Wednesday, February 24, 2010 » Obama & Dems in ‘05: 51 Vote ‘Nuclear Option’ Is ‘Arrogant’ Power Grab Against the Founders’ Intent » Obama & Dems in ‘05: 51 Vote ‘Nuclear Option’ Is ‘Arrogant’ Power Grab Against the Founders’ Intent


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  1. Thanks John for the birddog on this video. All the readers need to do is click on the title to watch the video. You all make this blog great and help get the increadable amount info out to we the people. I can't believe how great this video is. It shows what these Democrats are made of and all their political games.

  2. This one is a beauty, I don't watch too many videos more than once but this one makes me laugh so hard, it's a great mid-day pick-me-up! LOL

    Hey FAILk, what do you have to say about the nuclear option and the filibuster? See, just like we all told you, and it looks like the Hypocrat leaders all agree with us! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. You are right John. It is a great pick-me-up. I showed everyone in my office. You should see the Democrats faces when the watch it. I just can't stand the Democrats anymore.

  4. I would encourage everyone, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent (did I miss anyone?) to go to this site, and sign up:

    They have some great campaigns, they are non-partisan, and you are welcome to use their tools to contact your representatives in Washington with regards to each of their campaigns. FAILk will like today's featured campaign, it's in regards to the Patriot Act. Please check out the site, again it is non-partisan, they just want to essentially hold the government accountable for whatever they do. I think we can all agree that is a priority no matter which party is in power.

  5. Thanks John. I just signed up. I'll pass it around to my friends.

  6. John Great Video and a Eye Opener! LIBS Will try it Anyway! I will Also Check out the Other Site You Mentioned!

  7. What I have to say, John, is that the Democrats were not abusing the filibuster like the Republicans. There have been over 130 filibusters this session. There are 290 bills from the House that have yet to get an up or down vote in the Senate.

    Republicans have made our great country ungovernable as a minority party.

    It's time to get rid of the filibuster or at least lower the required number of votes from 60 to 55 or put back in the requirement to stand and talk continuously.

  8. LOL ... FAILk, there hasn't been ONE filibuster. If you think there has, please provide me with the date, time, length and bill filibustered.

    Obummer and the Hypocrats were praising how much has gotten done in this session of Congress:

    President NObama, Pelosi, Reid, and many others are lauding the accomplishments of 111th Congress. Witness Representative Spratt's (SC-5) lengthy list of accomplishments:

    So where is all this gridlock you are talking about?!?! LOL ... even Carl said that this congress has achieved a ton of things.

    The fact is, the only thing under threat of filibuster is the Government Takeover of Health Care, and the only reason that is such a stinker is because the Hypocrats decided to write their own law and then ram it through.

    And finally, all I can say FAILk, is that Obummer, Reid, Dodd, and all those other jokers disagree with you on this video. And that makes me laugh my ass off that you are such a whack-job that you out-crazy the crazy-assed Hypocrats! LOL

  9. PS, the only reason that the filibuster is even a threat is because dingy-Harry Reid keeps bringing up votes for cloture. He's his own worst enemy. What a fool. Just like you FAILk! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

  10. Hypocrats don't have the votes to change the filibuster. I will laugh my ass off if the Hypocrats get all riled up about changing the filibuster to 55 votes, and then after the Republicans win back the house and senate in November the Republicans bring up changing it! Oh my GOD that would be some fantastic comedy, watching the Hypocrats back away from wanting it changed when they know they will be in the minority in January!! ROFLMAO!!

    So please FAILk, whatever you do, keep up the pressure to change it!! That will be the funniest thing any of us has seen in a while. In fact, come November, I'm going to ask Levin and Stabbie to introduce something to bring that nasty old vote count down to 55!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


    Like we're not supposed to try to move legislation by not calling for votes. That is what the Senate is supposed to do.

    So you are trying to blame Harry Reid for calling for cloture votes? Are you serious? That's like blaming a dog for barking.

  12. Hypocrite Hypocrats! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    Didn't you hear what your precious Hillary Clinton had to say about the matter FAILk?!?! LOL

    Make sure you watch the video FAILk, I'm sure Jon Stewart won't be showing that one any time soon!! LOL

  13. I did watch the video, John. Democrats weren't using the filibuster to block EVERY major piece of legislation and countless appointments, then trying to say the President isn't protecting the country.

    Richard Shelby had a hold on 70 nominations until President Obama threatened recess appointments, and he released his hold on 27 of the nominations.

    Republicans think they can block the Democrats by blocking nominations and legislation. That strategy will backfire on you obstructionist idiots in November. Americans will learn the truth about who is to blame for the lack of results for middle-class, working Americans.

  14. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Thanks for the list of CLOTURE VOTES FAILK, but where is the information on the FILIBUSTERS?!!??! Oh man, you are putting the EPIC in FAILk with this one FAILk!!! LOL

    Give me the information I asked for FAILk, not a list of cloture votes! All a cloture vote is is a vote to cut off further discussion! Your chart means LESS than nothing!! ROFLMAO!!!

  15. By the way you idiot Bruce, we're in the 111th session of Congress!!! ROFLMAO ... your chart has 110th Session!!! Oh my GOD you are seriously. so. stupid.

  16. Do you think the number went down from the 110th to the 111th Congress?

    Fixing the Filibuster

    In the 1950s, an average of one bill was filibustered in each two-year Congress. In the last Congress, 139 bills were filibustered. The Republican abuse of the filibuster is unprecedented, routine, and increasingly reckless.

  17. The Myth of Republican Obstructionism in the Senate, 31 Jan 2010

    The Democrats have been on a PR blitz, trying to reinforce the myth of Republican obstructionism. The President attacked Senate Republicans in his State of the Union saying “…if the Republican leadership is going to insist that sixty votes in the Senate are required to do any business at all in this town, then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well.” If that wasn’t enough, you have well known author and confirmed plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin arguing on the Daily Show that Democrats should force Republicans to filibuster in the old-fashioned Mr. Smith Goes to Washington style (which isn’t necessary anymore). Liberal blogs have complained about the “explosion” of Republican led filibusters since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006. Unfortunately for the Democrats, their lovely storyline of Republican obstructionism has been built on an illusion – and knowingly misleading the public and the media.

