Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'll Help You Spread The Word


  1. Obama speaks (again)

    A year or so ago...
    Said I'd close Guantanamo
    But now...maybe... not so wise.
    Ending wars was my promised plan..
    Then I surged up Afghanistan!
    (But HEY! I got my Nobel prize!)

    Said I hated Georgie B...
    But now I defend my policies
    As ...being so much the same.
    When criticized (Boo! Hoo!)...
    I say, well, "Bushie did it too!"
    (So much for Hope and Change.)

    I was The One for Whom you waited,
    The Golden Era anticipated...
    "Integrity and transparency"....
    But while I was stumping for Lopez' gig...
    Reed -Pelosi fed the pigs
    And did those dirty deals for me.

    A super-majority was mine to wield...
    I could have driven down the field
    But I played "celebrity"
    While the Average Joe was waiting...
    I was preening and "campaigning"
    Me, Me, Me, Me...and ME!

    So now the sky is falling,
    And my answer is INCREASE THE JAWING.
    While re-serving rotten meat
    Yes, my ideas are tres pricey...
    And God knows , untried and dicey...
    But...my TALK is so sweet... and CHEAP.

  2. If Americans pass this picture around I think we will see more Americans make themselves heard. Lets help make this ad worth the $1000 a month it cost. I'd like to see the TEA Parties do a collection to put our concernes up in billboards. I just wish they would have added Congress to the mix. They are more to blame then Obama. I don't remember if there were any Impeach Bush billboardes. It amazes me to see that people are spending a lot of money to have their voice heard. But then again look at all the great conservative blogs out there now. People are geting involved in community organizing like never before.

  3. Nobama Did Wake Up Voters and Make Them THINK! Getting Citizens Through Grass Roots Efforts Again Involved in POLITICs WILL Be His Legacy! His Community Organizing Experiance Looks Like its Coming Back to Bite Him in the Arce!

  4. WASHINGTON — With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.
    Mr. Obama has not given up hope of progress on Capitol Hill, aides said, and has scheduled a session with Republican leaders on health care later this month. But in the aftermath of a special election in Massachusetts that cost Democrats unilateral control of the Senate, the White House is getting ready to act on its own in the face of partisan gridlock heading into the midterm campaign.
    “We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff.

  5. You must be joking! This is as racist a billboard as I've seen. What has President Obama done to deserve to be Impeached? No one Impeached Bush I or II. You people are just a bunch of racist pigs.

  6. You people are just flat ass crazy talking about impeachment.

    UNBELIEVABLE! You may not agree with his policies, but you look stupid posting stuff like this.

  7. That sure is a crazy posting. You know what else is crazy? This:

    bfealk (380 posts) Wed Apr-08-09 12:07 PM
    Original message
    Obama Disappoints on Torture and Warrantless Wiretapping

    First, let me say, I was overjoyed with President Obama’s performance in Europe. It gave me a deep sense of pride in my President as he spoke about worldly matters and even was so bold as to make it a goal of his administration to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. Given the level of warmongering the United States has been prone to for decades, it was good to hear the President in front of a world audience bring this issue to the fore.

    My pride shrivels, though, when I read stories and watch television news and read stories on the Internet about how he wants to look forward when it comes to the issues of investigating and prosecuting war crimes committed by members of the Bush administration. The fact that Bush and Cheney were directly involved in these acts has been admitted to by former President Bush and Vice President Cheney, yet President Obama and his Justice Department are protecting Bush and Cheney from even being investigated and getting to the full truth of whether they should be prosecuted. It is embarrassing to the United States that a foreign country, Spain, is initiating an investigation and prosecution of Bush administration officials for these crimes, yet the President and Congress are mostly silent. Not one Republican would sign on to Senator Leahy’s Truth Commission.

