Friday, June 17, 2011

Do You Feel Safer In America Or Abroad?

Shown here is an image from the Shumukh forum, an Al Qaeda-linked website.

The Department of Homeland Security has sent out an internal alert warning that jihadist websites last week posted a "hit list" of American executives, officials and companies -- an alarming development that could mark the start of a new phase in terror plots. 
The list, which covers dozens of names connected to the Iraq war, including executives at Halliburton and KBR, was compiled by users who vowed to "send explosive mail" to the "best target." The lists were published online around the same time American-born Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn released a video in which he called on Muslims in the U.S. to kill Americans. 

These Muslims are following the writings in the Qua ran. I know that many Muslims don't adhere to those evil writings that tell Muslims to kill or enslave non-Muslims. If you have read the Qua ran you would see why millions of Muslims around the world want to kill and destroy America and Israel. We are the antithesis of the Islamic faith. This is why Muslim clerics have called for a jihad on Israel and the Western way of life. We believe man can govern himself. We believe in free will. Our Constitution is as much against the Muslim belief as you can find. The Holy Bible tells us to do the hardest things to do, like love your enemy. These are all things that go against Sharia law the Qua ran.

We are in a jihad, period. The war on us is real. Does the Qua ran stand on the side of good or evil? The Qua ran call for the blood of non-believers or the submission to Islam.

Have you noticed how much in common the left-wing has with the Qua ran and it's followers? Is it any wonder why most liberals stand with and assist radical Islam? They both want the same things. Death of Americans through abortion, submission to their rule, destruction of the Constitution and the end of Israel and the Jews. There is no debating the fact that "bird of a feather flock together". That is why the FBI is looking into liberal organizations and the unions. It doesn't take a genius to connect all the dots. And most people can tell the difference in good and evil. Maybe the fringe left can't. Or maybe they are just blinded by their innate hatred of all that is good. This is why liberals are known as the "minion".

These threats are real. We have been told too prepare for the worse and pray for the best. Are we prepared for what Islam wants to bring? Do you think the government will save you if needed? I'm not counting on the government. We as Americans need to stay vigilant since it has been American citizens that have found most of the terrorists plotting to destroy us. Keep your eyes open and call Homeland if you see anything unusual. Muslims know how weak we are right now. We also need to pay close attention to the radical left and unions. We have seen them call for terrorism within their leadership. Keep an eye out on these liberals. We know how dangerous they can be. They like Muslims will do what it takes to get their way. They will use our weakness against us. Being prepared can only help us and hurt them. We must govern and take care of ourselves. To expect the government is just foolish having their record.


  1. The Quran says that Allah doesn’t command indecency and abomination:

    And whenever they commit an indecency they say, 'We found our fathers practising it, and God has commanded us to do it.' Say: 'God does not command indecency; what, do you say concerning God such things as you know not?' S. 7:28

    Surely God bids to justice and good-doing and giving to kinsmen; and He forbids indecency, dishonour, and insolence, admonishing you, so that haply you will remember. S. 16:90

    In fact, the Quran says it is Satan who does:

    O men, eat of what is in the earth lawful and good; and follow not the steps of Satan; he is a manifest foe to you. He only commands you to evil and indecency, and that you should speak against God such things as you know not. S. 2:168-169

    The Quran further says that Allah does not destroy any city unjustly:

    That is because thy Lord would never destroy the cities unjustly, while their inhabitants were heedless. S. 6:131

    Yet we are told elsewhere that Allah does indeed command wickedness and indecency:

    And when We desire to destroy a city, WE COMMAND its men who live at ease, AND THEY COMMIT UNGODLINESS therein, then the Word is realized against it, and We destroy it utterly. S. 17:16

    Carefully notice the wording of the text; Allah commands and the people commit ungodliness. In other words, it is Allah’s command that leads the people to commit indecency which then results in their destruction!