    The filibuster is a quintessentially Senatorial invention. Unlike the House, the Senate has traditionally been a body where partisanship came second and the Senate came first. Friendships crossed party lines and the members of the Senate treated it almost as if it were a club rather than a parliamentary body. Thus, for the first few decades, there was no need for a cloture mechanism or any other kind of protections for the minority because the Senate was not the partisan body it is today. Things happened through unanimous consent agreements - agreements worked out between the party leadership to ensure that both sides got a chance to provide meaningful debate and meaningful amendments. Even during some of the toughest periods in the Senate – the 1850 debates between Calhoun, Webster and Clay, the 1910 fights between President Wilson, Senator Lodge and the rest of the Republican “Old Guard”, and even during the recent unpleasantness of the Clinton impeachment – the Senate still worked basically by unanimous consent. Why? Because at the end of the day, the Senators tended to put politics second and their personal relationships first.

  18. continued ...

    As the modern Senate has evolved, especially in the last decade, the partisan rancor that has infected the country infected the Senate. This was especially true once Harry Reid came to power in 2006. Unlike prior Majority Leaders, Reid wasn’t willing to sit down with Senator McConnell and hammer out a unanimous consent agreement that ensured that Republicans had a chance to provide meaningful input to the process and to make amendments on major legislation or for important Presidential appointments. Instead, he simply files cloture motion after cloture motion. Under Rule XXII of the Senate, if 16 Senators agree to sign a cloture motion, they can force an end to debate (by limiting it to 30 hours maximum). Notice I didn’t say “end a filibuster.” In the past, cloture was used to end filibusters. Today, under the Reid regime, cloture is simply a part of the procedural process to get a bill that has even a hint of controversy attached to it passed. This was a conscious decision on his part, not the result of Republican stalling.
    But that hasn’t stopped the media and the liberal blogosphere from running with the obstruction story. They simply take the number of cloture petitions filed (71 so far in the 111th Congress alone – and 27 of those motions ended up being withdrawn with unanimous consent) and label them Republican “filibusters.” The number of actual filibuster threats made by the Republican leadership is miniscule.

  19. continued ...

    Why has Reid abandoned over a hundred years of Senate comity and tradition by only sporadically using unanimous consent agreements for major legislation? I can only speculate, but it does make sense, in a cynical partisan way. Reid has always had a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the Republicans in the Senate and he seems to take it personally when we manage to use the Senate rules against him. So being unwilling to bargain is par for the course with him. Using the cloture mechanism also feeds into the storyline the Democrats have been weaving since 2006 – namely, that the Republican party is the “party of no” and all we want is to obstruct Senate business. This is especially hypocritical coming from Reid, who led the Democrat’s effort to keep over a dozen Bush Administration judicial appointees from ever reaching a vote in the Senate. And, lastly, the number of cloture petitions also has a non-partisan aspect to it. In recent years, many Senate Majority Leaders (Lott and Frist on the Republican side, Reid on the Democratic) have used cloture as a way of getting an accurate whip count on bills – a way of counting heads to ensure they have the votes to pass the underlying legislation. That is another unfortunate fact of the modern Senate – today, relationships have so broken down that it’s almost impossible for the Leaders to accurately poll both their own parties as well as the opposition.
    But, fundamentally, Reid isn’t filing more cloture petitions because he has to. He’s filing them because he wants to. Because it feeds into the Democratic talking points or it makes his job of herding cats slightly easier. Given the level of rhetoric, you’d think that not a single piece of legislation would have been passed in the Senate because of our “obstructionism.” But that ignores that fact that the 111th Congress has enacted 127 laws (with the President’s signature) since last January. If all we say is no, how did any of these laws get passed? How did the stimulus get passed? Or Obama’s $410 billion earmark laden budget? The fact is, when Democrats are willing to water down their bills just enough to win moderate Republican support, they always get what they want. But that’s not good enough for Reid or the President.
    Those who argue that Republicans are obstructing business in the Senate are unwilling to recognize that the Democrats have it within their power to end the obstructionism – they simply need to be willing to negotiate with the Republican leadership in the Senate in good faith. Instead, Reid has used the Senate rules to fuel the Democratic PR machine. It’s wrong and it’s time for Republicans to start fighting back against this nonsensical “obstructionist” fabrication.

  20. Bruce Fealk said...
    Do you think the number went down from the 110th to the 111th Congress?

    Hell FAILk, there hasn't been ONE filibuster yet, so ... YEAH, unless you can go NEGATIVE filibuster, I think the number HAS gone down!! ROFLMAO!!! YOU brought up the filibuster, so YOU tell ME if the number has gone up, since you want to talk about it!! Why do I have to tell you, it's YOUR CHOSEN TOPIC!! LOL

    Why don't you give me the information I asked for FAILk?!?! Tell me ONE filibuster this term of Congress! Tell me tell me tell me!! I want to know! Date and time and what was filibustered and for how long and such and such!! None of these charts from previous cloture votes, who gives a rat's a$$?!?! You're such a straw man FAILk! What a dingbat!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Make sure you read what I posted here FAILk, about how you lousy Hypocrats are fouling everything up. And while you're putting together the information on the filibuster, make sure you let me know about all the legislation that is being held up, because according to that one guy this Congress has accomplished an awful lot. Just look at his site, he's a Hypocrat and he's trying to take credit for a lot passing. I would like to know from you if they really passed all that legislation or if it was all "filibustered". You dummy. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  21. Oh, and furthermore FAILk, since you are such a "student" of Congress:

    Looking at just the number of clotures filed doesn’t really tell anyone anything. To say that Republicans are being obstructionists is painting a very slanted picture. For instance:

    1. A vote of 97-1 is not a cloture filed as a result of filabuster. There are many bills that have more than 70 votes for ‘yays’ and not all the ‘nays’ from these bills are Republicans i.e., HR1296.

