Tuesday, March 1, 2011

14 Missing Dems got Big Money from Union. Are You Shocked?

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic senators who fled to Illinois share more than just political sympathy with the public employees and unions targeted by Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill.

One out of every five dollars raised by those Democratic senators in the past two election cycles came from public employees, such as teachers and firefighters, and their unions, a Journal Sentinel analysis of campaign records shows.

This is why the Democratic Party and the public union monopoly keep make we the taxpayers pay every time.

The Republican Party is willing to do what is best for the taxpayers. That is something the Democratic Party can't do. They are beholden to this monopoly. This country need a long term fix and the only way we can fix our budget is to fix the union monopoly. We can't keep feeding the wants of the public employees unions and the Democratic Party. The time has come to stop serving the public unions and make them serve us for a change. It is their job you know?

Like all monopolies they must be limited in their power over the people. The unions wont be destroyed by limiting their power over the tax payers and government. But they wont be able to destroy us either.

If you want to see what happens to the American Dream when unions and Progressive Democrats come together to control a city. I've lived in both cities. It is amazing what happens when Progressives and unions control the government. Have you ever seen how corrupt Detroit city government is?

The nice thing about Progressives is they will blame Detroit on the Color of Skin Theory of theirs. Detroit isn't a political problem even though Detroit has had Democrats in office for over 50 years now. Why blame politics when you can blame whites for leaving the city to the blacks? That is their arguement. See while conservatives tend to believe in only one race, the human race. Liberals tend to believe in many races. Liberals also believe that the color of your skin has more to do with things then the content of a persons characture. For some reason liberals think because they focus on the white skin it's all good. It's not all good at all. Any time you blame the color of skin for the problems of today it's racism.

Ideology, politics and culture play the roll for all the ills. Skin color means nothing. Just because Detroit is mostly black isn't a black or white problem. That isn't what caused the cities massive problems. Ideology did. Ideology is closing half of Detroit schools. Ideology is causing black kids to fail school. Not the color of their skin. And when we look at ideology as the problem don't listen to the liberals screaming "racist". Point out to those liberals who is making race the bigger issue in wheather a child does well or not in school. Or wheather a city fails or not. Stop letting liberals contol the dialogue of race vs ideology. Stand up and speak boldly.
I have to say. Even back in the 90's I'd rather live in Hiroshima them Detroit. Hiroshima has gotten much nicer since I last lived their. Detroit is just unliveable. My heart goes out to the children of Detroit. They don't deserve the Progressive city they were born in. No one deserves that.


  1. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka blasted Sarah Palin at a speech in Alaska in 2010:

    “And down in Tyler, Texas, she’s talking about — and I quote — ‘union thugs.’ What? Her husband’s a union man. Is she calling him a thug? Sarah Palin ought to know what union men and women are,” Trumka will say. “That’s poisonous. There’s history behind that rhetoric. That’s how bosses and politicians in decades past justified the terrorizing of workers, the murdering of organizers.”

    Trumka was referring to a June speech by Palin in Tyler’s Oil Palace. In the speech, she said she would have waived the Jones Act to help with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill’s clean-up, adding, “Some unions not might not like it, not the union membership, but the union leaders, too many, who are thugs.”

    Palin’s quote about thugs clearly differentiates between rank-and-file union members and union leaders. Perhaps the reason why Trumka is so offended is that he’s exactly the kind of thuggish union leader Sarah Palin was talking about. A quick history lesson:

    On the orders of the United Mine Workers (UMW), 16,000 miners went on strike in 1993. One subcontractor, Eddie York (who was not a UMW member), decided it was important to support his wife and three children and crossed picket lines to get to his job. He was shot in the head as he left the job site to go home. UMW President Richard Trumka … told The Washington Times that “if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.” UMW strike captain Jerry Dale Lowe was found guilty of weapons charges and conspiracy in York’s death, and York’s widow Wanda sued the union for her husband’s wrongful death. The UMW fought the lawsuit for four years, but settled with Wanda York only two days after federal prosecutors announced that they would share evidence from the criminal trial with York’s attorneys.

    If Trumka doesn’t want union leaders to be called thugs, he should not have spent so many years acting like one.

  2. This is bad and this idiot ought to resign.

    The Story Via WTMJ Radio:

    Last Friday…. after the Assembly voted to engross the Budget Repair Bill, Hintz turned to a female colleague, Rep. Michelle Litjens and said: “You are F***king dead!”

    New tone, indeed. Will he be held accountable?

    Of course, now, this idiot is apologizing:

    An Oshkosh Assemblyman apologized to a colleague Monday for comments he made on the floor of the Assembly last week immediately following a vote on a contentious budget repair bill.

    Rep. Gordon Hintz, D Oshkosh, apologized to Rep. Michelle Litjens, R-Winneconne, for shouting out an obscenity that included the words “you’re dead” that Litjens and other witnesses heard in the chaotic scene after Republicans approved the bill.

