Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Is Such A Desperate Attempt For Attention

MISSION: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.


  1. So because we disagree with you we're socialists? You are a joke.

  2. And Bruce you call us every name in the book. The only difference between me and you is you are a socialist and I'm a capitalist. This women is just another Obama supporter. Why is it that Obama and you on the left think health care is more important then JOBS and the DEFICIT? Is it because you can't socialize them? Do they not fit into your socialist agenda? Prove that Obama isn't a socialist and I have been proving he has great tendancies towards socialism.

  3. Bruce, you're a socialist because you are a socialist. How are you NOT a socialist? You want to have the government control auto manufacturers, banks, health insurance companies, etc. You can't point out any areas where you disagree with Cuba or Venezuela. Just own it Bruce. Unless you are ashamed of it, then you can just keep on denying it.

    Hell, you can't even tell us how the socialized health care that Obama wants to implement will cut costs in health care or health care insurance. It won't, but you don't care because all you want is to put government in control of the whole thing. Socialism Bruce.

  4. Government Control of Private Sector which Leads to Controlling the Economy Bruce Is Socialism! Redistributing the Wealth is What Bruce? Certainlly NOT Capitolism Which Has Along With Citizens Made This The Greatest Nation EVER on The Planet! Government Control of Private Sector along with NEW Massive Socialist Health Insuranse Entitlement Will Strengthen the Economy HOW? Answer It Wont and Small Businesses that Provide Most of The JOBS Will NOT HIre NEW Employees Until The Cost To Them in TAXES is KNOWN! Once Again Jobs and STRONG Economy are to This Administration the Enemy! The More UNEMPLOYMENT The More Dependant Citizens Become to Big Government and its Control! All You Need DO is Look At The Panic NOW That Unemployment Benifits Have Been Put on Hold For A Few Days! Bruce You Are What You Are!

  5. Chris, you idiot. Health care is part of the problem with the deficit and jobs. The House health care bill will cut the deficit $100 billion and create millions of jobs. They are all linked together.

    John, I don't want the government running car companies, but it's better than not having car companies and it's better than losing 4 million jobs that were at risk had GM gone out of business.

    Not only that, the American taxpayers will probably end up making a profit on the money we loaned to GM. Sounds like capitalism to me, John.

    Even the health insurance industry knows their business model is leading to disaster.

  6. LOL ... I was just watching the video. That chick is hilarious! So first she starts off by saying she was so surprised that her friends on Facebook agreed with her!! ROFLMAO

    Then she says how upset she was that people are getting their ideas from the news, and then repeats that old line about Washington not being able to get anything done, when people like Carl and Bruce had to admit that a lot has gotten done in Washington! So she just wants to get stuff done! Which ... it has .... so ... lol .... what is her point!?! Only repeat the talking points that you get from MoveOn and Democratic Underground is her point I guess!

    Then she objects to "extreme political tactics" ... would that be like trying to pass a government takeover of health care by RECONCILIATION when you don't have the votes?!?!

    I can't listen to this airhead idiot any more. LOL ... what a bunch of idiots. This chick reminds me of FAILk. If the side of her face was jacked up, through the snow I might mistake her for him! LOL

  7. Bruce, HOW are they going to cut costs in health care and health insurance? ROFLMAO

    So the government taking over a car company, giving them billions at which point they declared bankruptcy, at which point the unions got in line before the shareholders, and now the union and government owns controlling stake ... that ain't socialism! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    So FAILk, government is the problem, More government is not the solution, it's more of the problem. You want the government to take control of private sector, ergo YOU are SOCIALIST at best.

  8. Wow Bruce heath care will creat millions of jobs? And you said health care reform will save us $100 billion on our deficit but we have to spend $2 tillion to get it. You Bruce are the one that is dence. Bruce what do cold flag poles taste like? Bruce you have been playing hide and seek for so long with name changes you lost your identity. A Progressive is a socialist. Just another form of socialism. Prove that Progressive isn't a form of socialism.

  9. Pretty sad that FAILk can't defend that steaming POS legislation his hero Obama cobbled together. All FAILk knows is socialism. Through the months we have all born witness to the fact that all FAILk knows is MoveOn talking points. Ask him an in-depth question about his talking points and he falls apart like a paper suit in a rain-storm. Truly pathetic.

    This concludes my daily ass-kicking of Bruce "Epic Fail" Fealk and his idiocy. LOL


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