Friday, April 15, 2011

Professional Proof President Obama Has A Mental Illness

Modern liberalism is not a legitimate political philosophy but rather a particularly pernicious form of insanity, psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter, Jr., MD deserves thanks for providing professional confirmation:
Dr. Rossiter's book is available here.

It's about time a psychitrist took a look at the liberal narsasitic mind. A close look at the symptoms of liberalism says it all. The next thing to look at is what causes this form of mental illness. Are they born with it or are they made this way? Could it be caused by drug use? Were they given everything they wanted as children and never taught the value of earning something with hard work?
And the big question is, is there a cure? We know that marijuana calms their natural tendency towards violence and tantrums. Could there be a drug like Zoloft or Lithium that would work long term? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have this mental illness. The first step is admitting you have an illness that is controlling your life. Once you admit that you have this illness you should seek treatment immediately. Mental illness is not a laughing matter and should be taken seriously with proper treatments. I feel sorry for those that suffer from any form of mental illness. Thanks to Dr. Rossiter and his great work in bringing attention to this debilitating illness. We have all seen the destruction this disease has had to society and families across the world.

I think it's time the Tea Party gets involved in eradicating this mental illness from our country. We could have a telethon to promote awareness of this mental illness and raise money so we can find a cure. Almost 20% of the U.S. population is effected by this mental illness. I believe we can cure this disease in the near future if we all work hard to bring awareness of it. The cost of not curing this disease is in the trillions. I'll do my part, will you do yours?


  1. F@#k you! This is bs. Liberalism is not a disease. If anyone should be removed from this earth it's the conservatives and teabaggers. All you teabbaggers want to do is kill poor children and the old so you can give money to the rich.

  2. "All you teabbaggers want to do is kill poor children and the old so you can give money to the rich."
    -John, that excuse is getting OLD.
    No one, outside of your extremists, buys in to that crap anymore.

    -Chris "We could have a telethon to promote awareness of this mental illness and raise money so we can find a cure."
    Classic! LOL

  3. I'd like to see a cure. When is the telethon going to be?

    I hear the MEA teachers union is getting ready for a fight. They are asking parents to go to meetings that the Dems are putting together. I've gotten a few letters sent home over the weeks from the teachers unions on the budget. Has anyone else gotten those kind of pro-union letters sent home from their childrens schools?

  4. A Public School Teacher15 April, 2011 15:12

    We can't allow the budget to be balanced on the backs of our children. The budget proposed by Governor Snyder will devastate our schools. Some schools will see reductions of more than $1,000 per student. These cuts could mean ballooning class sizes, outdated textbooks and technology, eliminating extracurricular activities, or slashing transportation. The bottom line is simple; schools in Michigan won't have the resources to address our children's needs.

    Cutting education this deep will hurt our children's ability to get into college or compete for good-paying jobs. It will rob our state of the highly qualified workforce needed to attract job providers to Michigan. It will devastate Michigan's economic recovery.

    We can't let that happen. Our children deserve better. We deserve better. If we don't stand up for our children, no one else will. Please take a moment to see how Governor Snyder's budget will impact your local school district. It's time to draw a line in the sand and send the message that we won't tolerate these cuts. This budget isn't shared sacrifice — it's forcing our children to pay the price for sloppy government and poor decisions.

    We have given the children the best education in the world. Don't take that away from them.

  5. To The Teacher
    Children also do not deserve to pay off the DEBT that has been created by this generation.

    It is also time to draw a line in the sand and say No more DEBT. No more Spending that cannot be Funded.

    Michigans Economy is devestated now and Spending what We dont have Fixes what?

    Giving the children the Best education in the World but last I saw we were about 37th Best in the World not a good record to Campaign on.

    Are children DO deserve better and we should try other ways to Educate the Children properly starting with School of choice and Vouchers. The Public School system is Broke and without trying other alternatives WE will continue to make the same mistakes and rob OUR children of the education they deserve and the Tax Payers who pay the Bills.

    Another must would be consolidating School Districts and eliminating FAT in Administrative operations. School Districts are way to top heavy.

  6. YAWN!!!

    Who Cares? Anyone with any amount of sense knows he is clearly biased and is merely attacking those who oppose his beliefs.

    So do you believe his bullshit or are you just putting this out for a reaction?

  7. Joe That Who cares? Anyone with any amount of sense knows he is clearly biased and is merely attacking those who opposes his beliefs.

    That could also be said of Dirty Harry, Obama and Pelosi. Hell Dirty Harry was on the Floor of the Senate doing exactley what your saying attacking the Tea Party.

  8. Who doesn't believe it Joe? Just look at all the crazy things you liberals do. Just look at that motley crue pictures to the left and tell me that liberalism isn't a mental illness. Tin-hat man is a typical liberal and you know it Joe. But yes I am having fun with it as well.

  9. Chris, do you pay attention to the stupid things the TEA PARTY does? You think that the tin hat dude, who by the way is mocking the conspiratorial nature of the tea party, is a big deal then you might need professional help.

    The TEA Baggers are riddled with Kooks, Shysters and those that are completely bat shit. Hell the major campaign theme right now is.....Obama's Birth certificate. f'ing nuts.

  10. "The TEA Baggers are riddled with Kooks, Shysters and those that are completely bat shit."
    Since when is supporting constitutional freedom and personal liberty, free and open markets, fiscal responsibility and promoting and supporting private prosperity being a kook, shyster, etc?
    All those things I just mentioned are the TPP's (and many others outside of the TPP) goals.
    And no, their major campaign is not Obama BC, but cutting the spending and deficit.

  11. Hope you find a cure for the Liberals' mental disorder! Our country is being runned by the Looney lefties and it is scary!


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