Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama Stands With Palistine

Who could have seen this one coming? Try everyone. Muslims around the world are celebrating this blow to Israel "Little Satan" by Obama. If this doesn't make things in the Middle East worse and more dangerous for Jews and Christians in the region, I will be very suprised.

I pray that everything turns out for the best. But I don't see that happening. The Muslims have been burning church's in Egypt and killing Christians. They will still want the rest of Israel even if it's cut in half. There will be fewer freedoms and more violence.

What are your thoughts on this history making news or Obama's Middle East and North African speech?


We will see more anti-Israel rhetoric coming from Muslims and the left-wing in America. Obama has given them their marching orders and they will act without thought, like zombies.

I stand with Israel. We the People need to speak up and stand with our friends Israel. In the eyes of our shared enemy, radical Islam, Israel is the "Little Satan". "First they came for the Jews and I said nothing". America is the "Big Satan" to most Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa. "Then they came for you".

If we don't stand with our friend Israel, who will want to be our friend any more?


  1. Thank you Chris. Israel needs you more now then ever. Living is easy with your eyes closed.

    מציע העומד בתנאים האמורים במכרז בכללם תנאי הסף מוזמן להגיש את הצעתו.

    ניתן לעיין במסמכי המכרז ולהורידם בתחתית עמוד זה ומאתר האינטרנט של מינהל הרכש הממשלתי-משרד האוצר

  2. Isreal Try Bowing and Apoligizing. Also throw in how Arrogant you are. Imagine wanting to be Safe and Free! The Muslem Brotherhood should Really be able to assist you.

    While you are going up the ladder please stand aside so WE can come down to Third World Nation Status. I would offer you Hope and Change but You can do Better@ God Bless Your Citizens.

  3. Congressman Allen West Response to President Barack Obama’s Call
    for a Two State Solution in Israel

    (WASHINGTON) — Congressman Allen West (FL-22) released this statement today:

    “Today’s endorsement by President Barack Obama of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders, signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date, and could be the beginning of the end as we know it for the Jewish state.

    From the moment the modern day state of Israel declared statehood in 1948, to the end of the 1967 Six Day War, Jews were forbidden access to their holiest site, the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, controlled by Jordan’s Arab army.

    The pre-1967 borders endorsed by President Obama would deny millions of the world’s Jews access to their holiest site and force Israel to return the strategically important Golan Heights to Syria, a known state-sponsor of terrorism.

    Resorting to the pre-1967 borders would mean a full withdrawal by the Israelis from the West Bank and the Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. Make no mistake, there has always been a Nation of Israel and Jerusalem has been and must always be recognized as its rightful capital.

    In short, the Hamas-run Palestinian state envisioned by President Obama would be devastating to Israel and the world’s 13.3 million Jews. It would be a Pavlovian style reward to a declared Islamic terrorist organization, and an unacceptable policy initiative.

    America should never negotiate with the Palestinian Authority- which has aligned itself with Hamas. Palestine is a region, not a people or a modern state. Based upon Roman Emperor Hadrian’s declaration in 73 AD, the original Palestinian people are the Jewish people.

    It’s time for the American people to stand by our strongest ally, the Jewish State of Israel, and reject this foreign policy blunder of epic proportions.

    While the winds of democracy may blow strong in the Middle East, history has demonstrated that gaps in leadership can lead to despotic regimes. I have questions for President Obama: ‘Who will now lead in Egypt?’ and ‘Why should American taxpayers provide foreign aid to a nation where the next chapter in their history may be the emergence of another radical Islamic state?’

    President Obama has not stood for Israel or the Jewish people and has made it clear where the United States will stand when Palestine attempts to gain recognition of statehood by the United Nations. The President should focus on the real obstacle to security- the Palestinian leadership and its ultimate goal to eliminate Israel and the Jewish people.”

    West’s hawkish statements echo those of his friend, and would-be chief of staff Joyce Kaufman, who has often declared on her conservative talk show that “there are no Palestinian people.”

    The Palestinians, 200,000 of whom were expelled from homes in what is now Israel, consider themselves to be a people, and hope to declare a state of their own in September before the U.N. General Assembly. Obama criticized that approach during his speech Thursday, saying it would not lead to a lasting peace with Israel.

    West is considered one of the most vulnerable Republican freshmen in the House. He has long held a hawkish view of Middle East policy that some have called anti-Muslim. West was forced out of the Army when he performed a mock execution of an Iraqi policemen he suspected of turning on the U.S. and helping insurgents.