    A report from the Red Cross documents that the CIA has codified the following techniques for trying to get information from detainees:

    * Suffocation by water poured over a cloth placed over the nose and mouth... (waterboarding)
    * Prolonged stress standing position, naked, held with the arms extended and chained above the head...
    * Beatings by use of a collar held around the detainees' neck and used to forcefully bang the head and body against the wall...
    * Beating and kicking, including slapping, punching, kicking to the body and face...
    * Confinement in a box to severely restrict movement...
    * Prolonged nudity...this enforced nudity lasted for periods ranging from several weeks to several months...
    * Sleep deprivation...through use of forced stress positions (standing or sitting), cold water and use of repetitive loud noises or music...
    * Exposure to cold temperature...especially via cold cells and interrogation rooms, and...use of cold water poured over the body or...held around the body by means of a plastic sheet to create an immersion bath with just the head out of water.
    * Prolonged shackling of hands and/or feet...
    * Threats of ill-treatment, to the detainee and/or his family...
    * Forced shaving of the head and beard...
    * Deprivation/restricted provision of solid food from 3 days to 1 month after arrest...

    Worse yet, it has been reported recently by authoritative sources that torture doesn’t work. It does not give us reliable information. So all the conservatives that are screaming as they read this are just plain wrong when they say we have to use torture to protect American lives.

    My other disappointment in President Obama is his position on warrantless wiretapping. President Obama is not only defending the illegal surveillance on Americans, but he is seeking to indemnify the United States from being sued by victims of illegal surveillance. Bush, Cheney and other members of the Bush administration are criminals of the highest order and should spend the rest of their days in a dark cell, but thanks to President Obama they will spend them playing golf at swank country clubs with the perpetrators of the biggest financial fraud in history. Millions are in jail for possessing small amounts of illegal drugs, yet Bush and Cheney walk free.

  8. Bush and Cheney should be prosecuted as war criminals. In fact, Cheney seems to be begging to be prosecuted by admitting on national network television last weekend that he is a big fan of waterboarding.

    Torture such as waterboarding is a war crime that in the past the U.S. government prosecuted against the Japanese after WWII.

  9. You're crazy Bruce Fealk.

    Hussein is water-boarding 'em as we speak, in those secret prisons in Afghanistan.

    We'll also have to prosecute those commanding officers that train our soldiers by water-boarding them.

  10. Bruce Fealk since when does someone saying they support something mean they are guilty of doing it? Sounds to me like you want to prosecute someone for exercising their freedom of speech.

  11. Bruce Did Not Certain Libs Say that They Were Informed By CIA of Enhanced Interrogation and DID Nothing,Got To Think CONSPRITSY BRUCE! You Kind of LEFT That OUT!

    Will Say one Thing Bruce You Are Consistant! Dont Know Who You Hate More Conservatives or Country!

  12. I have read a lot of crazy stuff in my time but Bruce takes the cake. The things he said about his own brother Steve Fealk and his sister-in-law Sue. Bruce went after an old man with his video camera to scare them from protesting high taxes. Bruce has made a lot of enemies when it comes to politics in Michigan. Tell everyone why you were jailed. Bruce you go too far and you try too hurt people and destroy their lives when they disagree with you. Thank you babylonsister. And don't froget what Bruce said about us loosing the war in Iraq and all the things he said about our military.

  13. Fealk reminds me of an old hippie still stoned, but looking for a protest to join.

    What was your drug of choice, Bruce? Obviously something that fried your brain.

  14. The reason I was arrested in Troy was for trying to record a meeting of the Troy Republicans during Black History Month. The only black people in the room were the 4 speakers.

    Sounds to me like the Troy Republicans have a race problem.

    I've never done any kind of drugs, so you can stop all the references to drugs.

    I never physically harmed anyone. As far as my brother Steve and his friend, Sue, who have been living together for many years (she is not my sister-in-law), in the article mentioned I only said I loved my brother and I never did anything to him to provoke what he did to me by writing a letter to Joe Knollenberg's office.

  15. Bruce Arrested For Trying to record a Republican Meeting During Black History Month!

    Did You Say the ONLY Four SPEAKERS Were BLACK!


  16. Al, there is such a broad cross section of minorities in the Republican/Tea Party the only way to get the black perspective is from a forum, instead of actually having minorities belong to your party.

