Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Imam Says It's Our Fault If Muslims Attack Us

Are you starting to see why liberals and Muslims get along? According to the Muslim community and the left-wing no one can speak out about the fact that Muslims have been terrorising this country and other around the world. The reason they say that Muslims have been killing Americans and other Western nations is because we speak out about the fact that Muslims are dangerous.

Why is it so important to the left-wing and the MSM to not look into a religion that is dead set on killing Christians,Jews and the Western way of life? If we don't look at the problem we can't fix it. Could that be the reason why the left-wing and MSM have joined in hiding the fact that Islam is dangerous? We all know if it was a Christian group terrorising us they would have closed it down and burned them out.

When we see Muslims protesting our Congress for looking into the fact that all the terrorist have been Muslim ask where they were when their own religion and religious leaders call for the destruction of America and other countries? Where are those moderate Muslims then?

If all it takes to set off this religion and it's members into violence is to look into the fact that Islam is a common denominator in all the terrorist attacks then we are in trouble. This isn't a "witch hunt" like they want us to believe. It's common sense. We did not call a holy war on Islam. Islam called the holy war on us. These Muslims are doing what their religion tells them to do. Read the Qua ran and it will tell you why these Muslims are killing everyone that doesn't bow to their religion. The blame is not ours. If Muslim's or liberals for that matter become violent it's their fault alone.

Do you remember this day? Ask why the left-wing and MSM have started to side with the religion that has done so much damage to our world? Mind you Muslims kill Muslims as much as they kill us. Infidel means different things to different Muslims. But the fact is killing infidels is their religion and Jihad is as well. It's just a shame that these radicals aren't Christian, Jews or Tea Partiers, because the problem would have been taken care of by now.
The video’s YouTube description tells more:
The chopper sound at the spliced end may be a carry over from a longer video. This video was a part of material provided by NYPD to NIST for the WTC investigation. Previous releases of NYPD material consist of a variety of packages, with redundancies, different namings and overlaps. To answer FOIA requests NIST digs through a vast collection to chop out a requested piece.


  1. Chris, I expect the king hearings to be part witch hunt part publicity stunt, and all BS. Its not an honest look at anything and that should be obvious to all of us. I expect protests, counter-protests angry language and very little attempt to come to a understanding of each others views.

    In fact king himself is a polarizing figure making stupid comments about American Muslims prior to the hearing.

    I don't agree with Faizal about the comics. Thats a crutch.

  2. GITMO to stay Open Military Tribunals to begin!

    Regime double talk at its best! RIGHT move part of Novemeber Shellacing most likely! Reads up on Reagan before SOTU speech comes to same conclusion Bush did. MSM will hasve interesting spin on this and Far left has got be be nearing Nervous Break down.

  3. Joe if what you are saying is true then why is everyone on the left getting so upset? It seems to me the Muslims,Democrats and liberals don't want anyone looking into the violence coming out of this one religion. I wonder why???

    AL, you are right. The far-left are having nervous breakdowns. All my liberal friends have become catatonic when it comes to defending the Democratic Party any more. The middle is not listening to either side. They are watching the results and that isn't looking good to the Democratic Party or Obama.

  4. Chris, if what i am saying is true, that the hearings held by Rep Peter King are nothing but a farce and not an attempt to come to any decent understanding of anything why is everyone on the left getting upset?

    Because they are a farce and a total publicity stunt aimed at winning the hearts and minds of Islamphobes. That's why i am upset. That and we have learned nothing from the red-baiting of our past that ruined many good lives. McKingism lives.

    Oh and the fact that he's well known supporter of Sinn Fein and the IRA during the time that they were active in bombings and violence. the only difference to him is that the IRA never attacked America. So its okay to support terrorism then.


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