    Egyptian Christian writer and scholar, Dr. Labib Mikhail, commented on the theological ramifications of the above text and shows how the literal meaning is that Allah is commanding the people to commit evil in order to destroy them:

    I have to mention, as one who mastered the Arabic as my first language and who has read the different versions of the Koran, that some of who translated the Koran into English were not honest; they tried to deceive the English speaking reader. Here are a few examples of their deception.

    (4) In Surat Al-Isra we read this Arabic verse in the Koran, where Allah is saying:

    Wa eza aradna an nohlika kariatan amarna motrifiha fafasako feha fahaqa Alliah alkowl fadamarnaha (Surat Al-Isra 17:16)

    The correct translation of this verse should be:

    And when we (Allah) decide to destroy a village, we send a definite command to those who lead a life of luxury in it to commit lewdness, and thus the word of torment is justified against them. Then we destroy it with complete destruction.

    This means that when Allah wants to destroy a village that he will command the elite of that town to commit gross sins. Then after that he will punish them because they obeyed his commands. (Mikhail, Islam, Muhammad and the Koran: A Documented Analysis [Blessed Hope Ministry, Springfield VA; Second edition, Revised and Expanded 2002], pp. 111, 112-113; online edition)

    Another Christian writer, the late ‘Abdallah Abd al-‘Fadi, said in reference to these passages:

    Does God desire to destroy the people he created? Would He really command people who live at ease in a certain place to commit ungodliness, so that they would be worthy of punishment, together with the poor who live among them? Is this compatible with God’s justice, holiness and faithfulness? How could anyone ascribe to God such infamy, injustice and ungodliness?

    Besides, the Qur’an contradicts this statement in many other places… (Al-‘Fadi, Is the Qur’an Infallible? [Light of Life, P.O. Box 13, A-9503 Villach, Austria], p. 131)

  2. Al-‘Fadi proceeded to quote the very same texts cited above. Since both these gentlemen are/were Arab Christians and know/knew Arabic, one cannot accuse them of failing to understand or properly exegeting the Arabic text of the Quran.

    The Quran does not provide specific examples of the particular sins or ungodliness that Allah would command people to perform if he wants to destroy a city. Nevertheless, the above is a clear contradiction on an abstract level. Does God command indecency or does he not? The Quran makes both statements.

  3. Hotels and Malls are on the list. What is they hit our food next?

  4. Chris, your becoming a flailing idiot who lacks any decency and common sense. Are these writings merely bullshit attempts to be inflammatory or are you really filled with that much hate?

    Perhaps its time to speak with your fellow elders of the church about you teaching there when your obviously being blatantly discriminatory towards people of the faith who might not follow your political belief. Your continual attacks on Union members and those of liberal or moderate political stances only serve to drive people away from God.

    I'll call Monday and speak to the Pastor.

  5. Joe I don't hate. I just point out the obvious. They hate us. Are you blind or dumb Joe? Go ahead an talk to both of them. I'm sure they would love to talk to you.

    Do you think God is a liberal? Do you think that the teachings of the Qua ran are love or hate? Go ahead Joe call. I don't think you will since you only like to make intimidations. By the way I don't teach at the church.

    Why don't you take a look at the real problem of Islam and the unions instead of these straw man tactics? You are weak Joe and that is why you try and use threats like giving my full name and threatening to talk to the elders and pastors of my church. You should know that I'm not easily scared by guttersnipes like you.

    Joe has it been you calling my house and threatening me? You or your minion wont intimidate me. If you and your union buddies want too intimidate me just stop by some time. I'm sure you already have my address and number already.

    When you grow some why don't you go after the content of the post? Do you think it's OK to rape women Joe? Should a women be killed if she is raped in your book? Is sex slavery something you want and condone? It sure sounds like it since you didn't touch the content of this post.

