Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UAW Workers Keep Getting Stoned At Work. That Is The Union Way

For anyone that has worked for the UAW this should come as no surprise. When I worked for the UAW, more then half the line would go out and get high or drinking booze during their lunch. I remember one time a UAW Hi-Lo driver did some major damage to the machines on the line and almost hit a few line workers. They gave him a breathalyzer and he was both drunk and high. Thanks to the UAW he got a paid vacation and was back on the Hi-Lo drinking and driving two weeks later. It is the UAW way.

I think the next UAW contract should have a drug test and firing for any drug or alcohol abuses. The drug test alone would clear our 1/4 of the workers. But we all know the UAW would never let the Big Three drug test their members because they know the truth about them. Just see what they do outside the UAW halls if you want an awakening.

The thing is most of the workers are clean and hate the fact that such a large portion of the UAW population have drug and alcohol abuses while at work. It was also common knowledge that the Hi-Lo drivers are almost always the highons or drunks.

The income that these union members make would make anyone happy. If the UAW wants to have a decent name for itself they better start getting rid of the dead wood within it's membership. If the Big Three want anyone to buy their cars they need to start coming down harder on these union idiots that put us all at risk with their products. Let alone putting their own members at risk when they get screwed up at work.

The American people are watching the unions and we are not liking what we see. It's now wonder why union members have become one of the most hated professions. If the Big Three doesn't get control of it's workforce we will be bailing them out for a third and for Chrysler a fourth time. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick and tired have bailing these companies out when they keep harboring this kind of culture.

What are your thoughts on this constant problem with the UAW?


  1. Hey Everybody does it! That is the ralling cry regarding this issue. Like my dad would say so what if they jumped off a bridge"would you"! Well apparently now the answer and the defencce would be YES!

    Preception in this matter is the ISSUE and how is something like this going NATION wide help sell CHRYSLERS?

    Perception is what hurt American auto Compnaies in the past and a few Caught now leads to the question. Is this the minority or the majority of workers. My belief is its the Minority BUT who knows for sure? When consumer is making a $20,000+ purchase they DONT care about minority or majority they CARE about what bang their getting for their hard earned dollars. No more No less! How company handles this mess and how union reacts will be not only interesting and again the word that comes to mind PERCETION!

  2. I have a Chrysler that is one year old that has been in the shop five times. I have a lot a friends that are union that tell me about all the drunks at the plants. Stories like Chris has told are common place.

  3. This is a joke.

    They could find hundreds of people drinking everyday on the job but they don't. 7-11 on mound is filled at lunchtime with people buying pints and forty once beers including those in suits and ties.

    Go to any resturant on Hal rd. and see the people in dress clothing having drinks with their lunch. The problem isn't unions, union workers or anything of the sort, its a general American problem. We drink too much and at inappropriate times. Add in that a lot of this is typical self -medication and you have the real issue.

    Hey Chris, i know Elders of a Church that used to cheat the government on contracts and the boss would drink on lunchtime. Should we get rid of church.

    I know there's a quite few Car salesmen and woman who enjoy a drink or two at lunch. Lets fire them too.

  4. Joe If a customers buying a auto put together by workers who have drank or smoked their lunch away that could have impact on BUYERS choice!
    Dont know what preacher,car salesman or other examples who drink have on the PRODUCTION process of auto but PRECEPTION Joe and your exuces to not cut the smell test!

  5. Al,
    Could drinking and smoking dope impact the production process? Yes it could, as could the two drink lunch of our engineers and vendors who design the cars and the machinery to build them. and it could affect our safety as well, just like with hourly drinking.

    But what about the service people you hire that also drink? You have landscape companies come out and their employees often drink at lunch and then drive to multiple homes after drinking, same with other companies.

    I am pointing out that Ford, GM and Chrysler have the same issues as all business's not defending them. I don't drink during work hours nor do i when i work at home on the house or car either.


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