Saturday, August 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann Won Iowa Straw Poll:OPEN THREAD

Open Thread...
Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann is a three-term congresswoman and founder of the House Tea Party Caucus. She is a former attorney known for fiery attacks on President Obama. I couldn't be happier that she won. I really like her. She really gets under the MSM and liberals skin. I'm sure we will see how sexist the left-wing and Democrats can be. Just remember what they did to Hillary Clinton and she was one of their own?


  1. Although I like outcome I do not put much credit into the poll as that is all it is.

    Further, all those 'voting' must pay to "vote" in this unbinding charade in a State that has of last recorded (2009), a total of recorded GDP value of $136,341,000.00?

    I am not discounting the minds or money of the citizens of Iowa but rather the importance so many put on this and their 'caucus' tradition.

    If more became aware of this "caucus" BS in Iowa they would come to understand it's underhandedness and that anyone with a functioning brain can see is played out in money no matter the party.

    "First in Nation", no last in my book!

  2. I think the campaigns of the various candidates bought the tickets, at $30 a pop, and passed them out (is that 'buying votes?')... what this Iowa thing DID show is organization on the ground, and Ron Paul is a master of that in Iowa. I look at it as a fun day at the fair.

  3. Wonder if the LEFTS blood hounds are out yet like with Palin? I bet several canadates are already having their lifes put to the TEST!

    Palin sure had LEFT by the short hairs and the only reason can be FEAR! Why else the Blood Hounds?

  4. Ron Paul was right on her tail. Game on!

  5. the teabaggers have taken over our country!

  6. "we will see how sexist the left-wing and Democrats can be."
    They've already started, thanks to the leftist website The Telegraph.
    Be warned, the picture is in very poor taste.

  7. She's a cuntand R.Paul is a crazy old fart.

  8. I'd put my "corndog" in her mouth.

  9. Thanks for proving my point, Tim.....

  10. No one will vote for a women.

    Obama 2012

  11. Oh, please let Michelle Bachmann be the Republican nominee.

    I plan to vote for her in the Republican primary, assuming she is still in the race when Michigan wastes $10 million on a Republican primary.

    Here's my prayer for a Perry/Bachmann or Bachmann/Perry ticket.

    Although since Bachmann said she's a submissive wife, I assume she would not accept the top spot on the ticket.

  12. Fealk, you are not in jail yet for your part in the election fraud your buddies dreamed up with you? Your time will come.

  13. Hey fealkie, how is mr. 39% doing? The Incompetent One's job approval will soon be below Bush's low point.

    On another note, I wish Ron Paul would quit wasting everyone's time.

  14. Bruce We have a CHOICE and You have Nobma! OUCH!

    Is it worse to be a submissive wife or a Regime submissive to a ideaology that quite frankly is collapsing.

    Bush got below 40% in polls and MSM went on a feeding fenzy. Nobama at 39% and dropping. MSM seems to be missing. Why?

    Regime will now be going on a LISTENING tour I belived paid for by Tax Payers.
    Where was Regime for its first two years when citizens were voicing concerns on Economy and Job Creation?
    How come Social Issues came before Citizens then but not NOW?
    The tour is a Photo Op/Campaign thingy plain and simple.
    Dirty Harry says Tea Party is done. It was formed because Economy was Bad. #1 Is Economy good? if so where? How is Dirty Harrys State doing regarding its Economy and Jobs?
    Voting in the republican primary Bruce maybe the only time you are RIGHT on a canadate!

    Bruce being a Liberal must really suck for you but hey its your ideaology. Maybe like Humpty Dumpty you can start to NEVER mind Like Socialism,Communism or Marxism none could stand on their OWN and niether can Liberalism.

  15. Bruce should tell us all what has happened with the election fraud he was part of. How is the investigation going?

  16. It's good to see Bruce and Joe on this blog. I love their comments and activism. Go UAW local 2280!

  17. Kurt Poulatani15 August, 2011 15:01

    Briefcases with handwritten signs attached were left at the front door of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s Ohio office, bringing out a bomb squad.

    Investigators in the Cincinnati suburb of West Chester tell multiple media outlets that the bomb squad blew the cases apart on Sunday and found they contained only papers. No one was hurt.

    WCPO reports the signs were on colored paper and included messages with the words “jobs,“ ”oil“ and ”gas.” A West Chester officer on patrol first noticed the briefcases outside the Republican congressman’s office late Sunday morning.

    Boehner spokeswoman Brittany Bramell said that investigators’ “vigilance and efforts” were appreciated.

    Information from: WCPO-TV,

    The liberals are out in force and looking for blood. They are so friken violent

  18. Kurt Poulatani15 August, 2011 15:06

    On Friday, a judge in New Jersey granted Verizon some relief from its striking unions by granting an injunction against International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 827–one of the two unions that has pulled 45,000 union members out on strike.