  6. Maybe this weekend I'll go to the Dearborn Arab Fest and read the parts of the Qua ran that Muslims don't want us to know. I wonder how that would go over? Maybe I'll be the first person arrested for reading the Qua ran out loud in America. Thes Muslims burn the Bible all the time. If on person burns a Qua ran the Mulsim world goes nuts and starts killing people. The sick thing is liberals like Joe turn around and blame the person burning the Qua ran and say nothing about the Muslims killing Christians and Jews in retaliation. That is why liberal are either crazy or evil.

  7. Chris, the left will never get it. They don't see radical Islam as evil. They are too afraid to offend in fear they will attack again. They somehow think that speaking nice, nice will change the radicals mind.
    Only when they are enslaved by them, will they wake up.
    They are clueless of Muslim world and the radical interpretation of the Quran. Just like they are clueless to the logical interpretation of the Constitution.

  8. They got it on 9/11. But the dumbies forgot it real fast. Joe doesn't realize that the Muslims would cut his head off for being a liberal and gay.

  9. JoeC. is all talk and no action.
    He's a typical lazy liberal unionist.


    Happy Fathers Day to all! Enjoy the Family!

  11. Chris,
    I don't really care what you call Muslims, outside of attacking people you don't know for reasons you don't understand and trying to incite hatred and anger towards plenty of good kind thoughtful people because of the actions of a few. And personally i have interactions with Muslims on an almost daily basis and have never received anything but love and affection from those people. They are my friends and I am theirs.

    I have also had the luxury of knowing people who are on a much more intimate basis with Muslims in other countries such as Senegal. and what you speak of is not the case nor the life they saw.

    But its the constant attack on Americans including Christians that bother me. You can thing what you like, but you can not judge who is good and who is evil. That is not your place. And you sit in almost daily judgement of people which an Elder of the Church should know better. Somehow you seem to think that your capable of deciding who is wrong and who is right instead of letting God make the decision.

    Please remember that you are the type that Jesus opposed, the law givers and the law keepers, a modern day Pharisee. And you don't teach Gardening still on Wednesday?

    And since you fall so short of God's glory and do not repent of your transgressions its obvious that you shouldn't have a place in the hierarchy of the Church.

  12. Steve said...
    JoeC. is all talk and no action.
    He's a typical lazy liberal unionist.

    lol.. poor Steve is back. Find a job yet? Move out of mom's basement? Perhaps once they decide you don't need the headgear or the retainer you'll have better luck with women.

    You know what they say about your type..

    "Haters gonna Hate" but try not to be so jealous and angry cause you can't get what i have.

  13. of course i feel safer abroad knowing this..

    Views of US Continue to Improve in 2011 BBC Country Rating Poll March 7, 2011
    On average 49 per cent of people have positive views of US influence in the world—up four points from 2010—and 31 per cent hold negative

    In 2007 a slight majority (54%) had a negative view of the United States and only close to
    three in ten (28%) had a positive view;

    Wow, Obama continues to make the world feel better about us and you idiots don't see that. LMAO.

  14. Joe you are just plan crazy. You keep saying I'm the hater when you hate Christians and Jews. You ignore the words of the Qua ran because you can't face it. I never said anything about hating Muslims and you know that. But I do hate what the Qua ran says and what many Muslim Clerics preach. If you want to call that a few go right ahead. But when on preacher from a church of 12 people burns the Qua ran you go batshit nuts. You say nothing abo9ut the Christians killed by Muslims every day. You say nothing about the women being killed and raped in the name of Islam and Sharia. You hatred for Christians, Jews and conservatives has blkinded you by the truth of what is planly right in front of you.

    Joe you are starting to sound a lot more like Bruce, and we can all agree that he is bat shit nuts.

    Don't forget to call my pastors on Monday. I know you have been trying to find out as much on me as you can. Keep doing your research on me and what I do. Maybe one day you can post my address and phone number so your hate filled ilk can terrorise me and my family some more.

  15. Joe 4 whole points? That is the margine of error. Talk about being an idiot Joe. LMAO at Joe the crazy unionist and hater of all that is good.

