Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pro-Life Group Releases Three More Planned Parenthood Videos

In the new videos, the workers don’t overtly tell the pimp how to run his business — like the New Jersey worker did — but they do discuss questionable practices. Live Action describes what it found in the latest round of videos from the Virginia cities of Falls Church, Roanoke, and Charlottesville:
• Falls Church – Abortions for underage girls from other countries only require a photo ID.
Planned Parenthood staffer: “We don’t necessarily look at the legal status, like I said. Abortion appointments do require photo ID. It’s nothing as far as records. It’s just photo ID that’s ever going to be required.”
• Roanoke – Birth control and STD testing for underage prostitutes is no problem
Planned Parenthood staffer: “From the age of 12 up, for birth control, you can just come in and do that. You don’t have to have a parent, OK?”
Planned Parenthood staffer discussing STD testing: “And the thing is, see this is the thing a lot of people don’t know that. . .Right, through the Health Department.  And so, they’ll uh, they’ll track it. And they’re discreet.  They’re confidential.  They, you know, don’t tell people what’s going on, because – frankly – it’s nobody’s
• Charlottesville – Birth control and testing for STDs and pregnancy for underage girls with no questions asked.
Planned Parenthood staffer: “Anybody here can help you. Everything here is confidential. We can’t give any information out.”

Falls Church:


Readers might notice that the videos are posted on Blip and not YouTube. According to the group, YouTube was threatening to remove at least one of the videos because of “privacy” complaints. The group links here to explain the controversy. It's time we defund the racist and morally corrupt Planned Parenthood. Just think if this was your daughter being enslaved by a pimp and getting help from the government funded Planned Parenthood to boot. Why is it always the liberal groups that want to treat children like garbage? I'm also getting sick of men wanting women to have the right to kill a baby. These men are the same men that pressure a women to get the abortion.


  1. It doesn't look like it worked out as well as you are trying to portray, Chris, as usual.

    The weird, failed Planned Parenthood "sting"
    A James O'Keefe-style undercover "prostitute" hoax at multiple clinics implodes when the authorities are contacted
    By Alex Pareene


    The weird, failed Planned Parenthood

    Between Jan. 11 and Jan. 15, five separate Planned Parenthood clinics received mysterious visits from men who claimed to be involved in underage sex-trafficking. This meant, obviously, that someone was trying to pull a James O'Keefe-style "sting," in which deceptively edited Internet videos would prove that some organization dedicated to providing services to the poor or otherwise non-privileged was in fact engaged in high crimes and conspiracy against freedom.

    It didn't really work, because Planned Parenthood quickly caught on and alerted the FBI. ( exclusive: Planned Parenthood alerts the authorities when confronted by self-proclaimed human traffickers!) Planned Parenthood suspected that the hoaxer had ties to Live Action, an antiabortion activist group run by Lila Rose, a sometime O'Keefe partner-in-undercover-stinging. And Live Action confirmed its involvement by posting the sad results of its exhaustive video investigation today. It caught one staffer possibly advising a make-believe pimp to send a make-believe underage prostitute somewhere where her abortion would not be reported. (It is obviously impossible to tell what actually happened without the unedited video.) (And also this Planned Parenthood alerted the authorities about the weird visit.)

    These conservative undercover "hoaxes" are best understood as an attempt to make their fantasies real. In order to make animate the world that they feverishly imagine, they must themselves become the unsavory characters with bad motivations that they enjoy thinking populate these hotbeds of degenerate liberal activity.

    * Alex Pareene writes about politics for Salon. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @pareene More: Alex Pareene

  2. You just want the girls you screw to get abortions so you don't have to deal with it. Sick pig!

  3. Why were they giving this pimp all the info he wanted first?The footage, said to be filmed in January at Planned Parenthood clinics in Falls Church, Charlottesville and Roanoke, Virginia, is the latest in a series of videos made public by Live Action, a California-based group that opposes abortion.

    Live Action said in a statement that the videos are evidence Planned Parenthood is "willing to aid and abet the sexual trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women."

