Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Excuses Obama’s Jobs Jibberish Isn’t Working


Talk is cheap...time to DO SOMETHING!

Obama doesn't give a-damn about anybodies job except those of the unions.

The government does not and can not create jobs...only the private sector can create jobsThe main stream media is doing everything they can to prop Obama and the Democratic Party up. It's like watching a comedy show watching them spin everything the President and Democrats do. The liberal economic theories aren't working. It's time we start looking at the facts of what the liberal agenda has done to our economy and the world economy. It's not just the Tea Partiers that are saying the Obama policies are dragging us down. World leaders are saying the same thing. We all know what Obama is doing to Boeing and now to the electric companies. This will not create jobs. If companies want to do business in this country who in their right mind would make it more difficult? Who in their right mind would make energy costs go up by closing coal mines? Does that help the manufacturing we have left? Is making energy and labor more expensive in this country going to keep jobs here? The policies aren't working. They have never worked anywhere but in the minds of liberal professors and liberal ideologues. More of the same will do nothing but break our economy faster. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on what the Obama liberal policies have done to this country. Our Campaigner and Chef has been community organizing our country to look like the inner city of Detroit. But he has no problem partying it up and collecting $35,800 checks from the "rich fat cats".


  1. We are indeed a Nation without a Leader just a inexperianced Community Orgaizer who has NO use for Private Sector. This brilliant mind cannot be doing what he is encouraging without a purpose. To me that purpose is quite simply to lower OUR Nation to European type Socialism and to bring OUR great Nation to its Knees Economically. Regime idea of good Government is a Government that RULES and does not Govern and the SHEEP of this Nation just listen to their Herder. When there are more SHEEP than PATRIOTS OUR Nation dies and becomes Third World Nation that history will say "What were they Thinking?" as I do now!

  2. WTF is up with the stock market? It turns out that raising out debt was a bad idea.

    I have to agree with Al. We are leaderless. The Republicans better find someone that is strong because they will be getting a worse economy then Obama got from Bush.

  3. Anon, Actually it wasn't raising the debt. It was the republican threat of default and the austerity measures in the deal.

    90 out of 100 economists will tell you that cutting spending during a weak recovery will kill the recovery. The other 10 say its possible and the non-economist Tea Party says, "Economic Growth! we don't need no economic growth.

  4. Where do you get your comment that, "90 out of 100 economists will tell you that cutting spending during a weak recovery will kill the recovery. The other 10 say its possible and the non-economist Tea Party says, "Economic Growth! we don't need no economic growth." You just make things up and try and pass them as fact. I have been watching the downturn very closely and most of the economist on CNBC said it is our debt and spending that is causing this. It is also the debt and spending that is causing this meltdown in EU and Asia markets as well.

    If it was "the republican threat of default and the austerity measures in the deal" like you say it would have dropped before we passed the bill.

    Obama and you libs want to make us more like Europe. How stupid is that? Thanks to the Democratic Party we are spot on the path to becoming Greece and the rest of Europe. Great job Joe. You must be one happy anarchist?

  5. PS we can't afford to "keep spending" Joe! You may want to screw the kids and make them pay for mindless spending, but I couldn't steal from my own child or anyone elses. That is as cold hearted as anyone could be. A childs piggy bank isn't safe in a liberals household. Liberals would take the sucker out of a babies mouth. How can you liberal look at your selfish selves and not get sick?

  6. Joe I thought the regime already tried that spend thingy to get economy moving. If economy getting worse is your idea of progress I got a bridge to sell ya!

    On one side we have the Libs who scream Tax the rich yet extended the Bush Tax cuts in December. I believe this is feeling strongly both ways!

    On the other side we have the blue blood Republicans who feel strongly until they actually have to feel strongly then cave in to the regime and where are the CUTS needed to address Our Unsubtainable Deficit?

    Both sides had NO problem SPENDING Our Nation to the Brink of Disaster. The same enthusiasm must be used CUTTING! There can be NO more SPENDING without FUNDING. Politicans have way to many special interest and lobbiest to satisfy. Politicans had better awaken. Tea Party will be the only Special Interest group that counts in 2012 and that would be the VOTERS. Both partys had better heed Citizens demands or they simply will be FIRED. My only concern is 2012 may come to late to keep us from becoming Greece at which time all bets are off on wheather this Great Nation will be destroyed from the inside by Politicans WE have Elected!


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