    UPDATE: Turns out West is only the leading edge of a full-on right wing freak out.

  4. مُنذُ تجمدت الأمور، وتوقفا عن ذكر اسميهما لبعض، وهي لا تشعُر بشيءٍ حَولَها أبَداً، هِي ليست فاقَدةً للوَعي، بل تترَنحُ كَسَمكةٍ أُخرِجَت لتَوِها من الماء تتقَبَلُ عالماً ليسَ لها أن تَعيشَ بِه، تَصحو أبكَرَ مِما اعتادَت، تَجلِسُ قليلاً على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بها، تفتحُ خانة الرَسائل، لِتكتبَ لَه عن كُلَ ما مَرَ بها باليوم السابق، وكيفَ أنها لا تريدُ شيئاً مِنهُ سِوى أن تَطمَئِنَ عَليه، وتظلُ مُسترسِلةً في الكِتابة إلى أن تستيقظَ بها روحُ التعقلِ مُمتزجةً ببعضِ الكبرياء، لتمحو الأسطُرَ كُلها.
    تخرُج لعمَلها مُسرعة لا يعنيها إن كانَ الجوُ حاراً أو ممطراً، فلقد جربت الجَوَينِ معاً حين بكته، ويمضي اليومُ دون شيء تحمِلُ حقيبتها فى السادسةِ مساءً لتلتقي برفيقةِ دَربها حنين في مقهى أمامَ الشاطئ تُراقِبان الغروبَ سوياً، أحبتا المقهى منذُ سَكَنَ الوَجع روحَهٌما، كثيرا ما حاولتا تغييره، إلا أنهما يعودان إليه في كُلَ مرة، جاءهما النادل مُحملاً بما تحبانه، استعجبت حنين لنظرة صديقتها حين حملقت في فنجان شايها،ماذا هُناك؟.
    أجابتها بنصف ابتسامة ونظرتها مسلطة إلى النادل: أريدٌ قهوة سادة من فضلك.
    أخذت حنين تُقلبُ فنجانها ببطيءٍ أكثر مما اعتادت، أردفت: على الدوام كنت تعلنين عداؤكِ للقهوة، فما بالك اليوم تطلبينها مٌرة؟، أجابتها:" ليس هُناك ما يمنع أن أشربَ قهوتي مُرة، فمحاولاتي البائسة لنسيانه يومياً أكثرَ مراراً من أي فنجان قهوة".
    لم تجد صديقتها شيئا تجيبها به، أخذت تخترعٌ لها الأحاديث والأخبار، حتى جاء فنجان قهوتها لتعبق رائحته بالمكانِ، "حسناً هل انتهيتُما أم ماذا، إنك تهذين بما لا أفهم كلَ مرة، والآن هل تبدئين شرح الموقف لي"، أخذت رشفةً من فنجانها وقالت:"ليس هُناكَ من داعٍ، تعلمينَ جيداً أنني ما كٌنتٌ يوماً لأبوح بأي شيِ عنه، حتى لكِ، وأنا آسفةٌ لِهذا".
    "لا عليكِ، فلَسنا صديقاتُ الأمسِ لأعرفك، لكِنني كٌلما نظرتُ إليكِ، أقولُ لنفسي تَباً متى ستعودين لينُ التي أعرفها، زمَت طَرَفَ شفتيها لتسأل:حقاً وهل تغيرتُ كثيراً؟.
    ليس كثيرا، عدا أنك ما عٌدت أنتِ.
    أخذت تضحكٌ كالأطفال، بينما صديقتها تُحَملِقُ بها، وقد ظنتها قد جُنَت، :هيا لندفع الحِساب قبلَ أن نُغادِر.
    أمسَكت يدا لين بيد صديقتها تَحُثُها :لا دعينا قليلاً، ليس هُناك من يَنتظرُنا على أيةِ حال، وتابَعَت:هل سَمعتِ يَوماً عن عواطف مُجمدة؟
    هل عُدتِ لجنونكِ مٌجدداً ؟
    تباً لكِ لستُ مجنونـــة ، هو لم يجرحني يوماً ،هو رجلٌ حقيقي
    أطرقت حنين رأسها إلى الأرض قليلاً، وقالت : يبدو أنَ احتفاظك بالأسرار نِعمةً إلهية لي، سمعتُ عن فاكهة ولحوم مجمدة، أما العواطف المجمدة فهي المرة الأولى.
    تابعت حنين: لكنها نقمةُ علي، وهل سَمعتِ أنتِ عن مٌحكمة للعابثين بالقلوب .
    لا ولكني أعلمُ تماماً أن العَــبث بالقٌلوب أســوَأ جَــريــمَة لا يُعــاقِـب عَــليْهَا القَانُون.
    هيا بنا قبل أن أرمي بكِ من أقربَ ميناء.

