Monday, April 18, 2011

Democrats Becoming More And More Mentaly Ill

This far-left nut turned out yesterday to see Sarah Palin speak at the Madison, Wisconsin, Tea Party.
Video Screengrab
This is how the organized left spent their quality time this weekend. These are the quality people who were inspired by the call to action from Pres. Obama's Organizing for America and Mr. Trumka's AFL-CIO. Is this the future of the Democratic Party? The things this man says to a 14 year old girl is just sickening. But it is the Democratic Party way. Why hasn't Obama or the Democratic Party leaders said anything to these Democrats? Why does the Democratic Party keep codaling these crazies within their Party?  
Click here to watch the video. *Warning: graphic language*

A group of pro-illegal immigration/open borders protesters and anarchists attempt to take away the freedom of speech of Tea Party members by drowning them out with bullhorns. One Hispanic woman painted her face white to mock white people, while others waved the Mexican flag. Video taken at the Arizona capitol on 4/15/2011.


  1. They do prove your point on liberalism being an illness. Liberalism is pure evil and these idiots are just a symptom.

  2. The guy in the first video obviously suffers from bipolarism. And the lady, mocking white people... just look at her outfit... she souldn't be taken seriously.

  3. Lolo thats almost as bad as Palin rallies where supporters yell "Kill Him" about Obama. Wonder what the good Doctor has to say about that mental illness?

  4. Wheres the source Joe?

  5. And these liberal (insert usage of word you chose) call themselves NON VIOLENT?

    THIS is the future they want to shape our nation upon, the usage of fear, intimidation and threats to make you conform to their nightmares of the next generation. They seek to control and dominate while any who dare to stand against them are threats and the ‘radicals’ to them.

    They fail to understand, change has come to the nation, and We the People will emerge as the winner in the end.

  6. Joe is full of it AL. All liberals lie. And all liberals are crazy. Joe is a case and point.

  7. Joe is full of it Anon and AL. Take a look at my next post as a responce to Joes thought that that picture of Obama as a monkey is racist. It turns out they did some pictures like that of Bush...

  8. Meanwhile, over the weekend, White House supporter Donna Brazille was none-too-pleased with the recent budget deal and the District of Columbia’s exclusion from tax-payer funded abortions. However, she wasn’t alone in her anger over Obama’s capitulation:

    She and other “tax paying residents of the District of Columbia have every right to be upset at this new deal,” Brazile wrote.

    Yet while her anger was carefully directed at the GOP for imposing its social agenda on a majority-black city - her city, she tweeted - other African Americans blame someone else: Obama.

    “We have really found a great disappointment in President Obama,” said Anise Jenkins, president of Stand Up for Democracy, which advocates for the District’s long-time goal - statehood. “That he would use us as a bargaining chip to resolve this issue with the budget and the Republican threats, we find very disappointing - I’m extremely disappointed. I hope he got the message that we don’t want to be used again.”

    “The discontent out there is pretty widespread,” said Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District’s non-voting House delegate, describing the anger among Washington residents. Having voted for Obama in record numbers, she added, “They expected better of him.”

    Union bosses and DC Democrats aren’t alone in feeling abandoned by the Obama White House, as The Hill noted last week:

    Anxiety over President Obama’s shift to the political center is threatening to alienate the White House’s liberal base.


    The concerns have surfaced after the White House rankled lawmakers on the left by agreeing to a 2011 spending bill that slashes funding for a number of programs long favored by Democrats and embracing a controversial trade agreement with Colombia.

    Liberal lawmakers already were irked with Obama’s decision to support upper-income tax cuts he campaigned against and to launch military operations in the Middle East without congressional approval.

    Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) this week said Obama should start acting like a Democrat, while two left-wing grassroots groups warned their members could withhold funds from the president’s reelection campaign.


    The difficulty of navigating this tightrope was exemplified last week, when Obama announced his reelection campaign the same day his attorney general said the administration was all but giving up on holding civilian trials for suspected terrorists.

    Among the groups the Hill notes who are upset with Obama’s alleged move to the center are the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and

    Obama also hasn’t escaped the attention of Code Pink’s founder Medea Benjamin who crossed a union e-picket line to co-write a Huffington Post piece blasting Obama:

    His lines may be better delivered, but Barack Obama is sounding — and acting — more like the heir to George W. Bush than the change-maker sold to the public in his award-winning ad campaign. Indeed, when not sending billions of dollars to repressive governments across the globe, the great liberal hope is authorizing deadly drone strikes and military campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and now, in his most morally righteous war yet, Libya.

    Of course, for all of the liberal hand-wringing going on, ultimately, it matters not. After all, it’s too late to ask for a refund and what are liberals going to do? Vote Republican?

  9. It is racist.

    Its distasteful and stupid to portray anyone as a monkey, but after the years of African Americans portrayed as monkeys because of their African heritage and color its clearly racist to post that picture.

    You either a bigot to defend it or your just defending a conservative just out of ideology. Tell me which?


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