Thursday, February 25, 2010

John McCain Blasts The President And Obama Didn't Like It

'The Election Is Over' - Sharp Exchange Between Obama and McCain

Good government doesn’t necessarily mean compelling television. The White House “Health Care Summit” currently on all cable news programs was proving to be more soporific than electric. Solid reasonable debate was dangerously devolving to sophistry, evidenced by Senator John McCain’s very critical take on all of the mistakes he felt that the Obama administration has made in an effort to reform health care. President Obama wasn’t having it, however, and chastised McCain’s critique by reminding him that “the election is over.”  I'd like to know what both sides think of this interaction between Obama and McCain.


  1. I hate both of them but I hate Obama much, much more.

  2. I think Obama needs to understand that the election is over. In fact, he believes exactly the opposite. In fact, yesterday I read he has already gotten his team working on the 2012 election! This guy does nothing BUT campaign, including telling more lies with every speech he makes. But I guess they aren't lies, they are "campaign promises", like everything else he has said before today. This guy hasn't led yet, and I know even FAILk will agree with me on that point. Because FAILk has said so.

    Anyways, McCain is showing what an ass he is by trying to regulate vitamins ( He's a Hypocrat lite. I have to agree with Hack on his point.

  3. This Exchange Between the McCain and The President Show That This 2400 Page Bill is Going Forward Period! Citizens Want Reform But Most Want it To Start Again in Bi Partisan Manner BUT That Aint Going To Happen! This Bill Through its 2400 Pages NO Doubt Will Have Issues That Will POP Up and Bite Citizens in the ASS Eventually! Government Run Entitlements COST Tax Payers Either NOW or in HIDDEN Taxes Later! Government Running Health Care Just BY Government History is DOOMED To Fail!

  4. I don't like either of them myself. But McCain did make some great points. At this point the Republicans are wiping the floor with the Democrats.

  5. Chris, are you watching the same thing I am? Give me a break.

  6. I can't watch it, but reading comments is letting me know that Obama is getting hacksawed. And the sob stories are going over just as well as can be expected:

    "Save the sob stories for committee hearings and the floor of the house and senate. Since it is televised I exect lots of posturing and even more sob stories. Sob story result-Americans will now have a "right" to good teeth. Stupid."

    ROFLMAO! What the hell does somebody's false teeth have to do with the price of tea in China?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!! Stupid Hypocrats are scraping the bottom of the barrel for sob stories!! Whoever told that whopper should be kicked out of office just for being a complete and total moron! Republicans brought facts, Hypocrats brought sob stories. What a farce! LOL

  7. Obama doesn't want anyone quoting either one of the turd bills. That speaks volumes right there!! ROFLMAO ... I bet at lunch they told Obama to shut his stupid pie-hole because he's letting on that none of the Hypocrats have even read their plans that were written by the insurance companies. Wow, was this a terrible idea for the Hypocrats. I'm going to have to send Obama a "Thank-you" letter!!! Tee hee hee!!

  8. Cracks me up that the Hypocrats are still trying to disguise taxes as "subsidies". Somebody needs to let them know that the public isn't as clueless as they think they are, and that we all know where "subsidies" come from. Well, maybe they don't know where subsidies come from, that could be the problem right there! Quick, somebody tell them that government subsidies are actually taxes!!

  9. The Republicans look like leaders and the Democrats look off their game by a mile. It doesn't look good for the Democratic party. This whole thing went up in their faces. The DNC ship is sinking fast and Obama with his stupid looks when the Republicans talk, is just so irritating.

  10. Well Cathy, while the Hypocrats were busy electing a "historical" President simply because he had some black in him and gave great speeches (supposedly; I never saw anything great in his speeches myself), Republicans were busy getting people elected who know what the hell they are doing. Now it shows for all the world to see. I can't wait to watch the video. Even the Times of London is laughing at our President. What an embarrassment. I guess the Hypocrats should have had some big insurance big-wigs there to explain their legislation to them and the rest of the world. LOL

  11. Obama asks Republican Sen. John Barrasso if he would be satisfied if members of Congress had "catastrophic" insurance. Barrasso says yes, because "we'd really focus on it." What if you made $40,000 a year? Obama asks.