    While injunctions are often issued during strikes when there are instances of mass picketing and the blocking of entrances and exits, the New Jersey injunction is somewhat unusual in that it also specified the aforementioned feces.

    According to the Toms River News, NJ Supreme Court Justice Marybeth Rogers ordered that there should be no vandalism, violence, harassment, obstruction, intimidating, threatening, blocking, or trespassing:

    Rogers also set restriction on picketing, allowing no more than six picketers at the entrance to any Verizon owned property at any one time. Picketers were also advise that no more than two picketers may picket a private residence of a Verizon employee and must stay more than 10 feet away from any Verizon individuals performing work on a private residence or business. Rogers’ decision also specified picketers may not have animals present or block any ingress or egress to prohibit movement of a Verizon contractor vehicle.

    Striking workers have also been barred from entering inside of any Verizon properties unless they are performing their duties as Verizon employees under the direction of Verizon. Rules were also set for recording, video taping or photographing any individual at any Verizon or performing company.

    Ironically, section J is one that would normally go without saying, yet is clearly stated:

    ”Dropping, spreading, throwing, placing or otherwise causing nails, glass, cinder block, spikes, feces, clubs, rocks, screws, or puncture devices of any kind, or other object or debris to be thrown or strewn in, on, or about Verizon’s driveways, parking lots, entrances, exits, vehicles and adjoining roads to any of Verizon’s property or at any work site.”

    These people are animals

  19. I'll take President Obama over any of the current field of crazy "Corporations are People" candidates that are trying to attract all the crazy birthers and tenthers to vote for them in a primary.

    There's not one even sane person in the field.

  20. Bruce If your going to be the judge of SANE your Regime be in deep dodo!

    I have seen where putting your loser against OH anybody he loses. He may make Ole Jimmy Carter look well like Jimmy but that will still be better than Regime!!!!!!!

  21. Average unemployment under Obama is 9.4% with real unemployment closer to 18%. Under Bush it was 5.4%. Under Obama the middle class gets poorer. It turns out that TX has the lowest unemployment in the union and they are as conservative as you can get. TX has the fourth lowest debt as well. Bachmann/Perry or visa versa couldn't do any worse then Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid has done.

    Obama promised that unemployment and a full recovery would happen within 3 years of his first term. He also said that within 3 years our debt would be cut in half, not triple. He said unemployment wouldn't go past 8%. Can this buffoon get anything right?

  22. It’s no secret that the business community is frustrated with Washington. But now an unlikely source is leading a smart movement among business leaders to tell the President and Congress to rein in deficits. Bloomberg News reports on what trouble Starbucks’ CEO has brewing for Washington:

    “Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz urged other CEOs to stop donating to U.S. political campaigns to encourage leaders to solve the nation’s growing budget deficit.

    ‘I am asking that all of us forego political contributions until the Congress and the President return to Washington and deliver a fiscally disciplined long-term debt and deficit plan to the American people,’ Schultz wrote in an e-mail sent to business leaders that was obtained by Bloomberg News.”

    Schultz first voiced his frustrations with Washington in a letter to CEOs and other corporate executives on August 8:

    “While very proud of the steps we continue to take as a company and the record results we turned in for the quarter, I found myself growing more and more frustrated at the lack of cooperation and irresponsibility among elected officials as they have put partisan agendas before the people’s agenda. This is not the leadership we have come to expect, nor deserve.”

    Attacking politicians’ pockets to see results is not a bad idea. POLITICO writes on Schultz‘s call for American’s to go on strike against their failed and vacationing leadership:

    “’The fundamental problem is that the lens through which Congress approaches issues is reelection. The lifeblood of their reelection campaigns is political contributions,’ Schultz said. Whether big donors or small ones, Americans should stop giving and see if it galvanizes Washington to act.

    ‘The debt crisis is really the symbol of a larger problem, which is that our leaders are not leading,” he added. ‘America’s leaders need to put their feet in the shoes of working Americans…. Instead, all they think about is their own political self-interest.’”

    In 2000 Schultz donated $50,000 to the DNC, and since has donated thousands to Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, President Barack Obama, then presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, among over a dozen other Democratic and a few Republican candidates.

    This past March, Schultz criticized the President’s health-care reform overhaul. Schultz told the Seattle Times that he believed the bill was made with good intentions, but “under the current guidelines, the pressure on small businesses, because of the mandate, is too great.”

    Whites are getting tired of his racial poltics.


    Here is what our response to China is doing to us: ( )
    - U.S. to China: Your Investments Are Safe
    - China Thanks Obama: U.S. refuses Taiwan request for new fighter jets – report
    - Pakistan gave China access to secret U.S. aircraft involved in bin Laden raid, paper says.