    Planned Parenthood said the undercover videos are part of a coordinated lobbying effort to advance legislation that would take away funding from the family planning organization.

    The three videos, one at each clinic, show a man saying he's involved in sex work and manages teenage girls ask questions about prices and identification requirements for sexually transmitted disease testing, birth control and abortions.

    In each case he asks if the conversations are confidential.

    In the videos, Planned Parenthood employees answer questions about health services offered at the clinic and explain requirements associated with different procedures.

    "It's very clear to us that these tapes show health professionals doing their job," said Planned Parenthood spokesman Stuart Schear of the new footage.

    "What the tapes don't show is that after these unusual encounters, these health professionals went to their superiors and reported they had unusual encounters with a suspicious individual and Planned Parenthood managers reported their suspicions to local authorities," Schear said.

    Planned Parenthood has said previously that the FBI is reviewing evidence and photos related to the encounters.

    All of the undercover videos were filmed during the same week. The first one, released on Tuesday, focused on a clinic in central New Jersey.

    The New Jersey clinic employee captured on film was later fired for her behavior.

    Planned Parenthood said it notified both local and national authorities after the string of unusual visits, which occurred within one week in at least 12 centers in six states, including New Jersey and Virginia.

    In January, Planned Parenthood said it alerted U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that a series of health centers had been approached by visitors whose comments indicated involvement in sex trafficking of minors.

    Live Action's founder, Lila Rose, said her group will send the Virginia footage to state law enforcement officials and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

    Cuccinelli said in a statement released Friday that he plans to review the footage, noting that what he has seen so far "is very disturbing."

    Meanwhile, New Jersey's Attorney General Paula Dow is aware of the video and has referred the matter to the Division of Criminal Justice for review, spokesman Paul Loriquet said earlier in the week.

    (Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Jerry Norton)

    Something doesn't add up Bruce. You need to watch these videos you sheep.

  4. Let’s be clear: promoting science isn’t just about providing resources – it is also about protecting free and open inquiry. It is about letting scientists … do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it’s inconvenient – especially when it’s inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda – and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.

    -President Obama, March 9, 2009.

    “The Obama Administration has apparently ordered that the only Federal government report on abortion statistics … be deep-sixed. ”RedState has uncovered evidence - confirmed by the CDC’s own press office - that the Obama administration is deliberately playing “hide the ball” on nationwide abortion statistics. For apparently the first time in 40 years, the CDC’s annual “Abortion Surveillance Report” was not published, and there are “no plans” for the data to be produced at this time.

    Whatever you feel about abortion and its legality, virtually all people agree that transparency and factual accuracy are important in the abortion debate. That is why even Planned Parenthood spends a substantial amount of money each year funding the Guttmacher Institute’s studies on abortion statistics. While pro-life groups have long contended that Guttmacher’s methods systematically undercount abortions, that is beside the point; the Guttmacher studies have long provided a consistent source for studying abortion trends over time. Which aggregate data, we re-emphasize, is important not only for both sides of the idealogical debate, but is also important medical information.

    [Editorial Note: The Guttmacher Institute emailed that Planned Parenthood does not fund it. Planned Parenthood set up the Guttmacher Institute as its research arm and Guttmacher claims it is now independent of Planned Parenthood. Apparently, Planned Parenthood does not have to fund Guttmacher, because you and I do.]

    Yet, in the wake of numerous damaging disclosures about unscrupulous practices by abortionists (from Kermit Gosnell to Planned Parenthood clinics across the country), the Obama Administration has apparently ordered that the only Federal government report on abortion statistics – again, a report that has run continuously for 40 years – be deep-sixed. The immediate question this raises is: what is the Obama administration trying to hide?

    Here’s the background: Beginning in 1969 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collected data on legal abortions carried out in the United States through its Abortion Surveillance System. The report based on this data ordinarily appeared as an article in CDC’s professional journal, The Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report (MMWR) the week after Thanksgiving. The report lagged the data by three years, i.e., the 2006 data were printed in 2009.

    The report was produced by the cooperative efforts of the Guttmacher Institute and statisticians at the CDC.