    Litjens said she accepted the apology, but has asked the Assembly leadership to discipline Hintz.

    Of course, being the trooper and classy lady that she is, Rep. Michelle Litjens is trying to cut the man a little slack:

    “Everyone was exhausted. We were on the floor 58 hours. (But) there is still no excuse for his comment,” Litjens said.

    Litjens said she did not believe Hintz’ comments were meant for her personally. Rather, the comment was directed at the Republican Party as a whole for moving ahead on the governor’s bill.

    “We should be able to civilly discuss issues we are passionate about without feeling threatened,” she said.

    Sorry, Rep. Litjens, but threatening someone with violence is just unacceptable; and if this asshole cannot control his emotions, he should be removed from his job.

    We are seeing violence from the democratic party like we haven't seen since the 60's, when they were screwing and smoking everything they looked at.

  3. These should be two different threads.

    Wow, that an interesting theory. When a white guy blames white society for issues its racism?
    Just to make sure i got that right?

    Its racist to suggest white racism? LMAO thats funny.

  4. Chris way to go joining the jump on the Japanese socialist bandwagon and hating on Detroit. Hey at least be honest with your fellow conservatives here about Japan though.

    1. Everyone is required to obtain healthcare.

    2. Japan has been subsidizing its Auto industry through monetary manipulation for years.

    *Written By Republican Joe Knollenberg*

    3. Mazda is almost one third of its GDP and recently Mazda has filed for Government Wage subsidy's. Wage subsidy, is that were the government pays 40 percent of the workers wages during down times? why yes it is.

  5. Joe you are talking about a country when I am talking about cities. Apples and oranges. Detroit has been anti-capitalism and pro-government while Hiroshima is pro-capitalsm. If you want to talk about the lost decade that has lasted since the early 90's in Japan and the failed socialist federal government of Japan then great.

    Joe, Mazda is an American company isn't it? In fact Ford is the owner.

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  7. Joe
    The sad part about Detroit is the Damage occurred there Because of Government!
    Maybe Japan has some Ideas OUR Politicans can use. It appears they put Citizens before Ideaology. Japan as Recovered from Atomic Bombs and Detroit is still trying to recover from Liberal/Demoncratic control. Seem Libs ARE more powerful than Nuclear bomb,their Residue lasted much longer HERE!

  8. Great posts Anons. These Democrats are coming unhinged and showing their true colors.

  9. Joe the racism comes when the left say the reason why Detroit is so bad is because the blacks were given the city by the whites leaving. That is racism Joe. The fact that liberals focus on race more then characture is racism light.

  10. Joe, blacks didn't ruin Detroit. Whites didn't ruin Detroit. Policy ruined Detroit. But you liberals and Democrats can't bare to admite the fact that Democratic Party liberal policies have ruined many a city and country.

  11. Chris,
    Since you are the resident expert on Japan and Hiroshima could you possibly was poetically about the extensive amount of Federal government money given to the city to create its manufacturing base? Given your time there you would be familiar with the City of Peace initiatives that increased Federal funding for Hiroshima.

    And perhaps how you could explain how extensive subsidies in the city by the Federal government is Capitalist in nature? You seem to be the guru on not only on Japan but Capitalism itself.

  12. AL, i agree with you. They have the IDEA that Health care is MANDATORY. We could use that here.

    They have the idea that they need to maintain a protectionist level greater than that of its trading partners. We need that here.

    They decide to take the government up on high speed rail. We could use that here.

    They have Shunto. We could use that here.

    They have lifetime employment at certain business's. We could use that here

    They have a wage subsidy system for the down times where companies can file to receive government payments up to 40 percent of their non-working employees while they pay the rest. We could use that here.

  13. Chris, once again you in what seems to be an instinctive desire to boil things have made the wrongs claims as to why white Flight hurt Detroit. Do you do it to spin my points in some game to make your readers think your right? (because you seem smarter than what you reduce my points to.) Or do you do it because your incapable of grasping the complex reality of what i am saying? I believe the former.

    So let me lay it out for you. White flight killed Detroit slowly for these reasons.

    1. It took a majority of capital out of Detroit. When the flight began in the 50's through the 70's, the white residents of Detroit had more per capita income than Black residents.

    2. The influx of white residents angry and distrustful after the riots into the surrounding suburbs and the aggressive pro-black response upon gaining power led to an us versus them mentality.

    3. the loss of long term public employees and the rapid change to new employees caused strife and confusion as needed experience was lost and inadequate safeguards where put in place to manage the change.

    See it wasn't about giving the city to blacks, it was about the fact that for a majority of years the black population was a segregated community subject to various levels of racial oppression. The amount of blacks in the the bureaucracy was limited until after the riots. Rapid turnover within any organization, business or job leads to serious issue with corruption, lack of leadership and all sorts of other things.