    2. Some bills have multiple cloture filings – HR3950 (has 6). Should that be counted as 6 attempts to obstruct or just one.

    3. Some bills have Democrats siding with the Republicans. Like HR3288.

  22. John, Brucie boy is really a Fealking Idiot, isn't he?

  23. Wow, it sure was cleansing to school FAILk so thoroughly yet again. Where ya been FAILk, wanna debate anything else?!?! LOL

    Once again FAILk drops his pile of BS and then runs away. That's what happens FAILk when you rely only on talking points. That's why people like Joey and Carl will always be so much more interesting and centered, and nowhere near the nut-job that you are. You read that MoveOn garbage and then go off half-cocked instead of actually looking into whether it's true or not. So let me just give you a little hint: If it comes from MoveOn or HypocraticUnderground, it's bull. There's another free tip for you FAILk, see how charitable we conservatives are with our knowledge?!? LOL

  24. Well anonymous, he really does prove that he is a Fealking Idiot day in and day out. I have a real problem with liars like him. If you are trying to have a conversation and you are mistaken in your thesis it's one thing, but he just lies to try to prove his point or to agitate, so at that point he's just an asshole. Seriously. He puts those links on there apparently hoping nobody will bother looking at them or something. I mean, obviously he was caught in a big fat lie and then wants me to provide data to prove his lie!?! WTF?!? He's just an ugly little man. I respect Joey and now Carl a lot, because although Joey and I have had our differences, at least he doesn't lie to try to prove his point (aka the ends justify the means). But really, the stuff FAILk writes is unfortunately the rule, and Joey and Carl are the exceptions to the rule when it comes to Hypocrats. Just disgusting.

    I have to think that "respectable" Hypocrats like Carl and Joey *CRINGE* when they see FAILk post his nonsense. He really depreciates their opinions, through no fault of theirs. As they say, with friends like FAILk, who needs enemies! LOL

  25. You are all idiots. Chris is the biggest idiot of you all.

  26. Sorry Jay-Ney, I didn't mean to leave you out. You make me sick to my stomach as well. Makes me question how you and FAILk were raised, since you have no problem telling lies to achieve your ends. You are both disgusting ugly people. I sometimes think you are writing your insane hateful diatribes just to make the other regressives look good by comparison.

  27. So, John, if you're such an expert, how many filibusters have the Republicans had. Obviously nothing is getting done in the Senate due to the filibuster.

    We need to get things done and the Republicans are gumming up the works. The American people won't take kindly to that in November.


    You Hypocrats are saying that everything is flowing through. Are you not aware of the jobs bill that just passed?!?! Did you see that link of that Democrat that listed ALLLLL the stuff they have accomplished?! You're repeating your stupid lies over and over, you're just being an asshole!

    Reid files cloture even when he doesn’t need to. He files it so he can say to the press, “Look, the Republicans are being Obstructionist. The party of no!” It is a great tactic. Makes him look like the hero. Out of the 8 clotures filed this year (1/1 – 2/23), three were withdrawn due to UC. 4 were for nominations of Bernake, Smith, Johson and Becker – None of which were filabustered. That’s a lot of cloture filings for nothing.

    NO FILIBUSTERS YOU DUMBASS. Anything the Republicans are doing to slow down or obstruct they are doing it because that is what their constituents are telling them to do, and they WILL be rewarded in November you dumbass! ROFLMAO

  29. Carl or Joey, could one of you translate for your idiot friend FAILk and let him know he is looking like a complete fool?!? LOL

  30. Nothing got done because the Democrats can't come together on these bills. For the most part the Democrats didn't need the Republicans but they threw out the Blue Dogs with the Republicans. If you want to blame someone Bruce you Progressives need to blame the party that is in charge. Nothing is getting done because the Blue Dogs hear their constituents and the Progressive Democrats don't care what anyone thinks unless it is George Soros and Then they are all ears. The Democrats had a supermajority filibusterproof Congress and they are so impotent a group that they can't even get anything done with a majority the Republicans haven't had in decades. Why don't you ask why the Republicans got things done withoput a majority like the Democrats have? The Democrats have proven to be useless to both conservatives and progressives. Bruce watch the video again so you remember what was said then and how they have changed their tune now. Why don't you put that video on your blog Bruce? Are you too much of a woosie? Bruce you are as impotent as the party you back.

  31. JayNey I see you went to jail. Is it a violent offence?

  32. In 2005, a group of Republican senators led by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), responding to the Democrats' threat to filibuster some judicial nominees of President George W. Bush to prevent a vote on the nominations, floated the idea of having Vice President Dick Cheney, as President of the Senate, rule from the chair that a filibuster on judicial nominees was inconsistent with the constitutional grant of power to the president to name judges with the advice and consent of the Senate (interpreting "consent of the Senate" to mean "consent of a simple majority of Senators," not "consent under the Senate rules").[32] Senator Trent Lott, the junior Republican senator from Mississippi, had named the plan the "nuclear option." Republican leaders preferred to use the term "constitutional option", although opponents and some supporters of the plan continued to use "nuclear option".

    On May 23, 2005, a group of fourteen senators was dubbed the Gang of 14, consisting of seven Democrats and seven Republicans. The seven Democrats promised not to filibuster Bush's nominees except under "extraordinary circumstances," while the seven Republicans promised to oppose the nuclear option unless they thought a nominee was being filibustered that was not under "extraordinary circumstances". Specifically, the Democrats promised to stop the filibuster on Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, and William H. Pryor, Jr., who had all been filibustered in the Senate before. In return, the Republicans would stop the effort to ban the filibuster for judicial nominees. "Extraordinary circumstances" was not defined in advance. The term was open for interpretation by each Senator, but the Republicans and Democrats would have had to agree on what it meant if any nominee were to be blocked.

