Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama Is Meeting With The Republicans On Heath Care Bill

The Democrats have been running around blaming everything and everyone but themselves for what has been done or not done while they have been in power. It is just more proof that the government is running the Democrat Party, not the other way around.  They have been so busy make up excuses and playing political games with the minority party that they keep dropping the ball. With as much a majority as they had they should have been able to get something done that is good for the country and her people. The Democrats need to start taking their jobs serious and stop playing games with the wellfair of our nation.                                                                                                                                                                 If the president is serious about passing nationalized health care, he ought to be meeting with the Democrats, not the Republicans.
 Republicans can't stop the Democrats from socializing health care: They are a tiny minority party in both the House and the Senate. (Note to America: You might want to keep this in mind next time you go to the polls.)
 As the Democratic base has been hysterically pointing out, both the House and the Senate have already passed national health care bills. Either body could vote for the other's bill, and -- presto! -- Obama would have a national health care bill, replete with death panels, abortion coverage and lots and lots of new government commissions!                                                                                                                                                  The Republicans need to distance themselves as far away from these Progressive programs as possible.  They need to be proud to be the party of "NO". No big government,no new entitlement and no more taxing anyone unfairly just because they have more then others.  And the Republicans need to stop meeting with the Democrats and meet with we the people. We are the one they work for. Let the Blue Dogs and Progressive Democrats fight it out to the end. They made their bed, now they must lie in it. The Blue Dogs have a lot to be scared of because it is the party they love that wont see power for decades if they ram this bill down the American voters throat. Like Obama said he would rather be a one term president that got his radical progressive agenda passed then to be a two term president that was liked. The Blue Dog Reagan Democrats need to wake up and see who will be going down with the president when he falls.  Obama will take the DNC with him just like Carter did. And with loving arms the Republicans and the Libertarians will scoop up the pieces of the party. They will take the Reagan conservative Democrats and leave the rotting corpes of the progressive Democratic party there to rot so we the people never make that mistake again.


  1. As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to begin developing open Internet regulation, the Center for Individual Freedom (CIF) has unveiled a national grassroots campaign to rally conservatives in opposition to the efforts.

    The Stop Net Regulation campaign was launched during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., and it encourages Americans to go online and sign a national petition, and contact their elected officials.

    "’Stop Net Regulation’ will serve as the hub for the growing movement of conservatives across the country opposed to the federal government regulating the internet," said CIF president Jeffrey Mazzella.

    He added that "hundreds of thousands of American jobs depend on private investment by Internet companies and these new regulations stand directly in the way of the nation’s economic recovery."

    The FCC plan is intended to put in place regulations that would prevent these companies from restricting access to Internet content, applications and services offered by competitors. However, big Internet providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have expressed their opposition, stating that regulations will prevent them from managing Internet traffic to keep services running smoothly to all subscribers.

    Analysts say that applications such as Google, Skype and Facebook would be among the biggest beneficiaries of "net neutrality."

    I want to know where are the liberals on these issues of rights violations? Where are they with the Patriot Act,the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,the national debt and the bombing of inocent civilians in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is becoming a bloody war and the Democrats hands are now filled with the blood of women and children. But the asshole left say nothing. No protests. Nothing more then a halfass protest in fall. That is barely a peep compaired to what they gave Bush. Why is that Carl,Bruce Failk and the others? Do they not stand for the same things as they did under President Bush?

  2. Turns out that the interpretation that the Dems are bluffing on reconciliation is a charitable interpretation. It assumes they have a plan.

    The other alternative view, that the President really is serious about reconciliation, is so unserious that most in D.C. don’t take it seriously. The naivete, the inexperience, the reality-bending-ability to seriously believe that one more speech or one more try will make it pass, must be so pervasive in the mind of the President and those around him, that you have to wonder what will happen to the psyche of these Pollyannas when reality finally and urgently cannot be ignored or hidden, from what will be their ever widening eyes.

    Add the irrationality of the Speaker on passing “universal health care” to the mix, and you have the makings of yet another uber-trainwreck — the first was last August, the second December-January, and now, the third in April-May or May-June?

