Monday, March 7, 2011

March 5, 2011-Michael Moore at Madison anti-Walker We Are Wisconsin Rally

You have to love this hypocritical liberal. He has no problem telling lies and half truths to push his liberal agenda. The problem is the truth has no agenda. Watch this video and post comments of lies and half truths you have heard him say. It's like a Where's Waldo for liberal hypocracy. Maybe some of those union members need to ask him why he sent his film to Canada so he didn't have to pay high taxes and union wages?


  1. Michael Moore spoke the truth, Chris, it's just the people like you don't get it.

    Can't wait for the 2000 farmers and their tractors to show up in Madison this weekend.

    I may have to go back to Madison so check that out.

    Walker is losing. The Republicans have awakened the oppressed middle class in this country like nothing has in a long, long time.

    Thank you Scott Walker, for giving all the unions a reason to work together.

  2. Chris, what exactly did he say that was half truths and lies? Can you name any specifics?

  3. Michael Moore called the Wisconsin budget crisis one of the three biggest lies of the last decade, ” What are three biggest lies of the last decade? Let’s repeat them. Number one Wisconsin is broke. Number two there’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and number three the Packers needs Farve to win the Super Bowl. The nation is not broke, my friends. There’s lots of money to go around, lots, lots. It’s just that those in charge have diverted that wealth into a deep well that sits in their well-guarded estates. They know. They know. They have committed crimes to make this happen.”

  4. Those are all true, Chris.

  5. The oppressed middle class. Bruce of Coarse you mean the Citizen having to pay off OUR unsubstainable debt. Got news for ya Regime woke em up and November showed WE aint going back to sleep!

    Wiscinsin will not be the only State facing Bankruprtsy and something will have to give. In the end the bottom line may be in Public Unions for Local and State governments to just Keep as many Public employees as they can Afford and sadly lay off the rest. Public Sector is becoming like Private Sector in one important way. Employees Cost vs Revenue equals Balanced budget or Books. No other way in the end!

    I guess a RICH Guy telling Union workers RICH people are Bad is if nothing else ODD! What I heard on the Video was same ole same ole rich against poor Alinsky 101. Demoncrats with so much power from 2008-2010 you would have thought those Rich Politicans would have taken the bull by the HORNS and addressed that BUT did not. Wonder why with all the POWER Demoncrats had? Oh those were the Evil Rich Demoncrats. The Bull shit slung by Moore is amazing and the SHEEP just follow along.

    I see a Movie for Moore out of this and of Coarse more Money in His bank account!

  6. The Tea Party is lead around by the Koch brother and their money. You know how many people showed up at the Stand with Scott bus tour, maybe 600 all together.

    The polls are all against Republicans now and voters are having major buyers remorse.

    People are waking up to the fact that the Republicans only care about their rich benefactors, like the Koch Brothers. Scott Walker is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers.

    The middle class is tired of having the wealthy in this country purchasing our government.

    Scott Walker and his friends are losing and the Democrats are standing tall for working men and women in this country.

  7. Demoncrats stand STRONG in Illinois! Not exactly Democracy in action in Wisconsin! Bruce just maybe the middle class in this country are also tired of Public Unions purchasing our Government and see your Rhetoric for what it is BULLSHIT! 2012 will tell the tale. GREED is a two sided sword and LEFT if not careful will once again need Stitches!

    Bruce I am a Conservative not a Republican by nature BUT take the Whole Country as a whole Conservatives, Independents,Republicans and even a few Demoncrats which by the way are mostly working middle class Citizens they will by 2012 see Public Unions are Unsubstainable to Bankroll under the current system. System will be changed or in the END many Public Sector Workers will loss their Jobs unfortunatly BUT affordability will be the ONLY option left to Legislators wheather they stay in their Elected State or RUN to another State. Just a fact Bruce thought even you could see that. By the way have not checkede myself but wonder where Public Sector Union Officals pay falls in regard to their Members. Shoot I bet they are probablly Rich Evil people also!

  8. Chris is Wisconsin broke?

    Everything I've read is that it is not broke, but suffering under long term revenue loses due to the recession like many others. Its true that it has a 137 million shortfall for the 2011 fiscal year and possibly a 3.6 billion bi-annum shortfall, but that is 2.3 billion less than the 209-2011 bi-annum shortfall.

    That doesn't make it broke. Add to the fact that Scott Walker lowered revenues by 117 million with Tax cuts and you'll see why its not fair to put this entirely on public workers backs.

  9. Well Joe both the Democrats and Republicans think Wisconsin is broke. The question is how broke are they? Call it what you will they spend more then they make. They have fixed that problem and wont since this recession will most like last well into 2012. If they don't make these cuts they are broke. Since no cuts have been made they are still broke.

    It's not being put intirly on the workers Joe and you know that. Most of the cuts have been made over the years and are in this budget as well. You only focus on the cuts to public unions because they are the only ones bitching about it.

    Cut Spending Now. That is what the American votes told the government,local,state and federal. I guess you are just realizing it now. Why do you think we conservatives selabrated our historic gains in all parts of government?

    Believe me we just got started cutting. Don't forget it was progressive spending that got us into this mess, not the people trying to bail us out.

  10. Why Not take page out of Oakland County and the way Patterson runs his ship. As I understand it Oakland Countys Budget is set until 2013(Balanced) and the politicans are now working on 2014 budget. How can that be in todays Economy? Oakland County has Public Unions but yet they have found the way to FISCAL Responsibility. I am almost sure majority of Politicans in Oakland County are not LIBERALS or theyed NEVER be where their at!

  11. Al, i know alot of people that take a page out of Pattersons book every Saturday night. Some get caught and not driven home.

  12. Oakland county does seem have its Budget under control and I would think that MORE Local and Federal Economie could learn from it. But once again the Liberal comes out in you and that lowers yourselve to Bruce No more NO less!

  13. Chris,
    I find it strange that when the country votes to cut spending you demand we all go along without a thought in our head to the contrary, but when the country voted for health care reform you and other rose up to challenge it.

    Should we go along with the vote or not?

    The evidence is even more against you as Obama campaigned on increasing healthcare coverage, while Scott Walker did not campaign on curtailing collective bargaining rights.


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