    On January 3, 2007, at the end of the second session of the 109th United States Congress, this agreement expired.

    In the 2007-08 session of Congress, there were 112 cloture votes and some have used this number to argue an increase in the number of filibusters occuring in recent times. However, the Senate leadership has increasingly utilized cloture as a routine tool to manage the flow of business, even in the absence of any apparent filibuster. For these reasons, the presence or absence of cloture attempts cannot be taken as a reliable guide to the presence or absence of a filibuster. Inasmuch as filibustering does not depend on the use of any specific rules, whether a filibuster is present is always a matter of judgment. [33]

    On July 17, 2007, Senate Democratic leadership allowed a filibuster, on debate about a variety of amendments to the 2008 defense authorization bill,[34] specifically the Levin-Reed amendment.[35] The filibuster had been threatened by Republican leadership to prompt a cloture vote.[citation needed]

    As of August 2009[update], the Democrats were one vote short of a filibuster-proof supermajority, due to the August 25 death of Senator Ted Kennedy.[36] However, on September 24, 2009, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick named Paul Kirk as interim Senator for the state of Massachusetts giving back the Democrats a supermajority in the United States Senate. On January 19, 2010, the Massachusetts election results were returned, awarding the seat to Republican Scott Brown and denying Democrats the supermajority.

    Usually proposals for constitutional amendments are not filibustered. This is because a two-thirds majority is needed to pass such a proposal, which is more than the three-fifths majority needed to invoke cloture. So usually a filibuster cannot change the outcome, because if a filibuster succeeds, the amendment proposal would not have passed anyway. However, in some cases, such as for the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006, the Senate did vote on cloture for the proposal; when the vote on cloture failed, the proposal was dropped.

  33. Bruce while I don't agree with everything you write many things we seem to believe in but your wrong on this issue. Obama said recently that if congress were to stop completely it would still go down as one of the most productive sessions ever. With just the good in the stimulus bill alone we have something to be proud of. Also, I don't think they have their 40 votes since Scott Brown sided with us on the jobs bill.

  34. KerryAnn from AL24 February, 2010 17:28

    One of the most perplexing things about contemporary Washington is that Democrats simultaneously hold the largest majority any party has had in the Senate in decades and are utterly unable to move forward with important legislation. The key to this paradox is the Senate rule that allows for the filibuster -- unlimited debate on a motion that can only be stopped by a vote of three-fifths of the chamber, or 60 senators. So the reason nothing much is getting done in Washington is that filibusters are going on all the time, right?

    Not exactly. There have been no marathon debates in the Senate about health care or the stimulus bill. Senators aren't sleeping on cots in the chamber as aides ferry coffee to some lone Republican passionately making his case that the president wants to socialize medicine. The way Senate rules currently work, the minority party merely has to announce its intent to filibuster if it wants to stop a piece of legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could force the Republicans to go through with it, but the way the rules work, the filibuster actually puts the onus on the majority, not the minority, to keep the debate going. A lone dissenter can object to a motion to end debate by universal consent, but if the majority fails to keep a quorum in the chamber at any given time, the Senate can be forced to adjourn.

    The filibuster should be an extraordinary tool to prevent the majority from trampling the views of the minority, but the way the Senate's rules are now, it has become a routine part of business. There is no disincentive for the minority party to use the tactic, and so it has. Although the threat of the filibuster has been used extensively by Republicans to block the current Democratic majority, Democrats frequently invoked the tactic during the Bush administration, and over all the number of filibusters has increased steadily since the current rules went into effect in the 1970s, regardless of which party was in power.

    Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, the Democrat who announced last week that he would not seek re-election because of his frustration with partisanship in Washington, suggested in a New York Times op-ed on Sunday that the rules need to be reformed. He proposed limiting the number of filibusters on any piece of legislation to one (unlike the current rules that allow filibusters on each procedural step along the way); reducing the number of votes needed to cut off debate to 55; and for a filibuster to require a petition signed by 35 senators indicating their willingness to actually debate the issue indefinitely. "Those who obstruct the Senate should pay a price in public notoriety and physical exhaustion," Senator Bayh wrote. A handful of other Democratic senators are now talking about filibuster reform, too.

    The problem is, any of these proposals would require a change to the Senate rules, and it takes 67 votes to do that.

    There are a couple of ways around the problem. A legislative technique called "reconciliation" allows straight up-or-down votes on matters related to the budget, but it's unclear how far that could be stretched on a matter like health care reform. Another way out would be to get the presiding officer of the Senate -- Vice President Joe Biden -- to declare the requirement of a supermajority to rewrite Senate rules to be unconstitutional. (A Supreme Court ruling from 1892 would give him some cover.) Then, after some parliamentary maneuvering, Democrats could change the filibuster rules by a simple majority vote. As clear as it is that the filibuster has gotten out of hand, using that tactic to reform it would probably be a bad idea. Americans may not like the idea of the filibuster, but they like changing the rules in the middle of the game even less.

  35. KerryAnn from AL24 February, 2010 17:30

    So what is Senator Reid to do? The only way to fight the routinization of the filibuster may be to engage in one. Take any one of the issues Republicans have vowed to fight to the death and make them actually do it. If that means Democrats are the ones who would have to take to the cots and talk all night, so be it. That would show some backbone and conviction -- not to mention an eagerness to debate the details of their proposals in public. That's something Americans would respond to. John is right on this one Bruce. You do come out smelling bad when you don't tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth Bruce Fealk.

  36. Thanks Carl, KerryAnn, Chris and APM. I appreciate you guys taking the time to try to get through to FAILk, but as I have said before he is just trying to be an a-hole, and all he really succeeds in doing is making himself and anyone who agrees with him look bad.

    KerryAnn, you know there is one other thing Reid could do. He could actually work with Republicans to fashion a bill that both sides agree upon. However he wanted and wants a unilateral Hypocrat bill, and that is what he has, and now he has to deal with the repercussions.