    The report has never been all-encompassing because collecting data on abortions is a state function, and not every state cooperates. In the 2006 reports, California, Louisiana, and New Hampshire did not provide data. Until 2005, Alaska and Oklahoma also declined to participate.

  5. While not comprehensive, the CDC report provided the best single estimate of abortions in the US, as well as providing detailed breakdowns: the age of the baby at the time of abortion, age of the mother, number of abortions the mother had previous to the current one, etc. People on both sides of the abortion debate have cited these statistics to make their points. Here at RedState, we frequently posted articles on this report, examining the statistical trends on abortion. We were particularly interested in this year’s report in light of the widely publicized stories indicating that over 40% of pregnancies in New York City are ended by abortion.

    Last year, contrary to the long-established practice, November came and went with no report posted on the CDC’s website. Over the following weeks, multiple visits to the site proved fruitless. The possibility the report was not merely delayed, but had in fact been axed from higher up, had to be considered.

    Last week, RedState began investigating by calling those in DC who might have some answers. After several attempts, we finally received confirmation from Rhonda Smith at the CDC’s press office in Atlanta that the report has been buried indefinitely; the CDC “will not have stats available at any time in the near future” and there “are no plans for them to come out any time soon.” This call took place on Jan. 27th, and we asked Ms. Smith for a reason that the report wouldn’t be issued anymore. She promised to check around and find out if there was any reason given and get back to us – as of the date of this posting, we have received no further communication from her office.

    This revelation is nothing short of shocking. Most of the leg work for this study is actually done by Guttmacher – all it costs the CDC is some manpower to assemble the statistics and write up the report. In the overall scope of the CDC’s budget, this report barely even registers. So what is the CDC trying to hide? The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn here is that someone higher up has made the decision to actively eliminate the only official report on abortion statistics in the country, just because they don’t want abortion being talked about.

    This action is indefensible and contrary to the Obama administration’s repeated promises of transparency and the removal of politics from accurate scientific reporting. And it is more damning than any report: it reflects the reality that the Obama Administration is afraid of the truth, afraid that the American people cannot be trusted to support legal abortion if they look closely at the facts.

    Suppression of this nature doesn’t have to stand. A senate aide tells RedState that if the administration or the CDC are stonewalling on this, “Congress would have a range of options to force them to disclose this information including hearings, letters and floor amendments.”

    We urge Congress to investigate this apparent cover-up. Transparency and consistency are not a partisan issue. The CDC report is objective statistical data that should be produced regardless of any potential political implications.

    UPDATE: Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) has provided RedState with the following statement:

    “This is the epitome of hypocrisy being exhibited by the Obama Administration as it hides facts and figures on abortion while claiming to want more transparency in government. This is a pattern that has become all too common with the Obama Administration, ranging from its distortion of the facts on taxpayer funding of abortions under ObamaCare to manipulated information to support repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. It is time for the Obama White House to put a stop to its disregard for openness in government and to end its practice of distorting data for blatantly political purposes.”

  6. By KATE NOCERA |Liberal groups are banding together to come to the defense of Planned Parenthood in the wake of the recent controversy over videos taped inside the clinics. Conservative groups say that the films provide more than enough evidence for Congress to immediately de-fund the women’s health centers.

    Today, 27 progressive groups sent a letter to congress, obtained exclusively by POLITICO, that calls for politicians to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. The letter labels the hidden-camera videos as a “digital witch hunt.”

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    “Right-wing groups are once again attempting to destroy an organization dedicated to providing crucial primary care services to Americans that need them most. Armed with heavily edited videos, countless lies, and a shameless echo chamber that repeats unfounded accusations ad nauseam, they’ve now turned their sights to Planned Parenthood, which offers a range of important health and reproductive services,” the letter reads.

    Five videos have been released this week by the anti-abortion group Live Action, as part of their campaign to “Expose Planned Parenthood.” An accompanying website went live on Tuesday. The movement calls for a bill in congress to cut off the $75 million in taxpayer funding for the clinics.

    Live Action denounced the letter to congress as “outrageous.”