    "That is the reality for a lot of folks," Obama says. “They’re not sultans from wherever. They don’t fly into Mayo.”

    Barrasso says high deductible plans with a health savings account is an option for those in Congress. Obama replies, “John, members of Congress are in the top income brackets in the country.” Those who have HSAs have disposable income, he says.

    Arguing that health care reform can't be done in a "piecemeal" way, Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman says the Republicans' plan would cover just 3 million people, wouldn't hold down the deficit "a bit" and would still have problems related to preexisting conditions. After listening for a while, Obama says he will be "equal opportunity" and move on.

    "We're not making campaign speeches right now," Obama says, turning to Republicans and asking if they have other ideas for how to give insurance to the uninsured.

  12. McCain looks like a retarded old man. I wish he would just die.

  13. I was watching a video where Waxman literally didn't know what the legal drinking age is. That guy is a total idiot. Don't just take it from me, here is the video:

    HSA's are the way to go for letting people spend their money the way they want to, and to encourage people to find out how much a procedure/test/etc costs and get involved in their own health care. No wonder Obummer doesn't want that.

    I'm myself looking at getting high-deductible catastrophic insurance and a HSA, and getting the money from my company that they spend on my health insurance plus what I put in. Sure I'll take a hit on taxes, but I'm no sultan. However, I can be a responsible adult for myself. Too bad Obummer wants to tell me what insurance I will buy and what it will cover and he doesn't want me to shop around for the least expensive highest quality insurance. Too bad he doesn't want me to save my own money and spend it on what I choose to. Guess the government knows best what is best for me. Right.

  14. LOL ... so the Republican plan taxes people to pay for 3 million while the Hypocrat plan taxes us to pay for 30 million?!?! ROFLMAO ... I'll take the 3 million plan that lowers costs so the other 25 million can afford it, as opposed to the 30 million that raises my taxes and TELLS me that I MUST buy big insurance or face even more fines! Oh, and TELLS insurance WHAT will be covered, so I can get acupuncture even though I don't believe in it, but I sure can pay for it. Thanks but no thanks Hypocrats. Your big-government plans are always EPIC FAIL.

  15. Wow anonymous, that's pretty crappy thing to say. I guess you must be a Hypocrat lieberal. Profess to care for others but then turn around and wish someone who you disagree would die. You stay classy Bruce.

  16. Fawning big media types are touting President Obama’s new “Plan B” Healthcare Nationalization Scheme as a “compromise” plan.

    Supposedly, the special payouts for Big Labor and the rest of the union-label Democrats’ pals “are all gone.”

    Do NOT be fooled.

    The fact is, President Obama’s new Healthcare Nationalization Scheme is EVERY BIT as damaging.

    That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators linked below IMMEDIATELY.

    While the new “Plan B” Healthcare scheme has yet to be put down into legislative language, the proposal released by President Obama tells you and me all we need to know.

    And the fact is, payback to Barack Obama’s Big Labor buddies plays an enormous part.

    You see, should President Obama’s new “Plan B” Healthcare Nationalization Scheme pass, it would create a new federal bureaucracy -- “the Federal Health Insurance Rate Authority” -- that would be charged with effectively setting prices for health insurance on a case-by-case basis.

    Of course, many folks are arguing, that’s bad enough just on its face.

    But you and I both know it’s a virtual GUARANTEE this new bureaucracy would be stacked with Big Labor sympathizers who will use their new regulatory power to grant union-boss negotiated healthcare plans sweetheart deals . . .

    . . . and stick you and me with the bill!

    Just consider Big Labor’s special “Cadillac Tax” exemption under the first Healthcare Nationalization Scheme.