  37. Democrats are going to get a bill through reconciliation.

    Republicans won't agree to any health care reform bill, period.

    They want health care to be President Obama's Waterloo.

  38. John the Only Way to Get Throught to BRUCE is LIE to Him! He is SO Use to Lying Betcha That Makes a Beleiver Out of Him! Bruce Missed you Last Night, We Would Have Found a Seat For Ya! You Had Your Choice Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Independent!

  39. Whatever FAILk, at least you finally agree that the Republicans have done no filibustering or anything to slow down progress other than attempts on the government takeover of health care.

    Republicans would most likely agree to a plan that was worked out by both parties. It's the Hypocrat's own fault that this plan does not exist.

    Reconciliation would be great, I double-dog dare you Hypocrats to try it. MWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! I've gotten a nice little warm-up laughing at you today, so I shouldn't pull a muscle when the big laughs come if the Hypocrats try reconciliation!

    Oh, FAILk, did you watch the video to see what Obummer thinks of reconciliation, aka the nuclear option? Don't think that video won't be in national ads in 2012 if Obummer uses reconciliation!

    Stupid Hypocrats, don't they realize that as of now, video is forever?! LOL

  40. AHHHHH .... Now I see, that makes sense Al! LOL

    It's like we need some kind of Google translator, where we can type in our facts, it translates it into a lie, and then we can post that and FAILk would understand! He just speaks a different language! LOL

  41. I how the Democrats try reconciliation as it will be the last thing they do in decades. What growth we will have when real conservatives take over the helm. I tell you this blog has the best commenters. Lieing shouldn't even be an option with them anymore. But i guess it's just a bad habit to the progressives.

  42. I thought this was a classic and I loved the movie.

    "Remember that great scene from the Oscar-robbed classic 'The Blues Brothers'? Jake and Elwood (John Belushi and Dan Akroyd) are finally cornered by Jake's former fiancée (Carrie Fisher). Jake left her at the altar with 300 guests and the best Romanian caterers in the state waiting. 'You betrayed me!' she exclaims. 'No I didn't. Honest,' Jake explains. 'I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!' This is pretty much how Democrats sound these days. None of their problems are their fault. ... Coming soon: A terrible flood! Locusts! Anything and everything to avoid admitting their problems are their own fault." --columnist Jonah Goldberg

  43. Republicans won't agree to anything involving health care, no matter what, John.

    President Obama has held out his hand only to have it slapped away. I hope President Obama comes out tomorrow swinging like he did when he went to Baltimore.

    Republicans only want to serve their corporate masters.

  44. LOL ... Obummer has had nothing to do with the health care AT ALL FAILk, until he came out with his plan the other day. You just can't help lying can you? How did Republicans "slap" his hand away? I can't wait for this one FAILk.

    Hypocrats devised this bill as a big giveaway to big insurance, big pharma, unions, and trial lawyers. You can take that to the bank. They are the ones getting everything in this bill. You Hypocrats epic failed. BWAAAHAHAHAHA Just like I told you, big insurance gets all these customers, just like they wrote the laws for the Hypocrats. Oh, I guess Obummer did have ONE thing to do with this mess of a government takeover. He shot down the possibility of re-importing drugs, making this Hypocrat package cost even more. What a bunch of dirty corrupt politicians those Hypocrats are!

    Republicans may "want" to serve their corporate masters, but the Hypocrats are DOING IT! LOL

  45. I like the one where Gibbs invited Republicans to post their ideas/plan online ... and it had been posted online since October. These Hypocrats have NO intention of listening to any other suggestions. They created this 2,700 page monstrosity all by themselves, and they OWN it! ROFLMAO

  46. I like this one even better:

    3 out of 4 Americans Oppose ObamaCare
    by Gregory of Yardale
    February 24, 2010

    No doubt PBO is spending the evening having Axelrod, Plouffe, and Emmanuel drill talking points into his thick little head so he can repeat them at the Health Care Summit tomorrow, but, here's the thing, according to a CNN Poll, 73% of Americans say start over or ditch this entirely. (

    73% of the public doesn't want this bill. So why won't Democrats back off? Because they are obsessed. Taking over health care is "The Precious-s-s-s-s-s-." It's the White Whale. Every congressional liberal Democrat is like Rosie O'Donnell staring through the window of a Doughnut Shop after a month of Jenny Craig. If they were any more obsessed with health care, it would have changed its phone number and gotten a restraining order.

    But to the American people, Democrat Health Care reform is about as appealing as Rosie O'Donnell before a month of Jenny Craig. Conservatives believe the bill is way too expensive in a time of trillion dollar deficits, and will only make health care more costly and less available. Leftists don't like the bill because they wanted health care destroyed and the country bankrupt today, not ten years down the road.

    Americans want reform. We want health care to be less expensive and more widely available. This bill fails... utterly... on both counts.

  47. With that poll ... OMG, I think I will PRAY that they try reconciliation and utterly destroy their party.

  48. The Party of "NO" is the Party of RIGHT!

    Until November and January Elections, Where Citizens Spoke at Ballot Box, Citizens Concerns Were Ignored by This Administration!

    They Aint Being Ignored Now and Republicans Should Stick to There Party of "NO"! Citizens DO Not Want Government Socialized Insurance that Will COST Trillions! Just Out Of Curiosty WHOM Will Pay for the 12/14 Trillion DEBT With Medicade/Medicare that is on the BOOKS Now. Citizens Agree Health Care Must Be Adjusted BUT CITIZENS Know Government History with LARGE ENTITLEMENTS With NO Means to PAY For Them!
    Now Nobama Says Creation of JOBS will NOW Be a Priority! It Should Have Been the FIRST Agenda Item Addressed by this Administration and Was Not Until Citizens Spoke! I Believe that This Administration With All Its BRILLANT Minds Did Almost Nothing For a Reason. Jobs and Economy are This Administrations ENEMY! With JOBs and a Strong Economy Why DO We Need BIG GOVERNMENT? The Answer is WE WONT!