  24. Let me remind you that union goons sympathetic to Barack Obama have taken to showing up on the doorsteps of bank executives’ houses in America to threaten and intimidate them.

    Let me also remind you that Barack Obama told Wall Street Executives that he was all that stood in the way of pitchforks coming for them.

    And Barack Obama also called on his supporters to bring guns to knife fights, not to mention to punish their enemies.

    Then there were the August 2009 town halls where virtually every documented act of violence was at the hands of union goons while Think Progress pretended it was the racist tea partiers causing the violence.

    There are countless other examples and through it all, Think Progress cheered it all on.

    In Iowa, Rick Perry said, “I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.” Think Progress has gotten its collective panties in such a tight wad over this the whole staff may have to go commando.

    Think Progress’s (I’m not sure what to call him . . . blogger, I guess, because he sure as heck doesn’t even clear welterweight on the scale of intellectuals in Washington) Matt Yglesias decries Perry for wanting to lynch Ben Bernanke — something Perry did not say. That Yglesias would suggest it says more about how he views Texas than it does Rick Perry.

    The hysteria is ridiculous. It is also a reminder of how the outrage pimps are going to play 2012.

  25. I’ve developed an interest in President Obama ’s speeches not because they are eloquent or uplifting — they are neither — but because of what they reveal about his emotional state of mind. And Mr. Obama’s remarks in Holland, Michigan yesterday are helpful in that respect.
    After once again blaming the economic slowdown on (among other things) the Arab Spring and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Mr. Obama said this:
    Unfortunately, what we’ve seen in Washington the last few months has been the worst kind of partisanship, the worst kind of gridlock — and that gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy…. This downgrade you’ve been reading about could have been entirely avoided if there had been a willingness to compromise in Congress. See, it didn’t happen because we don’t have the capacity to pay our bills — it happened because Washington doesn’t have the capacity to come together and get things done. It was a self-inflicted wound. That’s why people are frustrated. Maybe you hear it in my voice — that’s why I’m frustrated. Because you deserve better. You guys deserve better.
    Mr. Obama then added, “The only thing preventing these bills from being passed is the refusal of some folks in Congress to put the country ahead of party. There are some in Congress right now who would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.”
    About these comments several things can be said, starting with this: There is something highly unusual in watching a president call attention to his own impotence. The president is declaring to the world that he is simply too weak to govern. Not only that, he wants all of America to know that he’s darn frustrated about it. You can even hear it in his voice. The president is frustrated that on his watch, and for the first time in history, America’s credit rating has been downgraded. He’s frustrated that the economy is getting worse rather than better. He’s frustrated taxes aren’t higher. He’s frustrated that his stewardship led to one of the worst mid-term election repudiations in history. And he’s frustrated that he’s overseeing what many people worry is the decline of the American empire.
    The president, who is essentially admitting that he is unable to do anything about this, wants to make sure the country is keenly aware of the state of his emotions, the depth of his frustrations, the deep pain caused by his ineptness. But my guess is that the public isn’t particularly interested in Mr. Obama’s emotional exhibitionism. They care about jobs and growth; they don’t want to hear excuses or complaints, especially since Mr. Obama’s chief selling point in 2008 was that he alone would bring an end to partisanship and gridlock.

  26. As for the president’s claim that some folks in Congress refuse to “put the country ahead of party” and that they would “rather see their opponents lose than see America win”: this repeats a nasty little Obama habit, which is not simply to disagree with his opponents but to impugn their character. The Tea Party and Republican Members of Congress can’t possibly believe that the federal government is too large, spending needs to be reduced, and taxes shouldn’t be raised. And they certainly can’t believe that the philosophy they hold and the policies they embrace are in the best interest of America. It’s easier to assume they are knaves and traitors to their country.
    If there’s anything we have learned about Mr. Obama during the last two-and-a-half years, it is his obsessive need to advertise his moral superiority. He wants us to believe – he is desperate for us to believe – that his motivations are pure, that he is the only adult in Washington, that he is a champion for the national interest while his critics are champions of special interests. It is not enough for Obama to be president; he wants us to believe he’s Sir Galahad.
    As Mr. Obama is increasingly overwhelmed by events, as he and his presidency shrink before our eyes, his worst tendencies are being exacerbated, his narcissism further exposed, his anger at an unaccommodating world more pronounced. A man of supreme self-regard is watching things crumble before his eyes. He is obviously not well equipped to process any of this. It is enough for one to feel, if only for a moment, some pity for Mr. Obama. These are not easy days for him, and certainly not for his country.

  27. Some truth about Michelle Bachmann. I know all of you are on board with her views.


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