Tuesday, February 16, 2010

According To Keith Olbertmann We Are All Racist

Wow now this guy thinks all white people have some racism in them. Well everyone but Keith Olbertmann and his father. And he calls Beck crazy? Carnival in Germany features this float:
one-term-blunder.jpgI had to add these. They are just too funny, just like the comic Keith Olbortmenn. I think it would be fun to just print that Blunder one and put it in the back of my car window.


  1. You'll have to link to view, but it's quite funny:

    Where are the black faces?


    Oh Here's Some Black Faces:


  2. Should have privatized:

    U.S. Census Wastes Millions before the Counting Begins by The MaryHunter


    The Census Bureau wasted $millions$ in preparation for its 2010 population count

    Federal investigators caution the excessive charges could multiply once the $15B headcount begins in earnest next month unless the agency imposes tighter spending controls, according to excerpts of a forthcoming audit obtained by The Associated Press.

    25% cost overrun to the tune of $88 million. The waste found by investigators included:

    --More than 10,000 census employees were paid over $300 apiece to attend training for the massive address-canvassing effort, but they quit or were otherwise let go before they could perform any work. Cost: $3 million.

    --Another 5,000 employees collected $300 for the same training, and then worked a single day or less. Cost $1.5 million.

    --23 temporary census employees were paid for car mileage costs at 55 cents a mile, even though the number of miles they reported driving per hour exceeded the total number of hours they actually worked.

    --Another 581 employees who spent the majority of their time driving instead of conducting field work also received full mileage reimbursements, which investigators called questionable.

  3. That moonbatery is a good site. I like the picture of the float in Germany. It looks like the EU is not to happy with Obama either. And people around the world are burning pictures of Obama just like they did with Bush. Nothing has changed. Obama is nothing more then Bush times 10. And without all of Bush's atributes. They are making toilet bowl seats with Obamas face on it in China. It is the #1 selling toilet bowl seat in the world. We wont see them sold here because Obama will sue them for using his likeness on a product. I think it is discusting what world thinks of our country. But it is their problem not ours.

  4. John remember the man with the gun at a TEA Party Rally? They showed it all the time on the news. But they left out the part were he is black. I don't know about you but I seen a lot of black conservatives at the TEA Parties in Troy and Fraser. I didn't however see any black faces at the left wing riots or protests. I didn't see one in the Glenn Beck Protest in Lansing. The liberals must all be racist too. Or maybe the black just don't do that kind of protesting. Kind of funny how that make the jump to racism on everything. It is embaracing how they throw out the race card at the drop of the hat. Why aren't the blacks calling out racism? It's because they know it isn't real.
    They want to label us all racist because they can deal with that.

  5. Apparently if you can only forget Obummer is black when he is giving a speech you aren't racist? LOL, that Chris Matthews clip always makes me laugh!

    I wish they had a video clip of Harry Reid talking about how he was so thankful that Obummer was a lighter-colored negro, and how Obummer can turn the negro dialect on and off at will, so that Hypocrats would vote for him and not realize he was a black man. I wish they had video of Reid apologizing to Obummer for saying that too. Because, really, what's to apologize for if you did nothing wrong?! LOL

    Hey Chris, get a look at who is running in the Mississippi 1st District:


    I hope she's ready to be called an "Aunt Tom" and whatever else those racist Hypocrats throw at her!

  6. You've given it your best shot, you've tried numerous times to talk with the Republicans, to negotiate, to meet them halfway on every single matter before the American people. But they hate you for many reasons. It's time you break kneecaps. It's time to destroy the Republican Party. They don't deserve a seat at the table when all they want to do is score political points by being the Party of No. We must win the battles and the war against the surge of conservativism. It's time to take down the Republican Party. LA, Cali all the way brah.

