Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obama Can Make A Comeback If He Changes His Liberal Ways.

Obama has a real chance to do what is right for him and the country. First he needs to give up his attacks on the Republican Party. It's time he starts acting like the POTUS. He needs to make a strong move to the middle if he wants to save his presidency. He also needs to piss off the left-wing of this country and world. Obama needs to realize that liberals are worthless to him because they will never be happy unless we become a socialist country were they get everything for free and don't have to work for anything. As far as I'm concerned those are the throw away Americans.

If Obama puts all his attention on the private sector to create jobs and less on spending and raising taxes it will serve us all. Now the liberals wont be happy with this because they wont get their free loading selves taken care of by the government. But most Americans want to work and that will do it.


  1. My problem with President Obama is that he hasn't been liberal enough.

    He's already in the center.

    The problem is, Chris, you and your friends are so far right, you can't even see the center any more.

  2. Yea what this Nation is is more Liberal. If you haven't noticed we cannot afford what we got.
    Bruce there is not Center. Has'nt been for years. Besides being in the center is well being a moderate, Standing for nothing! Regime seemed to me to be pretty LEFT when they told republicans to get in the back seat they were driving. Well that was certainly a expensive tank of Gas!

  3. The Conservatives got us in the mess we're in and they want to keep us there for political gain.

    All you have to do is look at the record number of filibusters.

    Mitch McConnell admitted his top priority was not putting Americans back to work, it is defeating President Obama. At least he was honest about one thing, putting Americans back to work is not on his list of things to do.

  4. Bruce Both parties got us into this MESS! That is a FACT!

    Was Nobama honest when he said with Stimulus UNEMPLOYMENT would not go above 8%? What happened? He had full CONTOLL of Congress and yet he FAILED!

    Was Nobama honest when he said at the 2010 SOTU address that he would laser in on jobs? He had full CONTROL of Congress and Yet he Failed!

    Was Nobama honest when he said he would get us out of the two WARS? He had full CONTROL of Congress yet he FAILED!

    Was Nobama honest when he said he would CLOSE GITMO? He had full CONTOL of Congress yet he FAILED!

    McConnel was RIGHT I believe Nobama must be DEFEATED if hes NOT Nobamas top PRIORITY has NEVER been putting Americans back to work.

    Nobama with full CONTROL of Congress FAILED at Job Creation. Why?

    A record of FAILURE is going to be tuff to DEFEND thats why the NASTYs have started so soon.

    Middle Class has SUFFERED the MOST with this regimes FAILUREs and just like 2010 another Liberal Shelacking is its way. FAILURE does not get Nobama REELECTED! It must really SUCK to be a LIBERAL now!

  5. Al, you should study these charts very carefully before you appoint blame to both parties.

    I think even you can see which party bears the brunt of responsibility for where we are.

    President Obama has stopped combat operations in Iraq and we will be scaling down operations in Afghanistan. If it were up to the Republicans we'd be in both wars indefinitely.

    True enough he hasn't closed Gitmo, but I would bet anything that as soon as he proposed closing Gitmo completely, Republicans would be howling to keep it open.

    Republicans are the ones that have blocked all efforts to create jobs because it does involve spending money on infrastructure.

    President Obama and the Democrats did stop the deep sixing of the economy that Bush and the Republicans put is in.

  6. Bruce Sometimes NO most of the time what you say well is Nobamist!

    2006 to 2010 Whom Controlled House?

    2009 2010 Whom Controlled the complete Legislative Branches of Government. Nobama and his band of Merry Liberals could do anything they wanted. They Passed Socialized Insurance with NO problem.

    Why did they not get us of the Wars that are now Indeed his?

    Why did he NOT close GITMO? He had the Power!

    Liberals had complete CONTROLL and did what to Create Jobs?

    Nobama as SPENT almost 4 Trillion dollarssince coming to POWER,almost as much as Bush in 8 years. Where are those Jobs?

    Middle Class as been damaged greatly by this Regime. 2010 is just the Begining and the only thinbg that could save this Regime would be JOBS.There is NO reason to expect results from a Community Orgaizer who had the Power to SAVE Our Economy and FAILED to do it. Middle Class will speak again so get ready for anoth Shelacking cause this Regime really needs it BUTTOCK kicked and it will happen in 2012!

