Monday, August 8, 2011

America Must Grow Their Economy And Stop Mindless Spending

Obama and the Democratic Party are doing what they do best. Find someone to blame rather then trying to fix the problem. Our President needs to focus on growing our economy. Since he doesn't have any business people in his administration it's no wonder our economy has been dead in the water. I pray he starts looking to those that have actually created jobs in the real world not some theoretical prof. We need those that have had success, not taught success in some classroom.

Obama will not be spending too much time trying to help our economy grow. He will talk about it but he wont do anything about it. For years now Obama has been telling us that he will now "laser in on jobs" and the economy. But then he does something else. We don't have a clear plan on how we will grow our economy out of this mess. It's hard to focus on making money when all you do is spend money. Obama doesn't like to make anything. He just likes to spend and campaign. That is what he is 'good' at. He has never created or made anything that makes money. He takes money.

Our small businesses are our economy. And they have been treated like a red headed step child. Just look at how this admin. has treated the Chamber of Commerce vs. how they have treated the "Too big to fail" businesses like GM.

A Fair Tax would help put our economy in the right direction. This would help bring back some of the manufactures afford to come back to this country. We need to fast track patents and make that whole process work faster. We need to match up new products with businesses here in this country that will produce them and sell them overseas. Government wont get us out of the mess they got us into. The best thing the government can do is get out of the way.

We are America. We are great and we will get out of this mess. I believe in the citizens of this country, even if our government doesn't believe in us. The stock market will tell us today what they think of the future. I know that no matter how bad the future looks we will come back from this. It might take years or decades but we will fix what has been broken.

As American voters we hold the cards. If you want the government to have power and control over you then vote for a Democrat. If you want to govern yourself then vote for a Republican. If you want businesses to grow and our economy to grow then we need to vote in successful business men and women. We need someone that will surround themselves with people that have grown businesses and made money. We need to ask small businesses what government is doing to make growth out of reach and change it. All businesses need to grow. Not just the ones that the government choses to help.

Our government needs to focus more on taxing imports and less on taxing those "rich" businesses that are creating jobs in this country. We have been taxing tobacco products for a long time now. Those added taxes have hurt the tobacco sales. Let's take what we have learned about taxes and put them to work for growth. A Fair Tax would get government out of the way of our growth. It would bring stability to our tax structure and our economy. And it would focus on growth.

Today the stock markets around the world will tell us what they think. The Democrats and our President will blame and campaign. We need someone to lead us while the Democrats do what they do best. We need leaders to focus on the future so we don't keep getting downgraded. We need viable solutions to lower our debt and growing our economy. We don't need a leader that talks about doing something but never gets around to it. We need doers not talkers.

We all know that the future is going to be harder then our past. I'd like to know what your thoughts are on the state of our nation, the world and our future?


  1. The Tea Party was spot on08 August, 2011 09:36

    Here was the question to S&P exec John Chambers, and his reply:

    Q: “There’s been a figure of $4 trillion dollars circulating as an example of the scope of fiscal consolidation measures that could work to stabilize the U.S. debt-gdp ratios. Could you explain how that figure was arrived at since it was mentioned in S&P’s reports and where it figures in S&P analysis?”

    A: “First of all, that figure comes initially from the Bowles-Simpson fiscal commission, and it was embraced by President Obama in his April 13 speech and Paul Ryan in his counter-budget proposal. And so you had policy makers converging around the amount. Now actually the $4 trillion, depending on whether it is front-loaded or back-loaded, is not going to do the trick in terms of stabilizing U.S. government debt-to GDP ratios. But it takes you pretty far along. And I think a grand bargain of that nature would signal, you know, the seriousness of policy makers to address the fiscal issues of the United States, to actually stabilize the debt-to-GDP. The IMF says it takes 7.5% of GDP consolidation. I think we have more than that.”

    The U.S. annual budget deficit is now around 9% of GDP.

    Chambers adds: “But $4 trillion would be a good down payment. We thought that..if policy makers could deliver the goods on that, then that would be a strong sign on our political scores and eventually on our projections on the fiscal side.”

    S&P has already said it may slash the Triple-A rating if a debt ceiling deal is not accompanied by what it deems is a credible plan to cut the $14.3 trillion federal [debt] by $4 trillion. The plan has “to have bipartisan support,” Chambers said. “If you have a plan that is only backed by one side or the other, even if you got it through, you would be faced with the prospect of it being unwound.”

    So, S&P’s Chambers is saying the ratings agency wants to see at least a $4 trillion deal, one that would come with bipartisan support, too, because the ratings agency fears without that support, Congress will upend any debt-cutting plan.

    There was only ever one plan that did what S&P said was required — $4 trillion in cuts with bipartisan support. That’d be Cut, Cap, and Balance — a plan that cut $4 trillion and got bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.

    As Democrats tonight, and some Republicans, lash out and blame the Tea Party for causing the United States to lose its credit rating, it is worth pointing out that only the Tea Party offered up a plan to avoid what happened.