    Meanwhile, yesterday, the Chairman of the Blue Dogs Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) said “I was actually surprised that they’re pushing it again.” Shuler also said “I don’t think a comprehensive bill can pass.”

    The Speaker got tiff-ity when she heard of Shuler’s remarks: “You know what? With all due respect to everyone, we just saw the president’s proposal today. I don’t know that anybody in our caucus is saying we’re not going to pass a bill.”

    But the President is not taking about “a bill,” he’s talking (for about the millionth time — including a speech to a joint session of Congress) about passing his bill. Well, it’s not actually a bill. There is no legislative language and it has not been introduced in Congress. Obama has more of a power point.

    The Speaker was pushing Obama’s death-by-power-point, right up until the second day after it was unveiled. Yesterday, the Speaker pivoted cleanly to “a bill.”

    The Speaker is not alone. AP reports that “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said comprehensive reform would be best but it’s not all or nothing.” Hoyer said “We may not be able to do all.”

    Gee, what a shock. Everyone but the delusionals saw this coming from about 17 miles away.

    On Day Two of the White House roll out, the two top Dem Leaders of the House are publicly saying they are not going to pass it.

    And the list of NYETS is growing. For example, leaders of the House liberals like Rep. Weiner and Rep. Kucinich are publicly saying, “why should I vote for it without a public option?” Indeed, why should you?

    Then add the pro-life Dems who have their heels dug in, and are at a firm NO. The President is wasting the country’s time and has been for 14 months on ObamaCare. Doesn’t the county have other problems that need addressing?

    You don’t need to be a mere 17 miles away to see what is coming, hell, you can see it from a low earth orbit. It’s the end of the line. And for clarity of what else is coming, and why, just watch Charlie Cook.

    The Speaker will lose her job when the Dems lose the House, which they will, and the single biggest reason will be ObamaCare. It showed the public the Dems do not care what voters think. The Dems bought off opposition with the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Kick-back — knowing the public hates it — but they did it anyway.

    The downright lack of respect I have for the Dems over ObamaCare is that they persist, knowing it is politically destructive to themselves and their colleagues. And the Dems still do not realize — despite Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey — that they will lose, and not pass any bill.

    Trying to pass ObamaCare now is like a Jackass stunt gone wrong, where the idiot doing it dies. In this version, everyone told the idiot if you try the stunt, you will die. But the idiot was arrogant and was so desperate to pull off the never-been-done-before-stunt.

  3. Thank you Chris for letting me speak my mind. This is a great way to read both sides of the debates. This blog has been getting a lot of attention in some circles. Thanks again for hearing me out.

  4. Nobama Campaigned One Way and When Elected Showed his True Agenda Which is Government Control Over Amoung Other Thing Private Sector! Control Private Sector You Control ECONOMY and That Has Been this Administrations Mission Since Day One!
    Nobama Will Push This Government Heath Care and It Matters NOT to Him What Citizens or EVEN His Own Party Says. Seems to Be More a Ideology Agenda Item That He and Far Left Supporters Are NOT Going to Let GO Away!

    After Nobama Care Will Come Tax and Trade Which Will COST Citizens in HIGHER Utility and Gas Cost With More Controls Over Private Sector Industry PERIOD!

    Progressives Have NEVER Had the Chance They Do Now To Pass Agendas That Will Make this Great Country Eligible For European/World Community and That Is Where We Are Headed! Progressives Will NOT Settle For Any Thing LESS!

  5. Why do the Democrats protect and love the trial lawyers so much? What is so wrong with tort reform? Adding it doesn't cost us anything and will save us real money. So why protect the trial lawyers? And why would they have a protected class when it comes to paying for the health-care bill? Why don't the unions have to pay their fair share of the health-care reform? And why do the unions want this reform bill? Does it serve the unions and not it's members?