  7. Chris, the Beck protest didn't have people of color, but it did have special needs and physically disabled (FAILk) people there, so they have that going for them. LOL

  8. This is, I believe, just a poll of Americans and not voters, so it doesn't mean a lot to me. But it is still quite funny:

    52% say Obama doesn't deserve reelection
    By Michael O'Brien - 02/16/10


  9. ROFLMAO ... Even the Hypocrats don't like Obummer! LOL

    Connecticut Democratic Senate Snubs Obama: Won't Say If He Wants President To Campaign For Him 02-16-10 12:15 PM



    New Haven Independent:

    Barack Obama shouldn't expect an invitation from fellow Democrat Dick Blumenthal anytime soon: Blumenthal said in a New Haven stop that the president "may not want to come here" to stump for his U.S. Senate campaign, given how independent he claimed he'll be if elected.

    That turnabout in partisan loyalty emerged Monday night as Blumenthal continued tacking away from his liberal roots --including through newly expanded support for military tribunals for domestic terror suspects.

  10. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has Made Administration Unhappy About His Turn Around on Criminal Trials and the Cost!

    Apparently to Nobama Political Pay Back is More Important than What Concerns Mayor Has About Trials!

    Sorry I Cannot Listen To 9 Minutes of OverBite Im OUT of Pepto!

  11. Wow that was the longest I've ever listened to MSNBC in my life. Usually I get too distracted by Keith's psychadelic pinstripes that I have to turn the TV after a few minutes, not to mention the lisping drivel he's spewing makes my ears bleed. Hey Keith, learn to speak from the center of your mouth for once. Was Bruce your speaking coach when you were a pup?
    Come to think of it maybe it's the hypnotic motion of those pinstripes that make the 60's love children feel like they're tripping and helping to keep this uneducated fool on the air, albeit in what sixth or seventh place in rating but what does that matter when you have the moral high ground.
    I guess when you vote againist the civil rights acts and call Rev King an instigator and ask your party to investigate his actions, it must have been to avoid all the possible backlash that they knew were coming. I suppose I never gave Kennedy enough credit for his foresight. Now unfortunately I think that makes me a Kennedy since I voted againist Obama. Oops

  12. Anonymous -

    That should read "Wow that was the longest I've ever listened to MSDNC in my life."

    Fixed it for you!

  13. FAILk, where are the black or other minority talking heads on MSDNC?



  14. Christopher and John, if you watched MSNBC, you would know that they regularly criticize Democrats and President Obama when the deserve it, which has been more often than I'd like to admit.

    And while they don't have black hosts, they have many, many regular black commentators, Marci Lacewell, Gene Robinson and other, whose names i can't remember. More importantly, they cover subjects important to black Americans.

  15. Bruce , I agree. It is just they ONLY critisize "blue dog" democrats not liberals, there is the distinction.

  16. Bruce Black Americans, White American, Yellow Americans are One Thing BRUCE "AMERICANS"BUT You Have to Seperate Them into Groups and that BRUCE IS Racist SO SHAME on YA!
    Clear Example Bruce of YOU Putting The Cart in Front of The DONKEY!

  17. Al, that's the most stupid thing I think you've said yet.

  18. Bruce If You Think its Stupid I MUST Be RIGHT and I AM! When You Bring UP Race in the Manner YOU Do What Else Am I to ASSUME!

    Bruce Your One Character!

  19. Pathetic, racist MSDNC.

    I don't know how Chris Matthews manages to forget that President Blamebush is black, when it must be so startling to him to see a black man after looking at all that whiteness all day.

    Face it FAILk, anything you say about Fox News being, MSDNC is even more. The only difference: you were on Fox News the other day, so that makes them a lot less reliable in my book! LOL

  20. I hear Rush actually had a black man, Walter Williams, sub for him while he was out. So I guess conservatives win, and liberals are racist as hell. This keeping score stuff is stupid though, but I know how you love to worry about stuff like that FAILk.

  21. I like this. Republicans want a televised jobs conference. Let's see if the Hypocrats are willing to put themselves and their ideas out there like the Republicans are. Also, if they accept and try any BS on the Feb. 25th talks ... well, let's just say the Republicans would have their outlet. LOL ... Hypocrats backed into the corner again by the Republicans. I thought the Hypocrats were the majority? ROFLMAO

    GOP wants televised jobs debate

  22. *chuckle* ... Slow Joe doesn't know ...

    which century we're living in:


    And the AP covers for him:

    Shhh: AP misquotes Biden’s latest dopey gaffe

  23. Olbermann is a boob. So the NHL and all of Scandinavia is racist as well. His illogic is stunning...

  24. Heres Another Fact Rush Limbaughs Main Assistant On Air is A Black Man Who Has Worked with Him for About 18 Years!

  25. Keiths a joke. Why you guys on both sides watch these jokers is beyond me. All of them are hot air. Beck, rush, keith Maddow all of them.

