Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Refuses to Allow Civil Rights Icon to Speak at Protest

‘John Lewis is Not Better Than Anyone!’ the crowd says together. No they are acting as many of us have labeled them drones. They sound just like Borg drones from Star Trek the Next Generation…. seriously!
Quite frankly I dont find what they are doing amusing its very disturbing. These people are demonstrating 1) no respect for Lewis 2) they will take direction/ orders from anyone. Who is to say they wont strike out physically and invoke violence when someone calls for it? Who is to say when one of their own who deservingly incites the police gets arrested there isnt a call to lash out at the police. Dont say it cant happen, these peoples mouths are watering for a fight! After all they mimic themselves off of the 60′s protests and we know they had their share of violence.
These people regardless of their rhetoric for violence have demonstrated they are loose cannons easily influenced to act by their handlers word. Stay clear of this folks they want conservs, TEA party ppl there to attack and blame as enablers of everything they are protesting about! You see you are tied to the GOP/repubs in their eyes and the GOP/repubs are tied to the evil bankers and corporations so its all your fault!
Let them stew and get themselves in trouble… this thing is a hornets nest!
The mob dictatorship chose to not give the Congressman the time of day because allowing him to speak was not supported by a consensus.  At 8:35 of this video from covering the disturbing quorum, the mob silences several crowd members attempting to apoligize to Rep. Lewis:

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  1. Bbbbbbut I'M JOHN LEWIS! A United States CONGRESSMAN! If this isn't the funniest thing I've seen all day! Supported by Obama and Pelosi, this gang of parrots dissing this idiot from Georgia is priceless! I swear, his facial expressions are worth the price of admission!


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