  6. Collectivism and its ideologies have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. I'm sure Germany and Italy thought it would never happen to them. This Democrat health care bill is just another step towards a collectivist society. If you don't think so, just look at how many times a so-called Progressive has tried to use the "you don't care about poor people" line. Well first and foremost I care about myself and my family. If you care so much for somebody else then get your group together and do something for them. You have no right to confiscate what I have earned, in order to care for my family, to give to someone else. No right at all. And trying to turn us into a collectivist society is not going to fix anything, it will only make it worse. Individualism, by it's design, can do little to no harm. I say little because an individual can always commit crime against another, but it takes the collective state to commit atrocities like we saw in Germany, Rwanda, etc.

  7. Wow, Flipper is spot-on. If you don't think it can happen here, do you think it could happen in Britain? I would guess that FAILk would think that it couldn't happen there. Well look at what happened in their government-run health care system. This is why we fight against ObamaScare. My prayers go out to the families involved in this atrocity:

    Stafford Hospital caused ‘unimaginable suffering’

  8. At least the Brits are trying to do something about their mess of a government-run health care system. What are they doing? Why going private of course! Just like every other time these socialists discover they can't control costs, quality, or anything else. When will the fools that are in control of our country learn this?!?! My guess is, if they haven't learned by now they never will.

    February 18, 2010
    Debt-ridden Hinchingbrooke Hospital to be run by a private company

  9. LOL ... just a little flashback, but remember when FAILk was flaunting the GDP numbers (for the quarter including Christmas, of course!) as proof that the Obummer Porkulus was working? So we all decided that, if he owned that he would have to own all the economic news from that point forward? Everybody remember that? I can go back through the topics to find it if I need to. Well FAILk, I found some more news for you, Obummer and the Hypocrats to own! Unfortunately (for America) it's bad news (for America; maybe not so much for the guy who is trying to destroy America).

    Jobless claims up 12% in past 2 weeks
    By Blake Ellis
    February 25, 2010

    NEW YORK ( -- The number of Americans filing for initial unemployment insurance surged to just below the 500,000 level last week, and have climbed more than 12% over the past two weeks, the government said Thursday.

    There were 496,000 initial job claims filed in the week ended Feb. 20, up 22,000 from a revised 474,000 the previous week, the Labor Department said in a weekly report. The prior week, there were 442,000 claims filed.

    That's some great stimulus we got there FAILk. I guess, as what's her face said "the system worked". Sheesh. EPIC FAIL.

  10. All I know is things are much worse then they said they would get. The first year they got all the money they could throw at the problems. And we are in worse shape now. Does anyone out there know why that is?

  11. John the stimulus did and is working. Obama said like most economists have said that the unemployment numbers will always lag the economic upturn. Now we just need to open financial means to businesses with the new jobs bill to close the employment gap.
    Cathy, I'm glad you got to vent but I just discovered this blog a short time ago so Im sorry if I haven't shown you how much I oppose these wars. But Iraq is coming to an end finally. Anyways what do you expect me to say? We shouldn't be the worlds cop or big brother. What right do we have to attack a sovern nation? Do I stand againist oppression? Sure but many times we need to as a nation learn to take care of our own problems first. Then maybe we won't have blood on our hands!

  12. Carl,Obama is the one that said the stimulus jobs bill would cap unemployment at no more then 8%. Why do you choose to believe a man that has been wrong so often? Is it just a faith thing with you? Do you have faith in government now that the Democrats are in charge? What will you do when we take back both houses of Congress and the Presidency? It will happen sooner or later ya know?

  13. Cathy great job on the ventings. It is cathartic to just let it loose and say what you feel.

  14. Carl - I just like to laugh at FAILk. He always wants to try to cherry-pick things without taking the bad with the good.

    I agree with you Carl on the last bit you say there. You are right on; we need to provide a good defense for this country but we can't be the world's police. We need to lead by example, show the world what a great thing Capitalism, a free economy and free people are. Make them CRAVE what we have and they will do the rest. Very good points Carl.

  15. I think it's funny that Obama said his complete focus was going to be on jobs, and now here we are today taking up everyone's valuable time on, what else, health care. This guy lies like a rug.

    From what little bit I heard, Obama is getting schooled by Cantor. People are saying that it sounds like Obama didn't even read his own bill that he "wrote" (I'm sure without the help of big insurance, right?), and that the Hypocrats have now resorted to telling BS sob stories. Like what Flipper said earlier, trying to get the collectivism going. Good luck with that Obama.

