Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis: Why Do Liberals Always Side With Murderers?

This man, Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a cop. This case has been looked at time and time again over the last 20 of so years. There have been many executions over the years, so why are the liberals and main stream media standing behind a cop killer? They have all but martyred this man in the media. They aren't marching for the babies that get killed every day through abortion. Once again they stand with the killer and not the killed. When have the liberals marched for a family of a murder victim? Do you think that it was an accident that a cop killer was chosen for this?

The liberals and main stream media say that capital punishment isn't a deterrent for crime. I ask then what punishment does detour crime? Would they put money in a parking meter if there wasn't a chance of getting a ticket? If you think punishment doesn't detoured crime then you are ignorant. This says a lot about liberals and what they stand for.

I'd like to know what you think about the liberals love of cop killers and baby killers?


  1. The question isn't why Liberals oppose it but why don't you? I will answer your question though about my personal feelings although that won't account for what all Liberals think.

    You have a right to your body in my view of our liberties. Its a libertarian belief to me, not liberal. While it is in your body you can do what you want. Once it leaves your body it is own thing. As such i don't support partial birth abortions.

    The "its life" or all that other stuff doesn't come into play with me. Your body your right. Its not the governments right to start deciding when life starts inside MY BODY. In their own they can have at it.

    But my feelings have changed some. I now oppose tax payer funding for abortion except as part of crisis healthcare for the mother. If people want to use it as essentially lousy means of birth control they can pay for it.

    And these days i would argue against abortion and more for wider availability of Plan B and RU 48. Dealing with bad decisions at a cellular level as quickly as possible is a better way of dealing with any mistakes. And i know that, just like corporations people will take advantage of the loophole to cover for their promiscuous and lewd behavior.

    I don't plan on taking away cars or beer because some people drive drunk. Same goes for those.

  2. What about the God given right to life that all Americans have? I don't have the right to do to my body as I please. If I wanted to kill myself I don't have that right? Suicide is illegal. The government doesn't determan what life is. Science does. You can't be against science now can you? But you would take away the childs right to life if they want to drive drunk? See how stupid that sounds? You don't kill a baby because you think you have the right. People had the right to enslave another person that didn't make it right. Abortion is around because men like it. They never have to be the one to pull the trigger and kill the baby and they don't have to pay

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful post Joe. Just look at what sceince says about when life starts. Religion also tells us when life startts. Jesus was God and man at conseption. Jews also value the unborn in their religion. Hindu,Buhdist, Shinto all believe that life starts at the beginning. We know that a life is ended in abortion. That tells you that it is a life and under the Constitution it is to be protected.

    Why do liberals chose a cop killer to defend? They always take the side of the convicted?

  4. Chris,
    To me and some others, until its out of my body it is not living on its own and therefore not alive in the single entity sense. Until the body decides its ready to leave the body it is an extension of the body not its own single entity.

    And i have read that many of the Jewish faith do not accept that a fetus has a soul until the moment of birth. That life is precious but it is not a being, just a body until it is actually born.

  5. Chris,
    Actually the prime movers politically for the right to abortion is women, not men.

    No, if you wish to discuss the killing of something in my body by an outside person without my consent that is a separate issue. If i choose to attempt to have a baby and while i am in the process of creating that baby (pregnancy) you or someone else through either negligence or malicious intent render it unable to survive you are in fact killing it. You have taken the potential away from a choice of mine, not yours. So its all in the libertarian belief that you killed the choice i made.

    My belief is grounded in individual rights of your own body. Only i can determine what lives or dies within my body.


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