Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Glenn Beck On The Liars In Our Government. Obama Is A Liar! New Video That Proves It

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Glenn Beck tells it like he sees it with Scott Brown. He gives a good look at Progressive Republicans and Democrats within our gov't. We need to make sure that we vote for Conservatives not Republican,Democrat or Libertarian. And if they lie to us as Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi have, we must mark them liars no matter what party they belong too. We must hold both parties to the same standards. And if they outright lie then we need to call them out and treat them as liars. Every time they talk they must be treated as liars first. That is the punishment they must bare. Let everyone know that Obama has lied to the American public and the voters. He lied to the Democrats that voted for him. He has lied and attacked those that called him out on his lies. Anyone that wants to speak on behalf of these liars we need to shut them down. What do you think of all these lies now being uncovered about our president? Can we trust a LIAR? Should we keep trusting these liars? And should we take these liars to task for their lies?


  1. Chris, have you gotten a chance to see the latest example of Hypocrat Hypocrisy? This video made me LOL, it's SO funny what a difference a few years (and change of power) makes! Keep up the laughs Hypocrats!!

  2. "Anyone who wants to speak on behalf of these liars we need to shut them down.". Wow that sounds inclusive Chris. All I hear is how peaceful and open the Tea partyers are, but this makes me think of the town hall meetings where if you don't get your way, shout them down!

  3. Great job Glenn, and thank you Chris for posting it on your blog. It is a sad day when we have to trend toward bending the truth just to give the president the benefit of the doubt. All Americans wanted to "trust" our leaders but (like Beck said) must we lie to ourselves in the process? I say, “Hell No! This isn’t Chicago.” Liberal Fools are the 'weak of mind' but we must safeguard against it. Everything starts with our congressmen & women and our senators. For me, it’s Harry Reid and his arrogance of power machine that has run aground. No “Trust” left here in Nevada for Senator Reid.


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