  16. This guy is clueless. So much for bipartisanship! But then again, what did we all expect?:

    Obama At Health Care Summit: "I Don't Count My Time Because I'm The President"

  17. Chris, I think your the one with faith in a party. Democrats will hold their control of Congress. Sure they may lose a few seats like all midterm elections, but with the tea party splitting the votes for repubs I get to stand on reason not faith.
    As far as the 8 percent, that's been explained already! No one could fathom the depths of the Bush recession until the numbers were cleared. We were already over 9 percent unemployment almost 10 before Obama took office. Too many workers hadjust given up hope during the Bush years like myself.

  18. Obama isn't looking too good. The Democrats are coming off uninformed and liars. The Republicans have doctors there while the Democrats brought opinions and empty egghead sceams.

  19. This is interesting (at least I thought it was):

    Alexander challenged Obama's claim that insurance premiums would fall under the Democratic legislation. "You're wrong," he said. Responded Obama: "I'm pretty certain I'm not wrong."

    My notes: [Alexander says emphatically that Obama is wrong. Obama retorts back with "pretty certain I'm not. Well Obama, I'm pretty certain you're a socialist. So does that make me right?]

    Story continues: As with much in the complicated health care debate, both sides had a point. The Congressional Budget Office says average premiums for people buying insurance individually would be 10-13% higher in 2016 under the Senate legislation, as Alexander said. But the policies would cover more medical services, and around half of people could get government subsidies to defray the extra costs.

    [So Alexander is correct. Obama is wrong. And I don't NEED more services, I would actually like fewer services, such as I don't want to pay for acupuncture. But the government wants me to pay for more services? Well, maybe the government doesn't necessarily, but I'm sure big insurance does, and that's who is speaking for the Hypocrats. And we all know exactly what government subsidies are, don't we? They're called TAXES. Obama EPIC FAIL.]

  20. Until Manufacturing JOBS Come Back ALL Else is MOOT.Since Stimulus Went into Effect Unemployment Keeps Going Up. Businesses Are NOT Going to Expand or Hire NOT Knowing The Expenses This Administration Throught TAXES will COST Them. Owners of Private Sector Bussiness Did NOT Get where There at Being Stupid! Empolyment I Dont Believe WILL Improve Until Bussiness SEE How Much Governemnt Insurance and Tax and Trade Will COST Them! This Administration is Either Incompetent Or By Large Deficit Spending Trying to Hold Economy Down. I Just DONT Think This Administration is STUPID But I Do Believe its Reckless When it Comes to JOBS. More Jobs Less Need For Big Government!

  21. Well Carl, we know how you guys like to go back to Bush, so let's frame it like this: Bush said there were weapons of destruction in Iraq. We invaded and then the administration says "we had no way to know for sure". Does that justify the war still? Obama swore it wouldn't go above 8%. If he was uncertain, if there were ANY uncertainty, that was the time to say it. But he didn't. So he either lied to get his porkulus bill, or he is a total idiot. That's just my opinion though.

  22. Carl, when Obama invites Jennifer Granholm to a jobs summit (aka learning the birds and the bees about where jobs actually come from), you have to concede that there is something not quite right. Why didn't he invite a Governor of a state that is doing things right, like Texas? Oh, right, because that's a Republican Governor. Once again Obama puts politics before the people. He will suffer because of it.

  23. Carl I was pointing out you belief in a party and a person that has been proven to be liars and wrong all the time? Yes I believe that the Republicans will take the houses but I don't have any faith in them. They have screwed up enough by going too far to the left in many issues. Carl do not lie by saying,"We were already over 9 percent unemployment almost 10 before Obama took office." Now I can't trust one word you say. Why would you make such a bold face lie up like that?