    That set off a FIRESTORM of public outrage.

    So I guess the union bosses and their buddies in the White House decided if they can’t get away with legislative handouts to their Big Labor pals, they’ll just create a new federal bureaucracy to take care of it for them!

    But that’s not all.

    There’s also talk of a new “backdoor public option” that would enroll millions more Americans in government-run insurance under the guise of expanding Medicare coverage.

    And, just like in the original House and Senate bills, when legislative language is revealed, President Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be granted broad authority over doctors and nurses -- including monopoly bargaining and forced dues.

    Bet on it.

    That’s why it’s vital you click here to sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators.

    As you’ll see, this petition urges your Congressman and Senators to oppose ANY effort to ram through President Obama’s “Plan B” Healthcare Nationalization Scheme.

    But it’s vital you act IMMEDIATELY.

    You see, President Obama’s union-label Congressional pals have no intention of playing fair.

    They’re even talking of skirting Senate rules to ELIMINATE any filibuster against President Obama’s Healthcare Nationalization Scheme using the so-called “reconciliation” process.

    And this fight will move FAST.

    You and I have seen time and again that whenever Big Labor allies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid fear public opposition is mounting, their solution is to “vote now, and ask questions later.”

    So there’s no time to waste.

    The good news is the National Right to Work Committee is busy exposing the Big Labor power grabs in Barack Obama’s new “Plan B” Healthcare Nationalization Scheme . . .

    . . . and MOBILIZING millions of Americans to stop it using every means possible.

    E-mail. Blogs. Direct mail. Phones. Newspaper, radio, and TV ads.

  17. Mark, where is the link?

    It's my understanding that that advisory board is ready to go already. It was part of the porkulus.

  18. Well, nothing like a good old PR ploy that was. I lost track of how many times the Dems talking point was repeated, over and over and over again.
    And then Pelosi finalizing with 'This bi-partisan bill' horse pie. I nearly blew chunks on my monitor.
    Get ready American, grab the rail, you're about to get something, somewhere you're not going to like.

  19. I think Mark Adams is spot on. And when we get it the Republicans need to be far away from it. Let the Democrats get that turd of a bill all over themselves if they want. But if the Republicans are ever going to redeem themselves with the American voters they better stand strong on this health care bill issue.

  20. Mark - It's worth it, just so Obama can't say that he hasn't had his chance to explain it to America. I'm so sick of that, them insinuating that nobody understands it because the Hypocrats haven't explained it yet. Well, for the hundredth time Mr. Obama we heard you, and we don't want it.

    Obama just looks like a total idiot to say that he is coming into this with an open mind, and yet he produces his own plan and the Hypocrat's plan. It's like if the Hypocrats and Republicans decided to paint a room and pick the color when they got there, and the Hypocrats show up with cans of blue. At least they got to show the country how A) Petty Obama is, when he won't let the Republicans talk and B) How clueless he is. I'm not sure, I haven't checked the news stories, but I heard MSNBC pulled coverage when Obama started getting his ass handed to him (must have been pretty early in the proceedings)! LOL

  21. What kills me is they repeat the same thing over and over. "Sure, I can appreciate it that the American people don't understand it." "How it's been mis-represented." "Are concerned on something that is confusing to them" Blah blah blah. We've been dealing with this for 8 months now, we've read both bills that have past both chambers.

    We get it. We don't like it.

    Now THAT has to be confusing for them in Washington.

  22. What are we waiting for?

    Where do we find these idiots?

  23. OMG! She had to have spent to much time at Haight Ashbury back in the 60's, her brain cells are toast. :)

  24. It might create 400,000 jobs but they will all be wealth-destroying government bureaucracy jobs. What's funny about that though is that 400,000 jobs will barely put a dent in the 500 million Americans that lose their jobs every month that we don't have an economic recovery package:

    These Hypocrats are dumber than a box of Bruces.

