Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama Thinks American Are Dumb: ‘Professional Politicians’ Understand Debt Crisis Better Than General ‘Public’

According to Obama, “professional politicians” understand the debt crisis better than average Americans do.
Citing a poll in which 69 percent of Americans oppose raising the debt limit, CBS news reporter Chip Reid asked Obama if the problem was that he and others had “failed to convince” the American people that “we have a crisis here.”
Obama responded:
“Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. You know, the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury auction goes. They shouldn’t. They’re worrying about their family, they’re worrying about their jobs. They’re worrying about their neighborhood. They have got a lot of other things on their plate. We’re paid to worry about it.”

It's not that the American public is stupid and just don't understand what the Democrats are telling them. It's that they have been wrong about everything they have said. They said that unemployment wouldn't go past 8% with the massive debt ridden Stimulus Bill. They said that they were doing everything for "main street". But in reality Wall Street is doing great while main street is in the longest recession ever. They said they would make this country and the world a better place to live. Seriously, who could ever believe that pill of crap?

Americans have come to realize that the Democratic Party doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Americans can't trust the President and the Democratic Party because they lie at every turn. When you are against the debt and war when Bush was president and then become a debt monger and warmonger the second you take office, who in their right mind could respect or believe these politicians on the left?

Nothing the Democratic Party and Obama have done has worked the way they said it would. It has magically turned out the way the conservatives said it would. If you want to keep listening to the people that haven't gotten one thing right then just call yourself crazy. Only a crazy person would keep doing the same thing and expect different results. But that is exactly what the left-wingers keep doing.

As a retort the lefties on this blog will call me the "idiot" and try and make fun of me. But they will not and can not respond to the facts that the Democratic Party and Obama have made things worse. If you want to keep listening to these fools, go right ahead. But most Americans are seeing the result of what the Democratic Party has done. They know who's fault it is because the Democrats have owned both houses of congress for over 4 years now. They know who to blame when the Democrats place blame on everyone but themselves. They blame Bush, the Republican Party that hasn't been in power and now they blame the American people for being too stupid to understand what the Democrats are trying to sell them.

If this was a company everyone would have been fired by now. But when the liberals own the main stream media they have lots of brainwashing power. And they use it.


  1. I can't wait to vote for the day when we get rid of this cancer.

  2. "When you are against the debt and war when Bush was president and then become a debt monger and warmonger the second you take office, who in their right mind could respect or believe these politicians on the left?"

    Spot-on Chris and so true!

    Keep on waking them up friend!

  3. A modern Greek tragedy, based on that country’s self-inflicted fiscal woes, holds lessons for other nations with deep deficits – including the United States.

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    Greece bailout: What's the future of the euro? Greek debt crisis: Bailout likely, but will it be enough? The Monitor's View: Why Europe can't let a reckless Greece off the hook Not to slight the birthplace of Western civilization, but what’s unfolding in Athens right now wouldn’t be getting top global billing were it not for Greece’s connection to the euro currency. Along with 15 of the European Union’s 27 member nations, Greece belongs to the “euro zone,” and therefore its problems can turn into Europe’s problems.

    One rule for countries that use the euro is that they’re not allowed to let their budget deficits grow larger than 3 percent of their national economies, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP). Some countries have slipped a little. Some a lot.

    Greece is in the latter category, with its deficit more than four times what it’s supposed to be, or 12.7 percent of GDP in 2009 (by comparison, the US deficit is about 10 percent of the economy). Over the past decade, Athens turned government spending into an Olympian sport. It about doubled the wages of public-sector workers, for instance.

  4. The overspending, along with chronic tax evasion and the fudging of federal accounting, have finally alarmed the financial markets. They worry Greece will default on its debt payments.That worry has roiled the bond markets and caused a slide in the value of the euro, which Greece’s fellow zonies are none too happy about.

    Yes, a cheaper euro makes their exports less expensive to the rest of the buying world, but a slumping currency also means lower wages and slower economic growth – right when Europe is trying to recover from a severe recession.

    This week, the European Union agreed to stand by Greece, but it was vague about how exactly it would help its Mediterranean member. Even as the EU offered support, it emphasized that Greece must take austerity measures. Indeed, Greece has a plan, including a freeze on public-sector wages, tax increases, and a higher retirement age to save its ailing pension system. The plan didn’t sit well with public workers, who recently took to the streets to protest.

    The moral of the Greek drama is this: What can’t go on forever will eventually stop. The financial markets will, at some unknown point in time, wake up to nations – or companies – that can’t keep a tidy fiscal house. That’s what happened with Wall Street and the mortgage bubble in 2008. It’s what could happen if countries like Greece don’t do the hard work to rein in their deficits and make the long-term structural reforms that are needed to grow their economies.

