Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama Lied About Obamacares Cost

As if we didn't know that Democrats are liars, they get caught lieing about the cost of Obamacare. Liar Obama said the cost would be under $1 trillion. The CBO just released new projections to the cost of this failed health care bill. The real cost is double at $1.67 trillion.

This health care bill is Obama and the Democratic Parties shinning star. I'm sure they will all say they didn't read the bill, as if that is an excuse.

As if having Obamacare attack our religious freedoms isn't enough we have this bill coming up. If this guy gets a second term he will get impeached just like the last Democrat.


  1. Awwwww, at least we didn't invade a nation because of those lies under Obama and get 4000+ troops killed and a hundred thousand civilians killed.

    Oh, and it cost 5 or 6 times what they originally said too. Feel free to checkout Rumy's of Wolfies cost estimates. Google is awesome.

  2. You make the accusations like all dumb libs but can't back it up with proof. If you are talking about WMD Iraq had them. They used them on the Kurds. That is why no one pressed charges. You really are a dimwit!

  3. Chris, they had them when? Almost all of what Colin Powell presented to the UN was false. Yes, they found some old missiles hidden but nothing connected to a purported Nuke program.

    Saddam gassed the Kurds on March 16th, 1988 and we invaded in 2003. That's 15 years late. Typical used car salesman.


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