    حَمَلتا حقيبتيهِما، وكلٌ منهٌما، نادمَة على سُؤالها للأٌخرى، وما زالتا تَلتَقيان مساءً على ذاتَ الطاوِلة، لكِن دونَ أسئِلة.

    Thanks be to Allahua for sending President Ubama. He is good to the Muslim. He is our Muslim brother. President Ubama is good friend to Muslim. Praise be to Allahua and President Ubama.

  5. This isn't about land.
    The Palestinians had over 20 years to take that land.
    No Arabs wanted it at the time.
    Now they want it so they can destroy Israel and the Jews.
    The Muslims will finish what Hitler started.
    This is all in the Koran and Bible.

  6. Fuck israel and the jews. No one wants them.

  7. 20:41 Fuck Anonymous and the rest of the ass holes! No one wants them!

  8. This is all about GOOD and EVIL.

    This is the biggest event in our lives.

    This will change the world forever.

    Are you prepared for what's coming?

  9. Chris Dernay is an Idiot

  10. You liberals are something else.

    Real brave Anon. Are you posting my name in hopes that someone will use it to hurt me?

    This shows all of you what the face of evil is. Anon. is either a liberal or a Muslim. They know that Muslims and liberals will do what they can to stop me.

    Do you think you are the first person to try and intimidate me over the last few years? If anything happens to me or my wife and kids it will be on your hands.

    I will never be intimidated by people like you.

    For all you conservatives and good people out there, pray for me and my family. We know what the left-wing and Muslims are capable of doing. We must stand together boldly and without fear.

  11. Chris A Coward will never change Their color Yellow or their ways. You got any situations let me know. I got NO problem Defending RIGHT!

  12. May gods will be with Israel, and that she survives the policy of this moron at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The Idiot-n-Chief has exposed his foreign policy as it relates to Israel. It's a despicable policy that will divide the nation. OUR nation and Israel.
    If he thinks he is going to peace deal his way in to the hearts of Hamas, Hezbollah, etc he is an utter moron.

  13. thanks for the name anonymous.

  14. Peace in Our Time seems to be the Regimes message. Did NOT happen in 1939 and it sure in the Hell aint going to Happen now!

    Religion Ruled Nations have sworn to Destroy Isreal and ERASE them from the Earth. We have indeed chosen again the wrong side of the Coin! If Isreal is Destroyed does any body realy think WE are Not the next TARGET! The Chamberlan move by This Regime will not Stop what the Faniatics want to Accomplish,only Embode them, That is OUR demise Period!

  15. Your spelling and grammatical skills are at about a 3rd grade level. I sure hope for your kids sake your not home schooling them.

  16. Chris, we've got your back!

  17. Anunmous! 2nd grade level nut home shooled but I am MAN enuff to use my NAME! What a Maroon!

  18. Thanks Mark and AL.

    Yes my spelling is bad.
    Engish is hard for me. Believe me I'm much better in all the othe subjects. Would ya like to put some money on who is smarter on an all subjects test? Or would you just like to try and kick my butt and see how ya do? I've noticed in life that it is the dimwits and the weak that make fun and try and threaten people.

  19. Anon. is Donald Bortz or djtyg.

  20. You're a retard like your kids!

  21. Posted this earlier BUT being old man oops!

    Netanyahu took it to Obama today and lectured him basiclly on Leadership!

    He told Obama His plan will never Never work Period!

    He said Isreal will NOT move back to the 1967 Border Never. Oddly enough Obama will Never move to Close and Secure Our borders!

    He did mention that Hamas has Sworn to Erase Isreal from the Earth and Isreal will NOT negotiate with Terrorist Organization. He did compare Our Country Negotiating with Al-Quaida and to be honest I dont know what Regimes policy is on that one.

    I also dont believe any of the Sound Bites will be used by Regime in 2012 Campaign Netanynau just made Obama look weak Very Weak!

  22. I know Chris Dernay. He does a lot in the community. Chris is one of the greatest people I know. He feeds the poor, he's a great track and baseball coach. He works with children in Detroit teaching them to sing.


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