Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Santelli Blast CNBC Guest For Calling Tea Partiers ‘Freaked Out White Men Who Are Unemployed’

Everyone is getting sick and tired of the MSM narrative about the Tea Party. Get used to us because we are here to stay.


  1. Ricks a classic, stand up patriot, and usually calls it right on the money with leftist BS that is being spewed in the country.

  2. Mark,
    Stand up patriot? What does that mean anyway? He's a shill for the RNC and most of all Wall street. there's nothing patriotic about how he convinces people that what is in their best interest is wrong and that what is in his and his rich friends is right.

  3. What it means, Joe, is he's un-afraid to speak his mind on what he feels is right vs. wrong in our country and defends what this nation is all about since it beginnings, vs. where the left want to take it. He expresses his views to people of what HE feels is in the best interest of our nation. There is no proof he is convincing anyone of anything. It just so happens that there are a lot of people who "share" his views.
    I happen to agree with his views.... And I am far from being rich. Nor do I have rich friends.
    Joe, being on the right is not a state of your wallet, but a state of mind of liberty, to be free enough to reach your goals in life without the federal government getting in the way the majority of the time.


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