  25. Wow, this just in. Glenn Beck and Pat Gray got their hands on some more of the letters written to President Obama. Listen in as they read some heart-rending stories of some poor little kids. After listening to these letters, it is clear we MUST pass this government takeover of health care. For the children. Please listen you heartless bastards, and watch your heart grow three sizes:

  26. Health Care Summit Accomplished NOTHING! Administration is After More Power and Control Over Economy and That is ALL this is Citizens be Damned!

    Health Care Bill Written By Congress Which Controls Both Houses and Presidentsy with NO Input From Republicans CANNOT BE PASSED! All Democrats Had to Do Is Simply Pass it ON Party Vote BUT COULD NOT! That Speaks VOLUMES About Bill PERIOD! Nobama Should Start OVER But His Words " We Will Pass a Bill and Let VOTERS Decide in NOVEMBER" Tells Me Citizens Concern About SPENDING and DEFICIT Mean Nothing to HIM and that is a SHAME!

  27. It's time for the Democrats to use reconciliation to pass health care reform. Republicans didn't go along with Social Security or Medicare and they are two of the best programs and most popular programs in history and have helped tens of millions of seniors stay health and off the streets in their golden years.

    The Democrats should have passed this bill last August. President Obama and Democrats have done enough reaching out to Republicans.

    They whine the bill is too long. They whine when it's too short. They whine about a government takeover. They whine about everything.

    We will have have a health care reform bill passed without any Republicans. It's time to move on.

  28. Bruce SSI and Medicare aren't even funded and are bankrupt. And what does popularity have to do with a bankrupt progressive program like SSI and Medicare? Is it fair that I'm paying for your SSI and I wont see a dime of my money because the baby boomers sucked out way more then they put into the programes? In theory SSI and Medicare are great programes. But when they don't float that makes them a bad intitlment program. Unless Bruce you like the fact that all these progressive programs are bankrupting our country just like the budget and mcrazy liberal spending that has been going on for the past few years. I also hope that the Democrat jam this bill down Americas throat. Not because I like the bill but because the Democrats have become something I'd like to remove from the goverment and our society all together. And that will do it for the Democrats. That will be the rebuilding this country will need. We will get great conservative stable leaders for decades after the Democrats break the will of the people. Go ahead Bruce push the Democrats into self destruction mode.I'm getting sick of the party of "YES" when it's our money. The best part is when the Progressives take down the Democratic Party they will take the unions with them. Keep it up Bruce we Republicans are counting on yu Progressives to distroy the Democratic party. Have a protest if you can get the fake liberals to protest against Obama and for their causes.

  29. LOL ... but Bruce, if they pass this health care takeover, we won't have enough money to buy everybody a house, and to buy everybody food and to give everybody a government job! ROFLMAO ... move to Cuba or Venezuela you whining loser.

    I was thinking about Obama's response to McCain, about how the election is over. So, I guess what Obama was saying was that he lied when he was on the campaign trail, and now that he won he is giving the finger and a big FU to the people that elected him on those promises. What a total jerk. Funny how when he is asked about transparency, he suddenly decides for everyone that elected him that they aren't interested in the process. Bruce, didn't you want more transparency in government? This administration is less transparent than the Bush administration, by far.

  30. Chris, you are reading the mood of the country incorrectly. You live in your Tea Party world. The rest of us want solutions to the problems.

    There are ways to take care of the funding issues. You try taking away SSI and Medicare and you'll see what a revolution looks like, Chris.

    Republicans rammed the tax cuts for the wealthy down our throats. They rammed two wars that weren't paid for down our throats.

    Why are you worried about spending when it comes to health care, but not when Republicans started two wars that were paid for entirely with debt? That makes no sense, Chris.

    But when Democrats try to focus on the welfare of our people, that's when you go into protest mode. I just don't get it.

  31. John, there is no way this government is less transparent. Bush NEVER would have held a forum like the health care forum yesterday.

