Friday, May 27, 2011

The Two Faces Of The Democratic Party On Medicare

While the Democratic Party is out trying to fear monger Americans about Medicare we find out the real truth when they thought no one was listening. Medicare will be bankrupt if we keep doing what we have been doing. Medicare must be fixed and they know it. But instead of making the had decisions the Democratic Party is fear mongering and keeping with the status quo to bankrupt the system.

Which Bill Clinton do you believe? The one in this video or the one that has been fear mongering? The fact is both parties know we must make some hard decision's but only one party is willing to do what it take to keep Medicare solvent for the next generation.


  1. Clinton does nothing that does not benefit Clinton - just a matter of time until his angle on this is exposed..... Hillary in 2012???

  2. Hillary has a good shot to beat Obama and a Republican. We can only hope she sees it and goes for it.

  3. Republicans want to kill grandma. Pres. Clinton was stupid for saying that.

  4. Harry The Liberal speaks the Truth and all of a sudden hes Stupid. Like most Far left STUPID and the TRUTH are the same and Left uses it whenever they come under attack!

    Harry You are a prime example of the Demoncrats LOGO you are a ASS!

  5. Clinton noiw says oops. Did not mean to say that! A Lib is a Lib is a LIB!

  6. What are you guys smoking. Hillary won't run. Obama will crush any Republican challenger.

    This will be the silly season for Republicans and just like they lost in NY 26, a reliably Republican district since the 1800's, they will lose in reliably Republican districts all over the country.

    There was over a 30 point swing in NY 26, and it wasn't because there was a Tea Party candidate. The Democrat took away votes from the Republican who was stupid enough to say she would have voted for Paul Ryan's budget and plan to kill Medicare.

    40 Republicans in the Senate voted for Ryan's budget and now they are vulnerable too.

    97 House Republicans are now vulnerable because of their vote on the Ryan budget.

    Over 70% of Americans are in favor of leaving Medicare just the way it is, including a majority of Republicans.

    The Ryan budget is a disaster for Republicans and it will be featured in every Democratic ad in the 2012 campaign and it will work as well for them as it did for Kathy Hochul in NY 26, where Hochul accomplished a 30 point swing in six weeks.

    Bye, bye to the Republican majority in the House and there is no chance in hell a Republican will take the White House, especially with the list of clowns that are running on the Republican side.

    Palin 2012!!!!!!

  7. Bruce Once more you take that step without looking and then have to clean shit off your shoes! You would think you would learn but then I remember your Bruce and you just cannot help yourself!

    Bruce one other thingy Economy and Jobs will be the real Issue and Demoncrats voted with the Regime every time! OUCH!

    Border Security! Siding with Illeagals and SUEING Arizonia for doing what Regime WONT!
    Criminal Trials for Terrorist! OUCH
    GITMO still open! OUCH!
    Two Wars that Regime now OWNS! OUCH!
    Socialized Insurance Small Business JOb killer! OUCH!
    3 Trillion Spent without Funding! OUCH!
    Yea Bruce Your guys a Shoe in! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. There's not one Republican in the field that most American can even take seriously.

    American auto industry coming back.

    Osama bin Landen - Dead.

    Health care reform - Passed

    Equal pay for women - Passed.

    Don't Ask Don't Tell - Passed

    President Obama and the Democrats have a long list of accomplishments to take into the election.

    Republicans have nothing to show for their having taken over the House except a meaningless repeal of health care and a vote on the Ryan budget which will be an anvil around the neck of every Republican in the country.

    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  9. Economy and Job Creation Bruce You may not get it Now but You will so keep a extra pair of SHOES handy! Social Programs mean ZIP to Citiens WITHOUT Jobs!

  10. So, tell me Al, what is the Republican jobs program?

    What is the Republican program to reinvigorate the economy?

    Tax cuts? Please. There is not one shred of evidence tax cuts create jobs. Not one.

    Obama and the Democrats saved the American car industry and along with it 4 million jobs.

    I'd say that alone is worthy of being called a jobs program.

    Could we do more? Absolutely. But the Republicans only want to destroy the American economy with tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    Tell me what the hell a tax subsidy for oil companies does for the economy? Not one thing.

    Would the oil companies stop pumping oil if they didn't get subsidies from taxpayers? Of course not.

    Republicans have no idea how to get America back to work. They haven't done one thing to help create a job in America.

  11. Bruce All Tax subsidities should be Eliminated and Brucy that aint just a Republican thingy!

    Bailout saved 4 million jobs. Bruce prove that statement. Just may have saved MORE foriegn Jobs. Chrysler Owned by FIAT. GM building in China. OUCH!

    Pelosi said UNEMPLOYMENT Bennies was Job Creation. Bet those Millions Unemployed were GLAD to hear that!

    Tax increase SAVE Jobs. Show me!

    Demoncrats have no idea how to get America back to work. They haven't done one thing to help create a Job in America with FULL Control Of the House,Senate and Presidentcy for Two FULL Years. Not a very good RECORD!

    Yea Bruce you Liberals have made Our Nation a Utopia!

  12. Al, she didn't say that. What is true is that unemployment benefits are provably the most stimulative thing we can do for the economy.

    You must have missed the news, Al. GM is hiring has had two major jobs announcements.

  13. Al, if you think Republicans want to eliminate subsidies, you may want to check in with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

    They voted this week to continue subsidies to the oil industry.

    Of course it makes perfect sense, the oil companies fund their campaigns. They don't give a rip about ripping off taxpayers for the most profitable industry in the world.

  14. Bruce If Im NOT mistaken (6) Demoncrats also Voted for that and I disagree with them all. You seem to cherry pick your answers which to me is a weak posistion to take. Why not tell the whole story not just what you like.