    Evil is as evil does,Joe. Look at your actions and who you stand with Joe.

  16. Chris,
    I'm crazy? I'm not the one deciding who is evil and who is not. I'm not the one playing God on a blog and deciding who is righteous and who isn't. That's you.

    And i am certainly not searching for info. I went to the St. Luke webpage to get the number to call the pastor because i am scared for you and i am disturbed by what your presenting to other Christians, and your name and the gardening class were there. And I didn't post anything about you that you haven't posted in this blog before fool.

    You have posted that you attend church at St. Luke, that your kid goes to school there, that you have taught bible study there, that you teach gardening/preparedness there all in your blog. i posted nothing about that you haven't put out. I didn't put your name out or anything else. Rest assured i am not looking for you or even care about your personal life. So don't go acting like i'm something i'm not. Just another Christian who sees the spirit of Christ being abused in the name of partisan politics.

    But why do you continue to make this about the Quran or the Haddith or whatever they read? I don't care about that. I care that you continually attack Americans and God-fearing ones at that over a political ideology. didn't you get that part. Its wrong for an Elder of a Missouri Synod Church to rant and rave calling other Christians names and judging them. You have a right to think it and to say it as an American don't get me wrong, but an Elder of the Church has no right to be as vile and hate filled as you act.

    And i don't hate Christians, nor do i hate people of the Jewish faith. Disagreeing with Israel's policies doesn't make me an anti-Semite. It doesn't. I don't have to agree with them politically and i don't have to believe that a religious government is the correct way to govern. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Have if you see Doug M. there tell him Joe C. from North says hello. I went to school with him and plenty of others from St. Luke.

    I am sorry that you have gone so far off the deep end lately. Please feel free to go to the festival and get arrested for acting crazy and causing a disturbance. That would make my case easier tomorrow. I'll be looking for you on the news tonight.

  17. Joe you must think that raping and stoning women is not evil! You must think that sex slaves isn't evil! You must think that killing Christians and Jews isn't evil! God has told us what is evil and what isn't. You think you are God trying to say that these things are not evil when everyone with a soul knows the difference between good and evil.

    But you have no problem calling us evil. I say that is crazy. For a man that acts like he hates Christiansa and Jews I find it hard to believe that you don't hate them.

    Joe I never said I taught a Bible study. You trying to control me by reaching out to the church is just a desparate and crazy act. You don't even believe in Christianity nor do you go to church. How does that make you an expert? It doesn't Joe it just makes you crazy. How can anyone talk to you when you can't even tell the difference between good and evil? That is a fundamental part of life that almost everyone can agree on.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that has called you crazy in your life. Maybe your doctor needs to up your meds so you can tell the difference between good and evil actions? I can't wait to hear that you called and talked to my pastors. Let us all know how that goes for you.

    Make sure you tell your Psych doctor what you talked to them about. Let him know about your dilutions. Bi-polar is a serious didease Joe and you need to take it more serious before you do something stupid, like hurt someone.

    Joe when you get a chance take another look at those video and tell me again that that isn't evil. Read the parts of the Qua ran that talk about raping women, killing infidels, taking girls 9 years old as their wife, having sex slaves and slaves isn't evil.

    You attack Christians for not following Jesus example and say nothing when Muslims follow the Qua ran. If that isn't crazy I don't know what is. You are so diluted with hatred you can't see reality. You are clueless on what is good and evil. This is something that most people learn in all cultures without the Bible as a referance. But for some crazy reason you can't. That is dilutional at best.

    I do agree that it would be crazy of me too read the parts of the Qua ran at the Dearborn Arab Fest. Even though it isn't crazy for them to do the same. It would be crazy not because I'm reading their book but because of what they would do to me for reading those parts of the Qaua ran they don't want read out loud. But you are so dilutional in your illness that you can't see that reality. That is how I know you are crazy.

    I take it you or a friend of yours is the one calling my house threatening me. Grow some balls and face me. Stop throwing threats on my lawn and running away like some crazy little child.