  24. Even though they've gotten half the time, the republicans have put forth an incredibly well prepared front. I loved it when they shot down Baucus when he claimed healthcare savings accounts were in the dem's bill. Republicans pointed out by page number just how much the bill eliminates many of the benefits currently enjoyed by those with healthcare savings accounts. Obama had to quickly come to the dem's rescue and forbid the republicans from actually pointing out the facts of what is hidden in this 2,500 page monstrosity!! If you support it you shouldn't be afraid to have it made public...unless there's something you don't want the American public to know, which appears to be the case. Thank you, senate and house republicans for being so well prepared thus far into the summit.

  25. I love how anything that doesn't agree with your predetermined reality qualify as a lie. Dems lie! Dems lie! Wow say it enough at it must be true for all. Yes politicians lie Chris, but I'm no politician. Let me educate you on something. There are multiple unemployment numbers, from those looking for work to those whose benifits we count to those who have stopped looking altogether. So we can argue numbers and never agree because we're looking at different variables. It's said numbers don't lie people lie. No numbers lie to people who fail to see their content. Got it?!

  26. Don't play that game Carl. Was Obama talking about unemployment rate at 8% of true unemployment? If so then we do not have an unemployment of around 10% but 17% os more like it. Then on your scale Obama missed the make by even more then you thought. Don't use two different numbers to try and lie or half truth you argument. You are playing a word game you can't win here. Try to play streight and I wont call you out as a liar. Don't quote half baked numbers and then play spin doctor afterwords. Thanks.

  27. Carl do you think the Stimulus bill was a wise use of our money? Did it do the job that the President and Congress said it would?

  28. Ok I'll play your little game. I'll say yes the stimulus was a positive step in the right direction, but it was not perfect. We still need the jobs bill to open credit to businesses. Here comes the part where you show me the waste, but then I ask you what bill is without waste and where did that waste go? I'll give you a hint, there are 2 partys in DC. How about that bridge to nowhere? Oh wait that was scrapped before it was rejected. John Kerrys not the only one to change his mind now is he, ex Scott Brown. So go ahead Chris check your talking points and have fun thinking your original.

  29. Did you know the average unemployment rate under Bush was only 5.2% but with Obama its 9.4!?
    The data clearly shows that the average unemployment rate of 9.4% in the Age of Obama, is much more than during Bush's 8 years! During Bush's last year, the average unemployment was only 5.9!!

    And unemployment is still growing under Obama policies! Now unemployment is at 9.8%!!!… Carl you need to get your facts right or risk looking like a liar. Chris called you out on your little white lies. Now I don't trust one word you say until I fact check it first. And you Carl aren't worth the trouble. Your words have become worthless to me.

  30. Carl it looks like you are doing what you said Chris would do. Are you a stable person or do you tend to go off a lot and blame others for not following the rules you just set?

  31. To All That Doubt Effectiveness of STIMULUS. Where ARE all Those Shovel JOBS Citizens WERE Promised by THIS Administration? Citizens WERE Promised Unemployment Would NOT Go Over 8% What Happened? President Promised NO EAR Marks in ANY Bill He Signed. What Happened? President Promised OPEN Debate on Health Care From its START. What Happened? Sounds LIKE a Pattern to ME. Promises MADE and Promises BROKEN!

  32. Gee Cathy, it sounds like you need to vent again or maybe take another pill. You're right though I'm too agressive I need to stop name calling oh wait that was John, Chris and yourself who attacked me! Let's see who needs meds; John hopes Toyota drivers crash, uses terms like dill weed, you and Chris jump to rants of liar liar? Maybe I'm not the one who needs a refill. Before you open that medicine cabinet try looking in the mirror first!

  33. I hope Toyota drivers crash? Where is that?

    Carl, I know you're new here, so I just want to let you in on a little secret. I call FAILk everything under the sun because I struggle to express what a total moron he is. I think you will find that I treat everybody else just fine, and that FAILk certainly deserves the punishment he receives. If dill weed is the worst you can find that I said, I think you are a little sensitive. You might want to shield your eyes as you read. And I think you are a little sensitive if being called out for telling lies hurts you so. So relax and try to enjoy yourself here. But Joey has already been through the whining phase where he defended FAILk's honor and it got him really nowhere, except he looked frankly foolish trying to defend someone so moronic as FAILk.