    The Republican/Tea Party is the party of old white men and a few women.

    I'm wondering what Republicans were afraid of me recording at their meeting.

  17. Bruce You Must Hold Yourself in VERY Hard REGARD to Think People Are Afraid of YOU! Your Whining TELLS a Different Story!

    Make Up Of Tea Party Is NOT any ONE Party,Sex or Race and There Lies YOUR Lies Bruce! Remember You Have Nothing to Fear BUT Fear it SELF and Apparently to You its The Tea Party and the FUNNY Thing About Your FEAR is its RIGHT on. So Bruce FEAR the VOTER! Voters are Progressives WEAK Spot and LIBS Keep Making it SORER!

  18. So, Al, how many minorities will be at your MEDEFCO meeting in St. Clair Shores. I dare you to publish pictures of the event and a count of minorities at the meeting.

    Democrats will be pointing out the Republican party's hypocrisy on many issues between now and November and my bet is Republicans won't do as well as you think they will, Al.

  19. Why are you simple-minded "progressives" always looking at the color of people's skin? You're the ones who can't see anything beyond skin color. Tea party people couldn't care less about people's race - anybody's welcome who wants to join us. You libbies only see skin color. That's all you ever talk about.

    "For an hour, I almost forgot he was black."

  20. Bruce YOU Forgot Nan Nan Nan Naa! I Am Rather Shocked You Did NOT Mention Sarah Palin in Your Rants. Thats Probablly on Wensdays MENU!

    Race Should Not be a Issue BUT I for ONE Believe that MANY Blacks have SEEN the Damage the Demoncrats Have Done to them With ENTITLEMENTS that Have Actually Held Them Down! They Are Now Seeing the LIGHT and You d Think Bruce That Would Be a GOOD Thing! Republicans Its True HAVE Had Problems Getting Blacks into the Party BUT DEMONCRATS Have DONE Nothing, ZIP, Zero TO Help Blacks Move UP in LIFE and Some are Seeing That Now and More Will!

    Voters Will Do The IMPEACHING as They Should Bruce and Thats a WRAP!

  21. So Bruce got arrested because he wanted to film the Republican meeting? Are you kidding me? Do you really think anyone would believe that you were arrested just because you wanted to film the meeting? And then youexpect us to believe any other words out of your mouth after you said that?

  22. Bruce why didn't you have any minorities at you protests? As John pointed out in the next post you only had white handycap people. I looked through all your photos and none had blacks. I have video in Troy of Michaels friends. We didn't think you were a racist because you didn't have any blacks at the meetings. Why is it so important that we bring blacks in? Maybe they don't want to come to your rallies or our rallies. We conservatives aren't the racists you liberals are.

  23. Chris, since Republicans never believe the truth, no, I don't expect you to believe me, but it's the truth.

  24. Anonymous, so does that mean Jay-Ney is welcome at the meeting next Tuesday in St. Clair Shores?

    Do people have to agree with you to be welcome at your meetings?

  25. Bruce People Dont Agree On Everything and Thats Normal! Tea Party Which is Democrats,Republicans,Conservatives and Independants DO Believe Politicans WILL Be Held Responsible For there ACTIONS BY Citizens! Any Political Agendas From ANYBODY That Threatens This Great Nation Fabric or ECONOMIC Well Being Will Be Dealt with At the Voting Booths! To Me Thats Pretty SIMPLE but Im Sure You JUST Dont Get IT!

  26. Wow, Bruce sure does have a boner for that meeting. LOL ... he's even seeing if other people are invited, since he so clearly is not. Maybe Jay-Ney should ask if she wants to come FAILk? ROFLMAO at you lieberals "concern" about others.

  27. I hope you support the sign forever. Its a testement to how the tea baggers don't know the constitution and for what you can be impeached over.

    LOL...Bruce its not like your getting arrested for marching in civil rights protests. No wonder why they say the things they do.

  28. Joey - Maybe they're just getting the billboard up in anticipation of something Obama is going to do? LOL

    All good fun!


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