    Those (6) Demoncrats wonder how that worked out in ther campaign fund thingy.

    Did not say GM was Not hiring just said their building in China. How many American jobs there?

    How about that FIAT where do their profits go? Bailing out Chrysler and then letting Chrysler declare Bankruptcy,Why not just let them go Bankrupt and save Tax Payers money. It does show that Private Sector will step in and FIAT did? I bet they thank Our Tax Payers every day.
    Yea Bruce those Unemployment Bennys are just the Stimulus UNEMPLOYED need. Regime said SOTU address 2010 that the first priority was Lasering in on Jobs. What happened Bruce? 9% Unemployment actual figure close to 13% The regime has really Lasered in.
    Obama Care is Social Issue and Most Citizens want Jobs and Economy. Regime IGNORED Citizens concerns and went for Social Issue that without Stong Economy and Jobs will go Poof. How do explain that? How come citizens pay Taxes on Obama care for 10 years but only get 6 years worth of coverage?
    JOBS ECONOMY will be the Issues that Citizens will decide Election on and on that Issue Regime is in Trouble!
    On this Issue I am done but aint 2012 going to be a HOOT!

  15. 2012 will be a hoot, for sure, but it ain't going the Republicans' way and they know it.

    They are all freaking about the political malpractice committed by John Boehner making them vote on the Paul Ryan budget disaster.

    The 43 freshmen even wrote a letter to President Obama telling him to ask the Dems to stop pounding them about Medicare.


    They know they are going to be decimated because of their vote to destroy Medicare.

    I can see the ads now. Why do you think there was a 30 point swing in the NY 26, which had been a Republican district for over 150 years?

    Bring it on, Al.

  16. I do agree that Clinton is fear mongering but I see it as a disease that afflicts both parties. Politicians rightly take note that fear is an emotion that make people vote without first thinking things through. Even Obama got elected on fear. Sure he ran on change, but it was the underlining fear of seeing our country fall into the crevice of history with the Romans that motivated people to vote for change. But I have faith in the ability of voters to see through the lies and white smoke used against them. My faith might be misplaced but only time will tell.

    The tactics being used by our politicians to generate votes with the least amount of thought from the voter have been used for too long. You can only get away with the same trick so many times before people see you for who you are. What gives me faith is blogs like this and the many hundreds of others that speak from the person. The lines between Washington and the media have been broken. There is no longer the possibility of controlling the dialogue to your own wants and needs.

    I do not normally leave links in my comments but I think the following blog post might be useful to anyone trying to navigate the sea of political untruths to find some real answers.

  17. Bruce, as always you make excellent arguments on how power can be used to control others, how modern politics now is not so much about offering solutions and dealing with problems but attacking opponents, and how ugly the modern Democratic Party is.

    I've met you Bruce- you are a thug, and you are right- thugs can get things done, thugs can exercise power, and thugs can take away life, liberty, and property. Your approach is nothing new or even that creative- for all of the hope and change that Obama and the Democrats today preach, it is same old tyranny that is common to human's existence.

    Bruce, it is a shame that your ugly, thuggish, and bitter life has led you to where you are today, when your children hate you and people avoid being associated with you, but don't take it out on the rest of us by voting Democrat.

  18. Conservative Teacher, you've already lost your argument when you resort to name calling.

    You don't dispute my facts, and you call me a thug.

    Wow, way to debate.

  19. Bruce did you not read CT's post? What are you smoking Bruce?

    It wont be easy beating Obama. He has the media on his side and that is hard to beat. This is why every non-liberal American needs to push for anyone other then Obama. Conservatives need to work hard at getting a conservative Republican. Just because Obama and the Democrats have made everything they touch worse doesn't mean that Republicans are a shoe in. Since the Republicans and libertarians have come together as one it will make things interesting. We conservatives need to work harder then ever to get involved early in chosing the right candidate. And then no matter who we get we need to come together to defeat Obama.

  20. Bruce Look in a Mirror Your debating skills are ZIP your! Yor debates are WWW// from LEFT wing sources. Smoke and Mirrors.

    There is NO debate about one ISSUE! During Campaign Regime will have to run on its RECORD! Not fuzzy Math or Social Issues but the ISSUES Citizens are Concerned with. Economy and Jobs and on that Regime cannot Debate. Should of,Could of and Woulds ofs are NOT going to be a very Strong suit for them. Gotta a LONG way to go and MANY things can Happen BEFORE 2012. Still believe Regime will reduce rest of Stimulus BEFORE Election and get Down and Dirty the Chicago Style!

    WOW Way to Debate!

  21. Al, what are you smoking.

    Obama and the Democrats saved the American auto industry. Not one Republican vote to save what is still arguably the most important industry in the country.

    Obama and every Democrat can run on their record and win.

    You assume, because you have Republican Derangement Syndrome, that the Democrats will have a hard time running on their record.

    What record do the Republicans have to run on? Republicans will have to run on their votes to kill Medicare.

  22. Bruce Once again you miss the point! Republicans advantage is they do NOT have to run on Nobamas record. I seem to remember in 2010 Elections Demoncrats were Running from regimes Record and that did not help. Look at the Schelacking you took!

    Still say bailing out auto industry that was going to bankruptsy court anyway was a waste of Tax Payers money. Explain that to me as only you can.
    Give GM Billions and then they declare Bankruptsy and now are expanding in China!
    Chrysler given Billions of Tax Payers money prior to declaring Bankruptsy and NOW are owned by Foreign Entity. Why Bruce Bailout the Companys that went Bankrupt anyway?

    Bruce you are such a Tin Foil hat guy that facts get in the way of the Wind mills of your mind! Bailouts were not to help auto industry but to get Government into industry and it worked.


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