    Oh if you think that my Church hasn't been threatened many times in the past with violence from Muslims and people like you then you are crazy. I don't think you will get the effect you think you will. But I'm sure the pastors will take the time to talk to you and hear your concerns. I think it will do you good to talk to a pastor. Good luck with all your effort to intimidate me. To make one thing clear. I don't hate you or Muslims. But I wont stand by and let you have your ways with us either. You are not the first person or group that has tryed to intimidate me. You are nothing compared to what I've faced in my past. I'll pray for you Joe. You need it.

  18. Joe sounds crazy and dangerous. He is also obviously obsessed with you Chris. You need to be careful with that one. He might be off his meds right now. That is when they snap and hurt someone. I'm sure he is also dilutional and maybe paranoid. Once again, be careful!

  19. Joe C. sounds like he isn't wired right. Get some help before you hurt somebody or yourself for that matter.

  20. I feel sorry for Joe. Maybe he can't help himself due to a chemical imbalance or injury to his brain. For all we know he lives in a group home for his illness.
    Joe, do you have any unresolved issues with your father or the church? Have you talked to anyone about it? Asking for help is a brave thing to do.

  21. I take it you don't work for Ford. I know I work for a living. Was your "condition" the reason you left Ford? Or is it something else? I'd bet my life your fat and jobless. Are you above working for your money or do we all owe you a living because you are too lazy to work for it? You are a drain on society. "Get a job". That's a good one. You're so crazy you didn't even realize that you made Chris' point about sharia law in Dearborn.

  22. Joe is just talking smack. He wont call. He's just trying to spook you Chris. It would be funny if he does call your pastor. He sure does know a lot about you. Do you know his full name or who he is?

  23. Joe did you end up talking to my pastors or did you realize how crazy that sounded? It sounds to me like everyone thinks you're crazy.

    I've never had a male stalker before. You seem to have done your share of homework on who I am. I'm sure with just a few phone calls I could find out everything about you. Would you like to start by giving me your full name or should we see what I can do? Wouldn't it be funny if I knew more about you then you know about me? You are more then welcome to keep posting your views on this blog. If you want to want to try and intimidate me go right ahead. You can post my full name and I wont get rid of it. I think we can govern ourselves and that is why I leave all postings. You can even make it personal if you want. You can make this into war games for all I care. I will not stop and back down from a coward like you. You can keep trying to crack me all you want. I will not let you win. If you ask me you're already cracked and running scared. That is why you are talking like a crazy man. Good luck little buddy. You will need it if you want to take me on.

  24. Thanks everone for pointing out how many kinds of crazy JoeCh. is. Soon we can add paranoia to the list. I'm sure he will just run away and hide. That is the liberal bully way. They hate it when you fight back with them. I'm sure he has been quizing himself a lot lately.

  25. You can take him Joe! Don't let this neo-con scare you! He doesn't know who you are. I love reading your comments.

  26. Joe we don't have anyone by the name of Dough M. But I did go to school with a boy with that name.

  27. Chris,
    I'm not here to intimidate you. I have too many things going on in my life for that. Also i'm not calling you nor would i ever call you. I don't know where you live or what your number is. Have the police trace it, because it won't come back to me or to anyone connected to me. I'm simply not that type of person.

    I'm concerned for you and the people at your church. I think you've gone off the deep end about this whole political blogging thing. I'm not trying to get you to stop blogging but to find some help. I would hope that your pastor would find a way to reach you and lessen the pain you have in your heart.

    But rest assured i'm not obsessed with you, nor your tiny little closed mind view of the world. I just want you to get the help you need.

  28. Chris is far from crazy. If anyone needs to talk to a pastor it's you Crazy Joe. You are so far from the Bible and Jesus. It sure sounds like you are stalking him. You did look up his church web sit to find him. That is crazy at best Crazy Joe. When that Steve guy posted one time you went nuts on him. Was that normal for you? Is killing babies Christ like? Is taking from the rich and giving to the poor Christ like? You are not the person to be preaching about being a good Christian Crazy Joe. Do you even believe in the Bible being holy? Are you a Christian?

