Monday, April 25, 2011

Gas Is Over $4 A Gallon And Raising Fast

In DC gas is over $5 a gallon. Is this the "Hope and Change" we were promised? It is the change the conservatives said would follow the Democratic Party. Gas isn't the only commodity going up in value. Corn,wheat,beef,pork,gold and silver have been rising fast. If you haven't noticed the dollar is dropping in value at the same speed as commodities are rising. We told you that this would happen. Inflation is a tax we all pay. So the next time you hear someone complain about the price of anything, ask them if they voted for Obama and the Democratic Party. Let them know that inflation is the Democratic Party tax plan. We are heading for the Carter years just like most conservatives have been saying. When the pensions are worth less, thank a Democrat. When your house is worth less thank a Democrat. When everything you buy is more expensive thank a Democrat. When businesses, banks and government are too big to fail even after the bailouts and stimulus's, thank a Democrat. The good news is the Democratic Party has made our national debt so large it is holding down our economy in a permanent recession. Thanks to inflation the "Baby Boomer" better rethink their retirement plans. Because something tells me that the "Baby Boomers" wont be too big to fail. Something tells me that retirment might become a thing of the past thanks to inflation. We all know that it will be the Democrats and liberals at the front of the line for help. The same people that called conservatives crazy for preparing for the worse and praying for the best. Don't worry my liberal friends. We will clean up your mess like we always do. We will pull it all together,even when the left-wing is trying to tear us apart.


  1. The Hissing sound you hear is the AIR being SUCKED out of OUR Economy once again. We seem to be in a permanent Down Turn that does not and will not GO away by Taxing the Rich,Cutting Down on Drilling permits,Investigating high Oil Prices or Bowing to Nations that WE depend on for OUR Oil. We will not and can not keep OUR fragile Economy above water without Drilling for Our Own Oil. All other forms of Energy will for quite some time to come be Pie in the Sky and thats a Fact!
    Being in Campaign Mode once again 18 months prior to Election and enough Problems that actually threaten OUR Nations Stability along with preaching Division is going to do What to bring OUR Economy and Jobs back? What has Regime actually done in over TWO years to bring Economy back? First Two years not spent on Economy/Jobs but social Issues that mean squat if and possible when OUR economy goes belly up!

    Since November Election the Divison talk from regime has Increased and that will do what to make things better. Divided Citizens We are done for sure.
    All Politicans have gotten us to where were at BUT the last couple years this Regime has done NOTHING to bring US together or just as important LEAD and Solve the Problems. They are at times indeed the PROBLEM and NOT the Solution.

  2. And to top it off the EPA just told Shell that they cannot drill off the coast of Alaska because of what the icebreaking vessels omission would do to harm 245 people 70 miles way.
    SO a plume of an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil sits.
    Per barrel $ just shot right through the roof.
    A flurry of legislation is running through the House as we speak against the EPA.

  3. EPA will through its regulational power try to take power from Congress and that should worry all. Being ruled by political appointees vs being Governened by elected officals. One of the TWO is not needed if this is the case. Which one do you think Regime would choose to eleiminate?

    $4.00 + gas prices are one of those figures politicans cannot use fuzzy math on. Politicans can use fuzzy figures in their guess omits BUT when Citizens are at the Pump paying,there aint NO such thing as Fuzzy math. While Regime is investigating Oil Companies why not also find out how MUCH government and State Taxes bring into the price of a Gallon. Somehow I dont believe that will be part of the Investigation.

  4. Much of the problem is the weakening of the dollar, which always happens when you indiscriminately print money to support your spending sprees. The dollar buys less and less, and here comes inflation. The incompetence of this administration is stunning. But lets give money to South American countries for their oil production, and promise to buy from them.

    The Liar in Chief is worse than Carter.

  5. I took my two boys out to buy silver when it was $21 and $37 an Oz. I wanted them to learn about investing their money like I did as a child. The falling value of the dollar is the worst kind of tax. The poor and middle class are being taken down fast. We need to start drilling in this country and keep all that money in Americans hands. But thanks to Obama our oil workers are on unemployment. Not good.

  6. Energy is OUR most important need and whats the regimes plan? Just wondering. Is it wind mills solar panels,steam or back to horse and buggy.

    Energy is the FUEL of Our Economy and regime is through its policies actually denying the Economic Engine the FUEL it needs.

    I am growing impatient with all politcians and there lack of urgency. Republicans are without Stomach to do what MUST be done and Demoncrats have started Campaigning with their Rhetoric of Divide ,Blame,Spend and conquer!

  7. As far as thanking a Democrat for all those wonderful inflationary measures, I'll have to thank both parties.

    Bush started it all with bank bailouts. Obama continues the Bush strategy through stimulus plans that Bush and the Republicans likely would have passed. True libertarians were screaming "NO!"

    However, a barage of spending and a lack of entitlement/military reform will bring us to some harsh realities very soon. That's not a prediction, that's a fact.


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