Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy The Hood Started Because Of Racism At The "Occupy" Riots

After seeing a post on this blog from an Occupy The Hood member I started looking into them. It turns out they started OTH because of the racism towards blacks and Jews at the Occupy rallies. It got so bad for blacks at some Occupy rallies they had to separate from the white ralliers. Many black ralliers were told by OWS to not talk about that part of the movement.

OWS is doing it's best to stop this from hitting the main stream media. I have made it a point to go on the Occupy The Hood Facebook pages and web sites and post how wrong it was the way OWS treated them. I also point out the fact that it's being covered up by the media. Then I tell them they should write all the papers and news stations about this racial injustice.

The way I look at it if Obama can community organize so can we. Take a spin over to OTH Facebook and do some community organizing. I've also be going on many of the OWS pages and getting them cranked up about the Democratic Party. I push for a third Party...It's better then TV. With a little guidance and a soft sell the OWS kids are like putty.

Don't forget to have fun. You will be surprised how many young fans of a third Party there are. You'll get a lot of LIKE's.


  1. How funny. I left a post today. They do like Ron Paul and the Green Party. I can't believe what these people are saying. Someone needs to report them to Homeland.

  2. Chris, that's some spin your putting on it. The Occupy the hood page doesn't even say that. Could you link to the antiSemitism part especially? Here i linked the Occupy the Hood official release about it.

    Why African Americans aren’t embracing Occupy Wall Street?

    Your once again taking something out of context and attempting to turn into something its not. The OTH is not on your side of the Occupy movement, in fact it is more militant than Occupy and at conservatives. LMAO. Your a joke.


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