  29. Chris
    As for you last post. It doesn't matter what you know about me. I don't care. You have people in the plant who can get you all sorts of info on me. So? What are you going to do with it? Hurt me?

    I don't dislike you, in fact i think that your probably a decent person, someone who'd be a good neighbor and a great friend but your writings have taken on a very extreme sort of pacing, like the unrest within you is building towards members of another faith. I think its too bad that you and the other anti-Islam groupies here can't see it, but your moving away from Christ and towards a dangerous place, judgement. And i worry that you will take it to another level.

    Its eerily reminiscent of southern Christians and their disregard for African Americans including Christians when they bombed churches and the like. In fact we've seen the same types of attacks at mosques across America.

    I just hope you calm down and find a way to work to make this world a better place without the hate filled attack rhetoric.

    Chris, this isn't a war nor am i trying to crack you. I'm not Bruce, nor anyone you've ever dealt with. I'm worried for you. I want you to embrace the Christ like in you and find a way to work through this problem not in the Old Testement way but in the way of Jesus himself.

    You talk about me here the way the Pharisees talked about the tax collectors and the gentiles but look who received his GRACE! Not the Pharisees or the Sadducee. The hated, the despised, the Roman, the Gentile, the Samaritan and others whom the Old Testament did not offer salvation to. Use that as your guide, not the anger towards those that don't believe like you.

    Look inside your heart Chris and ask yourself if my love for my neighbors and the various religions they might be make me less like Jesus or more like Jesus. Does my turning the other cheek or acting meekly deny me Heaven and your anger and distrust gain it?

    Can you tell me or anyone else here that I'm not going to Heaven? Would you judge me that way?

  30. I guess the Can'T We all get along thingy is a thing of the past and that is a SHAME!

  31. Joe I am just pointing out that Islam is after Christians and Jews. You are saying I hate Muslims. I don't hate. Joe if you want to play that judgment stuff go right ahead. The Bible is clear on good and evil. You can act like you are clueless on that fact but the Bible has made it clear that we are being judged. To say I know if you are going to hell or heaven is just more of your delutions. Only you and Jesus know where you are going. All the apostles judged. Jesus judged. The Bible teaches us how to judge between good and evil. But you say judging is wrong. How convenient for you. You judge me all the time. You are judging me right now with your owqn personal non-Biblical liberal judgemnts. That is who bent and warped your mind has become Joe. It is obvious with all your comments over the years how you feel about Christians. You judge Christians all the time and yet you say not to judge.

    Joe there is no such thing as a liberal Christian. To say nothing in the face of evil is in and of itself evil. You do not get to define what is evil. God does. You feel away from the Church and Christianity because it wouldn't conform to your beliefs. One were killing a baby is a right. One were social justice is above equal justice. One were free will i8s a thing of the past and the government takes our money and gives it to orgaizations that go against Biblical principles.

    You are so demented that you tell me what is in my heart and that is my sin and that is why you want to go to my pastor. You think that by standing against enemies of the Church that I am sinning. In your mind I am sinning because I stand against those that torture and rape women and children, preach the killing of "infidels". You think that I am the "hater" for pointing out that Muslims and the Qua ran preach enslavment, rape and murder of Christians and Jews. You go after me for pointing these things out, while saying nothing about the real evil being done. Why is that Joe? Doesn't that sound a little crazy to you?

    You better start taking a look in the mirror Joe and start taking your own advice. You do a lot of projecting Joe. Have you ever noticed that?

    The Bible has both Law and Gosple in it. Both are clear and that is way you left the church. Because the Law Shows Or Sins and you couldn't stand that judgement. You most like thought that "who are they to point the finger at my sins"?

