Friday, August 12, 2011

GOP Has Some Strong Candidates Running For President

Here are some of the best moments in the Iowa debates.The Bible tells wives to be submissive to their husbands. If she were president, would that apply to Michele Bachmann?
The question by conservative columnist Byron York drew boos from the audience.

The crowd sure was rambunctious last night. It was the most energetic GOP debate I've ever seen. My favorites were Bachmann,Cain and Ron Paul. I'd like to know what you thought of the candidates?

  • A Democratic National Committee memo which paints the Republican field of presidential contenders as Tea Party flaks pushing tired, divisive policies which elevate the rich and predicts much of the same at tonight's Fox News co-hosted debate in Ames, Iowa.

    "As we expect to see tonight, the GOP candidates' extreme aims to appease the far-right wing of the Republican Party shows that Republicans are more concerned with protecting their special interest friends and the wealthy than protecting working families," the memo, penned by DNC National Press Secretary Melanie Roussell, reads.

    "The GOP would rather seniors and the middle class sacrifice and the wealthy pay even less in taxes. Unlike President Obama, their policies would eliminate, not create, opportunities for the middle class."

    Though Republicans are far from choosing their last man standing, the memo zeroes in on several top names.

    "[T]he actions or lack thereof of candidates like Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and others are clear - these Republican candidates for President are not interested in leading. They simply want to please the far-right, extreme Tea Party base of their party because that is what being the standard bearer of the Republican Party today requires," says Roussell.

    The memo is described as a state of play for media and "Democratic friends" which spells out the DNC's predictions for tonight's debate.

    In it, Roussell predicts the GOP responses on a series of issues:

    ON THE DEBT CEILING DEAL"Expect the overwhelming majority of the Republicans on the stage tomorrow night to proudly state that they would not have supported the bipartisan debt agreement that prevented our country from defaulting on its debt for the first time in history."


    The Democrats put the S&P downgrade at least partially in the laps of the Republican party, saying the party's obstinance to raising revenues was a determining factor.

    "At a moment when America should have been their top concern, they put politics, party and rigid ideology first. And the Republican presidential candidates backed them up - and the GOP field will double down on that flawed approach to leadership tonight."


    "Both Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty endorsed a Cut, Cap and Balance proposal that would have cut Medicaid by one-third over 10 years and nearly half by 2050. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, that alone could cause 36 million people to lose their Medicaid coverage, including individuals with disabilities and seniors in nursing homes."


    "Mitt Romney has consistently ducked and dodged on the most pressing issues facing America including the debt ceiling debate. Not only did he wait until 12 hours before the final vote to actually say something-leading one reporter to say Romney was in a "Mittness Protection Program"-he endorsed the Cut, Cap and Balance plan that would have harmed our economic recovery in the short-term while simultaneously hurting our long-term economic competitiveness all while putting a greater burden on America's oldest citizens and our most vulnerable. Look for him to reassert his support for Cut, Cap and Balance tonight."


    "To her credit Michele Bachmann did not actually vote for the Cut, Cap, and Balance - because she didn't think it was extreme enough! She told Fox News that America should pay off all our foreign creditors first, even if that means slashing Medicare and Social Security payments to America's seniors. We expect her to repeat similar sentiments tonight."


    "Additionally, look for Herman Cain to tout more failed economic policies like his support for a 'fair tax' for everyone, which even the Wall Street Journal editorial board called 'the most radical reform imaginable' and one that would 'hit hard the young, middle-income families.'"


    1. I thought that was a stupid question, but she answered it well. I actually liked the debate last night as it brought out a lot of the personalities of the candidates. I learned a lot and it narrowed down my list of potentials. More and more, Ron Paul is looking better to me. I am not a Romney fan, he's to "slick" a politicain to me.

    2. I agree 100% Herbalpagan. Ron Paul sure got some huge applause last night.

    3. Chris,

      My answer to your question of "I'd like to know what you thought of the candidates?" is as follows; I will let you know on or about February 28th of next year as that is when we in Michigan get our official say in the matter.

      That stated, I would hope that in upcoming debates the questions asked would be more substantive and the answers from the candidates be the same, if capable, instead of what Gingrich called "Mickey Mouse" games. I am in no way, shape or form pulling for Newt but he pegged that one correctly.

      I am sick and tired of platitudes as that is what we already get from the sitting POTUS.

      Our country is in need of serious leadership in our government and I want to hear specific plans not 'sound bites', 'gotcha moments' or again platitudes.

