Saturday, March 19, 2011

WAR #3: U.S. Fires Tomahawk Missiles at Libya What Is The World Coming To?

Liberals must be thinking,"I thought Obama was suppose to stop the wars not make more of them?" I would think liberals must be coming unhinged about being in three wars and going no where fast in one war. Hey, at least he closed Gitmo like he promised. Made unemployment drop,create jobs,lower the debt,get rid of the Patriot Act,give us freedoms instead of taking them... How is Obama's promise of walking with the union protesters going? Are you liberals better off now after almost 3 years of it? Or do you feel like you're getting screwed and lied too so it doesn't hurt so much? I know most of you liberals hate obamacare and know it's a failure. Everything you liberals hated about Bush, President Obama is still doing and ramping it up.

The world is falling apart. Things aren't getting better. Almost no one thinks we are going in the right direction as a nation. The "new world order" seems to be chaos. Is there anything that you have that couldn't we worth little to nothing in a day or week? 401K? Stocks or bonds? House? Money? Pension? Think about what is happening around the world and here in this country. Is it wiser to start preparing for what might happen or to keep living like nothing is happening? When did we as a culture in America stop preparing for bad times? One generation, maybe two? My Grandparents all taught me to always be prepared. Now they had seen hard times in their lives. My one Grandma at 16 was going to school,living on her own with two of her siblings in her own apartment while working to support them. Her husband, my hunting buddy and one of my best friends worked in CC camp up north in Michigan. My Dads father lived in the woods from age 12 making a good living feeding the "rich" during the bad times. He taught me how to live in the woods and what to eat and how to make things like traps. I've always loved to garden and cook. Food is a gift that a family can enjoy with some effort. I never thought that these skills would ever come to use for anything other then a supplement for our food budget and healthy foods to eat. At this point I'm glade that I wanted to learn these things from my elders. I still don't think it's the "end of days". But liberals should be. LOL. Liberals are mashing their teeth right now. Have you teased a liberal today? Ask a liberal what they think about being in three wars three years after they elected Obama? Ask a young person. They get real cranked up. And don't forget to bitch about gas prices. I tell you you will have fun with these liberal sheeples.
March 19: Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG 52) launches a Tomahawk missile in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn.
Dept. of Defense
March 19: Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG 52) launches a Tomahawk missile in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn.


  1. Chris, You forgot about Hussein's "Drone War" in Pakistan and his verbal war against Israel that is fueling the very people we are fighting.

    Bush was many things to many people but at least you knew just who the f@%k we were fighting and why and you also knew who we supported and why. We do not have either with this POS POTUS!

  2. Did you copy this from the BBC blog or post it there? hmmm, strange.

    Lol, CP sometimes you crack me up. We knew why we were fighting in Iraq. Lies, lies and more lies.

    I don't have any issue with Obama or Bush having used drones to attack Al Quadda in the tribal regions of Pakistan. I think Bush should have used me of it and sooner.

  3. Joe, Care to recite those supposed lies? We have been over this time and again and Bush has been proven correct so let's not rehash that.

    The point of my bringing up the drones should be obvious, Hussein was to bring about an end to war but he actually escalated it which is called hypocrisy but the MSM will not relay this info so as to keep the moonbats quiet.

    I notice you did not touch on my point of Israel, why is that?

  4. Very true Christopher. It does seem to be falling apart. I wish Obama would find his inner leader and dump the community organizer. It seems our enemies still hate us and our friends don't trust us any more. Everything Obama touches turns to crap.

    No Joe I didn't copy this from the BBC blog nor did I post it there. Someone else must have done that. It is strange, could you give me the blog address? Thanks.

  5. Chris, I found it by typing in a sentence from your blog here on google.

  6. Yeh they took my post and put it on BBC. I posted a comment asking them why. It is nice to be posted on such a big named blog. It's very personal though.

  7. Joe I just noticed that my post is on March 19 and theirs is on the 20th. This post isn't even that good to take.

  8. Joe, Wanna take a try at answering my question now?

  9. Cp, your questions? Would i like to answer them? Not really, but i guess i will try.

    1. What the leaked papers showed was that some of the old Iraqi arsenal existed, which isn't enough to justify the invasion nor the specific points made be the Admin to America, the UN and the world. There wasn't a nuclear program and the mustard gas rounds were all mid to early 90's as i understand it. So no Bush lied,and often.

    2. Israel. You feel he's having a verbal war with them, i don't. Feelings, nothing more than feelings. I stayed away. Sorry.

    3. Drone attacks did not escalate the war in my view. Unfortunately the war in Afghanistan was a simmering pot that boiled over do to lack of US support to our NATO allies during our Admins obsession with Iraq. I have been clear on that point in many posts. The US preoccupation with Iraq and the limited mission of the Nato troops largely left to hold the fort in Afghanistan allowed it to fester.

    Simply put we let the enemy off the hook in the run up to the Iraq invasion and then gave them 3 o4 years to rebuild while we mismanaged a second invasion. If we were to invade iraq no matter what, we should have waited another year to allow us to close out the Taliban.

    One of the issues with our undertsanding of Afghanistan during 2004, 05, 06, and 07 was that all of our media and major administration focus was on Iraq. The same went for Congress. If you had listened to the BBC nightly service or watched CBC news you'd have seen that our NATO mission was slowly losing the country. Lack of supplies and support kept them from patrolling into the deeper areas of the country. That issue came up on both many times.

  10. "No Fly Zone" using Cruise Missles? Obama says Qadaffi must go.
    Reads up on Reagan and acts like W. Nader Farakan going crazy with the rest of the Far Left. Where is that Nobel Peace thingy.


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