Monday, April 4, 2011

Dean Scream Payback: Right Running Things Is a Threat to Country & Equivalent to Burning Down Buildings; Tea Partiers Have Deep Problems; Fox Is Propaganda & MSNBC Is Factually Correct

Can you believe that these people believe these things? What are your thoughts on what Dean is saying?


  1. My thought, Chris, he is 100% correct.

  2. Its just tit for tat.

    You yourself have said the nearly the exact same thing about liberals and dems. So whats the big deal?

  3. Dean Overbite and Bruce. Not my cup of Tea!

    With all three need Pepto Cocktail to get thru gthe Krap!

  4. Are they still using that old playbook that has been proven wrong time and time again. They keep saying those things, and no one is buying it anymore.
    But Dean, speaking to college kids, spewing this old, un-proven junk is considered propaganda unto itself, don't you think?

  5. I did not even know this idiot has-been was still around? Besides that, he is preaching to his choir who receive the same BS from their professors on a daily basis.

    MSLSD factual? The only thing factual about them is that their propaganda comes from the White House and DNC offices.

  6. Mark it's all the left have.

    All the Republicans need to say is,"and you thought Bush was bad" and point out that we are in 3 wars,higher unemployment, higher energy prices, more unstable foreign relations, inflation on food, Gitmo, military trials... All the things that people on the left and center hated about Bush, Obama is still doing, like the Patriot Act. And health care is nothing like Obama said it was.

    But in reality as gas prices keep going higher it will hurt all Americans. He will and should be blamed for it. Obama and his liberal policies are a 100% fail. We are still at risk for banks that are too big to fail. The GM and Chrysler bailout was a failure since they still had to go bankrupt and bailed out a second time.

    Good luck my liberal friends, your sides going to need it with the state of the world and our economy. If we end up paying $5 a gal. gas this summer like they are predicting Obama might end up turning us into Cairo."bottom up"


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