    This is precisely why the GOP should have held the line

  2. You know, Barack Obama not only inherited a receding economy from George W. Bush, but he inherited a triple A credit rating too. Maybe we should call him Lemony Snicket, given the series of unfortunate events that have taken place on his watch.

    There was the BP Oil spill and a terribly bungled Presidential response complete with a disastrous White House address. The Gulf Coast is still reeling from the loss of jobs the President’s policies then caused.

    There was and is the botched debacle in Libya where we may or may not be involved while we ignore the same thing happening in Syria. We are, after all, “leading from behind.”

    Then there was, going all the way back to the beginning, his bungled diplomatic support for the communist sympathizers in Honduras against that nation’s own constitutional, democratic processes.Along the way, federal spending has gone up 76% from the time we got our last tax cuts, tax revenue has gone down due to economic conditions (not the Bush tax cuts), the number of people who have given up on searching for unemployment is the most it has been since 1983 and the number of people on food stamps is more than ever.

    In fact, during this President’s tenure, we’ve reached benchmarks not seen since the Great Depression in terms of negative economic news. His is a food stamp Presidency.

    Now the stock market has gone down due a series of unfortunate events in a daily succession not seen since Jimmy Carter. But that’s all because of the Arab Spring, mother nature, George W. Bush, and those damned Europeans. Please ignore all this about it being his economy.

    “Give it to me,” he said of the economy. We did and on Friday we lost our credit rating.

    On Saturday, Seal Team Six got blown out of the sky in Afghanistan.

    At least Katrina happened under someone else’s watch.

    And hey!, there’ll always be Bin Laden, and we can presume the President knows it as he is helping Hollywood roll out a movie about it right before the election to help his poll numbers.

    At some point we might want to consider that this President’s Presidency is snake bit.

    Through it all, the man has refused any responsibility and, if anything, behaved more like a professional victim than a leader. His Presidency’s motto is not “the buck stops here,” but “it’s all George Bush’s fault”.

    Of course, George W. Bush, even with a Congress controlled by Democrats, did not lose us our AAA credit rating and somehow was able to make progress without throwing up his hands and blaming gridlock. Maybe the Presidency is just too much for Barack Obama.

  3. What is the regimes plan to fix the economy?

    What is the regimes plan to spur Job Creation?

    What is regimes plan to attack Our Unsubstainable debt?

    Who in White House has Private Sector experience to help guide the Brightest of the Bright to the right path? Who?

    All politicans have cretaed our mess but the Regime has made things WORSE if that was possible. Killing the Private Sector is NOT a Plan!

  4. Al said it in a nutshell "What is the regimes plan to fix the economy?

    What is the regimes plan to spur Job Creation?

    What is regimes plan to attack Our Unsubstainable debt?

    Who in White House has Private Sector experience to help guide the Brightest of the Bright to the right path? Who?"

    Love it Left Aint Right!

  5. "What Happened to Obama?" by Emory University psychology professor Drew Westen in Sunday's New York Times...

    ...Why has Obama been such a disappointment? Westen comes up with a few theories that sound strikingly familiar to Obama's critics on the right. Perhaps Obama "is simply not up to the task" of being president. Perhaps the Democrats who were so dazzled by his campaign speeches should have noticed "some disquieting aspects of his biography." Among those disquieting aspects: "that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president, having never run a business or a state; that he had a singularly unremarkable career as a law professor, publishing nothing in 12 years at the University of Chicago other than an autobiography; and that, before joining the United States Senate, he had voted 'present' (instead of 'yea' or 'nay') 130 times, sometimes dodging difficult issues." Go to any conservative blog, and you'll find many similar critiques, dating to well before the 2008 election.

  6. We will all have to prove the republican­s wrong and be sure and reelect
    President Obama for another term. In my opinion, the republican­s own
    this because the House refused any kind of compromise­. We need to
    elect all democrats to the House because for the first time in my lifetime,
    divided government is not working.

  7. None of this is President Obama's fault.

    President Obama has given hope to all of us. He's tried. He's given speeches. He's the only adult in the entire government­.

    Everyone else in this economy need to look at President Obama for inspiratio­n. He's been a job creator for decades.

    All President Obama needs is for everyone to sit down and listen to him.

  8. Anon "None of this is President Obama's fault.
    President Obama has given hope to all of us. He's tried. He's given speeches. He's the only adult in the entire government­.
    Everyone else in this economy need to look at President Obama for inspiratio­n. He's been a job creator for decades.
    All President Obama needs is for everyone to sit down and listen to him."
    Did you just arrive on this planet, or WHAT?
    What this nation needs is a leader, a proven, sound, responsible leader.
    Obama is none of that!

  9. Now let me get this straight Tea Party are Terrorist because they protest Politicans SPENDING without FUNDING. Now We have Our Credit rating dropped. Stock Market in the pooper. Where are all those Politcans now. Oh their not in Washington DC trying to fix Our Problems. Their home for 4 more weeks or so. Wheres the leader of the regime. Oh Hes on a couple of Fund Raisers. Now WHOM are the Terrorist? The ones who have brought us to the BRINK of Financial Collapes and go on Recess or The Citizens whom Protest their SPENDING?


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