    In Europe, that includes other high-deficit euro users such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, and to a lesser extent, Ireland (the emerald isle is already taking fiscal corrective measures and for that reason, is in less danger of a market backlash).

    The US isn’t anything like Greece, neither in the way it handles its accounting, nor in its creditworthiness. At a Monitor breakfast Friday morning, Christina Romer, the head of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, underscored the difference: “The United States is the most creditworthy country in the world.”

    True, the dollar is, at the moment, the world’s “safe haven” currency – especially as the euro weakens. But like Greece, the US has a big deficit. And rising public spending on healthcare makes for a dangerous long-term outlook. China – America’s big bankroller – has sharply reduced its purchases of US Treasury notes. Last week Moody’s Investors Service warned that America’s triple A credit rating should not be taken for granted.Greece was protected, for a while, by membership in the euro zone. And the US is protected, for now, by being the most reliable currency out there. That perhaps gives the US a narrow window to finish the job of stimulating the economy until it starts to stand on its own two feet.

    Markets care very much about signals, and it’s a good thing that President Obama has signaled his awareness of America’s fiscal challenges – both by proposing a budget freeze in nondiscretionary, nonmilitary spending, and by supporting “pay as you go” rules on new spending. But the medium- and long-term challenges loom, and Democrats and Republicans need to squarely face the fiscal sacrifice that lies ahead.

    Belt-tightening is not fun. Certainly many Greek public workers don’t like the idea. But as the Greek crisis shows, it can’t be put off forever.

  5. On Capitol Hill this year, one of President Obama’s most troublesome critics has been Senator Obama.

    President Obama, for instance, wants Congress to raise the national debt limit. But his opponents have brought up a statement that then-Sen. Barack Obama made in 2006: The first-term Democrat representing Illinois said that merely debating a debt-limit increase was “a sign of leadership failure.”

    The Republican-controlled House on Friday adopted a resolution rebuking President Barack Obama for dispatching U.S. military forces against Libya without congressional approval. President Obama vs. Senator Obama
    Sen. Obama on war powers, debt, judicial nominations
    Obama to meet with key lawmakers and debt
    George Will: Is Obama above the law?
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    In 2007, what was Obama’s stance on military force?
    House rejects measure to cut Libya funding
    Get the latest at Post Politics
    President Obama now insists that he had the right to dispatch U.S. forces to the conflict in Libya without authorization from Congress. Critics have noted that Sen. Obama seemed to feel differently about the proper use of military force in 2007.

    Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) even carries a quote from Sen. Obama in his pocket, to show people who don’t believe it.

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” Obama said four years ago.

    The past is always an occupational hazard for presidents, who find themselves disowning statements they made when they were candidates or legislators embroiled in partisan fights.

    But Obama seems to have gotten himself into unusually hot water this year. In three different battles, his own words have become weapons for both Democrats and Republicans.

    Asked about the apparent contradictions last week, a White House spokesman said that “the president has already explained his position on each of these issues, and we will let those responses speak for themselves.”

    On the debt ceiling, Obama has said his past position was a mistake. Moreover, he has called on Republicans not to make the same mistake.

  6. Two views of war powers

    But on Libya, the president’s past words appear to have forced him into legal contortions. As a senator, Obama spoke with respect about the 1973 War Powers Resolution, a law that requires presidents to get congressional authorization after sending U.S. forces into hostilities abroad.

    Now, Obama has sent forces to the simmering conflict in Libya and has missed that same law’s deadline to get approval from lawmakers.

    But as commander in chief, Obama’s argument for this is not that the law is unconstitutional, as other presidents have contended. It is, instead, that the law simply doesn’t apply.

    Because U.S. forces primarily play a supporting role in the NATO-led Libya operation, and because Libyan forces are too battered to retaliate effectively, Obama declared that this conflict does not amount to “hostilities.”

    But House Republicans are incredulous, as are some House Democrats. Friday, in a rebuke of Obama, a restive House voted not to authorize the Libya campaign. The chamber then, however, rejected a bill that would have eliminated funding for offensive operations in Libya, such as airstrikes and drone attacks.

    “Senator Barack Obama would be among the Obama administration’s fiercest critics,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio). “In 2007, he urged Congress to stand up to the White House, but now . . . he’s hiding behind the claim that there’s nothing hostile about bombs, missile strikes and Predator drones.”

  7. Great blog and post. I agree with Christopher, spot on.

    Why do so many Democrats still think these guys are doing the right thing?

  8. I am going to start this with a quote from above -

    "You know, the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury auction goes. They shouldn’t."

    OK - that is his plan. Sensationalize, with 4-inch headlines, on Page 1 with stories about Casey Anthony, and bury Gunrunner on the bottom half of page 14 with small print. When you have the Lame Stream Media in your pocket as your own personal propaganda machine, then you dictate what people are informed about. Keep the economy off the front page and give them Charlie Sheen instead.

