Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gas spending and prices by state: OPEN THREAD


How much you actually pay for gas is affected by your income and local economy, not just what price is at the pump. Mississippi residents spend a whopping 13.2% of their income on gas.

Gas prices reflect the average price in each state and are updated daily from data gathered by the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

Things have gotten much worse over the past few years. Most Americans believed that things would get better. Especially since Americans spent their future in debt to make things better. We thought the wars would have ended by now and our soldiers would have been home by now. We thought that our money would keep it's value and our debt would go down. We thought that recessions only lasted 18 months or less. The Democrats made a lot of promises. They gave us everything they wanted. They failed,lied or whatever you want to call it. If you think that things are better and nothing is "too big to fail" anymore, let me know. Is health care costs less now? What have the Democratic Party and Obama done that turned out the way they promised? When have they gotten the cause and effect right? How is that lasering on the economy working out?


  1. Here a place to start. Saw Gas at 13 mile and Little Mack for $3.97 a Gal. on Wensday, Three hours later same Gas $4.15 a Gal. Is it Oil Companys,Spectulators,Middle East. Just what can raise Gas per gallon so Fast?

    Regime seems to be on Coarse with Investigation so in several months a report might come forward. In the Mean time WE get screwed and inaction seems to be the action They are taking.

    At the very least step in front of Citizens and Tell them If we will not be Drilling for OUR own SUPPLY WHY? This Drilling should have occurred several decades ago but did not.
    Lobbiest and Special Interest have the Power to make this Nation Dependant on other Sources of Supply. That makes US weak Economiclly and in the eyes of other Nations not exactly friendly to OUR situation.
    Oil will be OUR prime Energy for decades to come and thinking any way else is just WRONG.
    If we have OUR own OIL get it and Use it. Starting now it would still be several years before we can actually use it. OUR Economy cannot wait Decades it will be DOA by then!

  2. $5 billion of our tax dollars to South American countries for their oil production, with pledge that we will buy from them. Give me a break.

  3. It is becoming a sore spot for most Americans. We will see the trickle down of gas prices in every aspect of our economy. Now is the time to buy more gold an silver. Gold went up $25 on Fri. One Day! We see what most people in the world think of the US dollar.

  4. Bin Laden is dead and if Regime does not get to work on Gas Prices OUR economy may be the next thing WE bury.

    Regime may get bump with death of Bin Laden and for their part RAH!

    Now in 2012 the issues to be DEBATED will be Economy,Job,Spending and Deficit! Those are the Issues that will be Debated. WE know Bin Laden is Dead of that there will be little Debate in 2012.

    Other than Holder holding Investigations to find out WHY gas is so high what is actually being DONE to address the ISSUE?

    Citizens will be concerned with how ALL prices of Consumer goods are rising and what Regimes Solutions are. What are the Regimes Solutions to any of OUR Problems? Social Issues will NOT solve the Issues VOTERS will address in 2012 and Regime if left to run on its Record will do what Liberals did in 2010 Election "Run from it". Smoke and Mirrors will be the norm when campaign actually gets under way but what cannot be hidden from all Politicans is the $4.25 Cost of a gallon of gas. Citizen will judge on RECORD not RHETORIC!

    Bush got the Blame for HIGH prices last time why is not the MSM asking the SAME questions of this Regime? Sad state of OUR Free Press.


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