    He wasn't smart enough to answer questions from opponents.

    John, you live in your right wing world of fear and whining. Republicans need to stop their whining and help solve problems.

  32. Bruce you and the boomers are taking SSI away by using more then you gave. That is the revelution. SSI is less then 13 years away from being gone. And you just want yours. Screw that. I'm not going to keep paying for you POS Me Generation of human locust. Every generation before yours left the country in better shape. Not you narsacistic generation. You didn't even do a good job of preparing the next generation to take care of you. But you don't care because you want all the SSI and free crap you can get your hands on. As long as you get and you don't give then the Fed is your tit. Suckle away my friend becaquse the young will wake up and see how much you took from this country and they will reclaim what is theirs before you have a chance to plunder the wealth of this country for your own private booty. The old wont riot Bruce. It will be the young liberals that will turn on the old when they find out the old ate their piece of the pie as well as their own. You boomers didn't raise a great generation to take care of you when 90% of you are broke and without SSI or Medicare to live on. Good luck little buddy because at this rate you will most likely eat up your SSI before you pass on. Do you know what is worse then never getting something? Having it and then losing it. You keep acting like SSI will be around forever when the governemnt keeps telling us it's gone or going. Will you just plunder the rich? You liberals need a little bit of your Darwinism in your lives. Like John said you should go to Cuba if you want to be a socialist. The rest of the world is crying over the internal distruction of the great nation the world has ever known. And you on the left are celebrating it. You should be the one to be afraid of a revelution not us. The revelution is coming to you. It is a peacefull revelution. The only side that has shown any civil uprising in a typical revelutionary style is the left. The left are the extreemist fringe of our country.

  33. Wow, Chris, I thought you were a Christian. That doesn't sound like a Christian talking to me. It sounds like a selfish baby whining about how it's mine and I'm not going to give you any of it. Didn't your parents teach you to share your toys?

    I thought all money belonged to god in the Christian faith. Did I get that wrong?

    Maybe you should go back to sucking your thumb when you have a temper tantrum and make sure you have your blankey handy. There's nothing worse than a spoiled, whiny baby and that's what you are.

  34. Bruce November Will Come and GO and So Will Most of those Progressive Politicans That Want to Make OUR Money YOUR Money Bruce!

    Yea All those Government Programs and Entitlements THERE Just Bursting at the Seams With Extra Tax Payewrs Money.

    If You Think For One Minute That Tax Payers SUPPORT All These OUT of Control Programs and WILL Support The HUGE Tax Incrreass Nessacary YOU are One STEP Away From the White Coat GUYS! After Reading Your Rants, YOU Are Probablly NOT UNFAMILAR With Them!

    Its Amazing that the Sitting PRESIDENT Would Assist Majority of CITIZENS in the Destruction of The Progressive MOVEMENT by Ramming This BILL Through! Just Maybe Hes a CONSERVATIVE in Sheeps Outfit JUST to FOOL the Rest of Those Progressive SHEEP!

  35. Thanks Chris for attempting to do what no man should have to do, educate the likes of Bruce Fealk. It becomes ever frustrating to deal with individuals such as him in our daily lives. Let me say this as best I can, knowing your interest in maintaining decorum on your blog, "Bruce Fealk is a complete IDIOT"! The proof is contained in statements such as these, "...Social Security or Medicare and they are two of the best programs and most popular programs in history and have helped tens of millions of seniors stay health and off the streets in their golden years."

    Does this man have any understanding of even the most rudimentary issues? Social Security and Medicare are absolutely horrible and disastrous programs. They are underfunded by approximately $70-75 trillion and with knowledge of this common fact, he deems them to be "two of the best programs". His level of ignorance is unmatched.

