Friday, March 25, 2011

Beck:Who's Side Are We On?

I'm sure the left-wing will deflect and call Beck crazy, but why don't they answer the questions first? It's time people start putting their emotions away and bring out the common sense analytical mind. We need to ask if Obama is taking us in the direction we want to go? We have been watching the outcome of all his decisions over the past few years. How are the outcomes? Are we better or worse off? Are we going in the right direction? Do we have any friends around the world anymore?


  1. The Soros Doctrine--"Responsibility to Protect"--is at work here. This puts the national sovereignty of all nations at risk and this is a test case; a precurser if you will; for a UN / Egyptian invasion of Israel on "humanitarian' grounds.

  2. I like that Chris. "Time to start putting our emotions away and bring out the common sense analytical mind"

    The only thing is that you posted video's of a guy who cries a lot. And then anon told me i couldn't use common sense. He may not realize that but when he criticized my anecdotes he was criticizing A priori. That being the basis for what we think of as common sense which you may not is often incorrect.

    I think we are on our side. While the goals of that side may change with different people and parties in office we are on our side this time.

  3. From Websters:

    Common Sense: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts

    Anecdote: a usually short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident

    Feel free to use sound and prudent judgement based on a simple perception of the situation or FACTS Joecialist. Anyone has anecdotes. Not everyone (this means you) has the facts. Your anecdotes mean ZERO in a debate. You libtards are all about "feelings" and your perception of "fairness". Means nothing in the logical world.

    Who cares if someone cries a lot? Does this negate his worth, or his logic or facts? Nice ad hominem attack Joecialist. You lie and make up stories a lot. Maybe Chris should block you from making comments? Makes about as much sense as discounting someone because they cry. God forbid anyone show emotion outside of Hussein's emotional health scare stories. Assholes.

  4. Chris, I will refer to your question posed in the title; "Who's Side Are We On?"

    The answer entirely rest's upon just who is asked and of course who the "we" is actually referring to.

    If the "we" refers to America in general with Obama in the Oval office then the answer has to be we are on our enemies side such as Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Hezzbolah (Gaza/West Bank), Hamas (Lebanon) and of course every drug cartel from Argentina to Mexico. There are more but think you get the drift.

    Then when individually asked we have the 20% and dwindling of 'Joes' who cannot see the forest for the trees.

  5. I think Scott is right. It's just a matter of time before Israel strikes back and gets taken over by the UN.

    I think Joe is in his own world.

    Christopher, I'm sure Chris meant "we" as in America. It took less then 20% to start a revolution in this country. You are right about this world coming unhinged. It seems that drug dealers,Muslims extreemists,anarchist,unions,liberals and the Democratic Party have joined together to cause chaos around the world.

  6. To go with your violence theme several posts back, an Indiana Republican actually suggested that Scott Walker hire someone to fake an assassination attempt on Walker to discredit the unions.

  7. @Larry,,,

    Of course you are correct as to our founding but you must remember that Revolution was against tyranny as we see today hence the Tea Party.

    The 20% and dwindling I alluded to could not fill one of the shoes (if they even had them after wearing out) of one of the original Patriot's who fought to gain freedom for this Nation.

    The two groups are never to be confused nor compared.


    @ bruce,,,

    I followed the link and went further for validation and all I found were liberal links,,Slate, blogs, Puffington Host etc. with no proof that this actually happened, the email that is.

    The reason I went further was actually the link you provided -'RT' or Russia Today,,lol,,
    Great SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA work there ????????

  8. @ bruce, that's funny, since the prosecutor actually resigned yesterday over this incident.

    This article has a copy of the actual e-mail.

  9. @ bruce,,, Thats what I mean, Mediaite, Talking Points Memo, Wisconsin Watch are all liberal sites and I included them in saying ",,,ETC."

    Please cite a reputable source that can produce real evidence other than a Photo Shop screen shot and I will be more than happy to entertain the idea of linking to it.

    Until such time do not bother listing what people, as I did, can get from a Google search giving liberal talking points as they are the only ones doing so, not ABC, NBC, CBS or even NPR. Nor is the NYT, LAT, AP, UP, or even the Detroit Free Press.

    Good try bruce but not buying.

  10. CCP, here you go, a CBS report saying the same thing that the "liberal" sites are saying.

    I expect you to post that link now on your blog and put that link here to show that you are good to your word.

  11. If that is true Bruce, and it always turns out to be guttersnip lies and forgeries from the left, then shame on him. If it's a lie like usual then shame on the left. And still shame on the unions and the left-wing for all the violence,chaos,economic terrorism,threats,fire bombs,distruction of public property. Your side are real bastards Bruce and Joe. I just wish for once you would admite that for a change instead of trying to cover for them.

    For Bruce and Joe to back the left-wing and unions after all the sick things they have done they must be anarchist.

  12. It absolutely is true. We're the bastards? What a joke.

    What do you think faking an assassination is, just to try to get public sympathy on your side.

    That's as low as you can go. Why do you think he resigned when he was outed with the e-mail?

  13. Bruce one of your idols said " never let a Crisis go to waste"!

    If what you say is true it will come out and should be dealt with. However sometimes you tend to get your undies in a wad and in the end oops! We have laws Bruce sometimes Regime picks and chooses which ones to enforce BUT we will see! I have NO problem with ANY law Breaker being dealt with NO more NO less.

