Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tea Partiers Clean-Up Mess Left By Union Pigs in Wisconsin

This says it all. The left-wing destroy and the right-wing clean it up for them. Who would you rather stand with and for? This will speak volumes to the Independent voters and conservatives. The left-wing union pigs wont hear a thing. Would we expect anything other then what they have given us over the decades? They destroy and we clean up. It's time to put these liberal children to bed and let the adults clean up their Lord of the Flies time in power.


  1. Of course I applaud these folks but just wait for the "public union employees" whose job it is to actually do the clean-up to start screaming "scabs" and complaining about job security and "privatization",,,LMAO

    A side note; I wonder if they will be looking for live ammunition (unspent bullets for those in Rio Linda) like a laser beam????

  2. I love it when the libs eat their own. Libtalker Mike Malloy lays it all out for us, explaining what a whore Hillary Clinton is ... oh, wait, that was Randi Rhodes ... here it is (, he calls her a war-monger, fascist, corporatist.

  3. Good Post Chris! Exposing more of the wasteful actions of America's parasites and how the Right takes pride to volunteer to clean up their crap!

  4. People will see both the unions actions and the Tea Party actions. Words have little meaning any more with the Democratic Party and their minion Big labor.

    It speaks volumes to see the Tea Party on their knees serving. While the unions and Democratic Party are calling for blood and destruction. One group destroys the other fixes. Who do you think the American voter will listen too in the future? Who do you think the American voter will hire to FIX problems instead of making them?

    It's nice to see that the liberals on this blog have nothing to say about their ilk.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. Pass along the pictures and video of both sides to show your friends who should be trusted with our country.

  5. Well said Chris. It does speak volumes to see Tea Baggers down on their knees servicing Scott Walker and his anti-worker cronies. Just remember that when they are done with us unionists they will go after you and yours. Your but a pawn in a game of elitist wealth gathering.

    I feel a mixture of anger and pity towards the Tea Baggers like yourself. Given a historic opportunity to help drive our country towards new and greater heights you not only rejected it, but solely on ideological dogma and elitist rhetoric. You joined an attack on people who have served you and yours for years, keeping you safe, putting their lives in danger, trying to educate a society that each year spends less and less time with its children as wages stagnate and new goods and services come and go at speeds unseen before.

    I'm angry at you, because you are smart enough to see what is really happening and i pity you because eventually you will fall too, and it will hurt many times more for you than for those of us who fought it. We will still have our dignity.

  6. Dignity is a Fragile feeling without Pride and politicans have taken both from citizens. Why else so much dependency on Government and so LITTLE on One Selfs Ability to Survive and take care of Themselves. Government Dependency is The Problem and Not The Solution. We will not move forward depending on Government for OUR Future,if WE do Future at best will be without Dignity and Pride. Look at Photos of OUR Great Depression Joe do You see Dignity or Pride in the Citizens Faces or Dispair waiting for Government handouts! That could be OUR future again and that would make Greece look pretty Damn good! When you rob Peter to save Paul what happens when you got more Takers than Earners?


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