Thursday, February 3, 2011

‘You’re Not Understanding’: Dem Congressman Lectures Fox News Anchor on ObamaCare Waivers

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., appeared on Fox News Wednesday morning to discuss efforts in the Senate to repeal the law when the conversation steered the question of waivers.  733 different organizations have applied and received temporary waivers from the law’s requirements from the Department of Health and Human Services. Assuring FNC’s Martha MacCallum that her characterization of the waivers was wrong, Weiner tried to explain why federal waivers to select companies and unions are a good thing:

“These are organizations — and, like you said, they run the gambit from big businesses to big union — who already have health insurance, have gone to the federal government and said, ‘Listen, our standards are high enough.’ And the federal government has agreed.
“The mythology here that this is a big government thing is… the example of how many people have been waived from the requirements is an example of that,” Weiner said.
But MacCallum challenged him, saying that everyone agrees the health care system needs reform.  But why would some companies need to be helped out of the new plan if it’s such a great plan?
“It’s not a plan,” Weiner said.  “It’s a set of standards.” So now giving exemptions to companies and unions that back the Democratic Party is the "standard"?  If I remember correctly it was the unions that said they wanted this health care reform. But now they don't want to pay for it. That makes sense if you are an idiot. Would it be fair to make the unions and big businesses pay more for the health care bill they wanted? Then why is it fair that they we have to pay for it when we didn't want it in the first place? I'm getting sick and tired of these Democrats screwing us and then telling us we just don't understand what they are doing to us. We understand and it doesn't feel good. We are a country of laws not of men. The Democrats have done everything the can to bail out unions and big business at the expense of the rest of us. I'm starting to see why the Democrats feel the need to shut down the internet. Maybe they see what is coming or what they are pushing us towards?


  1. Weiner is a "Oscar Myers"! Anybody ever hear of Standards being subject to Fines/Taxes with IRS as the watch dog? Just wondering.

    7% of private sector unionized just wondering what percent of waivers so far are to unions? Seems like a pay back to them from Regime.

    Politcans should START at once Getting out of the way and Give Private Sector room to Build and Create Jobs. If they do not Economy will not Grow and all this other CRAP will mean ZIP!

  2. He's not a Weiner, he's a DICK!

  3. "You’re Not Understanding" is Weiners favorite line.
    Meaning 'Your too stupid to know what you're talking about and I know better'
    Bet you this clown has not even read the bill that became law.

  4. Yes he is AL and AP. You guys are funny. I needed that laugh. These liberals think we are soooo stupid but we are always right on the outcome of their bills. We didn't understand obamacare, the stimulus bill or all the pork in the bills. We don't understand how everything they say never happens the way they planed but rather the way we say it will work.


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