      Thus far, in my humble opinion, all of these 'debates' have been a serious waste of time.

      I would rather see any and all declared candidates on a separate one-on-one interview answering the exactly same question's and those question's be of a very serious nature.

    4. Bachmann held her own and I like the way she counter-pointed Pawlenty.
      Santorum, hammered on Paul about his foreign policy agenda, which I agree with Santorum.
      Cain, is a class act. He presented himself (as usual) as an outside the beltway community, and note the MSM can't take a joke. LOL
      Romney is Romney, what can I say.
      Paul, forget about it. Like is domestic ideas but to be brain dead on Iran and that is just about as intelligent as Obama's domestic policy.

      Newt came out the strongest, IMO, though he let Wallace get under his skin, the "Super Commission" comment was RIGHT ON TARGET. GUT THE DAMN THING!

      Was a very interesting night of back and forth. Shows passion. FINALLY!

    5. The one thing WE must not forget is WE have a CHOICE! Left is STUCK with NOBAMA! I myself LIKE OUR chances in 2012!

    6. I did a running commentary on the debates last night and posted my conclusions before the talking heads told me who won. Cain was much improved from the previous debate and showed that he knows what he doesn't know and is willing to learn - I was impressed with him but I don't see him in the #1 seat; Romney is/was/always will be a plastic RINO and if he tops the ticket, we lose healthcare repeal as an issue - that's why the press is so eager to have Romney; Santorum disappeared and Pawlenty was shrill and I think they should both go home, and take Huntsman with 'em.... Bachmann stayed on point - often repeating herself - and the question about her being submissive was totally over the top, and she handled it well - but would the press ask a man that? I think not. As for Ron Paul - he started out almost making sense, but as the evening wore on, I think his meds wore OFF, and he was nuttier than squirrel shit. (my dream ticket would be Marco Rubio and John Bolton)

    7. Oops - I forgot Newt.... IMHO he was the hands down winner, for whatever that's worth - but I don't think he has a chance..... he would make a great press secretary if he could stay on point for his PRESIDENT and not let his own ideas steer him off into the weeds

    8. Personally, i found that most of them were a bit to snippy and kind of angry for my taste. But its not my party and that's been the flavor of the past couple of the last couple years for conservatives.

      I like Juan Williams piece on the debates. LOL.

    9. Joe Was there a Liberal debate on somewhere that I missed? Snippy and Angry what station carried that debate?

      My concern is republicans will nominate a younger McCain and that to me is totally unexceptable,except for what we have NOW!

    10. Awesome comments. You have all looked deeply into the debate. That is what I wanted. The passion was great wasn't it? I think it is clear that the race is on. As CP stated, I can't wait till Feb. 28. If the candidate is chosen for us like with McCain I'll vote Democratic Party and write in Hillary.hee hee hee.

    11. The Hill [Washington, DC],
      8/10/2011 1

      For President Obama, it’s much worse than it looks,. It’s much, much worse. July and August are looking like a summer of quicksand for the president, and there is nobody left to throw him a rope. The more he kicks, the farther he sinks. It’s still way too early to pronounce Obama’s reelection hopes dead. But this is either the low point before the comeback or the beginning of the end..

    12. Unions are now bailing on the Democratic Party. More than a dozen trade unions plan to sit out the 2012 Democratic convention because of their anger over the site of the meeting in a right-to-work state and their frustration over Democrats’ struggles to create jobs.

      If unions don’t participate, it would deprive the party of millions of dollars that would have been spent on sky boxes and other sponsorships that usually help underwrite the convention. The move could pose a larger problem for President Barack Obama next year if an increasingly dispirited base of labor activists becomes so discouraged that it doesn’t get the rank-and-file to the polls in its usual strong numbers.

    13. I hope you're right about the beginning if the end, Guillermo... but as I sit here drinking coffee and reading over all my own notes and people's comments, I've come to the conclusion that this Republican field sucks. There is not one of 'em I would walk across the street to listen to, and that's both sad and scary......

    14. Firebird you did a great job with your blog on the Iowa Debate. I wish everyone would read it.

    15. Thank you, Chris.... Last debate I kept running notes and it really helped me afterwards - I trust my initial instincts (usually)... I will say that today, seeing Bachmann on the Sunday shows, I was a bit more impressed with her than I was Thursday night.... I think she can hold her own in this race... I'm not sure about Perry - seems like a good 'ole boy to me and we don't really need a cowboy to fix this country..... time will tell, tho - it's early yet and polls don't mean squat but for now I'm for ABR - anyone but Romney


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