    Keep that paper machet head at the ready and Tin foil wont hurt ya either!

  7. Chris, Al

    here's a few points you guys don't understand.

    1. Cutting spending results in lower GDP and more unemployed not less.

    2. The private sector has been adding jobs, but the public sector is cutting them, which keeps unemployment up. It will only get worse with austerity measures.

    3. We are getting out of the wars and have been reducing troops from Iraq until next year they will all be gone. You did not see a buildup of troops in Libya and they started pulling troops out of Afghanistan after the needed buildup.

    4. The middle class hasn't been damaged by this regime at all. The effects the middle class is feeling all stem from a large market correct and unregulated derivative banking that occurred prior to his election.

    5. As for closing Gitmo that's an issue he swung to the right on and you both are criticizing him for it. Interesting that Chris suggests he needs to move right and then you attack him when he does.

    We've had a very centrist government from Obama other than a few things like Health Care. I can't see where he has been that left at all. This is the same thing the right did with Clinton who was very much a pragmatic centrist.

  8. 1.Lowering spending helps get our credit rating back and lifts the wait off of the private sector that will have higher taxes as a result. That is why the economy hasn't recoved but gotten much worse since Obama has done what he has done. You have theories and they don't match up with the reality that we have lost more jobs then created because of the spending bills. That is a fact Joe.

    2.Why are we still at a 9.1% unemployment with a real unemployment of 18% or higher? It's hard to argue against the facts.

    3.We have been having more casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last year or so. Saying we are getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan is inevitable no matter who is president. But Obama wont be the one to get us out of these wars. He has only got us into more wars and has been losing ground in the wars we should be winning or out of if we can't win. The Obama/Afghan surge hasn't been going very well has it?

    4.Joe the middle class is who is in this recession. Saying the "middle class hasn't been damaged by this regime at all" is just crazy talk. We have yet to get out of this recession by every economic marker. 9.1% unemployment with a real unemployment over 18% is reality. That is the middle class that is damaged. Obama hasn't fixed one thing since he has lasered in on the economy and jobs. He hasn't fixed anything. Just because you say the economy is doing well doesn't mean it's true.

    5.I don't want Gitmo closed. But Obama has flipp flopped on that just like he did on the wars. I think he did the right thing with keeping Gitmo open. He was wrong on saying that closing Gitmo and running away from Iraq when he was a Senator.

    Health care hasn't done what it was supposed to. Health insurance costs have gone up 8.9% this year. It has slowed our recovery and businesses hate it. Clinton became a pragmatic president because the votes put in Reps that would make it happen. That is what saved his presidency. Just think what would have happened if we had Hillary Care? At least Clinton was smart enough to change coarse and go to the right. That alone should tell you how impotent the left wing ideology is if Clinton abandoned it and became successfull because of it. The things that made Clinton successful; are his right-wing adaptions. Liberalism has always been an failure and it always will be. The proof is in the pudding.

  9. To me Job Creation has not Occurred if so why has unemployment rate remain steady. Middle Class has been ignored by the regime and that cost the regime in 2010. Regarding Jobs, Economy this regime has delievered NOTHING just talk. Small Business are the largest Job Employers in Our Economy yet they have been regulated into the "PARK" position. Regime driving the auto cannot get it out of PARK and does not KNOW how to. Most Cars you hit the Brakes first just like OUR spending and the Car will move along if Government does not steer it into the ditch as this regime has!

    I just look at the record of the regime 2 full years total control and what has the regime done for the Middle Class? I am begining to hear the ole UNEMPLOYMENT checks will stimualte the Economy again. What is and will occurr with Everlasting benifits is Everlasting UNEMPLOYMENT. Helping out the needy no problem Creating whole knew Dependency aint going to work WE cannot afford it.
    I am a simple man but without Jobs all other Social Programs or Entitlements will go POOF! Government cannot survive paying out more than it has and will collapse. Private Sector is the Solution and Government is the Problem. A Government attempting to Pick winners and losers will make ALL losers. Just my opinion!

  10. That is why he is known as Cazy Joe.


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