Monday, October 3, 2011

800 Liberal Protesters Arrested On Brooklyn Bridge, Tea Party Still Has 0 Arrests

NYPD warned crowds of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters that they would be arrested before the swarm marched on the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday:
The videos were released by the police Sunday morning, which show officers issuing two separate warnings to marchers. As the officers warned the protesters that they would be charged with disorderly conduct, the crowds chanted “Take the bridge, take the bridge.”
The Times writes that the release of these videos back police claims that “it was the marchers’ choice that led to the police arresting about 800 people,” and that the protesters were not tricked by the police.
That is a lot of people arrested in just one protest. This seems to be the liberal way. Destroy and disrupt. The Tea Party has yet to have one arrest and we don't destroy anything after we have a rally. The funny thing is these mindless liberals don't even know why they are rioting. No one has a clear answer. But one thing is for sure they are all liberals and will continue to disrupt our society unless they are locked up for their lawlessness. Is chaos the only answer to these liberals?



  1. Anonymous Occupy The Planet. Here we Go! Time for the 99% to rise up against the 1%. (to imply chaos and disorder) Anarchy is actually quite a noble political position. No to hierarchical power structures,. voluntary cooperation, consensus building,. many great political ideas come from the anarchist political ideal. The difficulty with practical anarchy is that it requires a strong community of like minded individuals to create a culture that supports and maintains the ideals. With out cops you need social pressures to keep people from abusing power,. when people take too much from the community those around them must talk them down, keeping the social balance.

    The current corporate capitalist system destroys community at every turn,. divides the community to weaken it's power. Keeps people over worked so they have no time to participate in community,. and so on.


    Anyway, Anonymous is just one facet of the current revolution,. an affinity group of OccupyWallSt,. . and their actions that further the cause are quite welcome. No one person has the whole answer,. this is why we need to come together as a community and generate consensus on the biggest problems,. and this is happening now. Don't expect a white knight to fix this for you,. get out there and make your dreams known, so we can build them as a group.

    from Anonymous:

  2. those were infiltrators and independent voters. And there have been Tea Party arrests. I've linked them what 15 times already and you just ignore them never clicking so you can remain ignorant.

    And you were an/are an elder. (rolling eyes)

  3. Name one time Joe when a Tea Partier got arrested. 15 times? I think not Joe. I'd love to see where a Tea Partier got arrested at a rally. Pray tell Joe. You can roll your eyes all you want Joe. Joe, why do you side against Gods Word almost every time? (rolling eyes). Why do you always side with murders and thugs?(rolling eyes). You know better and yet you always take the side of evil. You can't even say that these people are acting like lawless idiots. They don't even understand why they are all doing it. You wouldn't even acknowlege the fact that the Tea Party cleans up after themselves when you libs make a pig pen out of our public places.

  4. JoeC said...
    "those were infiltrators and independent voters". 800 arested and that is your responce?

  5. Fortunately this mindset is only 20% of the population.
    Tea Partiers disrupted the achievements of that 20% in 2010 from the voting booth and will do so in 2012.
    This Oligarchy anarchist will soon have to go back to their classrooms to continue the brainwashing they get from their liberal college professors who educated them (snicker) on who caused the finical meltdown in 2008. The very same meltdown these nut jobs are protesting against right now.
    Problem is, this morons are camping out on Wall Street, when they should be at the US Capital protesting the state of the economy.

  6. They are protesting corp. bailouts. Didn't obama do most of the bailouts? GM,Chrysler,Solyndra...A lot of people are waiting for their obamamoney


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