Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liberals Call on Obama to Starve People in Red States to Stop the GOP From Not Raising Debt Ceiling While Explaining the History Behind Why GOP Maintaining Debt Ceiling Would Not Stop U.S. From Paying Obligations

Once again, Good or Evil? Who is calling for the attacks on American citizens as though they are our enemies? The left-wing and Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy this country and all that is Good. Can you see why the left-wing and radical Muslims are on the same side? They both have the same goal.

What is the Democratic Party plan for getting us out of debt before it destroyes us? They have nothing but more debt. Will more debt help of hurt our economy? If we leave the Democratic plan of more debt and status quo for Medicare good or bad for our country. We are broke and the Democratic Party wants to play war games and Russian Rulet with our economy and future. If the Democratic Party has their way we would burden our future generations with massive debt and nothing in terms of SSI or Medicare.

We can't keep going on the path the Democratic Party has put us on. We have to do the hard things now. We have to pay for the Stimulus Bills, QE1 and QE2. Did you think that all that money was free? Someone has to pay for it. Maybe if the Democrats paid for what they want they might not be so quick to spend money on stupid things.


  1. all red states need to be starved of federal money. when americans become the enemy,they must be treated as such.

  2. "all red states need to be starved of federal money."
    Anon, you are correct. Who needs federal money. Red State have a better method of generating revenue.

  3. fuck capitalism! texas should be the first state to be starved out.

  4. Well then, I suggest you head to Cuba or Venezuela, Anon. Things will get back to normal around here very soon.

  5. Anonymous bet you dont starve. Your probablly from Texas and they pay your ticket. You just might get your ticket punched in 2012 then what. Oh you could become a Weiner!

    Am checking my Dictionary under the word STUPID bet I find your picture there! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. Chris, he's an idiot talking head like the idiot talking heads on your side who are trying to destroy our great nation too.

    Somehow this makes us friendly with Islamic terrorists? Your just loony sometimes man and you think i need medication. The guy who sees leftwing boogie men behind every tree thinks i need to be medicated. LMAO.

  7. Who on our side is "trying to destroy our great nation too" Joe? What proof, other then opinion do you have of that Joe?

    Joe your side has publicly aligned itself with Muslims and radicals of all kinds. I have shown this in their words.

    I take it Joe you are now on some meds since no one said anything about you being on them? Oops, you let the cat out of the bag on that one Joe. Maybe one day they will find a cure for liberalism. May I ask what the doctor put you on? I allready know why the doctor put you on it. LMAO

  8. Dear Chris,

    Union bosses and their political allies are currently planning more mass protests in the Wisconsin capitol over Governor Scott Walker's monopoly bargaining reforms.

    Recent reports from Madison indicate that they're scheming to force capital police to remove the metal detectors installed after legislators received death threats and live ammunition was found.

    Making matters worse, union officials are exempt from federal prosecution for acts of violence in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives."

    That's why, if you haven't already, please sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators today urging they close this loophole by supporting the Freedom From Union Violence Act.


    Sheila W.
    National Right to Work Committee

  9. Recent reports are a grave warning sign that Washington must act now to prevent the economy from becoming much worse. They make clear the urgency with which the job-killing policies of the last two years must be replaced by pro-jobs solutions for economic growth.

    We learned last week that U.S. housing prices have fallen more than they did during the Great Depression.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported, home prices have dropped 33 percent since 2006, compared with a 31 percent decline in the 1930s. The values of bottom-tier homes have fallen a disastrous 63 percent.

    Nationally, this means home prices have crashed to the levels they were at in mid-2002—nearly a decade ago—while homes in many American cities, including Atlanta, Detroit, and Las Vegas, are now selling below their price levels in January 2000. Last week’s report from Standard & Poor’s warned that there is “no relief in sight” for this free-fall in prices.

    In the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Washington should have done everything possible to stabilize the housing market and the economy. Instead, President Obama and Democrats in Congress took the opportunity to pass the Dodd-Frank Act, sweeping regulation of one-sixth of the economy that promises to make the crash in home prices even worse.

    Dodd-Frank gives the federal government the authority to deem certain institutions “systemically important” to the financial system, and thereby subject them to unique regulations at the arbitrary discretion of the Federal Reserve and executive branch. These institutions could include banks, insurance companies, and other large financial firms.

    Although the Administration claimed that Dodd-Frank abolished “too big to fail,” it in effect will do the opposite, creating a class of financial institutions that have the government’s implicit backing and guarantee – potentially giving these firms an unfair advantage over competitors and even opening the possibility that the government could dictate decision-making at these firms.