    “…[T]hese organizations are more concerned with defending Planned Parenthood’s willingness to cover-up sex abuse and sex trafficking of children rather than facing the facts….The only acceptable response to a self-identified sex trafficker is zero tolerance. It seems these organizations have overlooked that and are now lying to Congress,” said Live Action President Lila Rose.

    The first video released Monday involves two activists, allegedly posing as sex traffickers, seeking advice on how to get STD testing, birth control and abortions for 14- and 15-year-old girls at a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey. A clinic employee seemingly advises them on how to skirt reporting requirements and provides a phone number of another clinic where girls 14 and under can more easily obtain abortions. The employee shown in that video was fired on Tuesday. Another video released on Wednesday and three videos released today all show similar scenarios of pimps obtaining information on how to get abortions, STD testing, and birth control for their underage prostitutes.

    “These videos show nothing, there is no evidence that Planned Parenthood did anything wrong,” said Ari Rabin-Havt, Vice President of Media Matters. “They contacted law enforcement immediately because they knew something was up, and where they felt an employee was inappropriate, that employee was fired.”

  7. In mid January the FBI launched an investigation after Planned Parenthood reported a series of strange visits to their clinics in mid-January.

    The video was shot by 22-year-old Rose, an anti-abortion activist who has previously worked with James O’Keefe on undercover videos shot inside Planned Parenthood clinics. O’Keefe did a series of undercover sting videos on ACORN workers during the last presidential campaign.

    Tony Perkins, president of the anti-abortion Family Research Council, said the liberal groups should be scared of the public’s reaction to the videos.

    “They’re denying reality, you have 12 investigations that have shown unethical and illegal behaviors,” Perkins told POLITICO, referring to Live Action’s undercover videos. “Planned Parenthood knows it — they even fired this women in New Jersey. I think the public is very upset to find this out. If [Planned Parenthood] wants to do business that way that’s fine, but it shouldn’t be funded by taxpayer dollars.”

    Groups ranging from the NAACP to the Sierra Club signed the letter to Congress to voice their concerns over the videos.

    “We realized very quickly we needed to get together and stand up against the right wing smear machine and make a strong statement in solidarity with an important organization,” said Marge Baker, Executive Vice President for People for the American Way, another progressive group that signed onto the letter. “The bigger picture is too important- that’s why you see such a range of organizations on this letter.”

    There is already movement in this congress to remove taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. Rep. Mike Pence, (R. Ind.) introduced legislation to defund the organization with 122 co-sponsors earlier this year and released a statement after the first videos were released.

    “The recent release of an undercover video exposing duplicity and potential criminality by an employee of Planned Parenthood is an outrage,” Pence said. “The time to deny any and all funding to Planned Parenthood is now. In the wake of yet another scandal involving Planned Parenthood, I urge Congress to move the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act to the floor for immediate consideration.”

    Live Action and Expose Planned Parenthood said their videos show Planned Parenthood’s “willingness to aid and abet in the sexual exploitation of minors and young women.”

    Does this shead some light on your mushroom head Bruce? Do you like the fact that abortions have killed 40 million black and minority babies? Do you hate blacks?

  8. Chris, this "sting" is complte bullshit just like the ACORN video that James O'Keefe shot and edited to make it look like ACORN employees were criminals.

    Planned Parenthood May Have Busted Conservative "Sting" Attempt Reminiscent of ACORN Smear Campaign

    UPDATE: Yesterday anti-choice operative Jill Stanek stated on her website and indicated to RH Reality Check through Twitter that Lila Rose and Live Action Films were responsible. Rose has not claimed responsibility, but has stated that “The story that speaks loudest will be in the evidence,” ... “I can’t comment until we release the visual evidence.” In December, Live Action sent out a press release announcing plans for an operating targeting Planned Parenthood in 2011, according to Life News.

    According to the Child Obscenity and Exploitation section of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), sexual exploitation and trafficking of youth in the United States are problems of "epidemic proportions." The majority of young American victims of commercial sexual exploitation, according to one DOJ report, tend to be "runaway or thrown away" youth who live on the streets and who become victims of prostitution. These children "generally come from homes where they have been abused, or from families that have abandoned them. They often become involved in prostitution as a way to support themselves financially or to get the things they want or need."

