Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Liberal Anonymous Threaten Economic Terrorism On NYSE Oct.10

Since Occupy Wall Street protests began mid-September, the hacker collective Anonymous has been posting its support for protesters and threats against those like the New York Police Department, on its YouTube channel. In its most recent post, Anonymous threatens to “erase” the New York Stock Exchange from the Internet.

Anonymous includes instruction on its video for people to "JOIN THE RAID".
On October 10. Watch the group’s video threat of a day that will “never, ever be forgot:”
Anonymous confirms its DDoS attack with its “Message to the People”:
Is this what "democracy looks like"? Liberals are showing that they are no different then the Islamic terrorist they support. I think we are only starting to see the beginning of the terrorism from the left-wing in this country. They say they are "peaceful" but their actions say otherwise. If the Tea Party did anything even close to the lawlessness coming from the left-wing it would be front page for months.

These liberals are dangerous and will stop at nothing to get their way. Our jails and prisons are full with liberals. And they will get even more full by the time winter hits and they go back into hiding.

We the People are getting sick of the liberal violence and threats of terrorism in this country and others. We are watching what the liberals and unions are doing to nations like Greece.

Maybe it's time that Obama dust off the new and Obama improved Patriot Act and go after these liberal terrorists. The liberals didn't bitch much when Obama made the Patriot Act even more invasive to American citizens. They never thought that it could be used against them. Only when Bush was president did that thought go into their minds. It is obvious that these liberals are the enemy of the USA and we need to treat them as such. I'm sure they will love Gitmo this time of year. LOL

Obama needs to act like the POTUS and speak out about these liberal groups that supported him. He needs to address their threats of terrorism and violence. I know he has all but given up leading this country and focused totally on campaigning to keep his job. But this country needs a leader that puts this country first.

This country is on the edge anyways. We don't need liberal terrorist pushing us over the edge.


  1. The guy is an F'en moron. He is going to attack nyse.COM ?
    NOTHING is traded on the website dot-com.
    The guys is about as smart as those fools siting down on Wall Street.

  2. they are terrorist. lets see what they do

  3. Yeah, these guys are just like terrorists. You know the ones that plant bombs at Olympics, next to Federal buildings and shoot the ushers in church.

    wait those terrorists were all conservatives...damn


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