    He then goes on to say they are very popular programs. Absolutely, but only for the individuals that are currently collecting from the pyramid scheme. I and many others that I know, that are still in the workforce, hate them with unbridled passion. I am so sick and tired of mental midgets, such as Fealk, preaching to us about why we should be thankful that our government extracts 12.5% of our income every pay period to fund their financial boondoggles. His contention that it is a "popular" program could be disproven in one fell swoop. Make it voluntary for all employees and see how many people would sign up for the program. But, of course, Bruce would never advocate such an option. It would remove our dependency on his beloved, all-knowing corrupt entity know as the Federal Government. Bruce, like so many of his ilk, are convinced they know what's better for the poor, unwashed masses and they deem it their destiny to manage every aspect of their lives.

  36. Bruce if you were listening to the Summit yeaterday yoiu would know that the Republicans want to solve the problems in our health care system. It is the progressives that want to take over the country with every bill passed. The Blue Dogs are turning on the Progressives in their own party. The Blue Dogs Democrats are moving more in line with the Republican party and their real life bill that actually fixes many of the problems in the health care system. America doesn't want Medicare for everyone. They just want the bilols to fix the problem in a commons sense and common good aproach. The Democrat bill does nothing but make more troubles down the line.

  37. I am a Christian and it is God not god, you jerkoff. FREE WILL giving is something most conservatives do and liberals don't. I was telling you what the reality of your revelution theory. The money is gone and going and in 13 years those boomers will revolt and so will the youth that the boomers raised. If you care so much about the "dieing masses" then why is it that you progressives are the worst at giving? You liberals give almost half as much as conservatives. Your arrested development makes it hard to get through to you. I know I'm not a very good writer but thanks to great bloggers like my points are made loud and clear. Bruce yopu are losing the battles and the war on the "fundamentaly changing" of our great nation.

  38. Paul, Democrat Anthony Weiner, gave the Republicans a chance to abolish Medicare. Guess what happened, they wouldn't vote to abolish Medicare. I wonder why that is, Paul. Could it be they know how popular Medicare is and they would risk losing their job if they voted to abolish it?

    Same with Social Security. Let's take a vote on abolish Social Security and see how many Republicans have the courage of their convictions to abolish it. I bet not one chicken, lily livered Republican would vote to abolish Social Security.

    All the Republicans showed yesterday is that they are really good at talking points. They have NO REAL desire to fix the broken health care non-system in this country. How long do you think your company will be able to afford double digit premium increases, Chris?

    Before long, you will probably be among the uninsured. And with your Lyme disease, no insurance carrier will want to touch you.

  39. Paul thank you for helping me teach the unteachable. Bruce is one of those "know-it-alls". Have you ever met someone that is wrong almost always but they insist on their ideas? My 9 year old son is that way. That must have been around the age when Bruce had a tramatic thing happen to him. That is the age when he stopped maturing emotionally. He is still in the blame everyone phase of like. The liberals are the ones with a piss spot in the front of their pants and they blame little Johnny for it. The adults laugh at the kid when he blames Johnny for everything. But when it is adults and those adults are running the country it is scary. If a pilot is flying a plane and things go wrong does the pilot go around placing blame? Does a CEO of a company go around placing blame on everyone but himself for bring down the company? If they do then they are fired. If a general looses every battle them we get a new general.

  40. Bruce life isn't fair. And you libs don't do anything to fix the problems. Why don't the libs reach into their pocket as much as conservatives do to fix these problems? And don't worry Bruce it wont take a party to destroy SSI and Medicare. Those programes and the people that manage them are doing a great job of destroying them. What will you do Bruce in 13 years when SSI is gone? You need to be asking why the Democrats can't get the Democrats to agree on a viable health care reform? Why are the Blue Dog Democrats in line with the Republicans plan for health care reform? Is it because it serves the people and not speciel interest like the Progressive Democrats plans do? The Progressives need to work on a plan that the Democrats can all be on before they start trying to get a few progressive Republicans in on the bill.

  41. Chris, are you kidding me? Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry. Why do you think ALL THE REPUBLICANS are aligned against health care reform? Do you really think it's because it is "socialism" or because it's government takeover of health care? NOT ON YOUR LIFE, CHRIS! It's because that's there their campaign money comes from.