  34. Carl you lied about the unemployment rate being almost 10% when Obama took office. I just called a spade a spade or a liar a liar. If you don't want to be called a liar then don't lie. Carl you make a obvious lie and then bl;ame us for calling you a liar. You are a true blue liberal that is for sure. Sorry you are so sensative and the truth hurts you so much. In time you will grow up to be a real man and you will be able to handle critism like the rest of us do. Take a deep breath little buddy and a glass of water and then you wont seem so unindated by the fact that you lied and then you were called a liar for lieing. If you hadn't lied in the first place you would get the liar rant. Get it little buddy?

  35. Carl I'm waiting for the proof of where I want Toyota owners to crash. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume you misunderstood something I wrote. But if I didn't think you were an okay guy based on what you have written, I would swear you are making up lies about me. So put up or shut up, please. Although Bruce FAILk has wished ill on me and my family, I have never wished ill on anyone.

  36. Let's make this clear; I didn't start attacking others, I'm not on here to defend someone I've never met, I came on here to present a different view and learn others opinions. I'm not the one who needs to show intellectual growth, Chris. You claim I lied. Show me. I already explained I use the total unemployment numbers for Bush. When did I deny Obama's numbers? You just assumed. So learn to read what's written not what you think is written! Show some growth!
    John, you say don't be so sensitive, dill weed doesn't bother me but I was pointing out that you jumped to throwing mud after my second post. And yet I'm told to grow up? And yes you spoke of Bruces prius's brakes failing when focussing on some meeting. So go ahead like others and say I lied. It's a great fallback line.

  37. Well Carl, I'm going to have to call you a liar unless you can provide me with some proof. I never hoped or wished or any other desire for FAILk's brakes to fail. I don't know what the hell you are talking about with regards to focusing on a meeting. So please, provide some evidence or go to hell. I don't need people like you accusing me of wishing harm on others. That's bush-league man. I told FAILk about the Prius recall and he accused me of wishing him harm. He's a real jerk but I had higher hopes for you.

    And here's a little "he said he said" for you Carl, if you are up for it. You start with "Faux News" and I call you dill weed, which you suggest you can handle so it should not be a big deal. I was a little ticked that you suggested that I was taking some partisan stance. I believe now that you misunderstood what I wrote. Then I follow up later with an appreciating post to you, for being someone that people can have a good discussion with. So I don't see what the problem is here.

    As for Chris, he is asking where you are getting your numbers. I think you will find that we are all willing and able to provide links to support our conclusions. We are just asking for the same courtesy from the libs. If you can't provide them, then I would suggest you are telling lies. Simple as that. So, for Chris I will ask you, where are you getting your numbers of the unemployment when Obama came into office, versus now? Because the consensus is that Obama swore unemployment would not go above 8% with the Porkulus Bill. So it was obviously not above 8% when he was pushing for the bill. And now it is almost 10%, and this is not in dispute with any news organization. So ... where are your numbers coming from? If you are pulling them out of your ass, then you are telling lies as I define them. We would just appreciate it if you back up what you say, as you would demand of us, correct?

  38. 2-22-2010 15:43
    hope that helps
    but I know it doesn't matter you'll still see things as you want to, and if not then spin spin spin.
    Oh yeah one more thing, Chris were you subvertly trying to throw a racist remark my way? A spade a spade? See how easy it is to spin things! I'm not nor will I call you that but next time choose better words FYI.

  39. Well that didn't help at all CARL. In fact, I had to go on a little hunt to find the item, when you could have just copied and pasted the whole thing in its entirety right here CARL. But when I found what you were talking about, I realized instantly why you didn't want to copy and paste it like you did the time-stamp CARL. Because it exposes you as a F**KING LIAR CARL. Here is exactly what I said, NO SPIN REQUIRED CARL.
    John said...
    FAILk, did you drive your Prius? That must require an awfully long extension cord ... LOL

    Hope you were able to bring it to a controlled stop with the E-brake!

