Thursday, April 14, 2011

Krauthammer on Obama's Budget Address

"I thought it was a disgrace," said Krauthammer. "I rarely heard a speech by a president so shallow, so hyper-partisan and so intellectually dishonest, outside the last couple of weeks of a presidential election where you are allowed to call your opponent anything short of a traitor. But, we're a year-and-a-half away from Election Day and it was supposed to be a speech about policy. He didn't even get to his own alternative until more than halfway through the speech. And when he did, he threw out numbers suspended in mid-air with nothing under them with all kinds of goals and guidelines and triggers that mean nothing. The speech was really about and entirely an attack on the [Rep. Paul] Ryan plan."

I just find it hard to believe that Obama, the spendthrift, wants to start cutting the deficit when he can't cut the budget when he has added $1 Trillion a year to our debt. I also find it very unpresidential the way he uses his bully pulpit as president to make things personal. Does he still think he's a community agitator? Because that is just how he is acting. I don't ever remember a president always acting like this.

One thing is for sure is we need to watch what he does, because his words mean nothing. A new budget estimate released Wednesday shows that the spending bill negotiated between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner would produce less than 1 percent of the $38 billion in claimed savings by the end of this budget year.

The Congressional Budget Office estimate shows that compared with current spending rates the spending bill due for a House vote Thursday would pare just $352 million from the deficit through Sept. 30. About $8 billion in cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid are offset by nearly equal increases in defense spending.
The House began preliminary debate on the measure Wednesday with it easily advancing over a procedural hurdle by a 241-179 vote. The measure appears on track to pass the House and Senate this week before a stopgap spending measure expires Friday at midnight despite opposition from some of the GOP's most ardent budget cutters.

The budget deficit is projected at $1.6 trillion this year alone. How do you think we will pay off the debts we are accumulating? The Democrats wont let anyone cut anything other then defence. And the Democrats have the youth of this country so snowed. Who do the youth think will have to pay off this debt if we don't? Every American owes $47,000 in our national debt. The Democrats want to make that number even bigger and stick the next generation for the bill. Talk about narcissistic. The Democratic Party are using the youth as their useful idiots and then they will enslave those same useful idiots with a debt they didn't create.


  1. "One thing is for sure is we need to watch what he does, because his words mean nothing. A new budget estimate released Wednesday shows that the spending bill negotiated between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner would produce less than 1 percent of the $38 billion in claimed savings by the end of this budget year"

    What a difference a week makes!

    Chris I must inquire as to what happened to;

    "Today Is A Great Day To Be A Republican"?

    Maybe now you understand conservative frustration in NOT SHUTTING THE GOVERNMENT DOWN. Had that occurred, real negotiations would have produced a real budget with real cuts producing real savings.

    John Boehner is a jackass, figuratively and literally,

  2. VP Biden appeared to take short nap during speech and I hope WE can keep electorate from Again doing the same thing in 2012. Right now all this Regime has is its record to run from and seems Nobama is trying to fill in those weaknesses NOW which to me is two years late. Leading by Campaigning is not leading plain and simple.

    CCP alot of what you say I do agree with. As a Conservative old guard Republicans show me very little in the gut department. Kissing ass and cowering has never been effective way to beat a foe and it will not work in this issue. Regime indeed through its actions wants to change this Nation into a European type of Socialism. What really Pisses me off is all the European Nations which have tried this approach are now running AWAY from it as this Regime and Merry band of Liberals is running full speed to it.

  3. The difference is the CBO report, CP. At the point that I wrote that we all thought that the budget cuts were bigger then they are. Did you somehow know that the cuts were smaller then they are? Neither did I. If the budget was cut the way they said it was it would have been a great day for Republicans since they only control one half of 1/3 of the government. But since the CBO told me something neither of us knew that changes everything. You make it sound like you are rubbing my nose in it. I hope that brings you pleasure like it does the liberals on the blog. I'm not your enemy CP and neither are the Republicans. If you make the Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party your enemy, who will be your friend? Good luck with that.

  4. It was funny AL to see Biden sleeping on the job like an air traffic controler. Just think Biden is next in line for the presidency and he can't even keep his eyes open for Obama's big speech. If it wasn't so scary I laugh. Biden is too big of a buffoon to ever be next in line. That may be Obama's weakest link in his reelection campain.

  5. Chris,,,What was announced was nothing to begin with so yes I did know and told you so much on the day you posted the "Happy" post and you boasted about it so I realized at the time you did not know.