  49. LOL ... don't tell ME the Republicans don't want to be bipartisan - they are asking Obummer to invite a Hypocrat! LOL

    Most likely this will be ignored by Obummer, just like the request to include Governors in the discussion. The first because he doesn't want to have it printed widely that Stupak finds his bill unacceptable because of its increased funding of abortion with taxpayer's dollars. The second I suspect because he doesn't want it widely reported that a large onus of the health care bill will be placed on increased Medicaid coverage, which will have to be absorbed by states in the form of ... you guessed it, that old Hypocrat stand-by, increased taxes. Which is why a lot of Democrat Governors also don't support these messes. Funny what happens when a state has to legally balance their budgets, and can't just print money when it wants to!

  50. Once again you spot-on nailed it Al.

    I never saw someone work on so much OTHER than jobs when they said that was going to be their priority! It's like some bizarre person who ALWAYS compulsively does the opposite of what they say they are going to do!

  51. What the public wants is the public option included in the final bill.

    Polls: In Key States, Public Option Far More Popular Than Senate Plan

    Polls: In Key States, Public Option Far More Popular Than Senate Plan

    Okay, this should really give a boost to those arguing that Dems should pass the public option via reconciliation — for the specific reason that it will make the Senate health reform bill more popular.

    A batch of state polls by the non-partisan Research 2000 shows that in multiple states represented by key Dem Senators who will have to decide whether to support reconciliation, the public option polls far better than the Senate bill does, often by lopsided margins.

    Here’s a rundown, sent over by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which commissioned the polls:

    * In Nevada, only 34% support the Senate bill, while 56% support the public option.

    * In Illinois, only 37% support the Senate bill, while 68% support the public option.

    * In Washington State, only 38% support the Senate bill, while 65% support the public option.

    * In Missouri, only 33% support the Senate bill, while 57% support the public option.

    * In Virginia, only 36% support the Senate bill, while 61% support the public option.

    * In Iowa, only 35% support the Senate bill, while 62% support the public option.

    *In Minnesota, only 35% support the Senate bill, while 62% support the public option.

    * In Colorado, only 32% support the Senate bill, while 58% support the public option.

  52. Wow! That's great FAILk! Way to include totally useless information! No public option exists! Thanks for playing idiot!

    And as I showed SEVERAL times, those polls ALL depend on HOW the question is asked. I can show you polls that completely dispute your findings, but what does it matter? There is no public option being offered you idiot.

  53. PS - The public option will be a great way to ration care and bankrupt the country. Just look at Medicare as your example. Highest number of claims denied, and slated to be insolvent in, what, two more years?! EPIC FAIL.

  54. Support for the public option is building in the Senate. 1 million people signed a petition, 25 Senators have signed a letter to Harry Reid to put the public option in the final bill.

    You had your day, John. It's not August any more.

  55. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... August, WTF are you talking about?! Remember Scott Brown? Like I say, I hope you guys throw in public option and reconcile that bitch. Nobody wants that, and you guys will destroy your party for YEARS. I will laugh my ass off, and Republicans will wipe out your socialist takeover next year. It's a win-win! ROFLMAO

  56. With the Hypocrat fools in charge, every day is my day FAILk! You turds couldn't get a thing done if Cheney's death depended on it. The less you idiots get done the better. And you provide the best laughs going!

    Did you watch the video FAILk??

  57. Wow, 25 whole Senators. So ... let's see, 25 for, 75 against. Interesting. I guess bipartisanship DOES exist in the Senate! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... let me guess the Socialist Sanders is for it?! Your kind of man, eh FAILk? ROFLMAO

  58. By the way, John, here are the questions for the aforementioned poll.

  59. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... OMG, you should have NEVER given me that link FAILk! OMG .... BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA ... WOW, BIG SURPRISE! It's a SHOCKER! A poll of HYPOCRATS says that HYPOCRATS prefer a PUBLIC OPTION!! ROFLMAO

  60. You truly are clueless FAILk. But you have a real nose for comedy. You're like some humor savant! I know I can't stop laughing at you! LOL

  61. Bruce If Democrats Do What You Say They Will END Their Political Careers and NEED Nobama Care for There OWN Coverage! Althought LIB Politicans Are The New "KAMIKAZE" the BLUE Dogs Aint and CITIZENS Will Punish ALL Politicans That By HOOK or CROOK Try to Pass This Nobama Care!

    Is Not Nevada Dirty Harrys Home State! Last I Heard if He Was In A Horse Race Hed Be Looking at The South end of All the North Bound Horses!

  62. "Democrats are going to get a bill through reconciliation."
    If you are referring to the HC bill, you can kiss the Dem control of congress gone for the next 10 years at least. This would be an out in out disdain of the will of the American people and Reid & Pelosi would slitting the throats of their Democrat party. Is THIS particular bill that important not to rework a new bi-partisan bill.
    I would almost be certain that the next few congress sessions, with a new President would spend half of their term repealing this. So you won't see anything getting done for the next 4 years.
    All over one partisan bill that the American people don't want.

  63. John, the poll was NOT of Democrats.

    The Research 2000 Polls for NV, IL, WA, MO, VA, IA, MN, and CO were conducted for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America and Credo Action. A total of 600 likely general election voters in 2010 were interviewed in each state by telephone.

    Those interviewed were selected by the random variation of the last four digits of telephone numbers. A cross-section of exchanges was utilized in order to ensure an accurate reflection of each state. Quotas were assigned to reflect the voter registration of distribution by county.

    The margin of error is 4%."

  64. Bruce no one wants what the Democrats are selling. The Democrat have let the government run them. They haven't run the government. That is why all they do is blame. No matter what the Democrats do now it will be viewed as wrong. They want to blame the Republicans for this but they do the same thing when to the Republicans. Americvans are getting sick of all the excuses the Democrats are giving for doing such a bad job. I would let an assistant manager run a business the way they do let alone the country. It is so obvious the the Democrats thought they knew how to run a country. They talked a great game but now that they are in the game they are pointing to the past for all their shortcomings. Now is the time for us to let these Democrats fall by the same sword they held at the throats of the Republicans. The Republicans didn't make this the Democrats Waterloo. The Democrats screwed up health care and everything else they have touched all by themselves.