    The threat of arbitrary regulation becomes even more dangerous with the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which Dodd-Frank created as a virtual appendage of the Federal Reserve. In the mold of Obama’s “czars,” it will be headed a presidential appointee and draws its funding from the Federal Reserve, as opposed to appropriations from Congress. The CFPB will have wide-ranging authority to regulate financial institutions, yet remains essentially unaccountable to Congress.

    The cost of compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act’s hundreds of pages of regulations, as well new ones from the CFPB, will weigh significantly on large institutions and disproportionately on small ones. The mandates the law contains pose an existential threat to community banks, which will struggle to comply with the requirement to hold more capital and the onslaught of additional rules. The law is already killing community banks and crippling loans to small businesses and homeowners.

    Dodd-Frank is terrible for the housing market, which is dependent on the very lenders for whom Democrats have chosen to raise costs and uncertainty. The result is the worst drop in home values since the Great Depression.

    This is a tragedy for the millions of Americans whose homes are now worth less than what they paid for them just a few years ago, and for the millions more whose houses make up a large portion of their net worth. Even the most responsible homeowners are seeing their money evaporate in a housing market distorted by bad government policy.

  10. If you will go back to March 15th, there was a poll out that said the GOP hadn’t been compromising enough. In fact, the poll said that “71% say the GOP is not willing enough to compromise with Obama on the deficit.”

    I noted at the time that the GOP had been muddying the waters with Barack Obama and the Democrats. I said that “House Republicans have been muddying the water so much since November and painting their policy positions in pale pastels. The public voted in November with bright colors — mostly in red.”

    I also said, perhaps counterintuitively, that the GOP needed to stop being so compromising, even though the poll suggested otherwise, and start leading. “As long as the Republicans are being milquetoast on spending and the budget, the Democrats will see the polling benefits,” I wrote.

    In the debt ceiling fight, it appears I was right. As the GOP has held a firm and consistent line insisting on massive spending cuts and entitlement reform, their poll numbers have gone up — exactly opposite what the chattering class of compromising good government types insisted would happen.

    In a new Washington Post/ABC poll of adult Americans, the headline drawing the big buzz is that Mitt Romney is head of Obama among registered voters. That’s huge and good news for Romney. It’s even better than the poll suggests because that data comes from the registered voters. Obama and Romney are tied among all adults. But registered voters, unlike likely voters, also skews to the Democrats by a few points, though not as badly as among all adults.

    So if Romney is ahead of Obama by 3 points among registered voters, he’s probably ahead 5 or more points among likely voters. That headline, however, overshadows a more important finding.

    In another indicator of rapidly shifting views on economic issues, 45 percent trust congressional Republicans over the president when it comes to dealing with the economy, an 11-point improvement for the GOP since March. Still, nearly as many, 42 percent, side with Obama on this issue.

    This is among all adults surveyed. So in a pool of respondents that favors the Democrats, the GOP is ahead 3 points. With registered voters, I’d suspect the GOP is ahead more and even more with likely voters.

    For the GOP to be ahead on this issue is significant. And what has the GOP message been for the past month and half? Significant cuts in spending and reforming entitlement programs.

    The GOP has had a consistent message and drawn a firm line in the sand. It has been portrayed as terrible, heartless, nasty, and impractical. But the public is responding to it. The public recognizes the need for it.

    I am plugged in enough to the goings on in Washington and talk to enough congressmen and senators to sense a disturbance in the force. I suspect Republican leaders feel like they have dialed up the rhetoric and positioning too much and are going to find a way to weasel out of their statements and scale back.

    That is what they do.

    But they shouldn’t. They have the public with them. The polling reflects that. The public wants the GOP to win on this issue. We cannot rely on polls and a clearly fickle public on this issue. The polling will go up and down.

    But the lesson we can take away is the one I pointed out in March — the public wants leadership. Leadership always wins in the face of milquetoast statements and compromise. As I said then and repeat now, saying the sky is falling, but then not doing anything about it really is not what any reasonable person could call a winning strategy.

    The GOP has the winning strategy right now. They better not blow it or it will blow up the GOP. I hope the Presidential candidates are paying attention to this.

  11. Chris,
    You've shown that a few mixed up individuals agreed with them but not that a majority of liberals do. Please play the game the same for your team as mine.

    If a couple of yahoo's on the left side with terrorists make us all side with them, then the couple of yahoos on the right who side with the Aryan nation make you all racists. So lets stop with the broad brush and get to specifics.

    You knew i was a diabetic? Damn when did i tell you?

  12. Joe, it's way more then a few liberals. Liberals have been championing with radical Islam for a long time now. Your eyes are closed to the deeds of the left. Mine aren't.

    Sorry too hear about your illness. You may want too tell the. They may be able to fix it. LOL

  13. Chris,
    Liberals haven't been anything for a long time now. Your not using your eyes, your using your constant imagination.


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