Friday, May 6, 2011

Waterboarding Works

It turns out that liberals were wrong once again. Waterboarding works and the proof is in a dead bin Laden. We can debate if it is torture or not. But the left-wing that said waterboarding didn't work are wrong once again.

1980~2000: Latin America

Waterboarding and other water-based tortures such as “el submarino” — the submarine — were practiced against prisoners of both sides of the Peruvian Internal conflict. Similar interrogations were practiced in the Argentine Dirty War.
December 12, 1978: Uruguay

2002~2003: United States Central Intelligence Agency

"The prisoner is bound to an inclined board, feet raised and head slightly below the feet. Cellophane is wrapped over the prisoner's face and water is poured over him. Unavoidably, the gag reflex kicks in and a terrifying fear of drowning leads to almost instant pleas to bring the treatment to a halt." As depicted by ABC News, "Only Three Have Been Waterboarded by CIA", November 02, 2007
2005 CIA Waterboarding

What is your perspective on the issue of waterboarding not being torture and the fact that it does work?


  1. Water Boarding is a method of gaining Intell and it appears to have been part of the puzzle to eliminate Ass Hole!

    Regime might well now be asked did you believe what you SAID during 2008 Campaign or do you Believe what Bush put into effect for you? This is yet another example of this Regimes policy what I say and What I do are Two different thingys!

    Its alot like that I voted for the War before I voted against it thingy Libs do.

  2. Anybody that believes this is not continuing is foolish really.

    The public cries about water-boarding and the administration demonizing it is all a facade to "get back at Bush" to satisfy the liberal base,,for votes.

    Take an honest look and see that GITMO did not close and for obvious good reason I might add. Rendition, although supposedly made public remains a secret as it should and to think it has stopped would be naive.

    They can hold all the public hearings they want but guaranteed what was in place well before Bush 43 is continuing right now as we speak under Obama and will continue well beyond his four years in office and for very good reasons like them or not.

    Would I like to be water-boarded,,of course not, but then again I am no terrorist with a secret plan bent on killing Americans, British, Canadians,,etc. and that is the point of it, get the God damned info!

  3. Has anyone noticed that the left-wing have all but stopped defending this president? The first rats off a sinking

    If we can use waterboarding as a training tool on our own soldiers then it is not torture. We do not torture our own soldiers and American citizens. If it was torture real Americans would start by trying to stop it's use on our soldiers first. But they don't say a word about waterboarding our own soldiers.

  4. Wonder what the AG will be doing regarding Prosecuting CIA agents whos job it was to get Intel that in the end protected US as well as Our Brave Military. Just as the Criminal Trials in NYC were Cancelled so should this prosecution of the GOOD guys!

    By his Logic or lack of Regime could be Prosecuted for any number of charges. Invading a Soverign country and probablly Murder.

    AG is NOT looking Out for Our Saftey but of all things the Terrorist who Vaporized almost 3000 of Our Citizens.

    Bottom line you want to Kill a Snake You have to become one. No other way. AG is example of why OUR Country has NOT won a war since WW2

  5. Good point made there, Al on the prosecution effort of CIA agents. They really can't go after them knowing full well the method yielded vital info to get Bin Laden. But of course the incompetence of Holder just might try and prosecute them anyways. Would be interesting to see what they will do now.

  6. Chris,
    How does the death of Osama Bin Laden prove that a interrogation technique not used in 7 years is viable?

    My view is this and simply from a anarcho, or left wing libertarian view point, that water-boarding is torture and it it is wrong for the government to be involved in. I understand that the government must engage in actions that clearly step outside of the framework of our beliefs, but i prefer to minimize them instead of rely on them.

    I struggle with removing a persons humanity and thus his unalienable rights by using titles and descriptions to void our countries beliefs on the correct way to govern. The label terrorist is only a term placed on someone by the opposing team until they are found guilty of such crimes.

    We all remember that those who fought against the British were once branded similar titles. This is only to suggest that we must as a society take extreme care in how we decide who and what is entitled to the right of humanity.

    But thats just me.

  7. I guess We can expound on "Water Boarding" against Our Values and the Rule of Law. Problem now seems to be some Citizens want to Play by Rules in attempting to Protect Us from a Enemy that has NO Rules.
    That is like the Wars in Korea,Nam and the Present Wars. They are Political Controlled and We lost alot of Good Soldiers to a lot of BAD Political Decisions!
    We cannot be Wrong about the Terrorist or what their next ACT will be. A few Thousand Citizens Vaporized again because of POOR Intel will be a hard Pill to swallow by the Victims relatives. Telling them WE Played by the RULES Im afraid will NOT be what they want to HEAR!


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