Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Liberalism Will Fail Without Earmarks

Since the left can't fund or find funding for their idiotic projects they rely on us tax payers to poay for what they want. It's time the left and right fund their own projects and stop putting the debt even higher, so they can get what they want without paying for it.


  1. I wouldn't want to confuse you with facts, Chris, but I'll risk it.

    Here is a list of the largest earmarkers in Congress. I didn't add up the dollars, but there are 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats.

    Maybe you need to have a talk with those 5 Republicans.

  2. Don't worry Bruce we talked to them in Nov. That is why Obama and Congress,for the most part they heard. I would gladly give up all Republican earmarks for all the Democratic earmarks. Both sides have driven us into debt. But Democrats want to keep doing it,when it hasn't worked,and they did it on hyperdrive. Just look at the stimulus bills,the budget and obamacare for Democratic earmarks that add up to more then we have ever spent. Believe me Bruce we hold the Republicans accountable. When will you hold the Democrats accountable?

  3. Chris good points Bruce dunt get it two wrongs do not make it RIGHT. Tea Party will hold ALL politicans accountable its called ELECTIONS!

    Bruce ONLY you would have a score card on whom spent what! On the other hand SPENDING is the Libs answer but as always NOT the solution.

    Have a new great grandson coming maybe today,beleive at this time he OWES apprx. $45,000 as his part of the DEBT.

  4. Oh, I get it. The America you envision has less debt and 50 million unemployed people.

    Wow. Sounds like a great place to live.

    China is going to kick our butts if we don't get going.

    You must think the Tea Party is much more powerful than it really is. The Tea Party only influences those few people that seem to want to adhere to its ideology.

    The Tea Party is losing its influence as we speak. Republicans listen to the Tea Party at their own peril.

  5. Bruce My vision of America is Citizens Control Politicans and not the Other way around.

    My vision of America is to get Government out of the Way of Private Sector which is the KEY to OUR Economy and JOBS. This regime PROMISED to laser in on JOBS over a Year ago. They have NO vision just like YOU! Regime put Social Agenda over Citizens. Citizens will NOT forget that.

    My vision of America is that we MUST take care of OUR needy BUT not the Clueless.

    My vision of America is Restoring PRIDE in OUR Nation and its Citizens. Government is not the Solution BUT the Problem! Its STILL true Bruce!

    My vision of America is making Citizens self reliant NOT Government DEPENDENT.

    My vision is to pass on to the NEXT Generation true HOPE not a $45,000 DEBT when their born.

    Your vision of "Cradle to Grave Dependency" is not a vision its called any one of several "ISMs" take your pick and to me thats UNEXCEPTABLE!

    Tea Party aint going anywhere Bruce aint 2012 going to be FUN? I got a Vision!

    Bottom line Bruce on this subject your a blind man talking about VISION!

  6. Yes, Al, 2012 is going to be A LOT of fun with all those failed Tea party candidates and a Republican House that gets NOTHING done for the American people and doesn't do anything to create jobs.

    The Republican party has NO VISION, except looking in the rear view mirror trying to take America back to the days when women couldn't vote, African Americans were unwelcome at lunch counters and women were second class citizens.

    Wow, that's a country I want to live in. (Sarcasm intended)

  7. Bruce Your typical Lib Bullshit aint cutting it. Hope you keep that same play book. Look how well it worked in mid terms. Iv wasted enough time on you and your bullshit. Go have your Kool Ade Im having the RIGHT drink Tea!

    ps You did forget the starving children and seniors! If your going to be a dip shit do it LEFT!

  8. Are you drunk Bruce?

  9. Pills? Pot? It has to be something! No one is that dumb naturaly!

  10. "except looking in the rear view mirror trying to take America back to the days when women couldn't vote, African Americans were unwelcome at lunch counters and women were second class citizens."

    AHHH the liberal left loosing the argument resort to unfounded, made up BS. The train wreck that is the DNC has arrived.

  11. You conservatives crack me up. Every time someone points out how ridiculous you are, you say they're on drugs or drunk.

    That's the way to win an argument. ROFLMAO.

  12. Bruce
    African Americans unwelcome at lunch counters. Was not that southern Demoncratic controlled states. High pressure hose,Gov Wallace(D) blocking students at school doors. Was not Sen Byrd(Demoncrat) one of those KKK guys and how did that help those blacks at the lunch counter Bruce. See Bruce all I have to do is use your own words RIDICULOUS! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Al, and it was Democrats that passed the Civil Rights Act.

    Republicans want to go back to those days and take away women's right and deny gay Americans their rights.

    Just like a Republican, looking back instead of forward. I bet you drive around in your car going backwards, too.

  14. Bruce Look at the Civil Rights Act 1965 and YOU will actually see the Facts the Truth. But you Cannot Handle the Truth. The rear view mirror your looking into must be covered in smoke which apparently is coming out of your ASS! No wonder your Regime drove the CAR into the ditch,they were lookig the WRONG way just like YOU!

    High pressure hoses
    Blocking entrances to Colledge
    Sitting in back of buses.

    What do these thing all have in common. Demoncratic controlled states. Not the smartest subject to defend Bruce! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ps Im done on this subject with you! But thanks for the laughs!

  15. Bruce if that was you pointing out how rediculus we are then I see Anon's point now.

  16. Bruce you sound totaly lucid saying,"Republicans want to go back to those days and take away women's right". Yeh Bruce that makes a lot of sense.hahaha

  17. chris said "Since the left can't fund or find funding for their idiotic projects they rely on us tax payers to poay for what they want."

    Wait, the left isn't taxpayers? Why didn't i know this? Here I've been paying taxes all these years.

    So i've funded a war i didn't want, a bridge that a Tea Party darling wanted, and subsidies to oil companies at a time when they were making record profits by charging me for what i was subsidizing them for. (Double Dipping).

    I've also lived in a state that gets less in federal revenue back than it gives, while a majority of the Anti-tax anti-earmark red states get more than they pay.

    this makes the whole thing a little weird to me.

  18. lets cut farm subsidies

    that would cut $16,349,000,000 out of our budget per year.

    oh, conservative farmers like the Bachman family wouldn't be happy.


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