    It is not intended as "rubbing" but rather you realize and acknowledge what I have been saying for sometime now; That RINOs' like John Boehner are of little if not any use to the cause that you and I share and that is setting this ship called the United States on a straight course.

    If they were worth anything then they would have had the CBO scoring before this 'compromise' and it would not (or should not) have happened. But as we saw today it mattered not even AFTER the CBO scoring.

    RINO has a meaning for a reason, all of them are liberal-lite not republican.

  6. CP how did you know that the CBO number would be so much less then the $38 billion? I find it hard to believe you knew that the CBO number would show it such a lower number. The RINO's will get theirs for screwing this up. My "Happy" post was based on $38 Billion and the fact that Republicans only controled the House. Having those facts gave me my opinion. Since the facts changed on how much the budget was cut, so does my opinion on being proud of the Republicans.

    We both agree that the cuts aren't even close to what is needed. We just disagree with how it happens and expectations.

    Since the Republicans only control a little over half of the House and the Democrats control the Senate and White House it makes it hard to pass massive cuts this year. But just remember that over the next two years Republicans can take the Senate and White House. But that wont happen if the Republicans don't start making a real effort to put the debt in the Democrats court.

  7. Yeah, i haven't heard anything hyper-partisan since...well the last time Chuck opened his mouth. Posting a bat shit crazy conservative doesn't make Obama look bad just you.

    and in steps Joe Klein with a keeper of a quote.

    "It's painful when reality intrudes. Here is the reality: the Republicans have spent the past 30 years creating deficits and the Democrats have spent the past 30 years closing them. The unimportance of deficits became an article of faith during the second Bush Administration: "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter," Dick Cheney famously said. It has been rather hilarious for those of us with even a minimal grasp of recent history to watch these folks pull fierce 180-degree turns on the issue--and it is even more hilarious to watch them accuse Obama of hyper-partisanship after the dump-truck full of garbage they visited upon his head these past few years," - Joe Klein.

    Game Set Match. see ya tomorrow

  8. Chris,,,How did I know? Past experience, which is a great teacher I might add.

    If Washington announces a "spending" bill it is always at a higher cost than advertised and when they announce a "cut" it is always lower than advertised. In this case, even before the CBO scoring, it amounted to nothing when looking at the big picture.

    The way you explain your position it would seem to sound more like an emotional reaction i.e., Happy vs. Unhappy which I suppose is understandable if one happened to like the agreement only to learn the truth later, but this is why emotions must be kept in check regarding issues such as this as there is no room for them.

  9. Joe the Truth of the matter is BOTH parties have contributed to OUR debt. To try and spin it any other way hows hyper-partisinship and only contributes to the problem. Until all can acknowledge that undisputable fact OUR Nation cannot move forward. The blame game from both sides of the isle solves nothing. Going to past administrations to show fault today when both side are at fault is pure SPIN and quite honestly dishonest.
    I am happy with NO politican or Party at this time and can see nothing but Special interest,Unions and lobbiest controling OUR fate. That is NOT what made us Great but it will surely a bit at a time destroy OUR Nation from within. Division ,class war fare will in the end doom Us so to that end WHOM wins Joe? You, your neigbors, Me or those who indeed do hope to change OUR Nation from within! Just my opinion but I do beleive that scenario becomes possible with each passing day!

  10. Al, you missed corporations. You mentioned unions but forgot companies.

    Your completely wrong about the class warfare thing and it saddens me to see you buy that BS about it being the death of our country. The ability and the desire to rise up and demand equality has been one of the greatest things about our country and i hope it continues.

    Challenge the elites who make the rules and control the board. Dont be sheeple.

  11. Joe
    Did not think I missed corporations. Thought lobbiest and special interest covered it but to make nice Corporations Too!

    Joe I beleive there is a great difference between Demanding equality and actually working for it. All have the right but not the guarantee for success and to push issues that guarentee success Joe how do you or any ideaology guarantee that How?

    I have seen for to long the rich vs poor,the starving children and the fear thrown toward seniors. None of which to this time have come true. Fear is a tool of the Politicans and that is a fact.

    I beleive the Sheep are the citizens that before voting listen to special interest and yes Unions on whom to vote for. The reason usually is to help promote their causes.
    Look at Michigan and the Senior Washington Elite that have been Elected for decades Joe and you tell me who the sheep are. What have these politicans done for the State? The sheep Joe are apparent and your to smart NOT to see whom they are!

    joe on occassions your ideaology comes through more than you want it too!


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