    22 FEBRUARY, 2010 15:43
    You just proved what a LOSER you are CARL. So go F yourself CARL. Obviously you don't want to have a civil conversation CARL, because you accused me of wanting someone's brakes to fail CARL and you tell me exactly where I said that CARL.

    And if you latched onto that little statement as a wish for someone's brakes to fail CARL, then I would have to guess that your name is actually George, or is it BRUCE, CARL? Oh, my bad, George and Bruce are the same guy. Is that your real name CARL, should we be calling you BRUCE?

    You Hypocrat LIEberal regressives make me sick with your whining crying BS that contributes nothing to the conversation. When you can't argue facts build a little strawman, eh CARL? Funny you didn't start commenting until a couple of days ago. If that remark about the extension cord was such an affront I would think you would call me out right away BRUCE.

  40. Have you taken the time to notice none of my posts are copy and paste from this or other sites? It's because I'm posting from my phone and it's too hard to do so, that's why I didn't post your rant John.
    I don't see in that where you talked about getting Bruces brakes checked for a recall? With the anger that's shared by the two of you I would be safe to take the brakes comment as either hostile or at best in bad taste. I think it's a bit too soon to make jokes about this while many have died recently. It's the equivilant of me wishing you a great time at sea world. So go ahead and tell me about civility while you tell me to F myself.
    You stay classy Detroit.

  41. Well Bruce, aka Carl, you EPIC FAIL. I rest my case that you are a douche-bag, just like every other Hypocrat that comes down the pike. No facts to contribute, just trying to bring up your straw-man BS arguments and invent some kind of issue.

    I suppose some folks have recently died from bad extension-cord insulation, was it too soon to make a joke about your car requiring an extension cord? ROFLMAO, Get a grip "CARL". You're in danger of going over the cliff of dementia.

    Extension cord led to fire, death of woman
    By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times
    Posted: 02/25/2010 12:30:45 AM MST

  42. Invent some kind of issue? I see your throwing darts at the board. Trying to change the subject are we John? When did we switch from brakes to extention cords? Where did you say RECALL in there? Yes you continue with civility in your rants. And I guess if all else fails call me Bruce? Gee how do I know your not Cathy or Chris or others? What good comes from questioning who I am I've already told you more about me than anyone else on here has shared about themselves.
    But if it makes others on here feel better to throw names, scream and shout verses discuss issues than what a waste. I didn't come on here to change hearts or minds, just to share an opposing view and maybe open someones eyes.
    I feel like I'm arguing with Ricky Bobby here, "if your not first your last" this isn't about winning or losing it's about mental growth. But F this or douche this gets us nowhere. So enjoy your closed society here

  43. Uhmmmm ... oooooohhhhkaaaaay there CARL. You're the one that stated that I wanted somebody's brakes to fail. Talk about darts at a board. People are trying to have discussions and you bring up this nonsense CARL. You owe me an apology, for claiming that I wished harm on anyone. The recall comment was the only one I could recall where I mentioned the brakes on the Prius, and it was weeks if not a month ago CARL. The comment you picked out was so slight I couldn't even remember it CARL. And the extension-cord death has exactly as much to do with your accusations as everything else I said in the comment - absolutely NOTHING. Emergency brake has nothing to do with wishing anyone would crash their Toyota, and neither does an electrical cord. Just putting your stupidity out there.

    I feel like I'm arguing with a real a-hole here, who makes bald-faced lying accusations about me. You're an a-hole. Just like every other Hypocrat. And a liar too. Here is what you said CARL, it's so nice to use your own lies against you:

    "John hopes Toyota drivers crash"

    Now, show me again, exactly where that is not a LIE CARL. If you can't back your BS claims up with facts, then you are a LIAR Carl, and why would anyone waste their time discussing anything with you? When you say you came on here to share an opposing view, was the opposing view that of a liar? Because we already have FAILk. Another lying Hypocrat, in fact, is the norm, nothing original there.

  44. Not to get in the middle of your lover's quarrel, but you were wrong on this one Carl. John, please apologize for calling Carl a dillweed. Carl please apologize for saying John wants people to die. Shake hands and let's move on. If you guys want, feel free to call me names.


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