    Not to say some Democrats are not afflicted with the same disease, but we do have a majority of Democrats ready to vote to reform health care today. And when they do reconciliation, health care reform WILL pass.

    Unlike Republicans, Democrats actually think for themselves, instead of being part of the collective.

  42. So, Chris, since you have free will, I'm wondering, how much money do you give to your church on Sunday? The average for Christians is 2%, not the 10% that Jesus talks about in the Bible.

    If your church had members that had a health care crisis, would you pitch in to help pay for that person's cancer surgery or treatment? Or would they be on their own, like you advocate for all Americans?

    How about your parents, Chris, are they on Social Security and Medicare? I bet they are. What would they say if you told them you wanted to abolish those programs? Would you be willing to take care of your parents for the rest of their lives and have them live with you?

  43. ROFLMAO ... another EPIC FAILk. FAILk, tell me this: WHY would the insurance industry lobby the MINORITY PARTY? Especially the party that has the opposite of a SUPER MAJORITY?!?! Why would they waste their money and their time?!?! They are shoveling the money into the SUPER MAJORITY party you dumbass! But we know you know this. Truth hurts doesn't it FAILk?! Your precious Hypocrats are bought and paid for by Big Insurance. And then there's Obama doing back-door deals with Big Pharma to prevent re-importation of prescription drugs, so he is F'ing everyone over with that. And then there were a bunch of TRIAL LAWYERS at that meeting yesterday. I mean, really, the proof is in the legislation! Mandated Insurance for all, but no Public Option! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... what a bunch of corruptocrats!!

  44. ROFLMAO ... FAILk, you wouldn't know the first thing about helping people. You're the one who gave some sob story about the lady that needed help, and what did you do for her? NOTHING. Just like the lady that was raped, you did NOTHING. You are a sad excuse for a human being.

    And of course people are going to try to collect out of something they paid into. Now you are just being stupid. But I guess that's your natural state.

  45. Bruce if the governemnt made the insurence companies non-profit then it still wouldn't fix the problem. The insurance companies have a 3.4% profit margine. Are you so dense that you think the Feds can beat a 3.4% profit margine? Would you put uyour money into a fund if it made only 3.4%? Not when you take all the risk. You pay more then that on a commition when you sell your home. Will that be the next enemy of the progressive state? We all know PHARM is in the bag as well as tions of speciel interests. We the people aren't getting the fixes we want and need with this health care bill. You and the think for yourselves BS. You guys are just an arm of the wealthy Soros and big labor. So don't act like you are an original thinker when your whole blog is Rachael,Keith and talking points. You on the left are as original as Carl Marx and Joeseph Stalin. You think you are original because you care not to look at history. You or I are original. But I don't run around and act like I am the free thinker when you obviously use all the talking poijnts from the left and then add "kill grandma" or " Republicans want to kill the poor" or whatever else kind of rediculus headings you can come up with. Bruce you on the left are as free thinking as my bitch of a dog Sarah.

  46. ROLFMAO ... so FAILk's justification for a failure like SS is "well people are collecting from it!"

    Guess what FAILk, people are trying to get their money back from Bernie Madoff, but it doesn't mean his system wasn't completely corrupt!

    And FAILk, sharing means loaning something of yours with the expectation that you will get it back in the same shape that you gave it. Loaning is NOT forcing someone to give their hard-earned money to someone else with the threat of jail-time, and not ever seeing your hard-earned money again. That's collectivism, and that is what the Hypocrats/liberals/regressives represent. Just like Flipper said.

  47. Yeah, Hypocrats think for themselves! Like Ben Nelson, he thought to get the Cornhusker Kickback. And Landrieu with the Louisiana Purchase! And on and on it goes, with the only creative thinking the Hypocrats have is when it comes to hiding illegal funds or figuring out how to pad their nest eggs.

