have failed miserablly with Providing HOPE BUT have Provided Government Dependency which has gone on for Generations with still NO hope in sight.

    Without Hope and Education Minorities will have a difficult time Breaking the Mentality that has been thrown at them.

    Large Cities and their Problems is a Glimpes at Awaits us all. Unsubstainable Deficit without FUNDING will someday make even the Rural area have the same Big City Failures.

  5. Chris, i didn't blame anything. I asked a question? i asked that question for a reason. I notice that in your previous attacks on poor cities that they have been largely democratic voting cities with high minority residence so I've had to wonder if your using the topic of voter leanings as a cover-up for some institutional level racism.

    And you all of a sudden project that unto me, so i'm thinking i was right in my theory, especially given Al's statements. There is institutional racism within the right over the large cities and their voting patterns.


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