Friday, April 8, 2011

Left-Winger: Nonviolence Is Not Always the Answer; American Socialist Leader Calling for Revolution Says ‘We Are Not Pacifists, Violence Sometimes Is Necessary’

It seems like the left-wing in this country is calling for the same things they called for overseas, VIOLENCE! We have Muslims,unions and left-wingers calling for attacks on fellow Americans over politics. At this point in time does anyone not believe these liberals, Muslims and unions when they say it's time to get violent? A government shutdown will fall right into their chaos. The Tea Party needs to dust off our Spring jackets and get out and counter these anarchists and anti-capitalists. If we let these people take control they will sink this country into debt one city and State at a time. Pick up the phone and call your Reps and your governors.

I just got a letter from my youngest sons school district. They bashed Snyder and told parents to call them up. They gave all the "talking points" and the phone numbers. The unions will dress up the children like cannibals to make a point. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want right now. The problem is we have been giving in to their demands and what have we gotten in return? Are our children the best educated? Do they deserve the sub par education they are getting?

It's a "civil war", says Jesse Jackson. And they are the ones declaring this "civil war" on America. We better start taking these leftists seriously before it's too late.


  1. Isoroku Yamamoto, fleet commander of the Japanese navy said he would never invade America because “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. Conservative far out number socialists, marxists and progressives. They want to start a war? I hope we can add them to the endangered species list.

  2. Take a hike Unions !

  3. I agree with Anon. Actually if it were not for violence this country would not be.

    It is time we moved past this tit-for-tat and got down to settling this debate on which direction this Nation WILL go.

    All I can say to the speaker in the video and those who listen ti him, be careful what you wish for.

  4. Chris, did you get a letter from the School District or the Teachers Union? Last time i checked schools districts like Romeo and Utica sent home letters from the School administration, not the teachers or the union.

    But i always thought the way to increase education was to give schools less money to work with too. And you would get better qualified teachers if you paid them less. Thats how it works with CEO's right? I get the best ones by paying less money and smaller bonus's. And as a company Ford gets better if it has less money to fix its plant, pay its workforce, by needed materials. What about shareholders? I bet it gets more shareholders if it offers less dividend and less control.

    Wow you've hit it on the head. Everyone would do better with less, not just union workers but everyone.

  5. You have sponsors now?

    By the way who is this guy? another straw man. He's nothing. None of us are boarding the short bus with him. You post the most inconsequential liberals and ignore the right wing mainstream lunatics.

    typical right-wing talking points. The liberal bogeyman.

  6. Anon,
    Your Lance30540? wow i didn't know that. Other than that what does the picture mean?

  7. Joe
    Their are boogey men on both sides. As far as Schools I beleive Parents should be allowed with Education Voucher to send their children to school of choice. Religous schools on a whole seem to do much better with less.
    I also say the hell with the war on poverty and lets have a war on parental responsibilities regarding their children. If we succeed in that war much more would be accomplished in Educational system and students would hopefully be given the Education to succeed. Not the Guareentee but the Chance which is more than most have now!

    Why were on the CEO thingy I saw last week where several CEOs from Fanny Mae and Freedy Max were getting 35 Million in Bonuses. Its just to show ya Government Bonuses do happen. Politicans more than likely get Bonuses to from Lobbiest and Special Interest but for some reason Citizens dont hear much about them. Wonder Why?

  8. Joe we have been giving the teachers,unions and admin. all the money and our government education sucks. Why in the world would we keep giving money to a failed system? Why would we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? The special interests in education have run our schools into the ground. It's time we stop giving to the special interests and teach the children. The childrens interests need to be put first. And more money has only made things worse. Listening to the unions has only made things worse.

  9. Wonder what would Happen if we gave Parents the Choice of School they want their children to attend but also the responsibility to see they must interact with their children and school to acheive success. Would put responsibility for education where it belongs on student and parents. When Government takes over parental responsibilities not much good can happen or has Happened after Trillions of dollars being spent. Tax Payers money is not the answer. If that was the case we'd have little Einstiens running around. Has anybody seen those Einsteins running around in mass?


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