    It was mostly about Capital and experience, along with the movement of white self-segregated communities from within the city to outside that lead to protectionism on both sides that caused Detroit to wither.

  14. My niece is a high school biology teacher at West H.S. in Madison, Wisconsin. Teachers were warned by their principals not to attend the rallies at the capitol building because of outsider/union reps. being shipped in from other states. These agitators tend to incite violence and are taking over the protests. Message was to stay safe…stay away.

  15. Joe if you think the Japanese government and not the people of Japan and capitalism built that city you are way off. If the government had it would look very different. Like Mascow maybe. Hiroshima was built by people not government. If you remember correctly they were cleaning our clock economicly in the 80's and early 90's? They were buying up our golf courses and land like there was no tomorrow. Until the recession hit Japan in the early 90's Japan was well on it's way to overtaking our economy. Since then Japan polotics has dabbled in socialist programes just like we are. That recession is still in Japan.

    FYI all of Japan is big cities. Big cities doesn't equate to individual wealth. Look at the quality of live for the Japanese before their recession and after. To give you an idea of the wealth of Japan in the 90's. I made over six figures back then. I couldn't make anything like that kind of money now. See Joe I was in Japan when people were sending over their used jeans there and making hundreds of dollars a pair. I was their when a watermellon wat $100 and a T-bone was $80.

    I was in Japan for the first Gulf war. The one Japan paid for and we fought.

  16. Hey Joe, a big difference between America and Japan is we are a republic. We can easily leave from on state to another. We have lots of area to grow. The Japanese don't have those freedoms like we do to leave. Japan has had a polulation growth without the economic growth. Does that sound like America now?

  17. Joe Japan is a small country with a big population. Rail is their only choice. Cars wont work in the cities. We have rail in our big cities as well. Have you looked at our country? Take a look, I'll wait.

    Do you see the differences between who has rail, the size of the country and the population? We have none of those things. We are spread out too far. In other words you would have to be an idiot to think that we could give up our cars right now in this country. Rail serves no one in this country. Just look at the cost of Amtrack. If high speed rail would work then Amtrack wouldn't be costing the tax payers billions a year.

    If you want to compair countries in that way then compair population desities. It does make a difference on sucess.

    Joe have you seen how great the Democratic idea of a monorail has done in Detroit. Everyone is riding it. It doesn't cost the city anything and people love to ride it. We both know that I'm joking and that the monorail is also a joke. Now just make that monorail bigger and the joke only gets bigger and so do the expences. You liberals need to start learning from the past because you wont sound as dumb to the rest of us that do learn from the past.

  18. Michael, thanks for letting us know that. For some reason the left think that violence is always the answer. Violence has never fixed anything. That violence will change the public perseption of unions. The public wont distinguish the difference between public unions and private unions. But when we see UAW members in the mix with SEIU we can see why this is happening. The problem will also be that people will blame teachers for what the unions are doing. Parents will pull their kids out of government schools after watching those teachers unions. And once again the good teachers will get screwed by their unions.

  19. Joe Then you must also agree that Liberals/Progressives are and were worse than a Atomic Bomb to not only Detroit but all Large Cities that they have controlled for Decades.

    Joe also now we have Black flight from Detroit. Why? The only thing left to flee from is Liberal Ideaology that has once again done what in the last FIVE decades to IMPROVE either the City or its Residence well being. The People Mover should be the Monument to Liberal Ideaology. It goes round and round NEVER actually going Anywhere!

  20. Al said..."The only thing left to flee from is Liberal Ideaology". Well said.

  21. Kamikaze Chris,
    The master of the intentional crash and burn. first i love bringing up points with you for the simple reason that you never debate them.

    I ask you to talk about the extensive funding for the rebuilding of Hiroshima. I even mention a specific initiative that i understood to create more federal funding. Here's your response.

    1. Broad statement about "the People" rebuilding it.
    2. Mention what i believe is Moscow.

    So you gave us a vaque reference to "the People" and to "Mascow", but nothing about the City of Peace initiatives. Why?

  22. Joe I ask you about the extensive funding in large cities for extensive building and education. Liberals have controlled these cities for decades. What Happened? Not counting the little train that goes round and round!

    Liberal policies and leadership in Large citys is a look into OUR future unless Citizens make CHANGE and only then will there be HOPE! The Only hope Citizens have in large Cities is to FLEE the cities and find the Dream they are looking for and for most it aint Government or Liberal Dependency!

  23. Joe are you really that dense? You think the government built Hiroshima. Business did not the Japanese government. The Japanese government didn't create the jobs that built Hiroshima either. Businesses did. I answered your question. I just didn't answer it the way you wanted. Yes the government did pump lots of money into their economy. It is well known that because of the government doing that the recession lasted longer then any recession in their history. It still isn't over. Can't you understand my answer now or are you going to keep playing dumb?


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