    About one-fifth of these children, according to DOJ:

    [B]ecome entangled in nationally- organized crime networks and are trafficked nationally. They are transported around the United States by a variety of means – cars, buses, vans, trucks or planes, and are often provided counterfeit identification to use in the event of arrest. The average age at which girls first become victims of prostitution is 12-14. It is not only the girls on the streets that are affected -- for boys and transgender the average age of entry into prostitution is 11-13.

    Of course, the "prolife" movement--so very worried about women, girls, fetuses, black babies, the "pain" inflicted on women by abortion, etc, etc, etc--is deeply concerned about these children, right?


    In what is perhaps one of the most craven actions of a deeply craven movement, anti-choice scam artists apparently affiliated with Live Action Films and Lila Rose of undercover "gotcha film-fame" appear to have attempted an "ACORN-like" hoax on Planned Parenthood Federation of America by sending people into Planned Parenthood health centers in six states posing as sex traffickers seeking health care for young girls who were "part" of their supposed sex trafficking rings.

  9. Bruce You'd better tell that lady that got FIRED that its just a scam. Seems she did not get your memo.

    By the way hows ACORN doing? Pulling a scam on scammers I like it!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. ACORN was a great organization that helped poor people in big ways.

    O'Keefe did them in with a lie. Shame on us for destroying a good organization that made a couple mistakes.

    We can't let lies and scams hurt another fine organization, Planned Parenthood.

    Republicans/Conservatives/Teabaggers are "pro-life but don't give a dam about children once they are born.

  12. Bruce "ACORN" It got caught doing something Wrong with the aide of Tax Payers money. Oops all gone!

    Bruce if you lefties have such CONCERN for the children of the POOR how could you let the large cities of this Nation under LIBERAL control fall into such disarray and Its Citizens reduced to Depending on Government.

    How could you and the Left reduce their Education to a 35% graduation rate. Without Pride your ideaology has turned the POOR into Voting block that YOUR ideaology has made Government Dependency ,a way of life. Without Pride there can be NO Hope or the will to Change. Your Liberal Playbook is in need of change like You Passe!
    Your ideaology and Large Liberal controlled cities give us all a Glimpse at what your ideaology if LEFT unchecked will do to OUR Nation. Conservatives,Independents,Republicans and yes some Democrats are NOT going to let that happen! Now for a cup of Tea cause it warms the Soul. Your Kool Ade does What?

  13. Al, thats an uneducated theory based solely on your ideology and not reality. You nor anyone on the right hasn't actually proved anything like what you said, only made unreliable claims of such. But lets take your claims on state level in a quick anecdotal look at things.

    Georgia (red state) 66% graduation rate
    Mass. (Blue state) 80% graduation rate
    Miss. (red state) 66% graduation rate
    ill. (blue state) 80% graduation rate
    S. Car (red state) 61% graduation rate

    So why is the right failing our youth in their states so? is it so they can have a ready made voting bloc of uneducated people who will rely on their unsound theories and conspiracies?

    So the things you level at others can be leveled at your side.

  14. I love Anons blast about the girls Bruce screws.

    Obviously they haven't seen Bruce. He's not the lord of unprotected leftwing groupie sex. They shout at him like he's the Shawn Kemp of liberal

  15. Joe Is 60 to 80% graduation rate better than say 35%. Its not great but much better than Large Cities that have been run by Liberals for decades.

    Joe you also forgot about the Dependency the poor in the inner cities have for Government Programs. My question WHY? With 40 or so years of Liberal control using Detroit as example what have the Liberals done to further the Citizens they represent. Government dependency is not Improvement. CITIZENS desire and expect education and at least a chance to move up social ladder. After 40 years hows that working out?

    You should also be able to give me examples of Right run cities and there PLIGHT. Remember all POOR want is chance and show me the chance Through any Legislation or Program that has HELPED poor improve their lot. Education is not what it once was BUT in inner Cities its Unexcusable!