  26. al, So rush has a black friend. lol. isn't that the oldest stereotypical excuse of all time.

    Rush is still a bigot.

  27. As a black man living in a black community I have noticed that it is the Democrats that act racist while it is the Republicans talk racist.

  28. JoeC, I disagree with you 100%. While Keith is a little more bombastic than Rachel, they both do solid journalism. Rachel has broken several stories and has really been on top of several important stories, such as the Republican hypocrisy on the stimulus bill and the Kill the Gays legislation in Uganda that was highly influenced by C Street and other "Christian" organizations.

  29. Anonymous, how is it that Democrats act racist? How about some solid examples?

  30. Solid journalism.hahahahahahaha. That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. John said it right when he called them MSDNC. I used to watch them when they bashed Bush on the deficit,the wars,the Patriot Acts and the partasain politics. But now that the Democrats own the government they say nothing. The Republicans didn't do a good job either. But the Democrats have done much worse on all the issues. And Bruce Anonumous makes a great point. Just look at who is calling out racism and how many African-Americans are working for them.

  31. Herr Olbermansh has been misguided since youth and teachings of his father. He has obviously suffered from an abusive childhood that he continues to use as a hidden excuse to distort the motives of others. His own personal hell and insanity isn’t pretty – just sickening. I could hardly stand to watch those crazed rantings of a mad man.
    To equate that the "Tea Party Movement" is against blacks is INSANE. We welcome them!! I have spoken to some at the events attended. Any and all "clear thinking" Americans are welcome. Especially the ones who are intelligent enough to see past any bias they have held in the past. I don't fear a black president, only the "helpless mindset" he represents. His profession that our government will take care of you, whether you are able-bodied, healthy, or just plain want to ride the gravy train, is a form of infringement on the liberty of taxpayers. That, I cannot agree with.

  32. I agree with you JoeC. And I found out that they don't have any blacks at MSNBC. How can they go around calling anyone a racist when they are acting like racist? Unless you are a person of color I find it suspicious when they use the race card. This was in our last meeting on racism. My eyes were opened up to the amount of racism in the Democratic Party. Here I thought it was just the Republicans. I also saw that many of the policies the Democrats put forth harm the black community.

  33. Hey JoeC Sterotypical Exuse of all Time! Wow Now You Say Truth is a EXCUSE, You Sir Have Passed the LIB Test! Little Surprized BUT Not Shocked!

    Overbite and Madcow Journalist! Bruce Hope You Have Prescription for What Your Taking!

  34. Al, the "i have a black friend" line is an excuse and used as a coverup for the reality of a persons real feelings.

    Rush is still a bigot. His diatribe against McNabb and his double standard on drugs show the reality of how he thinks.

  35. The "diatribe" against McNabb was anything but. It was more against the media and the league for pushing for a black QB to be a star. That was his opinion, and he is allowed to have and state his own opinions. Last time I checked we still had freedom of speech.

    What is his double-standard on drugs?

    You know, I really get sick of both sides proclaiming the other racist. You call Rush a bigot for no reason, other than you disagree with his political stance. Fine. But by your same measuring stick then Harry Reid is a bigot. And by what Harry Reid SAID, he proclaimed that the Democrat Party and many who held their nose and voted for Obama are bigots, because they managed to vote for him because of his light skin, and his ability to turn his negro dialect on and off at will.

    Furthermore, if you say that Reid said nothing wrong, I would just like to point out that he called Obama and apologized to him. If he did nothing wrong he should have nothing to apologize for.

    So now it's not even good enough to have black friends, what do you have to do get married to a black person to show you aren't a bigot?!? LOL

    Hey, have a good weekend Joey.

  36. JoeC You Are a Disapointment JoeC, Words NEVER Spoken Yet You Say Them and Walk ON! Shame!


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