  48. Hey FAILk, last time I checked 2% is still more than the 0% you give. ROFLMAO

  49. I do like that FAILk can't defend the fact that Medicare and Social Security are failing epically. All he can say is that people are trying to collect out of the system they paid into. Well DUH!

    You know why people like Medicare FAILk? Because they can essentially shop for groceries without caring what they cost, and only pay a little deductible. I would love that plan myself, if it didn't cause prices to skyrocket, like it does now. And oh yeah, creates a shortage of doctors like Osteopaths, you know, doctors that old people need. And, oh yeah, do you think people like Medicare being the largest rejector of claims?!? That's quite a system you're touting FAILk.

  50. Look at Obummer's numbers dropping now. That "summit" is going to go down in history as a disaster for this President:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 23% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20. For President Obama, the Approval Index has been lower only once.

    Data for these updates is collected via nightly telephone interviews and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. As a result, just one-third of the interviews for today’s update were collected following the President’s health-care summit. Sunday morning will be the first update based entirely upon interviews conducted after the summit.

  51. What are the Hypocrat's solutions for containing cost FAILk?

  52. Republicans have a great opportunity on February 25. President Obama, not so much. The White House, buoyed by rave reviews of the president’s recent appearance before a resistant crowd of House Republicans, has in effect challenged the GOP to a verbal battle over health care – televised before the American people. (It should be noted that, given the magnitude of the drubbing handed the administration in recent months, simply arriving on time and avoiding a teleprompter failure would have constituted a major victory.) Because nothing in D.C. can take place these days without the absolute maximum of political horseplay, both sides are skirmishing over the forum for the health care debate and the guest list, with the GOP complaining that they were invited to the party barely an hour before Obama went public with the plan – not exactly good manners, and a possible “gotcha” moment.

    No matter. The gathering will present GOP leaders with an opportunity to convince Americans that they do have a health care program, that they are not simply the party of no and that they can engage in a constructive dialog. The White House (and the media) has consistently refused to air Republicans’ proposals to reform our insurance and medical industries – mainly because politically it has been easier to deride the minority party and also because Democrats don’t like their ideas. Here’s the problem for the White House: voters do like their ideas, because they focus on reducing costs. Americans are sympathetic to those without health insurance, but they are also wary of the expense of covering 30 million additional people in a time of economic distress.

    The Republicans have asked President Obama to “start over” with a fresh take on the bill, a request the administration has so far rebuffed. Instead, the White House wants to modify the existing health care bill—the Senate version – which is a non-starter for Republicans and voters. It is inconceivable that an intelligent remake of that ghastly, conflicted, complicated legislation could be any more effective or satisfying than trying to patch a dinghy that’s been rotting in the weeds for a quarter century. It is way better to scuttle the wreck and start fresh.

    Jeffrey Anderson, director of the Benjamin Rush Society, offers a template for a Republican health care proposal in the latest edition of The Weekly Standard. He calls his suggestion The Small Bill – and indeed it is a one-page product (admittedly in fairly small type) of seven points aimed at reducing our nation’s medical bill and also providing our most needy citizens with care.
    The ideas include, among others, preventing “runaway” malpractice lawsuits, allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines, offering lower premiums for healthy lifestyles, and amending the tax penalty on those who are self-insured or not insured.

    The ideas in the Short Bill are logical, easy to understand and generally popular. Most importantly, the proposal has been “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office, that arbiter of fiscal sanity, and – drum roll – shown to not increase our deficit, to cost a mere $180 billion over 10 years compared to the Senate bill’s cost of $2.5 trillion, to not increase taxes and to insure an additional 10 million people.

    I strongly recommend that Republicans focus on just such a compact, sensible bill when they meet with President Obama on February 25. It would be very hard for the administration to convince voters watching television that the Senate bill-- which stinks of bribery and favoritism like anything else that emerges from a swamp – is a winner.


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