  65. Chris, name one thing the Republicans did that was good for America when they had control.

    The Iraq war? The war in Afghanistan?

    Republicans have no idea how to govern and they don't want to participate in governing the country. Republicans only want to attack and tear down our country with their backward ideas and bowing down to their corporate masters.

    Democrats actually have gotten some things done. I know you hated it when GM was bailed out, but GM is on the verge of a comeback which saved millions of good paying manufacturing jobs.

    You don't want to talk about all the good things Democrats have accomplished with very little or no help from Republicans.

  66. Actually, most polling shows that American DO want health care reform.

    The Public's Take on the President's Proposal

    "It sets up a new competitive health insurance market giving tens of millions of Americans the exact same insurance choices that members of Congress will have." A new Newsweek poll shows 81 percent support for a "new insurance marketplace -- the Exchange -- that allows people without health insurance to compare plans and buy insurance at competitive rates."

    "It will end discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions." In a Washington Post-ABC News poll this month, 80 percent said insurance companies should be required to sell coverage to people regardless of preexisting conditions; 67 percent said so "strongly."

    "It puts our budget and economy on a more stable path by reducing the deficit by $100 billion over the next ten years." A January poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 56 percent of those surveyed would be more likely to back a reform package that reduced "the federal deficit by at least $132 billion over 10 years."

    It talks about "closing the Medicare prescription drug 'donut hole' coverage gap." In a Kaiser poll in late November, 68 percent of Americans said closing this coverage gap is an "extremely" or "very" important component of reform. The January Kaiser poll showed that 60 percent were "more likely" to support a reform bill if it helped fill the gap.

  67. Both Partys Have VERY Little To Brag About OVER the Last Several Decades! Party Agendas Have Replaced Good of, Country and Citizens, From Both Partys! Why in the Hell DO You Think the "TEA PARTYs" Became Quickly The OUTLET For Citizens From All Partys to UNITE and Say ENOUGH! American People NO Matter What the Party/Ideology Will NOT Stand for Any PARTYs Politics as USUSAL! Spend Trillions WE Dont HAVE Will Not Be Tolerated by Citizens NO Matter WHOS Doing the Spending PERIOD! To Make this a ONE Party ISSUE as YOU Do is NOT Only WRONG But UNEDUCATED To The Facts or As Conservatives Say The TRUTH!

  68. The dealt with the tech bubble,recession and 9/11. They took Iraq and won with the surge. They didn't sign the Kyoto treaty. Thank God for that. They cut taxes and kept unemployment down under 5% until the Democrats took over Congress as the majority. And then very little got done. I didn't like going into the wars but at least Bush and the Republicans didn't give up on them and our soldiers half way through the wars. The Democrats voted for the wars too. So don't act like the Democrats didn't throw in their hat into the war ring. They just gave up on it fast when they knew they could make political gains by talking down the war. I remember the Democrats saying all kinds of sick things about our military during that time period. And the best part is the Republicans learned from their mistakes. The Democrats are hell bent on making the same mistakes the Republicans made and fixed. And the Impotant Party also want to make a bunch of their own. And while the Republicans didn't do a perfect job when they were in power. It wasn't even close to this bad. You Impotants can't even win for losing now. When a person takes over a business and then everything around that business falls apart. Do you think it would take long before that person gets fired when all that person does is place blame. A business man that places blame on himself is a good manager. It's not rocket science.

  69. Bruce we the people want health care reform not a health care takeover by the Fed. Those neurons just don't fire right with you Democrats. I understand how that works. I can't spell worth a damn so those neurons aren't firing right for me either. But mine was caused by Lyme disease infecting that part of my brain. What is the reason you and the Democrats can't get the fact that now we are all turned off of the way you Democrats do politics? We don't even want anything to do with Congress. We lost all trust and most Americans are losing hope for the ones that promised hopey changy thing.

  70. Bruce what problems in health care does this bill fix? And what does this bill end up breaking? Do no harm. The government needs to take the same oath.

  71. Bruce said: "You don't want to talk about all the good things Democrats have accomplished with very little or no help from Republicans."

    BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... OH, so NOW you say they got some things done?!?! What happened to all the obstructionist talk FAILk?!!? ROFLMAO ... I mean, seriously, all your lies are getting so mixed up you can't even keep them straight! Good thing we are here to help you!!! LOL

    Hey FAILk, nobody said that nobody wants reform. EVERYBODY wants to pay less and get better quality, but that is NOT what this bill is about and I have noticed even you can't defend it as such! So I hope you didn't spend too much time looking up a poll showing what everyone knows, that everyone wants reform. What we don't want is lower quality, rationing, and higher costs in the form of taxes, fines and fees (including fines if you DON'T want to buy insurance!) Party of freedom, I don't think so if they are going to force me to buy insurance against my will, and there ain't no way you're going to spin your way out of that one!

    Furthermore FAILk, the numbers that currently count are the # of Senators and Reps that support a public option (that, by the way isn't even on the menu, so I don't know why you keep bringing it up). By your own admission ONLY 25 Senators support that mess, and for good reason. Medicare is a mess, it's in shambles with rationing and denial of claims top on their list, and insolvency coming up a short second! ONLY YOU would want to expand that system to everybody! You are truly one of a kind FAILk! Anyway, point being, there are 75 other Senators that have NOT signed your little paper, so you can shove that right up your pooper! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!