    By no means am I saying that I am perfect. I'm far from that. But I know the difference betwen good and evil and I strive to stand up for good rather then evil.

    You know why you have threatened calling my pastors Joe. You know I don't teach there, other then science class and garden class. You know that you were just using what you have found out about me against me. Good luck with your insain logic.

    Turning the other cheek doesn't mean to just lay down and take it. I'm not a lay down Joe. I do fight back and protect that which is mine. I stand up for what I know is right. I will stand against what I know to be evil. And I will never be intimidated into withdrawing.

  32. Chris,
    Your full of shit. All you do is attack people who don't vote for you. Your attack on unions and union members is not fitting for an Elder of the church.

    and when i point out that our fellow Christians do evil horribly things do you take note or address them? No you ignore them, juts like your recent Africa thread.

    The Butcher of Bosnia's arrest? Not a thread.
    The Lord's Resistance Army? Not a thread
    Rep King (R) support for Irish Catholic Terrorists? Not a thread.
    A discussion on the evils of the Christian dictator President Isaias Afewerki? Not a thread

    wow you are as fair and balanced in your "JUDGEMENT of EVIL" as Faux news is, which is to say not at all.

    As for being a liberal and a Christian i am.

    And I leave you with the words of Roman Catholic Archbishop of Olinda and Recife Dom Helder Camara,

    "When i fed the poor i was called a Saint, when i asked why there is poor i was called a communist."

  33. เป็นบริษัทกำจัดปลวกเชียงใหม่ ฉีดปลวกเชียงใหม่ราคาถูก เน้นความคุ้มค่า เพื่อลดค่าใช้จ่ายของลูกค้า กําจัดปลวกเชียงใหม่ราคา บริษัทกําจัดปลวกเชียงใหม่ราคา ฉีดปลวกเชียงใหม่ราคา กําจัดปลวกเชียงใหม่ราคา เริ่มต้นเพียง 3,500 บาท โปรโมชั่นสำหรับลูกค้าที่ฉีดเพื่อป้องกันปลวกประจำปี ตามขนาดพื้นที่ของบ้าน .โดยอัดน้ำยาฉีดปลวกใต้ดิน ฉีดปลวกทั้งภายใน และภายนอกบ้าน วางเหยื่อล่อปลวก และ วางท่อปลวก พร้อมทั้งให้คำปรึกษาตามความต้องการของลูกค้าได้ทุกรูปแบบ. ประเมินราคาฟรี ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่ายใดๆ รับกำจัดปลวกทั้งจังหวัดเชียงใหม่ ลำพูน ลำปาง เชียงราย พะเยา แพร่ เรารับงานทุกตำบล ทุกอำเภอ ในเชียงใหม่ , อำเภอเมืองเชียงใหม่ , ศรีภูมิ , พระสิงห์ , หายยา , ช้างม่อย , ช้างคลาน , วัดเกต , ช้างเผือก , สุเทพ , แม่เหียะ , ป่าแดด , หนองหอย , ท่าศาลา , หนองป่าครั่ง , ฟ้าฮ่าม , ป่าตัน , สันผีเสื้อ , หางดง , อำเภอแม่ริม , อำเภอสะเมิง , อำเภอสันป่าตอง , อำเภอสันกำแพง , อำเภอสันทราย , สันทรายหลวง , สันทรายน้อย , สันผักหวาน , หนองควาย , บ้านปง , น้ำแพร่ ฉีดปลวกเชียงใหม่

  34. กำจัดปลวกโคราช ( korat termite ) เป็นบริษัทกำจัดปลวกโคราช ฉีดปลวกโคราชราคาถูก เน้นความคุ้มค่า เพื่อลดค่าใช้จ่ายของลูกค้า. มีขั้นตอนการฉีดปลวกเหมือนกับบริษัทใหญ่ราคาแพง. กำจัดปลวกโคราช


Please keep it clean and nice. Thank you for taking the time to post you thought. It means a lot to me that you do this.