    It's alternative media like this that can only open people's eyes to what is really going on. Give the people sensationalism and keep reality under the radar.And that is why there is a "Net Neutrality" czar - limit information flow. Knowledge Is Power and The Truth Shall Set You Free.

  9. I just got a call from Mitt Romney. He sounds as dumb as you all here on this blog.

    We have your number Chris! This blog will be shut down. I will make sure every UAW member complains to Google.

  10. The Democratic Party is addicted to pork barrel spending. The US could very easily go the way of Greece and other European countries if it fails to tackle its budget deficit quickly. The whole world financial system is on the verge of meltdown. A major Euro or Dollar crisis could be the trigger to pull the whole system down.

  11. Hey Red UAW, (Good Marxist color by the by for your pseudonym)

    "Every UAW member"? I think not!

    How dare you try to include me in your empty threat against my friend and brother-in-arms!

    Note to All: For those who are in a union by choice or otherwise and are for real choice as in Michigan becoming a "Right to Work State" I advise seeking out information here:


  12. Proffessional Politicans should understand debt crisis better than citizens. THEY are the ones that CREATED it. Politicans GOOD at SPENDING but LOUSY at SPENDING CUTS. Special Interest gets in their way and Citizens are beginning to UNDERSTAND that!

    If Politicans could CREATE jobs like they Created the DEBT hell even us OLD people would have to go back to work!

  13. Following news in Japan,it seems natural to me that Republican leaders get angry with the arrogant way of White house. But not only U.S.people, but world people fear U.S.default. Some Democrats accused republicans of "Kamikaze Policy". Whether it is relevant or not, Default is the worst consequence nobody hope in the world. I think them know better than to go Kamikaze.
    Japan was devastated by tsunami. But U.S. Default would be anything but tsunami. Great Depression caused World War.It was the very "Armageddon".

  14. Red UAW. I see you got the new Solidarity magazine on the back is says Why Red? If anyone questions the communist brainwashing of the UAW just take a close look at their Solidarity magazine they publish. It will open your eyes to what is being pushed by it's leadership.It seems the UAW is going back to their communist ideology and making it well know with the color choice. This is what the magazine says about the color choice of red. "Wearing red shows solidarity in the fight to preserve the middle class and all workers' rights. Wearing red symbolizes bargaining for the benefit of all workers. Wearing red means we are one." Communism is alive and well here in America thanks to the unions.

    Christopher made some great points and gave a great web sit to look at. Thanks Christopher.

    Japan is in the worse shape it's been in since WWII thanks to their spending and big government. It is more likely that Japan will default on their debts to us long before we default. But like John Barry pointed out, Greece and the other nations could trigger a debt crisis where no one has any money to pay off their debts. We have put ourselves in a mutual economic destruction by tying all our economies together.

    Japan was in big economic troubles long before the tsunami came. The tsunami just helped push them over the edge. With EU,Japan and the Middle East failing they may help bring down this country with them since we are all economicly tied together.

    I pray that this doesn't happen but if it does we may be looking at a worlwide economic "Armageddon" that might bring on WWIII.

  15. Wow, so these groups are all Marxists

    Go Red for Woman- American Heart Association

    Supporting our Southwest Troops-One way we express our LUV is by encouraging our Employees to wear red shirts on Fridays to show our support for the troops.

    http://www.redshirtfridays.org/troop_supporters.html Pictures of companies and groups wearing red.

  16. Otis,
    and remember the admin using tax dollars to create pro-admin news, and i use that loosely, that went on the TV as if it was real?

    That's controlling the media.

    Republicans are too stupid to understand the need for "Net neutrality" until corporations limit our access to sites and news and then they will regret their pro-business stance.

  17. I hear the regime lashing out at republicans regarding Raising debt ceiling. I hear regime lashing out at republicans and Cantors plan to reel in Unsubstainable deficit. I hear regime lash out and threaten seniors social security checks, which in itself is a bold ass lie and a scare tactic!
    Anybody out there hear Nobamas plan on ANYTHING anything?
    Two years wasted and now Economy and Jobs are important. They have Important to Citizens alot longer bu Citizens dunt count as much as Ideaology!

  18. Joe if you would read the UAW Solidarity magazine you will see Marxism all over it. It is a communist rag. It it acts like a Marxist,talks like a Marxist, calling it by any other name doesn't change the fact that they are preaching Marxism.

    You aren't being intelectually honest Joe and you know it. The red shirts and the closed fist are just part of the larger picture, but still part of the Marxist picture. These things are not all coincidences.

  19. Net Neutral is not American, it is right out of the communist play book. We are to be in control of the government not the other way around.

    Joe would you like it if I turned this blog into a net neutral blog? Erras the liberals and get rid of free speech? Do you think Americans can't govern themselves? Do you think that they need the government to do your bidding?


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