Friday, March 2, 2012

Should Republicans Talk About Leaving Afghanistan Before Obama Does?

Things aren't going too well in Afghanistan since the Quran burning. 6 Americans have lost their lives. Obama hasn't made things better with his apology. Now I hear that these men that burned the 4 Qurans might face charges. These men didn't do anything wrong. The terrorists were the ones that defiled those Qurans.

I understand Obama needs the Afghanistan massive lithium deposits for the batteries for his green energy. But this war will take years to stablise this country so we can mine the lithium. Are we willing to spend that kind of time there? I can't see green energy worth it. And it is obvious that the Afghans don't want what we want.

I'm sure Obama will make the case for leaving Afghanistan to energize the left. Maybe the Republicans need to make the case for leaving before Obama does. What do you think?


  1. So your saying that the right should just start talking about the war as a political football? Nice to see you care about our troops Chris!

  2. I do care about our troops even though Obama doesn't. I also know that Obama will do what he did the last election. Use the wars as political footballs. Since we know Obama will do it it is just disarming his use of the political football. I believe we need to look at getting out of Afghanistan because of how they have reacted to the burning of defiled Qurans.

    Anon., what do you think about the Obama admin. not taking pressing charges on the soldiers off the table? They didn't even do anything wrong and Obama is acting like they did. The detainees are the ones that defiled the Quarans. They broke Islam law not our soldiers.

    What do you think about Obama saying his apology worked when it clearly hasn't?

  3. Chris,
    Accidents in the military have consequences under the UCMJ and that's how that works. They'll get an article 15 and go on about their lives. They won't be court-martialed or turned over to the afghans.

  4. Obama hates the military AND this country - all of his bowing and apologizing has weakened us in the eyes of the world.

  5. What about the detainees that did the defiling of the Qurans? The Quran doesn't speak about how to dispose of defiled Qurans. Those soldiers didn't do anything wrong by burning those books. Islam tradition says that they could be buried or burnt if they have been defiled. So why isn't the President telling the world that these men didn't do anything wrong according to the Quran and Islamic tradition? To go after these men in any way is an injustice. It wouldn't even be on the table. Why is he ignoring what the Afghanies have done while at the same time blaming our soldiers?

    As Firebird has posted, it sure does look like he cares more for Islam and the Afghanies then America and our soldiers. His actions speak louder then words.

  6. Firebird, is full of nothing but conjecture. She can't know anything about what Obama feels so we'll just disregard her personal beliefs. For Muslims captured and kept separated using the Quran to convey messages back and forth would not be considered Defiling the Quran. It would be God's way of giving them communication with others.

    And the correct way to dispose of a Flag is to burn it, but you see people get all firebirded up when people do that. It's not the action, its the reverence behind the action that makes the act important. The soldiers did not.

    "Burning isn’t a popular choice, because fire is associated with the devil as well as the early rival religion Zoroastrianism, but some scholars find it acceptable. Saudi religious authorities place burning on par with burial, as long as it’s done ritually on mosque property. They point out that Uthman ibn Affan, a friend to the prophet and early caliph, sanctioned the burning of nonconforming Qurans after compiling the official version. Other scholars view burning as a last resort, for example, in an emergency situation to prevent the book from being defiled. After burning, the ashes should be buried or scattered over water."

    So they burned the Quran in a burn pit and did not dispose of the ashes in the correct way, hmmmm sounds like it's not acceptable and Obama can't tell the world it is. And like Most religions of the world, the scholars seem to pick and choose what is important and what is not.

  7. I'm waiting for you to follow all the laws of Leviticus instead of the sections of the old testament you and other agree with.

    But you'll come back and tell me that Leviticus only applies to Israel yet still hold Homosexual sex as against God. Strange, Christians picking and choosing the rules.

  8. You can't take the Old Testement without the New. We don't eat Kosher because of the Gosples. That isn't picking and choosing. Talk about something you know next time. Like gow to go against the Bible. That's something you libs know something about.

  9. I am one of the many democrats that will stay home this election. I can't in good conscience vote for President Obama again.

  10. Did anyone hear about the hate crimes at Occupy Oakland? Tons of arrests.

  11. Where in the New Testament does it say you can pick and choose what old testaments rules Christians are required to follow? Show me that verse please.

  12. It is all over the place. That is why all Christian churches don't follow Jewish Kosher laws. They have all studied the Bible a lot more then either of us and that is why. Have some common sense. Why don't you show me where in the New Testement where we must follow these Jewish Laws?

  13. Oh Boy, another liberal giving a free pass to the radicals of Islam prisoners "It's not the action, its the reverence behind the action that makes the act important. The soldiers did not."
    The soldiers didn't do it out of hate, they did it out of security reasons.
    Oh, BTW, NATO and the Karzai Government will hold an open trial against the soldiers

  14. Another non-serving conservative reading the Crazy world net daily and hyping its outdated bits acting like they love the military.

    If any action is taken against American troops involved, it would have come under the U.S. military justice system, officials with the international coalition have said. Associated Press, Published: March 2

    Stop reading the WND and all the GOP talking points.

    And no one said they did anything out of hate, not me anyway. So that's a just a throw away for the sake of muddying the water.

  15. Why are the only cuts Obama is willing to make is with our military?

  16. Anon, you didn't even read the link, did you?
    IF you had, you would have found a link in the post that directly sends you to the Afganistan Governments Website, which it has publicly stated would, in cooperation with NATO, bring those US soldiers responsible to an open trial.

    You threw in "reverence" and "The soldiers did not" So you made your point, which I cut down to size.


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