  72. FAILk, you never answered, well, many of my questions, but one that really bothers me is why, if Obummer and the Hypocrats KNOW there is $500 Billion to be saved in fraud and waste in Medicare, do they put off fixing it for years? Why don't they take that out right now? Sounds to me like they are aiding and abetting fraud in the Medicare system. Typical Hypocrats, if there is a way to keep fraud going they will do it. I mean, seriously, if it were any of us and somebody was committing fraud and we knew about it, we would all do something about it! NOT the HYPOCRATS! What an embarrassment! Well, it's your party so I'm sure you're used to being embarrassed by them.

  73. I was just thinking, it's pretty sad how people like FAILk think. Here we conservatives are, emailing and calling and faxing our representatives, telling them ways that they can lower health care and insurance costs. Real, common-sense solutions. Things that WILL make it more affordable, by getting government out of it and allowing people to make their own decisions in their health care, no debate about it! On the other hand you have people like FAILk who are begging their representatives to get the government MORE involved, to increase taxes, to expand a system that even the Hypocrats admit is riddled with fraud and abuse, and which is a failed model! It's like the Head Start program which even HHS says has NO impact on children's development, and what is their solution? Throw more money at it!! It's like some kind of cosmic joke that people like FAILk think like this!! Totally ridiculous!

  74. John, what you seem to be forgetting is that the health insurance companies are making record profits by throwing people off their rolls. Anthem is raising premiums 39% in 11 states. That's not sustainable.

    Government programs DO work. Do they need to address funding issues, absolutely. But the country cannot keep going on the current trend in health care costs. I hope you'll at least admit that.

    As far as fraud, it costs money to address fraud and the Republicans have continuously underfunded the fraud prevention unit. Fraud prevention is just like police work, you need police officers to prevent crime. People that root out fraud you need to be paid.

    Where were the Republican fraud prevention programs?

    As far as Headstart, I beg to differ, John.

  75. FAILk, you never ANSWERED my question, posed several topics ago: WHY don't people go to a less-expensive insurance?

    Government programs DO NOT WORK. I mean, seriously, I provided example after example. Just because you SAY they work doesn't make it so! It just makes you a LIAR Bruce!

    LOL ... Hey FAILk, Hypocrats are in charge now, so asking where the Republicans are is nonsense! So if it costs money to root out fraud, why wasn't that figured in in the costs to being with FAILk?! You're so full of crap, and I know you know you are. So are you saying that the $500 Billion isn't worth it? Or are you saying that the Hypocrats aren't being honest when they say that we will save $500 Billion but not figuring in the cost of rooting out fraud?! I see now you are a fraud expert. Making me laugh again FAILk! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    FAILk, here is my stats DIRECTLY FROM the Government's OWN HHS. I don't know how much more I can get it right out of the Hypocrat's mouth:

    From that report:

    A Congressionally-mandated study on the impact of the 2002-2003 Head Start program was submitted to Congress on January 13, 2010. The study measured the cognitive and social/emotional development, health status and behavior of approximately five thousand 3 and 4 year olds who were randomly assigned to either a control group or a group that had access to a Head Start program.

    The study showed that ... at the end of kindergarten and first grade, however, the Head Start children and the control group children were at the same level on many of the measures studied.

    So ... shove it FAILk! YOUR President said he would eliminate programs that don't get results. Well now he is planning on doubling-down on the stupidity! EPIC FAIL.

  76. This FAILk guy ... what a loser. How can you argue with someone who claims that water isn't wet?

    Wow FAILk, big surprise, the Head Start Association says that their program works. Guess what, Toyota says their cars are perfectly safe too. You are truly the biggest idiot I have ever witnessed. ROFLMAO ... seriously, don't you know by now that we check the links you provide?!?! WTF ... you are seriously stupid. Just dumb dumb dumb. Now you are saying YOUR government study is wrong in defense of a wasteful program that needs to be eliminated. You really will defend these Hypocrats no matter what, won't you!?!?

  77. It's confusing to me FAILk, who is keeping Anthem's customers from going to another insurance company?! Wouldn't that show Anthem a thing or two about raising rates?!?! It's like if somebody had charged you $100,000 for your Prius, and you said "well, I guess I have to pay it darn it! But maybe I will just go to my Congressman and bitch about it until they force the guy selling it to me to sell it for less". You Hypocrats make NO sense. No sense at all. Nobody is forcing these people to buy Anthem's insurance! Nobody! FREE market FAILk! Doesn't mean everything is FREE, it means you are FREE to buy what you like, or NOT buy what you don't! HYPOCRATS - STUPIDITY INCARNATE.

  78. How do you defend this boondoggle FAILk?!?!

    ... consider Head Start, which politicians view as sacred. The $166 billion program is 45 years old, so it's had time to prove itself. But guess what: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently found no difference in first-grade test results between kids who went through Head Start and similar kids who didn't (

    President Obama has repeatedly promised to "eliminate programs that don't work," but he wants to give Head Start a billion more dollars. The White House wouldn't explain this contradiction to me.

    Andrew Coulson, head of the Cato Institute's Center for Educational Reform, said, "If Head Start (worked), we would expect now, after 45 years of this program, for graduation rates to have gone up; we would expect the gap between the kids of high school dropouts and the kids of college graduates to have shrunk; we would expect students to be learning more. None of that is true."

  79. Bruce, insurance companies only made 3.4% profites. If they became a non-profit organization and make nothing for their service it would only mean $100 a year to every American. The Democrats are beating the wrong dog. And that dog is raising it's rates because of the higher risk they may have to take. And for less money when the Democrats make them enemy #1 with regulations and burocracy. Look at how much more profites went up on gas when the Democrats called for blood on oil companies profits. The Democrat party has become the attack dog and enemy of everything that makes America great. Can they stabalize our nation first?

  80. Bruce, Bruce, Bruce,
    If any appointments were held up by the Republicans, it’s bound to be those Harvard Community College graduate lawyers that previously defended "Anti-American Murdering Muslim Infidels" (non believers to the true Koran). Now, those same lawyer sum are supposed to be approved to work for the US Justice Department? What kind of "Liberal Fool" logic is that? I say, "Keep us safe by refusing to approve those enemy collaborators."


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