  14. @ bruce, Sorry dude, all CBS did was link back to one of the original lib sites cited above.

    I was good to my word by entertaining it but you were not good on providing reputable info.

    This (your recent attempt) was worse than before and actually makes CBS look worse as well even without Dan Rather.

    try, try again,,,,,

  15. CCP, if it weren't true, why did the guy resign?

  16. bfealk trying to obscure the issue with straw-men. Isn't this just the libtard's M.O.?!!?

    One guy who has a suggestion that nobody takes seriously, versus the actual firebombing of a little old lady fighting for the life of an unborn child? One lone-wolf idiot that has an idiotic plan versus a high-level SEIU guy explaining his economic terrorism plan in great detail to enthusiastic participants? The difference is night and day. Keep trying to obfuscate the issues you libtards. CP's example of how difficult it is to find any information on this back-page blurb of local WI news is the perfect example of what a non-story one idiot is, and how the libtards attempt to mine as much as they can from nothing.

  17. PS - Good for the guy for taking responsibility for his idiocy and resigning. Isn't that always the way though? It sure would be refreshing if a libtard took responsibility for their outrageous behavior, but I will never hold my breath. They revel in being total a-holes, and never apologizing for their destruction, attempted or otherwise, of this country.

  18. Anon,
    once again you ignore the reality.

    1. A priori consists of your perception of the situation as seen through the lens of what you would call an anecdote (biographical).
    2. A priori is the basis for so-called common sense, but with the fact that everyone's perception can differ because of their experience (of which an anedcdote is merely a retelling of said experience) common sense is the least likely to be true.
    3. We often claim common sense when it isn't common or even thoughtful and other times we call long studied issues common sense because we are unaware that they have studied and repeatedly withstood criticism.

    As for my comments about crying, you seem to struggle with the fact that Glenn Beck constantly is adding emotion to the issue. It comes into direct conflict with what Chris asks us to do. As usual all you play is word games, semantic poop throwing.

    So i am well within my point to criticize Beck for his constant fallacy, the call to emotion which Chris then asks us not to follow on our side. Its a double standard.

  19. Larry,
    I wish. I wouldn't let y'll in if that where the case.

    I find it funny that someone would say that. In a world full of rightwing conspiracy theories little ole me, just an average guy debating politics is the one in his own world.

    We have the "Caliphate" out of Beck
    "death boards out of Palin and Bachman
    Obama's a Muslim out of Tea party and Faux news types.
    Rightwingers committing arson at mosques
    Att.gen staff talking shooting protestors, harassing gay students and telling people to fake attacks by liberals
    Rightwingers shooting doctors in church, firebombing planned parenthood
    Tea party members threatening liberal congressmen/women lives
    Tea party members trying to blow up brothers of legislators.
    Anti-gay conservatives who turn out to be be gay and pedophiles to boot.

    I wish i was in my own little liberal utopia, i do.

  20. Joe a Caliphate is looking more realistic every day. The death panels are also more realistic and in the bill. Too bad you didn't believe them instread of Obama and his ilk. The next week after a abortion doctor got killed a pro-life protester was killed. Why do you always forget that part Joe? Why do you forget the hundreds of attacks on Tea Partiers from the liberals and unions? Joe you side is lawless and they treated our National Mall like their own pigsty. Maybe if the left-wing would take care of the tree in their sides eye instead of lieing about the Tea Party "violence..." they wouldn't have done so many terrorist attacks from the left-wing. Remember the left-wing TX airplane terrorist? Joe you are as far in the liberal utopia as you could be if you think the right is as violent and lawless as the left-wing.

  21. LOL ... ignore reality, good one JoeCialist!

    I know what A priori is, I just don't care. Where are your FACTS Joe? You have none, so you resort to anecdotes which are NOT common sense, they're just stories. Stories from your point of view, but just that, stories.

    JoeCialist, I have no problem with Beck showing emotion, as long as he also brings the facts. The problem is that you and the other libtards ONLY bring the emotion. It's all heat, no illumination. Conservatives are not allowed to be emotional when our freedoms are being attacked at every turn? There is room for both emotion and facts in a conservative's world. In a libtard's world they only have room for emotion. And rioting. LOL

  22. Anon,
    Like i said before, what you think you have is facts, but all they are is opinions and theories. Hypothesis if you like. But most of the time no one brings facts. And Beck brings the most insane emotionally driven non-factual garbage i have seen one man say in such a short time.

    But i wouldn't expect facts from a professional semantical shit twister like yourself. You can claim them all you like, but they aren't brother.

  23. Chris,
    Your referring to the shooting in Corunna-Owosso right? The completely non-partisan one that wasn't based on politics but a man just losing it and attacking mulitple people with no connection to each other.

    That was different that Scott Roeder planning is attack and talking about it for months on the Army of God website. I forget you ignore "THE ARMY OF GOD" and the violence it preaches. you'll never acknowledge the group. Not once. I've mentioned it what 20 to 30 times and you've not once countered. You act like it isn't part of the conservatives.

    As for hundreds of attacks. I don't no nothing about hundreds. List them so i can see them. Please. I'd like to see them.


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