Monday, April 11, 2011

Democrats Still Use Unhinged Rants To Gain Support: Congressman Markey’s Unhinged, Greedy, Pollution-Loving, GOP Attack

What can you say when the left-wing talk like this? I just wish the Democrats would run on their failed policies, rather then fear mongering. The Republicans are trying to fix the problems these liberals created. The liberals bring nothing to the table but class warfare and idiotic negative rhetoric. The liberals controled both houses of congress and the White House. We have seen what they have done for the poor and working class of this country. We have seen the more debt, higher unemployment and out of control inflation thanks to them. We are worse off now then when they took control. Americans know what the Democrats did to us over those years. We know who got our tax dollars. The workers of this country are in much worse shape thanks to the Democratic Party.


  1. Republicans are trying to help the wealthy get wealthier and that is all. The sheeple that vote for them under misguided notions only do the top 1 percents bidding unknowingly. I can only say that i would like the Republicans to run on their failed policies rather than fear mongering. Instead we get lies and outright demagoguery. After all where would Chris or the others here put John Kyl's lies about planned parenthood in the policy department. Is it not fear mongering to attack something with baldfaced lies in Congress? And where are Palins death panels and Bachman's re-education camps in the fear mongering vs. policy debate.

    We know from experience that Chris often follows the wildest forms of conspiracy in his life and blog. Did anyone forget the QE2 thread about the fed and its actions? Turned out to be nothing more than completely untrue fear mongering. Or his food inflation threads that failed to discuss the only reasons for increases in prices, gas prices and lower supply. Instead they broke new ground as though Obama policies drive food prices, not smaller than expected harvests the year before and increased demand. I am sure that Trumps recent antics are based solely on policy and not fear mongering. Actually they are more fear mongering.

    And where does the unholy one himself Glen Beck rate on the debate of policy vs. fear mongering? Does the Caliphate sound like something you'd find in a serious discussion of policy? Lord knows it doesn't sound like policy to anyone but Chris.

    I am sure that you can forgive me for not buying into your little fantasy world you paint here Chris.

  2. Joe Politicans on both sides use what it takes to divide the SHEEP and most likely its fear and so far it has done what to OUR Nation, Our Economy, Jobs and National Pride are in Peril and the elected Representitives want to do everything BUT what their OATH of office is. To Serve the People and the Nation and NOT ideaology or special Interst. The Sheep get what they deserve from all sides and OUR Nation cannot,will not survive on Division just Cant!

    I hear so much about screwing the elderly starving the children and kicking the dog its just Bullshit from both parties. One says Rich are Evil other says Taxing them is the right thing to do. Problem none say what has to be said to the SHEEP. We either work together and share sacrifices which means ALL or OUR Nations economy will fail. If the division we have now is still in Place and OUR economy fails we will be worse than Greece. I cannot believe in such a short time,couple decades how we as a Nation have taken the easy road which is let Government decide whats GOOD for us and let it take care of US. We will grow weaker as Nation the Stronger Government becomes. Big Government to me is a CANCER that will in time eat away at OUR Nation and left untreatment will KILL Our Nation. Just my Opinion!


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