Saturday, April 23, 2011

Union Bosses Proclaim: 'Forget About the Law'

The blatent lawlessness being proclaimed by both union bosses and from leaders in the Democratic Party isn't going to do anything but mke things in this country worse. The unions,anarchists,socialist,radical Islam,liberals and the Democratic Party all seem to have the same values. The question is do these people have the same common values as most Americans? Will their values help or hurt America? Do the union members share the same values as their leaders?

It's looking more and more each day like the unions want to overthrow the American government. That is what the anarchists,radical Islam and left-wingers all want. I find it hard to beleive that few Democrats want what these groups want. If the Democratic Party keep aligning itself with these anti-American groups it will become them and go down with them.


  1. Is there a transcript available?

  2. Cannot believe many are shocked by the Unions attitude toward Laws. The Unions main concern is POWER no more,no less. Then we have the Libs drolling over the efforts of King and Trumka to orgaize by ANY means nessassary.

    Trumka is either lieing about his access to the White House or the White House has priorities that do not involve majority of Citizens.

    You would think regime time would be spent on Economy,Job Creation and among other items the price of GAS. MSM once again shows its loyaltiy.
    Oili prices effected OUR economy once and if it stays like this WE may not have the tools to withstand the price again. High gas prices effect the POOR more than any other group and with the Campaigner in Chief out on the Trail think he'd be fighting for the POOR. What is this Regimes policy toward high OIL prices and what action will they take to LOWER the price. Any body that believes Holder investigation will result in relief at the PUMP gotta bridge to sell ya!

  3. Happy easter to All!

  4. Happy Easter to you too Al and to all the readers of the blog here. God bless you.

  5. Its obvious that Obama is not catering to the UAW nor the Teamsters. Both of them are heavily affected by the rise in gas prices in the negative so the theory of his access is at what it actually means is muted. You have to remember too that some oil workers are unionized as are coal workers, miners etc.

    Thats the problem with a coalition or Big Top party, no one group runs the show. Look at the Tea Party it got angered that the Republicans had to appease all the groups of conservatives and attacked them for it. I have a new theory about the way i see politics going if the Tea Party has legs beyond the last election.

    If the Tea Party keeps taking the conservatives to the extreme right you may just see a moderate labor party form out of the independents, moderate right union and working class voters. This would likely sap the Democrats of support from unions.

    Ultimately the Tea Party and its attack on unions could be the turn around for organized labor. Moderate conservatives forced to look for support to get through primaries might have to start looking at courting the working class. Chris and them have said that many union members are conservative and that might be the impetus behind the move.

    They might then next move to environmental issues. Its been a long standing yin yang battle for conservation minded hunters within the conservative movement. They like guns and have a libertarian ideals on that, but dislike the conservative stance at times on regulations that protect the habitat. when Field and Stream has a three page article on lax mining regulations allowing runoff to destroy hunting and fishing grounds then your in trouble.

    I say hunting, because out west water can be scarce and if what is there is contaminated then your Deer, antelope and other game species while die off.

    I personally would enjoy a labor party committed to protecting the working class and moving away from the fringe left. It could take a libertarian view point on Gay marriage, legalization of pot, and i would be okay with greater restrictions on abortion, including 5 day waiting periods, no late term except for health, and a easily acceptable supply of Ru-48 and Plan B for lower wage earners.

    Chris, i know we disagree on the abortion pill and plan b, but I take the old Jewish theory on birth. There is no soul until birth. I've used these stats before, but research is begining to show that over 50% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Now we're not talking all of them the bloody pain in stomach bleeding from the Uterus kind. Many are simple absorptions.

    I choose to believe that God would not put souls in at conception given that over half never make it near full gestation. Thats just my take on it though. Happy Easter

  6. Joe alot of what you say I could live with BUT I do not believe the Tea Party is that far to the right. Insisting that all Government Spending be Funded does not seem that radical to me.
    Moderate Republicans to me are like Moderate Democrats,the old guard that wants to keep the status quo and that is NOT exceptable anymore cause WE cannot afford it.

    As far as Tea Party and Public Unions once again, WE can no longer substain Public Unions with Tax dollars. Still also believe Privatizing as many Public Sector Jobs as possible is a option. Private Sector and Unions can then find the Level at which both Union and Company can survive. Most importantly it takes Politics and The Tax Payers out of the Negotiations.

    I also still believe that Value added or Flat Tax will have to become a reality. OUR economy is Shot and current Tax code loaded with loop holes for all is NOT the cure,in fact it is part of the Revenue problem.

    We have become almost totally dependant on Oil from other Nations some not to friendly toward us and this issue has been passed around for decades by ALL politicans. Obama seems to be Campaigning and not really addressing the serousness of the OIL situation to both Our citizens and the Economy. We have 18 months before election and right now there are many more important issues that concern the citizens. Leadership is NOT pointing fingers but acting to find solutions to the problem and this regime is not addressing that at all. In the end WE Must Drill and to push anything less at this time is well,being led by special interest groups.

    Third Party is another Issue that although good will not come easy or soon.

  7. Joe I don't think that is Jewish at all. Was Jesus the Christ at Birth or conseption? We know that the Bible and the whole Christian Church agree that jesus was Lord at conseption and the Bible is also clear on that. Science is also clear that life begins at conseption. Our Constitution protects our God given rights to Life, Liberty and the persute of Hapiness. Abortion is the extinquesing of Life. If that Life could vote maybe the Democrats and liberals would respect it. But the way the Democratic Party treats the non-voting youth with massive debt and a depleted SSI it's no wonder they don't care about the Life of a baby.

  8. Joe the unions have been clear on their attacks on the Tea Party, the Republican Party, businesses and the tax payers. The Tea Party is giving resistance to these union thugs. "Attack" is a funny word choice since the Tea Party hasn't done any of the attacking. But the union thugs have done more then their share. Just watch the numerous videos I've posted in the past."Ignore the law". That sound like words the union lives by. Shame on the union leaders for their far-left socialist anti-American rhetoric and path.


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