Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Need A Leader That Leads

Both the left and right-wing see the lack of leadership from President Obama. After all his failed policies it's no wonder why he is afraid to do anything but campaign and talk on TV. That seems to be all he is good at. The economy is going to be in the crapper for the next two years and that is why the FED held interest rate low for this unprecedented long time. It shows what little confidence the FED has in what Obama has done to our economy. That one act speaks volumes about our economy over the next few years. Not only do they think it will be a rough ride but a long one as well. 


  1. In reality the simple undertsanding that Auserity Measures tend to limit GDP growth has a lot to do with it.

  2. Joe where are those austerity measures? The politicans screwed with the debt ceiling and actuall fixed nothing. Austerity is not the solution CUTS are and what they have CUT is litterally a drop in bucket to what has to be done.

    Politicans are back home,Obama is going on vacation. In the end that may the begining of a solution. With all politicans out of dodge SPENDING should be cutailed. Only problem INTEREST on DEBT dont stop!

    Obama is the pied piper leading this country to economic doom. What is his plan on any economic measure? Once again where are those JOBs? My guess hiding in that 2400+ socialized Insurance bill that had to be passed to see whats in it.


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