  16. as proof.


  17. Al,
    I've gone into what i think ails Detroit and it has less to do with liberal policies and more to do with racial segregation and lack of investment.

    But feel free to offer some evidence instead of just theory. I mean real evidence.

  18. Why is it that the men on the left try so hard to keep mothers killing their babies? It has been proven time and time again that these groups do immoral things. Most women that get abortions are pressured from men just like you. There is no reason why these Planned Parenthood workes told this man everything he wanted to know. Would you tell him everything he needed to know or would you call the cops imediatly and kick his butt out? Instead they waited till the man was long gone and then called them to save their asses just in case it was a sting. If these people seen a rape would they wait untill they got home and the man was finished and long gone before calling authorities? That is what the one Planned Parenthood person did. Discusting and it shouldn't be funded by my tax dollars. Or maybe this is just liberal crime prevention,like I've heard so many times from the left. Kill the black babies before they can commit a crime,right Bruce? Or maybe it's so liberals don't have to take care of their "unwanted" grandchildren? Or maybe the left think that these black babies are just garbage and don't care for thoise babies the same as they did with their own?

  19. So Joe what you are saying is Detroit is full of blacks and that is why Detroit is doing so bad? It's all about color not liberal ideology to the left. Sick! That is the most racist thing you've ever said Joe. And I bet you don't see it that way do you? Do you somehow think blacks can't run a city? I know you blame the whites for leaving but you also blame the blacks for staying and screwing up the city. I've heard that all before and it is far from the truth. When the city was white it was conservative. And since it became a mostly black city it's been far left. So you choose to throw away the fact of ideology and hold on to the fact of race. How racist!

  20. Joe Racial segregation in Detriot. Do you mean the Poor in Detroit are trapped there because of Economic conditions or because they have NEVER been given a chance to improve their lot through the Liberal leaders that have been in power for what,at least 40 years.

    To me Large cities show the failure of Liberalism and its policies. When Citizens are made dependant on Government by Government to me you wind up with Citizens trapped and unable to succeed just like big government.

    Joe take a ride into Detroit and you tell me where all the Progress is? You maybe right though. Segregation by Entitlement Dependency is a possibility!

  21. Go fuck yourself Chris! I have posted enough times on your blog about my views on the racist white flight for you to know where i stand. Stop being such a little lying bitch and man the fuck up.

    Stupid conspiracy minded little beyutch.

  22. i blame the racist whites who fled Detroit and moved to Oakland where they could insulate Detroit and attempt to freeze it out.

  23. Joe How would you catagorize all the blacks that have fled the city for the suburbs. I do not beleive their trying to freeze Detriot out just trying to better themselves and their families.
    I beleive they fled for the same reason whites did. Crime ,lousy schools and administration after administration that has done what to make the city a BETTER place to live. I myself would like to see Detriot become what it was when I was a KID but until Politicans begin to Govern with Common Sense and Honesty aint going to happen.

  24. Yes Joe you said something that is racist and I called you on it. So Joe why is it then that when the whites left the blacks in charge of Detroit and other cities caused the problems? Can you not see the racism in that? You must or you wouldn't have posted all that profanity and come unhinged. Are you trying to say that the blacks that stayed didn't know how to run a city? Or are you saying that without whites in the city the city was destined to fail? See how your blaming the color of skin for the failings of Detroit and the success of Oakland? Race is a double edged sword Joe. When all you look at is the ciolor of skin instead of the politics as the cause of Detroits epic fail it's racism.

  25. Joe how does your race base theory answer the fact that black are leaving Detroit in record numbers? Is that still race base or political based? When you look at the color of skin instead of Democratic liberal policies that makes you a closet racist. I'd love to know how the color of someones skin factors in to how someone governs? Pray tell.

  26. Oops! I should have read AL's responce first. Good question AL.

  27. Joe the evidence is just look at what party has been running Detroit and other cities like it. You just can't handle the fact that liberal Democratic policies have everything to do with the cities. But you want to blame it on the color of skin, rahter then blame Democrats.


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