Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oops! Statements Made by Then-Senators Obama, Biden Haunt Libya Mission

Can you believe these two? It seems that either they were playing politics with war or they don't care about the Constitution. Which is it? If they are right about Iraq being an illegal war then Libya is also an illegal war subject to impeachment. Maybe we need to listen to what the then Senators were saying back then and impeach Obama. We can't have a double standard now can we? Let's see what the left-wing hypocrites say about this conundrum Obama is in. I think we all know what the left-wing and MSM is going to do about their "impeachable offence". Nothing!


  1. If we took things that way, that would mean you would now be endorsing a double standard because you opposed impeachment at the time he said it.

    but we could remedy that by having the current republican congressional leaders call for War Crimes tribunals against Bush, Cheney and the rest of the admin. After we got through that then we could impeach Obama.

    Nice little compromise I'm presenting right? All kidding aside He shouldn't be impeached and the Bush people shouldn't face war crimes tribunals.

    I am lost as to the venom and hatred over this action. People clamoring for it two weeks prior now think he's acting like dictator. You can never make the right happy.

  2. No Joe that doesn't. What it says is that they think they should be impeached by their standards. I'm just saying maybe we should hold them to their standards for a change, Not my standards. See the difference Joe or would you like to keep trying to deflect?

    And the left including Biden and Obama called for Bush to be impeached and held to war crimes for doing the exact same thing. The left-wing are now silent. How dishonest of you Joe.

  3. Biden 'The President has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war.... unless we are attacked or about to be attacked.'

    NOW if he is referring to getting congressional authority to attack and is referring to Bush, what Joey Biden doesn't tell you is, by law, the President has 90 days to seek that approval. Bush did before he attacked.
    Obama has not, but has less than 90 days to get the approval.

  4. This Joe guy is a riot! Tell me the truth Chris, is he some kind of caricature of a liberal idiot? I swear there is nobody this stupid/deranged.

    Trying to blame the hypocrisy of Biden, Obama, Dean, etc. on Bush?!?! ROFLMAO!!!

    I'm laughing so hard at this idiot Joe that I can't barely type. Thanks for the laugh Chris!!

  5. More liberal violence:

  6. It is funny isn't it Anon?

  7. They used to only throw bags of crap at the elderly Tea Partiers. Now it's fire bombs at grandma at a prayer gathering? It sounds like a hate crime to me.

  8. Anon,
    Can you read?
    If yes, can you actually comprehend?
    At a level above third grade?

    I didn't place any blame on Bush. That should be obvious. Set your obvious dislike of liberals aside and actually read what i write.

  9. Can you watch a video and comprehend JoeCialist? Do you understand that you are trying to turn Biden et al's claims against Bush? Why even bring Bush's name into this JoeCialist? What does that have to do with it, really? Biden said if a President, who happened to be Bush at the time, were to declare war he would lead the impeachment charge. The fact that you bring Bush into it is clear, and the fact that you are somehow trying to blame this on Bush via the insertion of his name is even clearer. Idiot.

    And yes I do dislike liberals, I will not be setting that aside any time soon. With all your blaming Bush and hypocrisy, your lies and little emotional anecdotes that you try to use as facts, with your distortions and racism, sexism ... what's not to dislike? Dislike is a rather mild description as to how I really feel about you liberal scum.

  10. I do however like how you admit you only need above a 3rd grade reading and comprehension level to understand your writing, LOL.

    Most people strive for a little more sophistication in their thinking and writing. Maxed out at the 3rd Grade JoeCialist? Must explain why you are a shop rat. You surely must make more than your education would typically warrant. No wonder you are a big union supporter. ROFLMAO

    Maybe if people stopped learning at 3rd grade they would buy the bullshit that you spew. Sorry Joe, I kept learning.

  11. Did you hear about the gang rape of that girl by those union men from SEIU?


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